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Book & Lyrics by Steven Sater

Music by Duncan Sheik

Based on the play by Frank Wedekind

SPRING AWAKENING takes its inspiration from one of literature's most controversial masterpieces - a work so daring in its depiction of teenage self-discovery, it was banned from the stage and not performed in its complete form in English for nearly 100 years. Adapted by Stephen Sater, with music by Duncan Sheik, it opened on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on December 10, 2006, winning eight Tonys, four Drama Desk Awards, and four Olivier Awards. The Melodramatics production will be the regional premiere of this controversial, award-winning show.
Character ADULT MAN Character Description & Vocal Range Male, 40-65, any ethnicity. Multiple roles, including HERR STIEFL (Mortiz's father), HERR GABOR (Melchior's Father), and HERR SONNENSTITCH (the boy's strict teacher). Female, 40-65, any ethnicity. Multiple roles, including FANNY (Melchior's mother), FRAU BERGMAN (Wendla's mother), and FRAULEIN GROSSEBUSTENHALTER (Georgs piano teacher). Female, 17-28, any ethnicity. A German schoolgirl and Martha's best friend. Has a difficult time understanding Martha's trials. A3 - C5 Male, 18-28, any ethnicity. A schoolmate of Melchior's. Naive, easily manipulated. Unsure. C3 - A4 Baritenor Male, 18-28, any ethnicity. A schoolmate of Melchior's who is overcome with his feelings for his piano teacher. D3 - D5 Tenor. Georg needs to be able to sing up to an D5 in falsetto. The bulk of his range is between Ab2 - A4. Male, 18-28, any ethnicity. A schoolmate of Melchior's who is comfortable with his own sexuality and uses his looks and intelligence to manipulate another student. C3 - A4 Baritenor Female, 18-30, any ethnicity. Martha's sister, who shares her dark secret and has run away from







home to live in an artists' colony. Moritz's last hope. G3 - E5 MARTHA Female, 17-28, any ethnicity. A schoolgirl with a life-changing secret. G3 - E5 Male, 18-28, any ethnicity. A smart, headstrong boy who refuses to bow down to society's rules. An atheist. Struggles with his intense feelings for Wendla. Role requires partial nudity. G2 - G4 Male, 17-28, any ethnicity. A troubled student who desperately tries to please his father, but always seems to disappoint him. Has haunting dreams. Melchior's best friend. B2 - A4 Tenor Male, 18-28, any ethnicity. A classmate of Melchior's who struggles with feelings he considers inappropriate. C3 - B4 Baritenor Female, 17-28, any ethnicity. Wendla's best friend. A schoolgirl who tries to stay innocent and pure. A3 - E5 WENDLA Female, 18-28, any ethnicity. Innocent, but with every passing day, she grows more curious about the world around her. Both vulnerable and a willing participant in her evolution. Role requires partial nudity. G3 - E5