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The Information and Communication Technology is the alternative way in

teaching and learning for all subject in school especially in sciences class. The learning

aspect including teachers finding information with ICT or the student themselves explore

the world of ICT to find information. The usage of ICT during learning time can be

categories into four aspect that is tutorial, exploring, application tools and for

communication. ICT also has been used during teaching periods as presentation and

demonstration tools. ICT can give many benefit in learning time, such as, increased the

student understanding and skills in that particle subject. Other than that, ICT apparatus

also can increase the student motivation in learning. Furthermore the student also can self

learning at home also at classroom by searching the information using internet. By having

ICT equipment in school helps the student to surf the internet by their own. The student

can also do something that impossible to do it in real life, for example some dangerouse

and expensive experiment that cannot done in real life. The issue is, nowadays, most of

graduated teacher lack of skill in computer and do not know how to us the ICT tools in

school. That’s why all the ICT equipment that present in classroom or ICT laboratory is

wasted because teacher do not know how to use it properly. In order to manage this issue,

the government propose that it is compulsory for all undergraduate sciences teacher to

learn Information and Communication Technology. In this lecture, student is introduce to

use LCD and also smart board. Sometime we might also find student know how to use

ICT better than teacher. Therefore the teachers nowadays must mastered themselves in

computer to make sure that the learning and teaching process would be effective.

Teachers also need to create a fun learning to attract student by using computer. The

teacher’s role is now change from a normal teaching methods from a more interactive
learning using all the ICT equipments in classroom. The act towards the ICT and

computer is also the factor that leads to teachers acceptance for computer and ICT. The

latest researched found out that there still lot number of teacher that have phobia to use

computer or scared to computer and also refuse to use t during learning and teaching

periods. Therefore our ex-ministry of education Tan Sri Musa Muhamad has remind all

the teachers that the government has spent a lot of money to prepare technology’s

infrastructure in school and all teachers must use all these infrastructure to produce more

excellent student. Besides that, if we consider the school in rural area, they have lack of

ICT infrastructure due to the difficulties of reaching that area. Furthermore, at back

country, the electric supply also not enough to support computers. At other area, they

used generator to work the computer on. Unfortunately the generator only work for an

hour and the power also not enough to start computer cause the computer to become slow

and sometimes turn off itself. In addition, the fuel to generate the generator may cost

about RM 700 and that is a very huge money to support only for several computer. The

computer that government supplied to these school is same as the other school, but the

problem is that these computer is not using due to lack of electric supply or even worst

they have no electric supply in that country caused all the computers to broken down