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Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 1

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I look forward to bringing beautiful, healthy smiles to you and your family.
With experience and advanced specialty training in the latest dental procedures
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rewarding as possible.
We welcome the opportunity to meet you and help you achieve the smile you’ve
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Specializing in:
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Mt. Sopris Eye Care

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• Cataract Comanagement
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Welcome New Patients and Walk-ins ...and
Please call today to schedule your eye exam. 963-8800

970.963.4187 745 Buggy Circle, Carbondale

2 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09

Always prepare yourself
for the unexpected at the
Carbondale Mountain Fair!

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 3

The Carbondale Mountain Fair composts and recycles Cantina and take them back with you to your encampment or
85% of its waste. Please be part of this solution…..not to the Food Fairway area and enjoy a drink with your meal. The
the problem! Thanks! Cantina will sell New Belgium Beers and organic wine, hard
cider, margaritas and our famous Freshies mojitos. Special
Bloody Marys will be available Saturday and Sunday Mornings
The Carbondale Mountain Fair is committed to being as GREEN
made with Paonia’s local Peak Spirits vodka until noon. IDs and
as possible, which means we need you to be as aware about
wristbands are required for persons drinking alcohol. All coolers
your garbage as we are. We’re making it easy for you to do that.
will be inspected at the entrances of the fair and we expect all
Composting Stations are set up around the fair with our Green
fairgoers to comply with these regulations.
Team there to help you throw all garbage away properly. All vendors
are using compostable plates, cups and utensils. We thank New HANDICAPPED PARKING
Belgium Brewery, Cacaloco, Aspen Ski Company Environmental & HANDICAPPED RESTROOMS
Foundation and The Carbondale Environmental Board for assisting Parking and handicapped accessible restrooms are available at
us in this endeavor. We also have recycling containers around the the U.S. Forest Service parking lot on Main St., which enables
fair for aluminum and plastic. Last, but not least, these programs easy access into the Oasis area. Proper identification must be
can be used again. Please leave them at any of the entrance/exits posted in the vehicles or they will be towed. The existing Park
of the fair for others to enjoy. Thanks to you, we recycled and Restrooms are also handicapped accessible.
composted more waste than was sent to the landfiill.
WATER The Carbondale Volunteer Fire Department will once again have
In the spirit of reducing waste we have eliminated disposable the First Aid Booth, located in front of the pavilion at the Open
plastic water bottles. Drinking Stations are located near the park Space. A misting shower will be hooked up behind the Gazebo at
bathrooms and the Oasis. Look for the red and white water banners the corner of 7th & Euclid. Fairgoers are invited to cool off all day.
to fill up. Don’t have a cup? The Cantina and T-Shirt Booth are
selling Mountain Fair mugs good for keeping beer cold, coffee hot or
So that all may better enjoy the Fair, the following ground rules
water at your fingertips. Be part of preserving our earth.
will apply: Lawn chairs placed in an arc in front of the Sound
ALCOHOL POLICY Booth must be of the low variety, without a high back. The rule is
NO ALCOHOL CAN BE BROUGHT INTO THE PARK – nor taken out. if a basketball can be placed underneath the chair it is too big
The entire Park (except the Oasis) has been licensed to consume for this area. Shade coverings and umbrellas can only be placed
alcohol. So you can buy your refreshments at the Sopris on the south side and behind the arc of the Sound Booth. All
shade coverings and canopies MUST be open on all sides AND
PRESENT. This way all of the best spaces are not left unoccupied
for any length of time – while other fairgoers are unable to see or
sit because of lack of room. Shade tents cannot be set up until
8 a.m. on Friday. Any found up before that will be taken down.
COURTESY OF MRI. Ladies, lets see how clean we can keep

• No dogs, pets or glass allowed in Sopris Park.
• No alcohol may be brought into the park.
• Bicycles must be parked at the Fair’s perimeters.
Thanks for helping us make things run smoothly!
4 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09
T he bounty of free entertainment at Mountain Fair, as well as the free
Summer Concert Series, are brought to you by CCAH, building community
through art, and the Town of Carbondale. Support these endeavors with your
membership. Become a member at the Info Booth or by calling 963.1680.

Friday, July 24 MC - Pastor Mustard G 7:00 Vince Herman and Great American Taxi
G 4:00 Opening Blessing: Gong by Steve Cook Vince is best known as the leader of Leftover
Salmon but his latest venture hits the same
G 4:05 Community Drum Circle with
heights of festive. Joined by iconic Boulder
Rhythms Of The Heart musicians: Jim Lewin, Chad Staehly, Chris
Laurie Loeb oversees a melding of beats and Sheldon and Edwin Hurwitz. The night is going
spirit in one of the favorite drum circles of the to heat up with Celtic, acoustic, rock and lots of
year. Bring a percussion instrument or borrow roll!
one from the Mother of Mountain Fair!
G 4:00 Parade the Festival Grounds to the Oasis Saturday, July 25 MC - DJ Phatheads + Ms. Moon

G 5:00 The Tony Furtado Band C 7:15 Mount Sopris Runoff

Acoustic virtuosity with rockin rhythms. Furtado A challenging 16 mile run over Basalt Mountain.
has 14 albums and numerous awards to his The Finish line is on Weant.
name plus a huge fan base in Colorado. This A 10:00 Art Booths Open
year Mountain Fair is starting off with a bang Support these amazing artists as they help
and won’t stop till we drop. Tony is playing with support this fair.
renowned Colorado musicians Dave Watts and
C 10:00 Fly Casting Competition
Eric Thorin. Catch Tony at Steve’s Guitars later in
in the Open Space hosted by Fly Fisherman
the evening.
Extraordinaire, Tony Fotopolis.
O 6:30 Dance Extravaganza w/ Sahara Moon O 10:30- Music Together with Annie Flynn
Seven dance troupes from the Roaring Fork
11:15 Annie combines movement and music to create
Valley perform an eclectic variety of dance styles
magic for the very young. Best for ages 2 - 6
including; belly dance, modern, jazz, Tahitian,
hula and African. The show is an exciting G 11:00 Round Mountain
combination of ancient and modern dance forms. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, their background
Featured dance troupes include Sahara Moon, ranges from Balkan and West African styles to
Center Sisters, Inshallah, Fusion in Motion, traditional Appalachian music, from classical to
Artilluma Dance Company, African Dance Troupe funk
and the Senior Dance Company.

G Gazebo O Oasis C Competition JT Jam Tent A Art Tent

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 5

C 11:00 Pie Baking Contest G 2:45 Jes Grew
Located at the Judging Tent. Bring entries by Long time favorites in the Roaring Fork Valley
from 10 - 10:45 and be sure to stop by later and throwing down the southern fried grooves and
buy a slice of heaven! jam rock
O 11:30 Story Telling w/ Drea Marsh O 3:30 Music by Sophie Dasaro
What little kid doesn’t love Drea. Host of KDNK’s Twelve year old Sophie Dasaro is a true
The Funky Phantom Toolbooth Hour on Sundays. independent spirit, singing and playing her guitar. Inspired by the memory of her mother and
driven by the talent of her father. Her covers are
C Noon Singles Horseshoe Tournament
charming and originals older than her years.
at Glassier Park
The park is located half a block from park on JT 3:45 Acoustic Jam at the 7th Street Tent
Weant. Sign up in advance at The Info Booth or Acoustic and percussion plus voice should make
just show up. for a fun jam!
JT Noon Bluegrass Jam at 7th Street Tent C 4:00 The Women’s Wood Splitting
Bring an instrument and join in some pickin or Competition in the Open Space
just come and enjoy! Steve Skinner will host this women and wood
competition. Please sign up in advance at the
O 12:15 The Rock Bottom Ranch
Info Booth. Its not the size of the woman but
Come join the gang from Rock Bottom Ranch for
how she wields an axe!
some old fashioned family games for all ages
and stick around to try a hand at cranking goat O 4:30 Hula Hoop Competition w/Betty Hoop
milk ice cream. Betty Hoops hosts Hoop Camps and Craft
parties in the valley.
G 12:20 Rising Stars Series featuring:
She also teaches Hoop Dance workshops for
The Jazz Aspen Student Recital bringing on the
jazz of old and new, The No Joes, Carbondales
newest generation of rockin musicians G 5:00 Brave Combo
from 3 Carbondale schools and Marilyn From Austin, a groundbreaking world music act, a
Lindquist bringing incredible vocals and great hot jazz quintet, a rollicking rock’n’roll bar band, a
musicianship. Tex-Mex conjunto, a sizzling blues band, a saucy
cocktail combo, a deadly serious novelty act, a
O 1:15 The Jammin Jim Show
Latin orchestra, and one of America’s best dance
Magic, Juggling and joy! Jammin has been a
staple in the valley for a long time. His act
is infectious for all! Come laugh, play and O 6:30 Young Talent On Stage
participate. Join Sophie Dasaro, incredible singer/songwriter
and The No Joes, featuring Ryan Myler, Emily
C 2:00 The Adult Limbo Contest in the Open Space
Bruell, Lyle Luckett, Carly Rosenthal and Matt
Hosted by Dr. Limbo and his happy sidekick Mr.
Palomino, as young talent takes the stage.
Foulkrod! This is back bending at its best! Show
up and go low!! G 7:00 The Hillbilly Hellcats
Rockabilly old school style. Expect a swirl of
O 2:15 Jeff Kagan -
surf, Stray Cats induced, elvis acting grooves
Environmental Musical Kids Performer from some masters!
Naturalist, educator and musician, Jeff mixes hillbillyhellcats
it all up into one big ball of love for the
environment that catches fire with children and G 8:45 Masri Nar Egyptian Fire Dance Troupe
adults alike. A fine way to end an amazing day at the fair. Fire,
magic and beauty dazzle and delight.

G Gazebo O Oasis C Competition JT Jam Tent A Art Tent

6 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09

Sunday, July 26 MC - Cheshire Kat and Steve Skinner O 1:15 The Jammin Jim Show
C 8:30 Porcupine Loop Bike Race Juggling, Comedy, Music, and much much more!
Meet at 7th and Euclid for Registration. O 2:15 Colin O’Brien - Banjo For Kids
Race starts at 9 In the spirit of John Hartford, O’Brien turns
kids on to the history and love of banjo with
G 10:00 Earthbeat Choir
playfulness and style.
Earthbeat has been charming fair audiences for
many years. Young faces, sweet harmonies and fun G 2:45 Boulder Acoustic Society
songs make for the perfect way to begin the day. The new wave of acoustic roots music. Fantastic
musicianship mixed with entertainment
A 10:00 Artists Booths Open
Buy gifts for the rest of the year right here.
Agreat way to support Carbondale’s local arts O 3:10 The All Ages Talent Show!
council, as well as the talent they bring in! Come share your talent.
O 11:00 Music Together w/ Annie Flynn C 4:00 Men’s Woodsplitting Competition
See Saturday Hosted by Steve Skinner surrounded by lots of
muscle! Sign up in advance at the Info Booth.
C 11:00 Cake Baking Contest at the Judging Tent
The theme is royalty and the judges will be JT 4:00 Bluegrass Jam at 7th Street Tent
decked out as fantastically as the cakes. Be The final jam of the fair will include bluegrass,
sure to buy a slice at the end. old tyme and celtic.
JT 11:00 Old Tyme Jam at the 7th Street Tent O 4:30 Poi Workshop with
Old tyme, Celtic and more will be played. Come Carolyn Cipperly and Friends
with voice and instruments. The art of poi spinning is fun for all ages and
offers gentle stretching, movement and improved
G 11:30 The Sybarite 5
Strings Magazine describes them this way, “The
Sybarite Chamber Players are a New York–based G 5:00 Spiritual Rez
group of gifted young string musicians who have This 7 piece, horn laden, reggae funk dance party
gained a reputation for juxtaposing the likes of is a favorite wherever they play. They lift the spirit
Stravinsky with Radiohead, or Dvorák with Led while grooving the soul.
Zeppelin. A 5:00 Art Booths begin to close
O Noon The Sneetches Better get those last minute items! We want our
Written by Dr. Suess and directed by Anne Marie artists to be happy!
Zanca, this show will make children from 1 to O 6:30 Closing Parade beginning at The Oasis
100 smile. Bring your creativity, costumes, puppets and
C Noon Doubles Horseshoe Tournament poetry for the super duper celebratory parade
at Glassier Park through the park
O 12:40 Bikrams Yoga Exposition with G 7:00 Juno What!
Bel and Emily Carpenter 70’s style funk from Motet members. This is
In the top of yoga competition this show will guaranteed to be a closer that makes memories
amaze. of 2009 special.
O 9:00 The Sopris Sun presents the
G 1:00 Spring Creek
2009 Mountain Fair Slideshow
Winners of the 2007 Telluride Bluegrass Band
contest. Lots of pickin, great harmonies and Yes folks, like the days of yore, the fair will
bluegrass fun! close with a return to a slideshow of this year’s
memories. Hosted by Carbondale’s very own
independent newspaper.

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 7

3 Sabra’s Deli Falafel, dolmas and Middle Eastern treats
11 India’s Clay Oven Indian food
5 Roaring Fork Family Center Gyros, lemonade
9 La Fogata Ceviche, pupusas, fresh fruit drinks
2 Carlson Catering Crepes
19 White House Pizza Wood fired pizza
19 El Zocalo Fish Tacos
17 All Spun Out Fresh sushi, hand rolls
20 Duke Pines Teriayki chicken and Garlic shrimp

6 Smokin’ Willies Pulled Pork, chicken, smoked
buffalo, corn on the cob
5 Scout Dogs Hot and spicy dogs, lemonade
10 Philadelphia Philly Philly steak, chicken
12 Chef Dean Martin Shrimp, beef and veggie kebabs/ahi steak
8 Smoke BBQ Ribs, smoked meats

18 Methodist Church Ice cream cones and sundaes
14 St. Mary of the Crown Root Beer floats
16 Mr. Lemonade Fresh squeezed lemonade and lime-aid
Roaming Jeffreez Italian Ice Italian ices

15 Craig’s Concessions Pennsylvania dutch funnel cakes
22 Old Tyme Kettle Korn Sweet and salty popcorn
13 Gourmet Nuts Sweet and salty nuts/cotton candy

1 Ruby and Beda’s Pedal Palace Organic, carbon-free Smoothies

8 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09

The competitions of Mountain Fair have an honored
place in fair history. The pie and cake competitions,
fly-casting, running, biking, wood splitting, horseshoe,
and limbo contests are great ways to participate in
“Localmotion”. Registrations for most contests take
place at the CCAH Info Booth.

Get down with Dr. Limbo at 2:00 p.m. Saturday in the
Open Space area. Prizes are donated by Alpine Angling
and Dr. Limbo.
Not to be missed. The Women’s Competition takes
place on Saturday at 4 p.m. The Men’s is held Sunday
at 4 p.m. Both in the Open Space. Registration begins
Friday. All entrants must wear safety shoes. Steel-toed
protectors are available at the competition. Winners
receive a new wood splitting maul.
Entries from the Pie and Cake Baking Contest. In it’s seventh year this race is a casual, fun race.
Racers meet in Sopris Park at 8:30 a.m on Sunday.
behind the stage. The race begins at the driveway of
The 31st annual foot race from Basalt to the Mountain
Joyce and Dick Hunter on Dinkle Lake Road, on the
Fair starts at the Basalt 7/11 at 8 a.m. Saturday.
Porcupine Loop Trail and ends in Sopris Park.
Race day registration starts at 7:25 a.m. A shuttle will
be available after the race to return runners to their
vehicles in Basalt.
Run by the infamous fisherman, Gill Finn, one of the
legends of fly-fishing in the Roaring Fork Valley, the
competition takes place Saturday, 10 a.m., at the
Open Space area of the Park. Prizes donated by Alpine
Angling. Registration till 9:45 a.m. at the Info Booth.
The Pie Judging takes place on Saturday, at 11:00
and Cake is on Sunday at 11:00 in the Judging Canopy
near the Info Booth. Categories include: Fruit, Cream
and Exotic for pies and Torte, Exotic and Cake
Singles and Doubles – The Singles Tourney takes place
at high noon on Saturday. The Doubles Tourney is on
Sunday, also at high noon. Both events take place at
Glassier Park, two blocks south of Sopris Park on Weant
Blvd. Register at the Info Booth beginning Friday.
The Porcupine Loop Bike Race
Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 9
T he fair features over 164 vendors from across the country. Take a stroll around
the booths and take in the exquisite arts and crafts, which include photography,
paintings, woodworking, pottery, and a host of other hand-made items.

Immediate Right:
Be sure to see the Raku works of
Lance Timco at booth 126
Amy Fortunato brings us her
Cowboys Sweetheart jewelry,
booth 44
Booth 123 offers women’s
fashion clothing.
Bee Happy Candles, beeswax
candles brought to us by Jan
Schubert at booth 88

10 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09

CLAY 61 Michael McKenna and Lea Rolfson
32 Ruthann Maze Smiling Son Pottery
East West Pottery Lea’s Organic Skin Care
hand painted, functional stoneware pottery ceramic drums/skin care
100 Tony Heslop 142 June Carter/Cody Lyon
Brentwood Pottery June Carter Designs/ Lyon Art
handthrown stoneware and raku functional fused glass and oil paintings
103 Jeff Kuhns 92,93,94 CCAH Artists Gallery
Jeff Kuhns High quality local arts
wheel thrown and sculptural stoneware Jerry Bauer
126 Lance Timco Tanya Black
Timco Art Pottery Amy Butowitz
thrown pottery & raku Staci Dickerson Joan Engler
121 Robert Hughs Sandie Gardner
KioteClay Pottery Jonathan Hagman
handthrown,handbuilt clay Nonie Hoffman Megan Larsen
107 Melissa Harvey Austin Lottimer
Buffalo Mountain Pottery Summers Moore
pottery Joy Rosenberg Sandy Rubino
110 Sheena Cameron Mariah Shipp
Rare Earth Michael Steuben
sculpture Zoe Tessier Felicia Trevor
137 Kimmberly Ioane Lea Tyler
Kimmberly Ioane Studios Sara Ward
raku fired baskets 130 Vicky Hinds/ Judy Schnepp Hinds Sight /Mind To Metal
53 Ross Elgial paint and paper/metal sculpture
Igneous Earthworks •
hand thrown construction pottery 106 Peter Stacey/ John Hoffman
CULINARY ARTS photos/metal sculpture
27 Nancy and Andy Coonridge
Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese 87 Axel Stewart/ Eric Allen
organic goat cheese iron work/pottery
156 Arik Glesne 140 Sarah Leidner/ Kelly Land-Prideux
Bee Chama Honey jewelry
raw honey, bee products & bee based beauty products 90,91 Ann Harris, SAW (Studio for Arts + Works)
74 Katie O’hara-Barrett Steven Colby
O’hara Jams & Jellies Anne Goldberg
homemade jams, jellies and sauces Nancy Barbour Colby June
76/77 James Haas and Cathya Savage Alayne Tetor
Cave Dreamers Alex Watson
hand painted silk scarves, stone and silver jewelry Stanley Bell CCAH Silent Auction
151 Willow Summers Artists from the Fair
Junk Mail silent auction
handcrafted jewelry from raw materials *Located near the Judging Tent.
Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 11
12 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09
Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 13
CLOTHING 40 Staci Teague
57 Colinne Seemayer/ Jeff Rubin Rybug recycled clothing
Colors Artwear womens clothing
w/ stamp painting, batik 52 Tiffany Tinker Tiffany Tinker Art Originals
64 Marcel Antoinette painted silk scarves and clothing
La Donnas House of Design
children’s clothing 124 Jane Smith Just Plain Jane
65 Elizabeth Jenkins recycled goods
Handwoven Design
handwoven clothing 146 Victor Field Ataraxia
63 Sally Owen silkscreen clothing
SC Designs
women’s high fashion clothing 150 Emily Marshall Free Time Hats
143 Monique Toulouse hats
July Five
original women’s clothing 47 Debbie Brawley The Unbroken Circle
123 Jennifer Tuggle children’s clothing
Autumn Teneyl Designs
womens fashion clothing 38 Willow Mannan 115/116 Sheilah Grebe
158 Tom Joyce Grebe Batik
Joyce Family Enterprises custom made clothing with batik designs
original children and adult clothing 96 Soxymoron
145 Cyndi Buck recycled, upcycled clothing
Cyndi Buck Designs
hand-dyed silk velvet dresses, tops,and more FABRIC ARTS 152 Neil and Lisa Kahrs
153/154 John Busscher Kahrs Toy Time
Dye-Namics puppet marionettes
tie-dye and batik clothing and tapestries 98 David Crawford
55 Cyndy Love Wild West Designs
Cyndy Love Designs tapestry and leather purses,
fleece clothes bags and hip packs
71, 99 Amir Lagher 97 Molly Dunn Crawford
Luna Claire Eagle Nest Chair
original clothing hanging chairs
73 Elisabeth Delehaunty 38 Connie Bradley
Elisabethan LLC Forgotten Arts quilts
vintage & reclaimed clothing 30a Deanna Curry-Elrod Sapphire Sky Alpacas
85 Nina Paul alpaca hats, scarves etc
Nina Paul
batik clothing for women and kids 54 Luis Chavez Native Arts
45/46 Maryon Hatter handwoven bracelets, cotton shirts hand
The Hatters
leather, canvas and felt hats
14 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09
39 Tracey Belt
Tracey Belt Designs 79 Celeste Hill/ David Sheppard
sterling silver belts Sheppard/Hill Designs sterling and gold jewelry
FLORAL 62 Kristine Riis Cenfield
113 Paul Peng
Lily’s Bonsai Kristine Riis Designs
bonsai Trees forged metals with precious gems
GLASS 72 Kirk McCarthy
112 Kimberly Reed
Light Y’ears
Reflections of Light
niobium jewlery
leaded glass boxes and decorative hangings
109 Collin Scherba
132 Jeff and Jenny Tseng
Instarsia Studio
Spring Designs
high quality custom jewelry
hand painted glass vases
102 Whare Heke
134 Mitch Berg
Moana Nui Designs
Wired Glass
carved bone pendants
fused glass,wire and found object sculpture
84 Hanan Epshtein/Erez Ingel
42 Cynthia and Jim Miller
Silver Mind
greek jewelry
handblown glass
44 Amy Fortunato
127 Jason & Keena Kimmel
Cowboy’s Sweetheart
Forest Lampworking
jewelry- silver, copper
handblown,frameworked glass
135 Danny Bushart
JEWELRY Romantic Jewelery
29 Sean Berton fine jewelry
Sean’s Celtic Creations
sterling and gold jewelry 23 Judy Davidson The Crown jewels
122 Sara Foster sterling and bronze jewelry
Stone Creek Designs
fabricated.forged,handcast jewelry 147 Rachael Pulkkila Rocky’s Hardwear
114 TK Connor sterling and reclaimed materials
TK Connor
handcrafted rings, errings and hair art 138 Vickie Deane Vickie Deane Jewelry
75 Richard Lindsay hand fabricated jewelry
Richard Lindsay Design
hand fabricated earrings, bracelets, 80 Kristin Annon
brooches, belts and rings hand forged jewelry
120 Ginny Wolf
Ginny Wolf LEATHER
118 Barry & Jean Anderson
semi precious stones, found
Sundance C
objects and glass jewelry
Sheepskin footware, hats, mittens
Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 15
41 Mark and Martha Bauer OTHER
Rolling Thunder 66 Jerry Lovenstein
deerskin jackets, bags and vests Grassy Creek Handcrafted Brooms handcrafted brooms
31 Leslie Zauf
The Early Sun 28 Peggy Jackson
hand-cut/hand -sewn leather Butterfly Art By Sky Vine mixed media butterfly and insect art
117 Thomas Leiblein 129 Nanina Karen Ra
Silvie Goldmark Design Nanina Ra
functional silver sculpture hand made salt scrubs and soaps
67/68 Fred Conlon 30b Lynn Garlick
Sugar Post Metal Lynn Garlick Retablos
recycled sculpture hand painted reproductions
26 Alex Thomas and Rick Naredo 35 Linda Vinton
The Cat & the Fiddle Teepees from Rattlesnake Crossing
silverware whimsical art hand made and painted children’s teepees
58 Jennifer Utsch 60 Karin Frye
Jendala Art For the Face Eyeglasses
torched reclaimed metal embellashed eyeware with acrylic & beads
86 Richard Kolb 155 Sarah Fredrickson
Yardbirds Embodi Ohm Mehndi
recycled metal sculpture henna tatoos
125 Dea Shea 51 Liz Gould
Iron Maiden of Denver Bottlenec
metal sculpture and garden art stone boxes
49 Robert and Faye Boyce 88 Jan Schubert
Shooting Star Bee Happy Candles
copper cut shapes beeswax candles
133 Juana/Eva Pena 148 Rebecca Pressnall
Pena Designs The Celebrated Woman
copper and steel body products
136 Barb Livdahl
MYSTIC MILE Livdahl Fine Arts
160/161 Ed Muniz
Massage Co-op spirit dolls/airbrush
massage 50 Rod One Paw Baca
163 Elise Sherman One Paw
Elise Sherman native ceremonial items
tarot reading 105 Hill Brin
164 Ruby Burkholder Hill Brin Tile Design
astrology/psychic hand-made tile furniture etc.

16 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09

157 Virginia Columbo
Nomadic Visions Art
mask wall sculpture
139 Jodie Brown 38 Sabrina Dreffer
Soap County Inc A. Beadles Fine Art
soaps, lotions fine art
OA16 Marta Benitez PHOTOGRAPHY
Wax Hands 83 Kenny Tong
wax hands Kenny Tong Photodecorative
OA7 Mary Ann Justman photography
Rose Resources
face painting 36,37 Louis Cantillo Light Chasers photography
OA12 Julie Mulcahy
Waldorf School 101 Dona Bollard
childrens booth The Spotted Pony gelatin sepia toned photos
OA8 Linda Zimmerman
Marshmallow Clouds 59 Paul Biron
face painting Sparrow Hawk Photography wildlife and landscape photography
OA14 Debbie Bruell
Crystal River School 128 Jason & Keena Kimmel
clothespin dolls Forest Lampworking artistic photography
OA5 Cathy Podest
Rock Monster Climbing Wall 25 Dan Caldemeyer
climbing wall Wildlife and Nature Photo wildlife photography
OA13 Marty Sailsbury
Fit To Be Tie-Died
hands on kids tie die 69/70 Ron and Christine Sisco Treestump Woodcraft
PAINTING/DRAWING kitchen utensils, cutting boards,
119 Carmel Walden & salad bowls
Walden Watercolors
fine art watercolors and prints 78 Harry Seavey High Mountain Flutes
104 Stephen Koury native american flutes
Koury Wildlife Art
Gouach and acrylic paintings 43 Tom Dickeson Thom’s Wood N Things
149 Maria Reyes-Jones wood breadboards and knives etc
acrylic painting 141 Matt Downer
131 Connie Baker Matt Downer Designs
mixed media fine wood furniture
144 Jill Lawson 24 Dan Dengler
Jill Lawson Original Oils Dan Dengler Long boards long boards/skate boards

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 17

CCAH August 7 November 6 April 2

2009/2010 Mountain Fair Gallery

Show, CCAH Gallery
Dia De Los Muertos,
CCAH Gallery
First Fridays
May 7 – 27
Events August 8
Free concert with: Big
December 4
Light Up Carbondale,
CCAH Membership Drive

May 7
Daddy Lee and the 4th & Main First Friday
Kingbees and The December 4
Moonlight Cruisers, 4th June 4
Holiday Show, First Friday
& Main, 5-9
CCAH Gallery
September 4 June 27
January 16 CCAH Membership
Valley Art Teachers Show, Mid Winter
CCAH Gallery Meeting and Summer of
Mountain Fair Concert Music Kick-off
September 21 February 5
Six89 Annual Fundraising July 4
First Friday
Dinner Summer of Music Concert
March 5 July 11, 18
October 1-31 First Friday VVAS
CCAH Membership Drive Summer of Music Concert
March 13 JULY 23, 24, 25 2010
October 2 “Green Is the New Black”
Invitational Glass Show, The 39th Annual
Fashion Show
CCAH Gallery Carbondale Mountain Fair
18 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09
Mountain Fair is

100%by the sun powered

97 0.
se ns
e S o l ar.c om

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Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 19

This year’s theme is “LOCALMOTION”. Our world is moving
forward quickly, in all sorts of exciting ways, and Carbondale is a
great reflection of this. Bike riding for fun, as well transportation,
home gardening for beauty and food, ranches that produce locally
grown meats, solar farms for energy and a community that works
together to solve problems stem from “Localmotion”. In honor of
this theme Mountain Fair has two great ways to participate:


Located under the big shady tree at the 7th Street Entrance, this
tent is a place to bring an instrument or pick one up there and
play your heart out! Overseen by The Tippets, a local acoustic
act, come play or watch. Check the Fair Schedule for the times of
bluegrass, acoustic and open mike jams.


Quilts have been a part of storytelling history for years. We thought
it was time to have a quilt that reflected what people love about
Carbondale and Mountain Fair. Squares have been available to
the community for several months. Thanks to Emma Danciger and
her great team of quilters, the first quilt is hanging at the T-Shirt
Booth. Pick up a square and create for another quilt. This quilt will
be hung at the 3rd Street Center.

Enjoy a colorful medley of

music and dancing this year.

20 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09



Incredibly priced 6.19 acres with quaint modern farmhouse,
classic rustic barn and spectacular Sopris views. Five
minutes to Highway 82. Bring the horses and hens.
Excellent water! Possible lease option.

Ryan Jennings
ABR, Ecobroker, e-Pro
broker associate

Carbondale | 0290 Hwy. 133

Musings By a Friend
by Pat Noel
This is the way it is: RUNNING HIKING CLOTHING
Asics Keen Prana
We all aspire to liberations of one sort or another.
Brooks Vasque Sugoi
That’s what the Carbondale Mountain Fair is all about. Salomon Montrail North Face
That’s what the late John Palmer was all about. Talk New Balance La Sportiva Life Is Good
about a perfect fit! . . . . and a Whole Lot More!

Mr. Palmer was part and parcel of the fair for more A S P E C I A LT Y R U N N I N G S T O R E

than 30 years until his passing last month at the age 3VOOvice
of 62. An archtypal participant, organizer and booster
of the event in its earliest, purest form, he celebrated
its essence every summer and saw it for what it is:
a 3 ring circus of odd opportunities and paradoxical
encounters. Upscale Resale
at affordable prices
This is the way it was:
A local rock band, The Crystal Bullets, are playing
the last, fast song on Sunday night. Over there by the estate sale services
bandstand is an ample girl in white short-shorts with a hidden treasures
butt so big it looks like 50 pounds of weasals trapped great values
in a 40 pound bag. She’s bound to dance alone. Wait effortless consignment
a minute: here’s a real cute guy...John Palmer. Good
lord, she’s dancing with him feeling beautiful! Dancing 180 Fiou Lane, #103
with a rascal at the Mountain Fair! Basalt, Colorado
(Directly behind Cathers Home)
John Palmer is missed daily in this community.
Dance a dance for John! Mon-Fri, 11-5 • Sat, 12-5

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 21

The Carbondale Mountain Fair depends on the time,
kindness, energy and support of many people and
businesses, including over 350 volunteers to run the
fair. If we could kiss you all…we would! If we forgot
anyone we promise we will make it up to you in great
programming all year round.

The Loadout Back Stage Design

Peppino’s Cody Lyon
Pour House Stage Design
Sopris Chiropractic Amber Sparkles
Carbondale Village Smithy Flower Design
Environmental Board
Carbondale Public FAIR FRIENDS Davie Roach and Planted Earth
THANKS Works Department Ackerman Log Homes THE MOUNTAIN
Production Carbondale Police Department Shoestring Publishing FAIR DREAM TEAM
Mark Taylor Carbondale Parks and Rec Planted Earth Mark Taylor
Marty Treadway Department Freshies Mojito Mix Kat Rich
Electricians The Carbondale Town Alpine Angling Pete Rich
Bill Laemmel and Trustees Louis Swiss Bakery Bill Laemmel
Carbondale Light and Power Carbondale Swimming Pool Sustainable Settings Megan Larsen
Rob Roper and Colorado Buffalo Valley Inn Lauren Martindale
CCAH SPONSORS White House Pizza Laura Vogel
Electric Community Sustainers The Sopris Sun Drea Marsh
4 Corners Town of Carbondale Alex Sobrinho
Mac Mcenneny, OT Jim Pomey
Alpine Bank International Food Annie Worley
CONTESTS AND Valley View Hospital Catering Jim Neu
COMPETITION Foundation Carbondale Co-op Dave Kanzer
Pie Contest New Belgium Beer Ajax Bike and Sport Tory Heirich
Hilary, Heidi and Harmony Kuyper Foundation Ute City Cycles Jeff Britt
Hendricks and Pam Timbers Resorts Mi Casita Leslie Johnson
Zentmeyer Dave and Tammy Burden Spuds, Suds and Subs Mark Weinhold
Cake Contest KPCO Red Rock Diner Mustang Molly
Stacy Stein A.Beadles Gallery Six89 Jason White
of Fine Art Russets
Limbo Contest Bailey Nelson
Dos Gringos Burritos and Ella Restaurant Mark Lacy
Bruce Stolbach
Café Ole Carbondale Recreation Hans Lindbloom
Wood Splitting Contest
Dru Handy, Steve Skinner ART LOVERS Center Courtney Eagleton
Firedancer Productions Green Line Architects Sarah Johnson
Mt. Sopris Runoff SEI – Solar Energy
Bruce Gabow Ace Hardware Meagan Goodwin
Catherine Store Liquors International Shanti Gruber
Porcupine Loop Bike U.S. Forest Service
Race Garvik Construction Marty Treadway
Arches Foundation RE-1 School District Trina Ortega
Alejo Dominguez Carbondale Library
Aspen Times/GWPI CCAH
Fly-casting Competition Mike Strang
David Lawrence Foundation
Gill Finn
Firedancer Productions Steve Skinner Director
Kids Hula Hooping Personal Rehabilitation Vickie Browne Ro Mead
Betty Hoops Center Ellie Weiss Assistant to the Director
Horseshoes KDNK Community Radio La Roca Taqueria Holly Gressett
Connie Medalis Carole Klein Mountain Fair and
COULDN’T DO MUSICAL NOTES Other Thomas Events Director
THIS WITHOUT: Peak Rentals The Shirtstop Amy Kimberly
Trina Ortega Drinker Durrance Graphics Mountain Utility
Scott Minor Red Mountain Inn Electric Vehicles THE CCAH
Sid Lincome Sol Energy Emma Danciger BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Lines in Space Surveyors Solar Flair Thermal Systems Berthod Motors Jess Downing
Larry Balinger Skybeam Joe Scofield
American National Bank SPECIALTIES Bob Schultz
Gene Schilling
Biospaces Inc. Poster Design Jody Ensign
Jeff Jackel
The Carbondale Rotary Michael Steuben Jane Hart
Town of Carbondale
The Carbondale Crystal Valley Echo Program Peter Mullet
Tourism Council Fleisher Land and Homes The Glenwood Kat Rich
Carbondale EMT’S and Immigration Initiative Grant Post Independent Jonathan Shamis
Fire Department Whitsitt and Gross Photographer Jeff Britt
Jane Bachrach
22 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09
Come visit
Carbondale's only Natural Food Store

Fresh, organic produce from local farmers

Healthy drinks and snacks

Mountain Fair Hours:

Friday, 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 12 - 6 PM

Just 1/2 block from the fair grounds at 559

Main Street, (at Weant Blvd.)





Mountain Fair Sale AT OUR E-STORE!

Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09 23

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24 Carbondale Mountain Fair ‘09