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Week 7 Quiz 7 Ch 13 ch 14 Question 1 When performance issues arise, you can compare the output of performance utilities to the

____________________ values found in the system log book. baseline Question 2 Some peripheral devices can perform a great deal of processing that is normally performed by the CPU; this is known as ____________________. bus mastering Question 3 The ____ command can be used to obtain root access when you need to perform an administrative task. su Question 4 The mpstat utility measures the flow of information to and from disk devices. False Question 5 A room where you lock important computers, such as Linux servers, and to which only Linux administrators or trusted users have key access is commonly called a(n) server closet. True Question 6 If the / filesystem becomes corrupted, the system is unstable and must be turned off. True Question 7 If some users, such as software developers, need to run certain commands as the root user in certain situations, it is best to allow them to log on to the root user account via the su command. False Question 8 Match each term with the correct statement below. Open source program for Braille translation Orca A tool used by network applications that authenticate users. I. Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) The measures taken to reduce future system problems. A. proactive maintenance A command that gives users the ability to run certain commands as the root user. F. sudo A command that can be used to increase the number of processes that users can start in the shell. B. ulimit The file that contains a list of directories that contain shared libraries. C. /etc/ The directory that contains most system log files. E. /var/log The measures taken when system problems arise. H. reactive maintenance

A utility that can be used to indicate whether more physical memory is required. D. vmstat Question 9 The ____ option for the sar command is used to display swap statistics. -B Question 10 Are hardware-related problems typically more difficult to identify and resolve than software-related problems? False Question 11 To share information to Windows client computers, you can use the ____________________ daemon, which emulates the SMB protocol. Samba Question 12 In the PostgreSQL utility, the ____________________ built-in command is used to list available databases. \l Question 13 Do Web browsers typically have a built-in FTP utility? False Question 14 During the DNS lookup process, if the ISP DNS server has recently resolved the FQDN and placed the result in its local DNS cache, you receive the response immediately (called a(n) recursive query). False Question 15 In the initial stage of the DHCP lease process, the client sends a(n) ____________________ to all hosts on the network. DHCPDISCOVER packet Question 16 You can use the ____________________ command to connect to both Samba and Windows servers. smbclient Question 17 Can the passwd command be used to let NIS clients change their NIS password? False Question 18 The ____ command can be used in the BASH prompt to obtain a Web page from the Apache server. curl Question 19 In NFS, one computer shares a certain directory in the directory tree by placing the name of that directory in the /etc/imports file.

False Question 20 In NTP, stratum ____ consists of atomic devices or GPS clocks. 0