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Alberto L.

Rivera Nieves Section W-F (7:30) Part 1: Character Sketch (ONE descriptive paragraph) Description of Draculaphysically Dracula is a vampire who has lived as such for many centuries. It has two physical ways to appear on earth: as a normal human or a monster (vampire). It becomes a hungry vampire and eagerly for taking the blood of humans. It has fangs that absorb blood easier. It also has a exaggerated force that helps grab their prey with ease. Moreover, it has wings that lets it travel from far above and have a better view of the position of their prey. Dracula has an advantage over other vampires and is that it has the ability to give these forces to his preys and turn them into vampires. We can see through the comic that Dracula is an incredible monster physically, has lot of strength and the capacity to keep creating more vampires.

Part 2: Comprehension Questions (ONE expository paragraph) 5. How does Dracula plan to take over everything? In this comic Batman vs. Dracula, we see that the villain Dracula which lived for centuries, since after his death became a vampire and these provided him powers that give him immortality. In addition, we note that this character has no consideration and many bad values. Dracula is focused on taking possession of Gothic city, then the of the world, converting a huge group of vagrants and people from streets in vampires who follow in their footsteps. It chooses to convert these people because nobody can claim his disappearance or death and thus be always hidden until the day he decides to leave and go out to attack the world. This was his plan. However, it did not succeed since he was confronted by Batman, Tanya, and their followers. Dracula, at the end of the first part of the comic, dies, and is so Batman comes out victorious of the combat and save humanity.

Part 3: Analysis AND Interpretation Questions (ONE reflexive paragraph) Sociology 3. Relate ONE of the scenes of the story with your reality. Over the comic Batman vs. Dracula we can observe a variety of attitudes, but specifically we see in a scene as Tanya and his followers sacrifice their lives in order to save humanity and the people who live in Gotham City. Sacrifice is the effort or pain that is suffered by an ideal or sentiment. In my life I have had many moments where I have to stop doing things I love to meet and move forward in life. An example of this is volleyball and school. Volleyball is the sport that allows me to reflect, relax and have some fun playing and participating in various tournaments around Puerto Rico. On the other hand, I have my studies they are the ones I get to have a good future. I had to sacrifice time of volleyball and dedicate this time to the school, because the studies are the ones that will be taking me to my career goals. Through this relation between my life and one scene of this comic, it can be see that this is affected by society. The study of the behavior of a group in the society is the sociology. Following the definition of this type of social study, it is observed that in life everything is going to be influenced by the behaviour of the society and the people who surround us. I have had the grace that in my life I've been surrounded by people of good values and high expectations in their lives this me to led to take good decisions to be able to build a great future.