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Sample Computation Sheet

Buyer's Name Address Reservaton Date Financing Scheme Project Vivaldi Residences-Condotel LIST PRICE Less Promo Discount (10%) Discounted List Price Discounted List Price Improvements Additional 12% VAT Net List Price 1st Down Payment Less Discount Less : Reservation Fee Net Down Payment : : : : : : : Miscellaneous Fees : Approximately of 4.5% on the List Price (usually follows term of DP) DOWN PAYMENT SCHEDULE Other Equal Monthly DP Total Monthly DP Charges P P 20% of NLP 7.0% 384,780.56 6,423.61 25,000.00

: Ms. Margaret Lim Mammah : : 16-Oct-13 : 20% DP SPOT PAYMENT; 80% BAL THRU BANK FINANCING Bldg. Type Condominium : : : 10% LP P 178,433.64 P P P 1,605,902.80 1,605,902.80 318,000.00 Bldg. No. Tower 1 Bldg. Floor Unit No. 4 15 P Floor Area 16.13 1,784,336.44

318,000.00 12% -

P 160,590.28


payable within 7 days

DP Payment Term 30 MOS


Interest Rate 0% : :

Date to Start DP 16-Nov-13 1,539,122.24

IMPORTANT A. Application for loanable amount is subject to credit approval. B. Should there be an increase in the amount of MISC FEES, ETII shall have the right to impose and Buyer agrees to pay the corresponding said amount. C. Payment dues after reservation fee: Reservation Date: 1st to 8th 9th to 16th 17th to 23rd 24th to 31st Start of DP/ MA every 8th of the month every 16th of the month every 23rd of the month every 30th of the month (or 28th if February)

D. Down payment / Mo. Amortizations should be fully covered by POST DATED CHECKS and payable to EURO TOWERS INTERNATIONAL INC. E. For Pag-ibig & Bank Financing, approved Loan Amount will be determined by the financing insitution. For In-House, by ETII's credit evaluators. F. For Bank Financing, Interest rates inputed are merely estimated and may vary depending on the Bank and the prevailing rate at the time of loan. FOR EXTERNAL FINANCING A. Estimated loanable amount is based on the buyer's declarations. ETII does not guarantee loan approval nor the amountof loan applied for. In case the approved loan is lower than the amount applied for, buyer will be asked to pay additional equity payable in cash or in a term approved by ETII. B. Bank charges should be paid prior to loan release. Buyer has option to pay in cash prior to loan release or pay during the DP term.

Type of Unit Condotel 1,784,336.44

1,605,902.80 1,605,902.80 318,000.00

1,923,902.80 *note: how to compute the outright 10% DP 1. get the 10% of the improvements 2. less the 10% to the 1st DP 3. then you will come-up with undiscounted DP 4. get the 4% of undiscouted DP 5. 1st DP , less the discount & the reservation 86,575.63 therefore the result will be payable within 7 days 31,800.00 264,356.46 - 31,800 232,556.46 9, 302.26 230,054.20

Date of Full DP 16-Apr-16 1,539,122.24

orresponding said amount.


TII's credit evaluators. at the time of loan.

an applied for. In term approved by ETII.