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Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D A : NON-LINEAR ( 6 QUESTIONS : NO.

27 32) SET 1 Questions 27 32 are based on the following article.

Global Warming: Causes and Effects Earth temperature has been rising at the rate of 1 degree Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. The past 50 years of warming has been attributed to human activities. During the last 100 years, global sea levels have risen between 4 8 inches.

Burning fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil products produces greenhouse gases in excessive amount.

Greenhouse gases that rise into the atmosphere trap the suns energy and prevent heat from escaping. These are caused by large scale use of fuels in vehicles and factories.

Local changes include increasingly hot weather and thunderstorms.

Damaging storms, droughts and other weather-related phenomenon cause an increase in economic and health problems. Warmer weather provides breeding grounds for insects such as malaria-carrying mosquitoes. 27 What is the weather phenomenon that has been happening in the last fifty years? A Falling sea level B Global warming Answer : B (SEP) C D Increase in rainfall Increase in diseases

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 28 Which of the following is not a fuel? A Oil B Coal Answer : D (LEP) 29 The word excessive tells us that greenhouse gases is present in _______ amounts. A fixed B large Answer : B (HEP) 30 30. Global warming has brought about changes in C D transport pattern energy production C D limited varying C D Natural gases Greenhouse gases

A fuel use B weather pattern Answer : B (SEP) 31

Warmer weather provides

A healthier situation B breeding grounds for animals Answer: C (LEP) 32

Global warming has ..


breeding grounds for insects playing time for animals


increased the production of human caused people to become healthier affected human daily activities helped in the economic growth of the country

Answer: C (HEP)

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 2 SECTION D Questions 27 - 32 Study the poster below and answer the questions that follow CUSTOMER INFORMATION HOW TO HANDLE CRANK CALLS The telephone is an important form of communication for most people. Every day, millions of phone calls are made. There are, however, irresponsible people who make crank calls. Besides wasting other peoples time, these crank calls may also be disturbing in nature. Below are some tips on how to handle crank calls. HANG UP If there is no response after two hellos. If you hear an obscene word. If the caller refuses to identify himself.

DONT! Disclose any information to an unknown caller. Answer the question, what number is this? Instead ask what number he wants. Prolong the conversation cut it short. All the caller wants is an audience stop giving him attention and he will give up.

IMPORTANT! If threats are made against your life or property, report them immediately to the police. Call 999.


What kind of people make crank calls?

A Busy people B Responsible people Answer: C (LEP) 28

Irresponsible people

The word disturbing in paragraph 1, can best be replaced with

A irritating B worrying Answer: B (HEP)


confusing distracting

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 29

What should you do if strangers say obscene words to you on the phone?

A Do not reply B Call the police Answer: D (SEP) 30


Scold the person End the phone call

According to the brochure, why do some people make crank calls?

A To get attention B To get to know you Answer: A (SEP) 31


To ask a lot of question To end up getting caught

Who should you call if threats are made against your life and property? A The police B Your parents C D Your teachers The school authority

Answer: A (LEP) The main purpose of the brochure is to educate people on how to make crank calls how to make telephone calls Answer: D (SEP) what to do in case of an emergency what to do when they get crank calls

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 3 Questions 27 32 are based on the following poster. THE LATEST SHOPPING MALL IN TOWN!

Situated stragically in the heart of Johor Bharu , Johor Comfortable driving distance from Melaka, Pahang and especially Singapore Reputed to be the only mall with musical water features Spacious , hassle free parking lots Helpful staff to assist our valuable customer State-of-the- art facilities Caters to every type of shopper Offers everything shopper need Stress-free shopping

Main attraction:
Entertainment plaza A 26- lane bowling centre Fast food outlets An eight-screen Cineplex


Merrylane is located in Johor Pahang Answer: A (LEP) 28 Merrylane is unique for its A helpful staff B water features Answer : B (SEP) C D spacious parking lots state-of-the-art-facilities Melaka Singapore

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 29 Which of the following is true about Merrylane? A One can watch movies there B It has limited parking lots Answer : A (HEP) Shopper will have a great time at Merrylane because it offers many activities caters to everyones needs Answer: B (HEP) The phrase hassle-free means .. difficult easy Answer: B (SEP) 32 People can see shows in the .. A Cineplex B bowling centre Answer: A (SEP) C D dining eateries shopping complex comfortable valuable provides family entertainment boasts the latest shopping mall C D One can only shop there It only has fast food

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 4 Questions 27 -32 Read the testimonial and answer the questions.

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Shamsinar was an ordinary member of the Bahasa Melayu Society Interact Club Answer: A (LEP) 28 Shamsinar was an ordinary member of the A always read newspapers B read a lot of books Answer: A (SEP) Shamsinar has all the qualities listed below except responsible pro-active Answer: C (SEP) She got on very well with most people means she is an unfriendly person she is trustworthy Answer: C (HEP) 31 The teacher feels that Shamsinar A won't succeed in life B may not get a good job Answer: D (SEP) Shamsinar most probably was chosen as the class monitor because she was strong determined Answer: C (LEP) responsible honest C D may not further her studies would do well in university she is friendly with everyone many people dislike her proud good leadership C always talked to people about world news Red Crescent Society Chess Club

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 5 Questions 27 - 32 Read the text and answer the questions. SCHOOL REGULATIONS 1 AIMS 1.1 To ensure that students behave themselves and respect their friends, teachers administrators and school workers 1.2 To make sure the school environment is peaceful and safe 1.3 To ensure that all school facilities are in good and clean condition 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 3 SCHOOL BELL All students must be in school before the first bell rings. When the first bell rings, all students have to line up at the quadrangle. When the bell rings again, all students are required to move into their classes. ASSEMBLY

3.1 All students must attend the weekly school assembly on Mondays. 3.2 All students must be dressed in full school uniform. 3.3 All students must be quiet and line up according to their classes. 3.4 The assembly programme is as follows: (a) Singing of Songs: ' Negaraku' and 'Malaysia Berjaya' (b) Students' Oath (c) Duty Teachers' Speech (d) Headmaster's Speech (e) School Song 4 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 27 CONDUCT IN CLASS Students must be silent in class when there is no teacher present. Students must use the tables and chairs given to them. If they wish to change places, they must get permission from their form teacher. Students must always pay attention in class. The class must always be kept clean. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own classes. Any breakage or damage in the classroom must be reported immediately. Students may not enter any classroom without permission from the teacher. It is forbidden for students to eat in their classrooms. The following are all aims of the school regulations except A B C D to make sure the school environment is conducive for studying to ensure the good behaviour of the students to ensure that the teachers teach well to make sure that the facilities offered are in proper working condition 9

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Answer: C (SEP) The school assembly usually takes place fortnightly once a week Answer: B (LEP) 29 What must the students do when the first bell rings? A They must move to the assembly C B They must line up D Answer: B (SEP) 30 Who is responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom? A The form teacher B All the students Answer: B (SEP) 31 The students must be silent when.. A doing group study B studying alone Answer: C (SEP) Paying attention in class enables students to help them take down notes faster understand the lesson taught Answer: B (SEP) develop their thinking skill develop their language skill C D the teachers are having meetings answering questions C D The students on duty The class monitor They must go to class They must stand still daily monthly


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 6 Questions 27 32 Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow. ******************************HOUSE FOR RENT*********************************** Four-bedroom house for rent in Kuantan Fully furnished Available for immediate occupancy Close to shops, schools, public transport and the park Quiet neighbourhood Rent : RM1 800 per month NON-SMOKERS AND NO PETS PLEASE Viewing by appointment only Call 016-9528888


The owner of the house will only rent the house out to A people who do not drink B people who do not smoke C D people who do not like noise people who do not like public transport

Answer : B (SEP) Immediate occupancy means that people can move in at once people can wait for a month to move in Answer : A (HEP) The house is described as being quietly cosy affordably priced Answer : C (SEP) Viewing by appointment only means that you can view the house before you make an appointment without making an appointment after seeing the advertisement if you make an appointment 11 conveniently located attractively furnished people can settle the rental immediately people can inspect the house at any time

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Answer : D (HEP) What should customers do to set an appointment to view the house? Send a text message Make a phone call Answer : C (SEP) 32 Which of the following statement is true ? A You have to buy your furniture C if you want to rent the house. B The house area is quiet and calm D Answer : B (SEP) You are allowed to have pets You can send a fax for more details Surf the internet Send a fax


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 7 Questions 27 to 32 Read the notice below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. JUMBLE SALE 2O12 The Pet Lovers Society is organizing a jumble sale to raise funds to help care for the animals in the shelter as part of its month long Animal Care - An Awareness campaign. The campaign starts today - 1st December 2012. The jumble sale will be held : Date : 7th December 2012 Time : 10.00 am - 8.00pm Venue : The Pet Lovers Society Those of you would like to donate in cash or kind can drop them off at the shelter : The Jumble Sale The Pets Lovers Society, 34, JalanTerrier, Taman Angels, 10200 Penang. Alternatively, you can call 03 -23456789 to contact us for a pick - up. Please note that there will not be any pick - up service after 12.00 noon on the 6th of December 2012. We also welcome volunteers who wish to help out on the day itself. Those who are interested kindly register before 25th November 2012 Drinks and refreshments will be served by courtesy of Animals Shelter Intemational.

The campaign starts on 25thNovember 2012 1stDecember2012 Answer: B (LEP) 28 What is the reason for the campaign A To raise funds B To collect donations Answer: C (HEP) C D To create awareness To ask for volunteers 6th December 2012 7th December 2012


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D The word kind refers to good hearted treating pleasantly Answer: A (SEP) The items the public donate can be picked up or should be at 12.00pm at 11.45am Answer: D (HEP) 31 On 6th of December 2012, the pick-up service will be available A posted B carried Answer: B (SEP) The refreshments served that day are bought rationed Answer: D (HEP) appreciated complimentary C D at 3.00pm at 12.30pm packed delivered writing out cheques not in the form of money


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 8 Questions 27 32 Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.

The word sophisticated in the advertisement means nave clever Answer : D (HEP) simple advanced


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 28 According to the advertisement, how many functions has the HP Officejet? A Two B Three Answer : C (SEP) Which of the following is a modern gadget? A typewriter A laptop computer Answer : B (SEP) Which is the cheapest item? The computer The table lamp Answer : C (SEP) Below are the characteristics for HP Notebook except lightweight stylish Answer : D (LEP) 32 For those who works in office and need to do a lot of paper work at the same time, the best item will be A a notice board B table work lamp Answer : D (SEP) C D HP Notebook HP Officejet slim red in colour The notice board The all-in-one jet printer A record turntable A dialling telephone C D Four Five


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 9 Questions 27 32 Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow

From the advertisement, we know that there are only two packages to choose from everyone gets to experience the 4D Theatre all the children will enjoy free rides at thetheme parks Answer : C (SEP) The advertisement is mainly about a fun fair a carnival Answer : B (SEP) 17 a day trip package an amusement park

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D When can you go to the 'A Famosa Carnival'? At any time of the year Only in October and December From 29th October to 29th December, 2011 On 29th October and on 29th December 2011 Answer : C (LEP) How can you find out more information about the carnival? By calling up the place By calling all your friends By visiting the place and making enquiries By logging on to the website given in the advertisement Answer : D (SEP) All services mentioned below are included in Package A except Stay Breakfast Answer : D (SEP) People who need to search for more details about AFamosa Carnival, they only have to call the authorities visit their website Answer : B (LEP) fill in the forms go to the nearest shopping mall Carnival Dinner


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 10 Questions 27 32 Read the leaflet and answer the questions.

Why must you grab the attacker's arm when he puts his arm round your neck? To hold on to the attacker Because it is a natural reaction To reduce the pressure of the grip To find out whether the attacker is a male or female Answer: C (LEP) Why do you think the writer suggest that you hit the attacker's groin? Because that is a very sensitive area it is a bad manners to hit the attacker's groin that is the easiest area to hit the attacker does not like anyone touching his groin Answer: A (SEP) 29 Which of the following best describes the phrase to slacken? A to take charge B to attack Answer: D (HEP) C D to give up to loosen



Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Which of the following is NOT true about the self-defence tips mentioned in this passage? A B C D The key to defend oneself is grab, twist and pull The victim must shout loudly when attacked An attacker will most likely withdraw after being attacked at the groin An attacker can grab any unsuspecting victim by the neck

Answer: B (SEP) This passage tells us that men should not attempt to attack women learning some self-defence is useful for women women should not walk alone at all times Answer: B (HEP) In order to protect yourself, do the following except grab twist Answer : D (LEP) pull punch


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 11 Questions 27 32 Read the fact sheet and answer the questions Myths and Facts about DENGUE Myth 1: Aedes mosquitoes bite only at night, so I need only worry about protecting my family from the dengue carrier during the later part of the day. Fact: Aedes mosquitoes can bite you and your family any time of the day. The mosquitoes are activated by changes in light intensity, which makes them particularly bloodthirsty at dawn and dusk. But all-day protection is still the best, especially for babies or adults who are bedridden. Mosquito netting, aerosols, mats, coils, liquid vapourisers or insect repellent creams and lotions should be used for such people to minimise the risk of being bitten by the Aedes mosquito. Myth 2: If I keep my house clean and dust-free, I will not have any mosquitoes. Fact: Mosquitoes are not like household pests such as flies and cockroaches that thrive on dirt. The Aedes mosquitoes are particularly fussy about cleanliness. Given the choice between dirty and clean water, it will go for the latter. Thus, your house may be spotless and still harbour Aedes larvae. To be safe, keep changing the water in your vases, potted plant saucers and refrigerator trays every five days. Keep a lid on any long-term water storage containers when not in use. Clean the sides or your water containers regularly to wash away the eggs. It you cannot change the water, use larvicides to keep your vessels Aedes larva-free. Myth 3: Dengue is a disease that affects mainly children. Fact: It used to be thought that dengue was primarily a health hazard for children. But the Aedes mosquito is just as likely to bite an adult as a child. In fact, everyone is at risk. Myth 4: Once I've had dengue, I cannot get it again as Im immune to disease . Fact: If your have dengue, your body will produce antibodies against the virus. These antibodies stay with you for about a year but if you are bitten by the infected mosquito during this time, you can still come down with the fever. In fact, some doctors believe if you are bitten again while you still have the antibodies, you are likely to develop the more serious dengue haemorrhagic fever. However, this is still a point of debate. (Taken from Sunday Star, November 15, 1998) 21

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 27 According to the passage, the Aedes mosquitoes bite A only in the morning and evening B only in the morning Answer: D (SEP) The following are ways to minimise mosquito bites EXCEPT fix mosquito nettings on the windows of our bedrooms spray the bedrooms with air freshener before sleeping light up a mosquito coil in the bedroom before sleeping apply some mosquito repellent on your arms and body before sleeping Answer: B (SEP) 29 Which of the following is NOT a way to keep your homes free from mosquitoes? A B C D Clean the sides of water containers regularly Ensure that the water in vases are changed regularly Cover all containers used for storing water Leave used bottles and tins lying around your house C D at any time in the day at any time, day or night

Answer: D (HEP) 30 Which of the following facts is NOT true? A The Aedes mosquito will bite at any time of the day B The Aedes mosquito likes clean and clear water C The Aedes mosquito will only bite children Answer: C (HEP) 31 Which of the following is NOT true of someone who has contracted dengue fever? He or she A B C D will never contract that disease again may get the disease again if bitten by an infected mosquito will have antibodies in the body may develop a more serious type of dengue fever if bitten again by an infected mosquito

Answer: A (HEP)


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 32 This passage mainly reminds us that A B C D dengue fever is dangerous dengue fever can be cured easily only children and babies will suffer from dengue fever all mosquitoes are the carriers of the dengue fever virus

Answer: A (HEP)


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D B. LINEAR ( 8 QUESTIONS: No. 33 -40) SET 1 Questions 33 40 Study the text below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. Being a parent is very challenging. This is because nowadays, some children have learning disabilities. They have difficulty reading and understanding what is required of them. As a result, many do badly in their school examinations. Worst of all, some teachers label the students as stupid. There are also children with dyslexia. They find it hard to look at a page of words. They see them as distorted shapes and symbols or even as moving objects. There are others who become too overwhelmed by the words in a page! Another common learning disability is dyscalculia. It is actually difficulties with mathematics in counting, recognizing arithmetic symbols, aligning numbers during addition, multiplication and competency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These children normally have slow mental processing speed. Parents must be aware that the environment plays an important part in inculcating the learning abilities of a child. Poor teaching methods, harsh childcare, loneliness, the sense of not belonging to the school, a non-conducive home environment, lack of encouragement and unrealistic parental expectations can cause a child to face difficulties in learning. A child suffering from dyslexia has mental problems speech problems Answer : C (LEP) A child having difficulties with mathematics could be suffering from dyslexia dysphoria Answer : D (LEP) 35 Children with slow mental processing speed A cannot talk properly B have problem with writing Answer : D (SEP) C D is unable to recognize letters have problems with multiplication dysgraphia dyscalculia reading problems hearing problems


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 36 The following aspects can cause a child to face difficulties in learning except A poor teaching methods B lack of encouragement Answer : C (HEP) Some children are branded as stupid by their teachers because they are born abnormal they are slow in their work Answer : C (SEP) 38 The word harsh means A happy B severe Answer : B (HEP) This passage mainly reminds us that has a slow mental processing speed good at Mathematics has difficulties in reading has poor ability to remember things Answer : A (SEP) 40 What plays an important part in inculcating the learning abilities? A environment B friends Answer: A (LEP) C D parents school C D solemn dignified they have difficulty reading they are mentally handicapped C D conducive home environment high expectations from parents


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 2 Questions 33 -40 Read the passage below. Then answer the questions that follow. Every year, during the rainy season, it rains heavily. Consequently, floods occur in various parts of the country. Although I have read about it, I have never experienced it until this year. Last month, the rains poured heavily for many days. People were unable to go to work. Most of the shops were closed. Even the schools and government offices were closed. The winds blew continuously and many people, especially children, began to get sick. But the rains continued to fall. Then the worst thing happened. The river overflowed the embankment and there were floods everywhere in my town. In some areas the water was about three metres high. Parts of the town looked like the sea and the buildings looked like islands. People began to evacuate using any means they could. Some walked through the water, many used rafts or anything that would float to carry their belongings. Strangely enough, there were many people who enjoyed playing and swimming in the muddy water. However, I was too afraid and refused to go near the water. My uncle had a house high up on a hill, so my family stayed with him. Then, one morning, the rains suddenly stopped and the sun appeared. Everyone was overjoyed. But it took another week for the flood waters to go down. When we went home we were shocked to see the condition of our house. It was full of mud and stank. Everything, including all the furniture, had been ruined. My parents were devastated. It took a long time before everything was back to normal. Indeed, I shall never forget what I experienced during this terrible flood. The word it in paragraph 1 refers to the floods country Answer : A (SEP) heavy rains rainy season

When the writer said that Parts of the town looked like the sea he meant that the sea had entered the town the river had flowed into parts of the town parts of the town were under water some areas in the town were badly affected Answer : D (SEP)


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 35 The word evacuate can best be replaced by A move to a safer place B run away from there Answer : D (HEP) Why did the writers family stay with their uncle? They were waiting for the rains to stop He offered to let them stay there His house was on a hill The city was flooded Answer : C (SEP) Arrange the following events in the correct order as stated in the story. The river overflowed its banks People left their homes I, II, III, IV II, I, IV, III III, I, IV, II IV, III, I, II Answer: B (SEP) Who refused to go to near the water? The writers uncle The writers mother Answer : D (SEP) Why was everyone overjoyed? It rained heavily Their village was flooded Answer:D (SEP) The rain suddenly did not stopped The sun appeared The children The writer It rained heavily for many days The town was flooded C D hide in other places leave in a hurry


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 40 How long does it take the water to go down? A 5 days B 1 day Answer : D(HEP) C D 7 days 12 days


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 3 Questions 33 40 Read the letter below carefully. Then, answer the questions that follow. Faridah bt Sharif, 14 Jalan Perdana, 09000 Kulim, Kedah. ____________________________________________________________________________ The Police Superintendent, Kulim Police Station, 09000 Kulim, Kedah. 22 FEBRUARY 2012 Dear Sir, Be Severe With Road Bullies I would like to complain about a serious problem that has been plaguing the residents of Kulim lately. It seems like a free-for-all on the roads in Kulim everyday. In the town, it is common to see a motorist or a motorcyclist going against traffic flow or beating the red light. It can be quite frightening if the offender is heading towards you. If one is not alert while driving, both parties can end up in a fatal accident. When confronted, these road bullies can become extremely aggressive. 2. Many of them make illegal u-turns, ignore No Entry signs, go against traffic flow and some even dare to beat the traffic lights especially during peak hours when the traffic is heavy. 3. The police should put up a road safety campaign, to nab all those inconsiderate and reckless motorists in town. They must be fined heavily if caught on the spot during the campaign. Unless the motorists learn to abide by the traffic rules, there is nothing much we can do to reduce the accident rates. I hope the authority will look into this matter before it becomes worse. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Faridah (FARIDAH BT. SHARIF)


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 33 The tone of the letter denotes A joy B pride Answer: C (SEP) What is a common sight on the roads of Kuala Kangsar? Motorcyclists participating in illegal races Motorists going against the traffic rules Road-safety campaign everywhere Motorists learning the traffic rules Answer: B (LEP) The word inconsiderate can be replaced by quarrelsome thoughtless Answer: B (HEP) According to the writer, the road bullies are pig-headed snobbish Answer: D (HEP) The following wrongdoings are mentioned by the writer except going against traffic flow beating the traffic lights Answer: D (SEP) From the letter, we can conclude that the writer is glad patient Answer: C (HEP) concern troublesome making illegal U-turns illegal races stubborn hostile persistent strong C D anger sympathy


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D What should we do when confronted with road bullies? Make friends with them Make a report at the police station Answer: B (SEP) What does the writer suggest in curbing the wrongdoings? Having road safety courses Implementing stiffer penalties Arresting the offenders immediately Reducing the number of vehicles on the road Answer: B (SEP) Scold them for not obeying road rules Advice them about their wrongdoings


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 4 Questions 33 40 Read the conversation below and answer the questions that follow. Counsellor Salbiah Counsellor Salbiah Counsellor Salbiah : : : : : : Tell me whats your ambition, Salbiah I want to become a doctor Any particular reason why you want to become a doctor? Well, being a doctor has been my ambition for a long time. I like to watch programmes that revolve around the medical treatments and medical discoveries Oh, I see! Are you a member of the Red Crescent Society? No, not the Red Crescent Society but the St. Johns Ambulance. I joined the St. Johns Ambulance since I was in Form One. I enjoy learning First Aid, taking part in the march past and also doing the Highway Duty during major festivals. I also read a lot of books on First Aid. Can you explain more about the Highway Duty? It is a duty that we carry out in groups. Each group will be assigned to wait at a certain spot along the highway. Usually, we are stationed at the toll plaza along the highway. You see there is usually an increase in the rate of accidents during the festivals when people start going back to their hometowns. Thus, our group will provide first aid to victims while waiting for further assistance. Thats interesting. Can any member go and join any of these groups? No, you have to pass a certain test first. Then, you will be assigned to work with a group by the leader. What if you cant achieve your ambition to become a doctor? Then, Ill opt become a teacher. Teaching is a noble profession too. I hope you will achieve your ambition. Before that, you must work hard and plan your personal study timetable. You must do well in Science for your upcoming PMR examination so that you can take up Biology next year.

Counsellor Salbiah

: :

Counsellor Salbiah Counsellor Salbiah Counsellor

: : : : :

What does Salbiah want to be when she grows up? Teacher Counsellor Answer : C (LEP) How did Salbiah learn about first aid? By becoming a member of the Red Crescent Society By becoming a member of the St. John's Ambulance By doing the 'Highway Duty' during festivals every l year By reading a lot of books about first aid Answer : B (LEP) 32 Doctor Leader

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D How long has it been since Salbiah joined the St. John's Ambulance? One year Two years Answer : C (SEP The word assigned means given assistance given a cheque to sign Answer : D (HEP) Members of the 'Highway Duty' patrol the highway look after the highway Answer : D(HEP) In what form is Salbiah studying? Form One Form Two Answer : CSEP) Why did Salbiah want to be a teacher as her second choice? because the salary is rather big because it is a noble profesion Answer : B (LEP) 40 What kind of tv programme that motivated Salbiah to become a doctor? A National Geographic B Medical treatment Answer : B(LEP) C D Infant miracle The breakfast show because her father was a teacher because teaching is in her blood Form Three Form Four help the accident victims provide first aid to accident victims asked to resign from the job given the task to be carried out Three years Four years


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 5 Question 33-40 are based on the following passage . You can achieve what you want if you are determined and a good example is Jaclyn . She has always been singing . Even as a baby , she used to hum . It has been and still is her passion something she loves doing . It has become a part of her . She did not realise she had a talent for singing until one day when she was nine . After a duet a cousin during a concert , she was praised for her singing skills . That was an eye opener. She was a shy teenager who had the responsibility of helping to provide for her family after her fathers death. With the encouragement of an uncle, she started singing to help out. She was glad to help her mother who had to support her family of three younger brothers. Her mother was working at three jobs to keep family going and to make ends meet. For the next seven years, she used every chance to build her voice and performance skills. She learned from her mistakes. Most of all, unknown to her she gained confidence and went on to qualify, win and be the first Malaysian Idol. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for as she had been training for it. She wanted to win it so badly that she did not give up on herself and her dream. This is exactly what she became the first Malaysian Idol. Adapted from : Just English 2005 When did Jaclyn realise she could sing? When she was a teenager Since she was a baby Answer : C (SEP) Jaclyn had to support her family because her father passed away mother was jobless Answer : A (LEP) 35 The phrase to make ends meet implies that the family was A trying to become rich B struggling to survive Answer :B (HEP) 36 Jaclyn achieved success because of her A dream B reliance C D responsibility determination 34 C D aiming for success dreaming of fame uncle encouraged her brother were at school During a competition After a performance

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Answer: D (HEP) Which of the following statements is true about Jaclyn? She had three jobs She worked part time Answer : B (SEP) What is the best title for the story? Jaclyn, the Dreamer The Icon of Malaysia Answer: C (HEP) The word passion in the passage means encouragement desire Answer: B(HEP) Who actually encouraged Jaclyn to start singing? aunt uncle Answer :B (LEP) cousin mother responsibility determination The Road to Success The Rise and Fall of an Idol She trained under her uncle She was an outspoken teenager


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 6 Question 33-40 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions which follow it. If you happen to be driving along the East Coast between April and August, it would be worth your while stop at Dungun. A night or two here would give you an educational experience, for at this time each year the giant turtles come to lay their eggs. What is so remarkable about the creatures? For one thing, they are among the worlds longest living creatures come from as far away as South America, and find the same beaches time and again. Scientists believe that these turtles manage to find the East Coast beaches without fail because they were born there, a long time ago. Instinct guides them back. Turtle-watching has become big business in Dungun. Neat shelters have been built for visitors to the beaches. For a ringgit or two, one can doze or drink coffee while awaiting for the turtles to come. Visitors arrive at night and wait a few hours. The turtles start coming in the early hours of the morning. They dig large holes in the sand and deposit about one hundred and fifty eggs each. While laying eggs, the turtles do not seem to care what happens around them. Visitors can touch them or even ride on their backs. After the eggs have been laid and the holes covered up, the turtles return to the sea, only to reappear the following year. Until recently, most of the turtle eggs were gathered for sale. Now, however, the government is concerned over the future of these creatures, and has imposed controls on eggcollecting. Each season, government workers carefully gather the eggs and hatch them under safe conditions. In this way the young turtles are protected from birds, snakes and crabs. The local people are permitted to gather the eggs only after a sufficient number has been reserved for hatching. During which of the following months may one watch the turtles lay their eggs? June March Answer : A (SEP) The expression time and again may BEST be replaced by the word accurately repeatedly Answer: B (HEP) often punctually September October


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D How often do the turtles come to lay their eggs? Every month Every two months Answer : D (SEP) Scientists believe that the giant turtle lays its eggs only in South America at its birthplace Answer : B (SEP) The shelters on the beach most probably serve to protect visitors from the sun the rain Answer : B (SEP) 38 From the passage we learn that the turtles A are afraid of people B cannot swim long distances Answer : D (SEP) The government is concerned that if all the eggs are gathered for sale birds, snakes and crabs will have no food the turtles will lay their eggs somewhere else local people will not be able to earn a living there will be no turtles left in time to come Answer : D (HEP) When newly hatched, the young turtle is in danger of being drowned eaten Answer : B (SEP) buried captured C D live on snakes and crabs are harmless creatures the sea the turtles in the daylight hours when people are present Every six months Every year


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 7 Question 33-40 Read the story and answer the questions.


Why was Siew Ping rushing that morning? A She had an important meeting B She was late for school C D She wanted to bathe She wanted to finished her homework

Answer: B (SEP) Siew Ping tripped because she fell into a hole there was a lot of mud Answer: C (SEP) she did not see the wooden plank she was in a hurry


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D 35 Siew Ping could not enter the house because A her mother was not at home B she did not have the house keys Answer: B (SEP) 36 The expression with a start can best be replaced with A finally B slowly Answer: D (HEP) 37 The expression gobble her food means A eat less food B waste her food Answer: C (HEP) 38 35. Why couldnt Siew Pings mother helped her ? She was not at home She was talking to her friends C D eat hurriedly eat noisily C D pleasantly suddenly C D the house was closed the keys wer broken

A She was sleeping C B She was busy cooking in the D kitchen Answer: C (SEP) 39 Her stomach was rumbling means A she had a stomach-ache B she was very tired Answer : C (SEP) 40 We can conclude that, Siew Ping was . A careless B smart Answer: A (HEP) C D C D

she was very hungry she was injured

punctual busy


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 8 Questions 33 - 40 Read the passage and answer the questions.


How does food poisoning happen? Most cases of food poisioning are beyond the consumers control because there are food which may have already been contaminated before they are bought. Many outbreaks are due to unhygienic food handling practises by manufacturers and retail outlets. A decrease in the number of food inspections means that these poor food practises go unchecked. Also, food poisoning can occur when we eat at restaurants. Again, there is little that we can do, but we can control how we handle food at home. Safety tips The key to food safety is to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Bacteria multiply in temperatures between 6C and 60C. A single bacterium can multiply to more than two millions in seven hours at these temperatures. Also, we should pay particular attention to home and personal hygiene. This can ne done by always keeping our kitchen clean and washing our hands well before handling food. For most of us, safe food handling begins in the supermarket and continues at home. Shopping Dont buy products with damaged packaging. Check the use-by or best-before date At hawker stalls, make sure the hawker wears gloves and uses tongs to pick up food. Select hot foods or refrigerated and frozen foods last, so that they dont sit in your trolley for too long. Separate hot, cooked foods from cold food in your trolley and when they are packed at the check-out-counter. Dont leace groceries sitting in your car, and if you have a long trip home, take a cool pack for frozen foods. At Home Read food packaging and labels carefully to learn how and where food should be stored. If you do not intend to eat meat or poultry within a few days, freeze it. Put a date on packaging before putting it in the freezer. Thaw meat, poultry and fish in the fridge. Cook thawed meats immediately, especially if thawed in the microwave oven. Do not re-freeze unless the meats are cooked first. Raw meat, poultry and fish can contaminate other foods, so keep them separated. Keep the fridge at 4C or less and freezer at about -18C Anything that comes into contact with raw food a knife or chopping board, even your hands should be washed before it is used for handling cooked food. 40

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D The key to food safety is to keep food warm hot food hot and cold food cold Answer : B(LEP) According to the passage, most cases of food poisoning are caused by the mishandling of food by the buyer the decrease in the number of food inspections the poor handling of food by the manufacturer the hawkers not using tongs Answer: C (SEP) 35 Which of the following is NOT a tip for food safety? A B C D Eat food while it is still hot Keep frozen food in the freezer Wash your hands before handling food Thaw meat and fish in the fridge food boiling food frozen

Answer: A (HEP) 36 If you want to buy a carton of ice cream, it is BEST to pick it up A B C D when you go around the freezer section of the supermarket when you first enter the supermarket so that you will not forget when your trolley is full when you are ready to go to the check-out counter

Answer: D (SEP) 37 It is essential that we wash our hands after handling raw food because A B C D our hands will not be too cold our hands may be contaminated with bacteria our hands will not smell the hands will be wet

Answer: B (SEP) 38 We must check the use-by date to A avoid eating spoilt food 41

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D B save money C finish all the food in the fridge D stop the food from getting spoilt Answer: A (HEP) 39 This passage is important because it teaches us A B C D to be thrifty about food poisoning about ways to prevent food poisoning how to select food while shopping in the supermarket

Answer: C (HEP) 40 The word thaw in the passage means to let the food A become warmer until it is ready to cook B become half cooked C become frozen

Answer : A (HEP)


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 9 Questions 33 - 40 Read the news report and answer the questions.

Every morning, Mat Jening will go out swimming fishing Answer: B (LEP) Mat Jenings life begins to change when many people buy his boat vegetables Answer: C (LEP) fish food gardening boating


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D What does the expression call it a day mean? It is the end of the day It is time to pack up and go home Answer: B (HEP) Why did Mat Jening take a long time to pull in his catch? The line suddenly broke The fish tried hard to break free from the net The boat kept rocking back and forth The fish liked to play with Mat Jening Answer: B (SEP) The following statements about the passage are true EXCEPT Fishing used to bring in a lot of money for Mat Jening Mat Jening used a line to land his catch A good catch for Mat Jening weighs between 350 to 500 gm Mat Jening did not like being a fisherman Answer: D (SEP) Which of the following BEST describes the expression catch of the year? It was the biggest catch It had the most publicity Answer: A (HEP) 39 Which of the following did NOT make Mat Jening a celebrity? A B C D He goes out to fish early in the morning He was the talk of the town The news of his catch was published in the newspapers Lots of people came to his village to see him and his catch It was the most difficult catch It earned him a lot of money It is time to say good-bye It is time for Mat Jenning to nap

Answer: A (HEP) 40 The word fishing enthusiasts means people who like to A fish B dine fish Answer: A (LEP) 44 C D dive buy fish

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 10 Questions 33 - 40 Read the news report and answer the questions.


What happened at Kampung Tanjung Ribu? A B C D There was a fire An unusual storm struck There was a gotong-royong It was flooded because of heavy rain

Answer: B (LEP) 34 The phrase to flee to safety means A to run away to somewhere safe B to stay away from danger Answer: A (HEP) 35 Why was the villagers said to be fortunate? A they received money B they could watch television Answer: C (SEP) 36 From the passage we know that the headman of the village is A helpful and responsible B hardworking and diligent C D cheerful and strong handsome and friendly 45 C D nobody was injured they stayed indoors C D to go somewhere far away to run away to somewhere higher

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Answer: A (SEP) 37 Which of the following is NOT true about the passage above? A B C D The village experienced an unusual storm There was a high casualty rate due to the storm The residents will help one another to repair the damaged houses The residents were mostly at home when the storm struck

Answer: B (SEP) How would the damaged houses be repaired? carpenters would be repairing the houses the villagers would be working together to repair the houses the headman would repair the houses the residents have to repair their houses Answer : B (SEP) Haji Kassim had been the village headman for . 10 years 15 years Answer: C (LEP) The best title for this passage is Donation Needed for Storm Victims A Helpful Village Headman Answer: D (HEP) Good Neighbours Freak Storm Hits Village 20 years 25 years


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 11 Questions 33 - 40 Read the news report and answer the questions.

Initially, the mooncake festival was celebrated to pray for a good harvest allow the farmers to relax mark the end of the harvesting season ask the peasants to fight for their freedom Answer: C (SEP) 47

Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D According to the passage, when the Mongols ruled China, the mooncake festival was already in existence and celebrated by the Chinese unheard of and therefore not celebrated by the Chinese banned and any Chinese found celebrating it would be punished uses as a means to send messages and letters of any kinds to friends and relatives Answer: A (SEP) According to the passage, the most logical reason the Chinese chose the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month to revolt against the Mongols was that on that particular night, the moon was at its brightest the Mongols would also be in a festive mood they could celebrate their success in overthrowing the Mongols the people would be in a happy mood after praying to the moon Answer: A (HEP) According to the passage, the festival dates back to the Tang Dynasty. That means the festival was only celebrated during the Tang Dynasty the Chinese began to celebrate the festival after the Tang Dynasty the Chinese started to celebrate the festival during the Tang Dynasty the Chinese were already celebrating the festival during the Tang Dynasty Answer: C (HEP) The following are TRUE of the Chinese during the Yuan Dynasty except they love their country they respected the Mongols Answer: B (SEP) The word revolt can best be replaced by rebel charge Answer: A (HEP) go towards come towards they were hardworking they were very co-operative


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D The word them in the fifth paragraph refers to the secret messages and letters the poor peasants Answer: D (HEP) Which of the following is NOT related to the mooncake festival? Lighting of colourful candles and lanterns Exchanging mooncakes among friends and neighbours Exchanging 'ang pows' among friends and neighbours Praying to the moon with offerings of mooncakes and fruits Answer: C (SEP) the Mongols the mooncakes


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D SET 12 Questions 33 - 40 Read the news report and answer the questions. Most people know that chest pain is a symptom of a heart attack. Chest pain in men, for example, is more likely to signify a heart attack, while in women, chest pain is more often caused by other problems. Women are more likely than men to report extreme fatigue as their first symptom rather than chest pain after physical activity. Women are more apt to be nauseous and experience pains high in the abdomen, chest or in the back, jaw or neck. For these reasons, physician may not be as alert to heart attacks in women based on their symptoms. Sometimes with a month before a heart attack, a patient may experience mild chest pain, unexplained fatigue and ill health or depression. Many patients experience the pain of a heart attack as crushing weight against their chest accompanied by profuse sweating. The pain may radiate to the shoulder and arm, the neck or jaw, and even infrequently to the right arm. The arm may even be numb. A feeling of indigestion or heartburn is common, as are nausea and vomiting. Prevention, before its too late, is always the best way to avoid a heart attack. What is a symptom of a heart attack Leg pain Hand pain Answer: D (LEP) Chest pain in men is more likely to signify A heart attack Headache Answer :A (LEP) 35 For women the first symptom of a heart attack is A chest pain B extreme fatigue Answer: B (SEP) C D leg pain hypertension A toothache Muscle tear Heartache Chest pain


Bina Item Bahasa Inggeris DKBB 2012 Paper 1 Section D Before a heart attack, the person may not experience mild chest pain unexplained fatigue Answer: D (SEP) The pain of a heart attack is accompanied by a cold shiver profuse sweating Answer: B (LEP) The pain of a heart attack is accompanied by To avoid a heart attack eat only seafood Answer: A (SEP) A patient who had just experience heart attack may experience the following except: pain at the neck and jaw feeling nausea and vomiting Answer: C (SEP) What does fatigue means in the text? vomit tiredness Answer: B (HEP) END OF SECTION D spread indicate pain radiate to the left and right leg numbness of the arm only meat lots of sweets no sweating fever depression a toothache