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Material Safety Data Sheet

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Data sheet for BAFF

Aluminium Oxide 9 thru 100 ULTRALAP-MicroFinishing Film

Generic Description: Precision Coated Al203 Abrasive on Mylar Polyester Film w/QBack Anti-Slip backing. 1.
General Information
Chemical Name & Synonyms: Precision Graded Aluminium Oxide Grain and Epoxy Resin coated on Polyester Film with Q-Back anti-Slip backing. Proprietary blend of AI203and Resin coated onto polyester substrate Coated Abrasive (Sandpaper) Not Regulated UMFF Ultralap Micro Finishing Film. 1. Al203 Abrasive Grain 2. Proprietary Resin 3. Polyester Film

Chemical Family:

DOT Shipping Name: DOT Hazard Classification: Trade Names and Synonyms: Generic Composition:


Hazardous Ingredients


Material Safety Data Sheet

Physical Date
Boiling Point: Vapor Pressure: Vapor Density: Solubility in Water : Appearance and Odor: N/A N/A N/A N/A White Al203 Coating on Polyester Film, Trace Epoxy Odor.


Fire and Explosion Data

Flash Point: Flammable Limits: Extinguishing Media: Special Firefighting Procedures: Unusual Fire and Explosion Harzards: Auto Ignition Temperature: > 300 Degrees F. LEL-Not Determined UEL-Note Determined Water, CO2, or Foam None Required None Not Determined


Health Hazard Data

TLV: Effects of Overexposure: Chronic Hazards: OSHA Exposure Limits: Note: Exposure Analysis Method : Not Applicable None Determined None Determined 20 mpcf (5mg/m3) Respirable Dust ( 8 Hr. TWA) TLV-10mg/m3 Total Dust ULTRALAP-Micro Finishing Film may produce dust when used. NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods


Reactivity Data
Stable Material; Upon ignition will decomposes into oxides of carbon (CO, CO2, etc.)


Special Protection
None Required


Special Precautions
As with any coated abrasive product, always practice safe and hygienic habits such as washing with soap and water after use. Product is abrasive; do not rub or contact with hands or face. Do not take internally. Avoid direct contact with open flame. Store in a cool dry place with With a temperature of between 45 degrees F. and 85 degrees F.; and, a relative humidity between 0% and 30%

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Issue 01.03.2008