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Week 5 - Quiz ch 9 and 10 Attempt Score 38 out of 40 points Question 1 You can execute ____ main types of Linux

commands. three Question 2 While a process is waiting for its parent process to release the PID, the process is said to be in a(n) zombie state. True Question 3 The ____ kill signal stops a process and then restarts it with the same PID. SIGHUP Question 4 Processes are started with a nice value of ____ by default. 0 Question 5 The init daemon has a PID of 0. False Question 6 There are ____ different kill signals that the kill command can send to a certain process. 64 Question 7 Most commands such as ls, find, and grep are binary programs that exist on the filesystem until executed. True Question 8 To display an entire list of processes across all terminals and including daemons, you can add the ____ option to any ps command. -e Question 9 Each process can start an unlimited number of other processes. True Question 10 A(n) ____________________ refers to a program that is running in memory and on the CPU. process Question 11 To clear a log file, you can use a(n) < redirection symbol. False Question 12 On most Linux systems, the logrotate utility is automatically scheduled to run weekly. False Question 13 Sending print jobs from a print queue to a printer is commonly called printing. True Question 14 A user can only be a member of one group. False

Question 15 Match each term with the correct statement below. Utility used to back up and clear log files from entries stored in the /etc/logrotate.conf file and files stored in the /etc/logrotate.d directory E. logrotate Accepting print jobs into a print queue. G. spooling The most common printing system used on Linux computers. H. CUPS The group that is made the group owner of any file or directory that the user creates. D.primary group The unique User ID that is assigned to each user. I. UID The primary Group ID for a user. F. GID The area of the system to listen to in non-comment entries in the /etc/syslog.conf file. A. facility Daemon that handles the logging of most events. C. rsyslogd A printing system used by many older Linux computers. B. LPD

Question 16 The /etc/login.defs file contains parameters that set the default location for e-mail, password expiration information, minimum password length, range of UIDs and GIDs available for use. True Question 17 _______________________________________________________ represents a text description of the user and is typically left blank. GECOS Question 18 Any line that starts with a(n) ____ character is a comment in the /etc/rsyslog.conf file. # Question 19 The ____________________ facility used by the System Log Daemon specifies messages from the Linux kernel. kern Question 20 To send a print job to a printer, you must first use the ____ command and specify what to print. lp