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AVEVA Training PDMS Open Training Course 2013

AMERICAS TRAINING COURSE SCHEDULE (All training will be in Version 12.1 Metric)

Introductory Courses Piping & Equipment TM-1001 AVEVA PDMS Foundations TM-1104 Equipment Modeling TM-1100 Pipework Modeling Basic and Advanced Structural Design TM-1001 AVEVA PDMS Foundations TM-1101 Structural Modeling AVEVA E3D TM-1801 AVEVA E3D Foundations TM-1802 AVEVA E3D Model Utilities TM-1803 AVEVA E3D Reporting TM-1810 AVEVA E3D Pipework Modeling Deliverables Production TM-1002 Drawing Production (Basic) TM-1206 Drawing Production (Advanced) TM-1003 Design Utilities Piping Cats & Specs TM-1202 Piping Catalogues & Specifications Basic and Advanced Admin/Global TM-1300 System Administration (Basic) TM-1301 System Administration (Advanced) TM-1400 Global Concepts and Terminology AVEVA Instrumentation TM-6102 Instrumentation Engineer TM-6103 Wiring Manager TM-6104 Instrumentation Designer TM-6101 Administration AVEVA Electrical TM-6502 Electrical Engineer TM-6503 Wiring Manager TM-6504 Electrical Designer TM-6501 Administration






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Our courses are open to individuals with a background in engineering, both contractors and/or full-time employees. Courses are conducted in our dedicated training suite at the AVEVA offices in Houston, TX and Wilmington, DE or at client sites on request. Customer demand dictates how frequently we run our courses. If you don't see the course that you are interested in attending, please contact or by telephone (302) 427-8600 to find out the next available dates.

If you require three or more staff to be trained, then simply book one of our trainers to visit you at your company offices. To optimize your learning potential we endeavor to keep our class sizes small. A module list defining the content of each training module and course fees are available on request. H - Houston, W - Wilmington, C - Calgary

AVEVA Training AVEVA Training PDMS Open Training Course 2013 PDMS Open Training Course 2013

TM-1001 AVEVA PDMS Foundations AVEVA PDMS Fundamentals is an introduction to PDMS required for all disciplines using the DESIGN module. This course focuses on the user Interface Basics, Displaying Model Elements, General Utilities, Attributes, Positioning and Orientation, Introduction to Model Editor, Basic Equipment Modeling, Equipment Modeling Using Templates, Equipment Utilities, and Volume Modeling. The course is 3 days in duration for students specializing in Piping and Equipment. Other disciplines will cover this class in one day (Equipment will only be covered with the Piping discipline). TM-1002 Drawing Production (Basic) Basic Drawing Production provides an introduction to the DRAFT module of PDMS where project drawing deliverables are generated. Topics covered during this training class include a comprehensive overview of the Draft Hierarchy, View Creation, 3D View Association, Dimensioning, and Labeling. TM-1003 Design Utilities Design Utilities are covered as part of the Deliverables Production training classes (TM-1002, TM-1206, TM-1003) and the class addresses additional detail with Clash Detection and Report generation. TM-1100 Pipework Modeling Pipework modeling focuses on the PIPING discipline in the DESIGN module of PDMS. Topics covered include: Pipework Modeling, Pipe Routing, Replacing Components, Data Consistency Checker, Clash Detection, Hole Management, Isometric Production, Sloping/Falling Pipelines, Alternative Positioning forms, Pipe Assemblies, Pipe Splitting, Pipe Editing (re-bore/re-spec). TM-1101 Structural Modeling (Basic) PDMS Basic Structural modeling is directed toward students in the Structural discipline of PDMS. Topics covered in this training include: Setting-up the Database hierarchy for Structures, Creation of Beams & Columns, Modifying Structural Sections, Beam & Column Utilities, Regular Structures, Section Fittings and Joints, Panels & Plates, Negative Extrusions and Panel Fittings. Foundations (Module TM-1001 - one day for Structural) is a prerequisite for Structural Modeling. TM-1105 Cable Way & Cabling Design Over the duration of the course, E&I Designers will learn to use the AVEVA Plant Cabling System application, and become familiar with cableway creation, cable creation, Cableways and Cable Tray design, Cableway Penetrations,

cableway material creation and report generation. AVEVA PDMS Foundations is a prerequisite for this class TM-1106 E&I Modeling This course has been designed for people who are involved in the design of complex equipment items for electrical and instrumentation systems, along with associated supports. It will provide the necessary skills for the user to be able to create advanced equipment items including templates and linked documents. TM-1201 Structural Modeling (Advanced) Advanced Structural modeling is an extension to Basic Structural modeling and focuses on skills required to maximize the detail requirements of the Structural discipline in PDMS Design. Topics covered in this training class are: 3D Aid Constructs & Working Planes, Curved Profiles, and Hole Management. TM-1202 Piping Catalogs and Specifications Piping Cats and Specs focuses on the PARAGON module of PDMS related to the PIPING discipline. Topics covered during this training class are: Catalogue Database Structure, Component Creation, Constructing Pointsets, Creation of Geometry Sets, Creating Text Elements, Component Part Families, Suggested Coding Systems, Connection Compatibility Tables, Pipe Specifications, Component Insulation and Specification, Design Parameters, Nozzle Specifications, Bolting Setup, Datasets, Attachment Points, Component Properties, Spooling, Component Item Codes, Catalogue Database Consistency and Module Administration. TM-1206 Drawing Production (Advanced) Advanced Drawing Production is an extension to Basic Drawing Production and focuses on automation and refinement in the detail of PDMS deliverables. Topics covered during this module are 3D View association details, Autotagging, Change Highlighting, General Automatic Drawing Production (ADP), and Symbolic Representation. TM-1210 Multi-Discipline Supports (User) Multi-Discipline Support User Training covers details required to create supports specific to the users discipline within the DESIGN module using AVEVAs MDS application. Topics covered during this training class are: Basic Concepts of a Support, Entering the MDS Application, MDS Defaults, Multi-Discipline Supports, Modification of a Support, Deleting a Support, Locking a Support, Cable Rack Support, HVAC Support, Creation of a General Support, Trunnion Supports, Fixed Hangers, Variable Hanger, Fixed/Variable Hanger Creation Modes, Special Supports, Support Groups, Lighting Supports, Vessel Supports,

AVEVA AVEVA Training Training PDMS PDMS Open Open Training Training Course Course 2013 2011

Branch Reinforcement, Preliminary Supports, Copying a Support, Modifying a Support Name, MDS Wizard, MDS Health Check Utility, MDS Reports, Miscellaneous Utilities, MDS Drawing Production, MDS Manuals & Help. Students attending this class should have attended at least one discipline-specific PDMS course. TM-1300 System Administration (Basic) Basic Project Administration is directed towards PDMS Project Administrators and will focus on PDMS Project Administration fundamentals. Topics covered during this class are: Project Access, Creating a New Project, Setup of Teams and Users, Creating Databases, Foreign Databases, MDBs,Testing AVEVA Plant Access, Reference Between Databases, NT Authentication, Sharing Projects and Files, Multiwrite/Update Databases, Project TM-1301 System Administration (Advanced) The Advanced System Administration training class is a follow up to the PDMS Basic Project Administration and covers extended features of the PDMS admin module including Extract Databases, the Lexicon module, Data Access Control (DAC), PML Encryption, IPR Database Encryption. TM-1304 Multi-Discipline Supports (Administration) Multi-Discipline Administration is focused towards PDMS administrators responsible for maintaining the MDS environment. Topics covered during this training class include: Review of MDS Projects and Databases, Project Catalogue Requirements and Minimum Data Access Controls (DAC), Configuration Checklist, Accessing MDS Administration Form and Menus, MDS Admin Form, MDS Ancillary Defaults Form, MDS Hanger Data Form, Hanger Design Templates, MDS Lighting Support Defaults, Structure Defaults Form, Framework Template Administration, MDS Trunnion Defaults Form, Trunnions, MDS Autonaming, MDS User Plots, Report Defaults and MDS Drawing Production. TM-1400 Global Concepts and Terminology Global training is specifically designed for students working with PDMS in a GLOBAL environment and is an extension to the Basic and Advanced Administration classes. GLOBAL training focuses on Concepts and Terminology, Setting Up a Global Project, Satellite Project Structure, Unscheduled Database Updates, Transaction Database Administration, Databases in a Global Project, Testing AVEVA Plant Global Access in Design, Global Daemon Service, Extract Databases, Working with Extract Databases in a Global Project, Data Access Control in a Global Project, Managing Databases in a Global Project, Transaction Failures. TM-1401 Programmable Macro Language (Basic) This course is designed to give an introduction to the AVEVA Plant Programming Macro Language. There is no intention

to teach software programming but only provide instruction on how to customize PDMS using Programmable Macro Language (PML) in AVEVA Plant. Users will learn how to construct PML Objects, Forms and Functions that interface with the AVEVA Plant and Marine products.
TM-3415 AVEVA P&ID Admin Training

This course shows application administrators how to create a project and manage the file structure for an AVEVA P&ID Installation. Administrators learn how to create symbols and groups and use the Project Administrator tool. TM-3445 & TM-3460 AVEVA P&ID User Training This course presents the features and capabilities of the AVEVA P&ID package. Students are shown how AVEVA P&ID exchanges data with other modules in AVEVAs Plant Engineering product suite. The course takes a workshop approach as the students learn the packages commands and procedures by drawing a P&ID. Students gain an understanding of the database aspects of the P&ID by reviewing validation reports used during drawing development Skills Retention Program Visit your local AVEVA office to brush-up on your PDMS skills. This program allows users access to a PDMS workstation during standard operating hours at the AVEVA office in Houston or Wilmington to work on your own brushing up on previously learned skills in PDMS. Call the AVEVA Training Coordinator for more details.

AVEVAs comprehensive training courses ensure you will be prepared to meet the design challenges of today and tomorrow. Call the Training Coordinator at 302-427-8600 to enroll.