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as no trading software is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold Forex Mercenary and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. The use of this software constitutes acceptance of my user agreement.

Copyright This book is the copyright of and cannot be rewritten, re-published, STORED OR LINKED AT ANY FILE SHARING SITES or FORUMS or used for any other books without proper referencing without permission. The use of the books is limited to your personal use. Spreading out the copies without paying for them is illegal and protected by international copyright law. Copyright 2010 Dear Members Let me introduce you to the The Worlds Simplest forex strategy - The Simplest Forex Pips. This is a simple system that I have been using for years. You dont need to be a Forex guru to use this system. There is ALWAYS an opportunity to make some pips whenever you have time, keep reading and I

will explain why I recommend that you open a demo account at or and try it You will be very impressed! Make sure to open history charts to see how profitable the system can be. Profit: 10-100 pips per trade. 5-20 trades a day. You can use this strategy anytime you want, there are always very strong signals ( I will explain below..) The system will work on many Forex pairs and many major Stocks. The rules to this system are simple, and executing and managing trades will take no more than five minutes of your time. The only tricky part is bringing your knowledge base up to speed with the strategy. Let me introduce to you the three simple steps below. Then Ill take you through some worked examples in order to illustrate just how easy this system is. This trading system involves 3 simple steps. 1. Identify a current trend 2. Identify your entry signal 3. Place your trade Manage your trade later..

The system
1. Determinate a current trend, if there is no trend (sideways trend ) no trades!

2. Wait for the last candle to close. If the last candle closes inside the previous candle immediately get ready for a trade. Sample for down trend:

Sample for up trend:

3. Place your order as soon as you get your entry signal (explained below) 4. Place your stop loss order. 5. Close your trade with profit.

Below I will show you what to do step by step. The system works on 15 minutes, 30 minutes 1 hour, 4 hour and daily time periods. This is one of the most simple but very profitable trading systems available today. Setup step by step: -Identify the current trend. (For example: use 200SMA or 200EMA to identify the current trend. If the price is below the EMA the current trend is down. If the price is above the EMA the current trend is up or opposite) -Open a chart ( any time frame ) and wait for the last candle to form. If there is a combination of two candles matching the picture below - it is your trade opportunity. Lets call them as follow: 1 start candle, 2 signal candle, 3 entry candle. (IMPORTANT: The 2nd signal candle must close inside the 1st start candle)

Looking at your chart you will see a lot of 2 candle combinations like the one on the picture above and all of them are great trading opportunities! Usually each trade brings you 10-100 pips profit:


LONG TRADE SETUP: We BUY at the breakout of the high of the 2nd (signal) candle + 1 pip if the current trend is up and the signal candle (2nd candle) is going up. The opposite rule for the SHORT trade.

REMARKS: Start candle and signal candle could be different candles for example the start candle could be an uptrend candle (blue) and the signal candle could be a downtrend candle(red). It is not necessary that both candle close in the same direction (the same colour candles). - Example:

The signal is still valid! (see sample trades below) It is very important to follow the major rulePlace trades only follow a current trend: - If the breakout is down and the current trend is down too - place a trade. - If the breakout is up and the current trend is up too - place a trade. - If the breakout is up but the current trend is down NO TRADE!

Long trade sample chart:

SHORT TRADE SETUP We SELL at the breakout of the low of the 2nd (signal) candle 1 pip if the current trend is down and the signal candle (the 2nd candle) is going down. Short trades samples chart:

There is ALWAYS an opportunity to make some pips whenever you have time: All you have to do is to open few pairs charts on different time frames and you will always find your 2 candles with inside candle forming combinations on some pairs! This is guaranteed! Actual Trade Sample May 20th, 2010 130 pips profit!

Actual Trade Sample May 20th, 2010

Take profit (Exit) Option I Your profit target is 10-30 pips. Use a trailing stop order to maximize your profit. Option II (Advanced exit) Find on your chart the first strong resistance level and exit near that point. See advanced exit setup sample on the chart.


Stop loss Stop loss needs to be placed above or below the second (signal) candle: If you BUY place a stop 1 pip below the 2nd (signal) candle, if you SELL place a stop 1 pip above the 2nd (signal) candle.

When not to trade - when a breakout is against the current trend - when the 3rd (entry) candle closes inside the 2nd (signal) candle.

Time frames M15, M30, 1H, 4H, 1D The higher time frame that you trade the higher the probability is that you will make a profit. I have good results on 1H charts.

Pairs and stocks This system will work on all major pairs and Stocks. Try EUR/USD GBP/JPY.. Money management Do not trade for more than 3-5% of your deposit (per trade) Stock trading Exactly the same method can be used for Stock trading. It works in the same way and with the same rules.

Thank you! Best regards Karl Dittmann

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