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Compression Load Cell PR 6201

500kg...300t Type L, D1, C3 LA, D1E, C3E

Instruction manual Gebrauchsanleitung Mode d emploi

9499 053 34202 Ver.: 2005-05-13

Sartorius Hamburg GmbH, Meiendorfer Str. 205, 22145 Hamburg, Germany Tel. +49.40.67960.303, Fax. +49.40.67960.383

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1. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Load cell PR 6201 with the relevant mounting kits must be used only for the weighing applications or force measurements for which it is intended. The dimensions of all mounting and structural components must be calculated so that sufficient overload capacity is ensured for loads which may occur while taking the relevant standards into account. In particular, upright weighing objects (vessel etc.) must be safeguarded against the weighing installation turning over or being shifted, thus eliminating danger to humans, animals or goods even in the case of a break in a load cell or mounting element. Installation and repair work must be carried out only by qualified personnel.

2. DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS The supporting structure of the weigher (i.e. the load cell support) and the vessel or the weigh bridge must be stable enough to withstand the maximum design loads, horizontal (check with spirit level!) and flat., Vessels should preferably be supported by three load cells, platforms and weigh bridges by 4 or 6 load cells (see fig. 1).

* do not constrain this position Fig. 1 Location of load cells and constrainers

E -1

Parasitic forces, horizontal forces and torques are disturbances which can generate measuring failures and in case of exceeding the specified limits may damage the load cell. An accurate constraining of the object prevents of damages and measuring errors without affecting the required space for movement. Therefore special attention should be paid to the design, arrangement and condition of the constrainers. Thermal expansion and contractions of the object are to be taken into account which may affect the required space for vertical movement and thus influence the measuring results.

For safety reasons, a protection from liftoff is generally recommended in all systems of tank weighing. It can be realised separately or with the help of mounting kit MiniFLEXLOCK. The simplest design requires a threaded rod, three nuts and two washers.

Fig. 2

Protection from lift-off

The load cells PR 6201 have a high overload capacity due to the fact that the stress in the measuring element is low (1 mV/V). Forces which are exceeding the max. load without damage limit may change the characteristic of the load cell or in the worst case damage the electrical part. If an exceeding of a.m. limit is possible, e.g. falling loads, a mechanical overload protection (limit stop) is strongly recommended.

E -2

Type PR 6201/52 PR 6201/13 PR 6201/23 PR 6201/33 PR 6201/53 PR 6201/14 PR 6201/24 PR 6201/34 PR 6201/54 PR 6201/15 PR 6201/25 PR 6201/35

Nominal load Emax 500kg 1t 2t 3t 5t 10t 20t 30t 50t 100t 200t 300t L 262 01529 262 01139 262 01239 262 01339 262 01539 262 01149 262 01249 ----262 01549 262 01159 --------LA 562 01529 562 01139 562 01239 562 01339 562 01539 562 01149 562 01249 562 01349 562 01549 562 01159 562 01259 ----Order- code (9405 ... .....) D1/N D1E/NE 262 01521 662 01521 262 01131 662 01131 262 01231 662 01231 262 01331 662 01331 262 01531 662 01531 262 01141 662 01141 262 01241 662 01241 262 01341 662 01341 262 01541 662 01541 262 01151 662 01151 262 01251 662 01251 262 01351 662 01351 C3 --------262 01237 262 01337 262 01537 262 01147 262 01247 262 01347 262 01547 ------------L C3E --------662 01237 662 01337 662 01537 662 01147 662 01247 662 01347 662 01547 ------------D1/N

Weight net shipping 1,9kg 2,8kg 1,9kg 2,8kg 1,9kg 2,8kg 2,0kg 2,9kg 2,0kg 2,9kg 2,5kg 3,4kg 3,9kg 4,8kg 4,3kg 5,2kg 3,9kg 4,8kg 11,2kg 12,9kg 26kg 29kg 26kg 29kg C3

Accuracy class


Emax = 50t...300t Minimum dead load lowest limit of specified measuring range Emin


0,06% 0%Emax


Maximum capacity Max. usable load Destructive load Minimum LC verification

highest limit of specified measuring range upper limit for measurements danger of mechanical destruction minimum load cell verification interval: v = Emax/Y

Emax Eu Ed Y -----

see table 200%Emax (.../54: 5000 75t) 14000 >500%Emax (.../54: > 150t)

interval Rated output relative output at nominal load

Emax = 1000kg Y Emax = 500kg Y Cn


4000 2000 1mV/V


Emax = Tolerance on rated output Zero output signal Repeatability error Creep during 30 min. Non linearity Hysteresis permissible deviation from rated output load cell output signal under unloaded conditions max. change in load cell output for repeated loading max. change in load cell output under nominal load

50t ----dc S0 dRep dcr dlin dhy <1,0%* <2%* <0,02%* <0,05%* <0,25%* <0,3%* <0,25%* <0,25%* <0,15%/10K* <0,2%/10K* <0,1%/10K* 650+50
6103 ----Bu

2mV/V 1.5mV/V <0,25%* <1%* <0,01%* <0,03%* <0,03%* <0,05%* <0,04%* <0,06%* <0,028%/10K* <0,06%/10K* <0,03%/10K* <0,005%* <0,015%* <0,01%* ----<0,015%* ----<0,01%/10K* ----<0,01%/10K* 6506
6101 >5000M 500V AC 4...24V 6100,5

Emax = 300t


max. deviation from the best straight line through zero max. difference in load cel output when loading from zero to nominal load and unloading to zero max. change of Smin/10K T over BT referred to Cn max. change of Cn/10K T over BT referred to Cn between supply terminals
between measuring terminals between circuit and housing, 100V DC (Ex- version ../..E) to hold the specified performance

Emax = 50t...300t dlin

Emax = 200t...300t dhy Temperature effect Smin Temperature effect Cn Input impedance
Output impedance Insulation impedance Test voltage Recom. supply voltage



Emax = 50t...300t TKSmin

max. supply voltage Nominal amb. temp. range Usable amb. Temp. range Storage temp. range Permissible eccentricity Vibration resistance Air pressure effects Nominal deflection

permissible for continuous operation without damage to hold the specified performance permissible for continuous operation without damage Transportation and storage permissible displacement from nominal load line resistance against oscillation (IEC 68-2-6 Fc) Influence of ambient air pressure on Smin elastic deformation under nominal load Emax 30t Emax = 50t Emax = 100t Emax = 200t Emax = 300t

Umax -----10...+55C BT BTu ----BTl Sex PKSmin 0,05** snom snom snom snom snom *) related to rated output Cn

32V 25V -10...+40C -30...+70C -30C...+55C -40...+70C 10mm 20g, 100h, 10Hz...Hz 0,0005** <0,3mm <0,7mm <1mm <1,6mm <2,4mm 0,0125**

Ex- version ../..E Umax

Ex- version ../..E BTu

Definitions acc. to VDI/VDE 2637



E -3

Restoring force

Housing Degree of protection Cable

in relation to the displacement from the vertical line Emax 30t: 0,5%/mm of the actual load on the load cell Emax 50t: 2,5%/mm of the actual load on the load cell deep drawn, stainless steel 1.4301 hermetically sealed welded, filled with Inert gas IP 68 (water of 1.5m in depth, 10000h) Emax > 10t Emax 10t diameter 6mm 6mm length 5m, 12m 2 cross section 4 x 0,35mm 4 x 0,35mm2 (6mm) bending radius 50mm (fixed installation) 150mm (repeated bending) sheath colour grey (standard industrial) blue (Ex- version) material thermopl. elastomer colour code red supply + blue supply grey output green output +

Certificate of conformity (for PR 6201/...E) protection type intrinsic safety marking EEx ib IIC T6 registration number PTB Nr. Ex-92.C.2137

Load cell with amplifier (PR 6201/..LA; LO > xxx 000 200) output 4...20mA, 2...10mA respectivly Connection diagram of the load cell standard

load cell with integrated amplifier

The technical data given here, serve only as a product description and are not to be interpreted as guaranteed characteristics in the legal sense.

E -4


6201/52.../23 6201/33.../14 6201/24 6201/34 6201/54

a=24 R=15 B=150 a=34 R=15 B=150 a=56 R=35 B=220 a=56 R=35 B=220 a=56 R=35 B=300


Fig. 3c 4.

Dimensions of PR 6201/25, PR 6201/35 (nominal load 200t, 300t)

MOUNTING KITS Mounting plate kit for load cells from PR 6201/52 up to PR 6201/54 Mounting plate kit for load cell PR 6201/15 Mounting plate kit for load cell PR 6201/25, PR 6201/35 MiniFLEXLOCK for load cells from PR 6201/52 up to PR 6201/24 MiniFLEXLOCK for load cells from PR 6201/52 up to PR 6201/54 Constrainer for 2kN horizontal force Constrainer for 20kN horizontal force Horizontal constrainer for 200kN horizontal force

PR 6145/00 PR 6145/08 PR 6145/10 PR 6143/00 PR 6143/10 PR 6143/80 PR 6143/83 PR 6152/02

E -6

4.1 Mounting plate kit PR 6145 (Fig. 4) All supporting and connecting plates (for foundation and vessel) must be horizontal, flat and rigid. If soft layers are inserted between mounting kit and the stiff adaptation, additional load equalisation plates between mounting kit and soft layer must be provided externally. PR 6145/00N PR 6145/00S PR 6145/08 PR 6145/10 0,5...50t 0,5...50t * L* 100t 200t steel, yellow steel, yellow stainless steel steel, yellow chromatized chromatized chromatized * If a PR 6201/24 or PR 6201/34 or PR 6201/54 are installed with this mounting plate kit, the bottom disc PR 6201/54S must be ordered additionally. Nominal load Material

Fig. 4

Mounting plate kit PR 6145

Dimensions of the mounting kit (in mm) a b c d e f 190,5 15 150 115 14 PR 6145/00 15 290 30 180 145 18 PR 6145/08 30 385 40 220 185 24 PR 6145/10 40

g 65 95 135

h 100 130 180

i 18 18 14

E -7

4.2 MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143 (Fig. 5) All supporting and connecting plates (for foundation and vessel) must be horizontal, flat and rigid. If soft layers are inserted between mounting kit and the stiff adaptation, additional load equalisation plates between mounting kit and soft layer must be provided externally. PR 6143/00N PR 6143/00S PR 6143/10N PR 6143/10S * Nominal load 0,5...20t 0,5...20t L* 0,5...50t 0,5...50t * Horizontal force 25kN 25kN 50kN 50kN Material steel, yellow stainless steel steel, yellow stainless steel chromatized chromatized * If a PR 6201/24 or PR 6201/34 or PR 6201/54 are installed with this mounting plate kit, the bottom disc PR 6201/54S must be ordered additionally.

Fig. 5a

MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/00

E -8

Fig. 5b

MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/10

For safety reasons, a protection against lift-off is generally recommended. The mounting kits MiniFLEXLOCK are equipped with a threaded hole M16 or M20 respectively so that a protection against lift-off can easily be realised. Threaded rod property class acc. to ISO 898 5.8 5.8 permissible load

PR 6143/00 PR 6143/10

M16 M20

20kN 50kN

E -9

4.3 Constrainer PR 6143/8. (Fig. 6) Constrainer PR 6143/80 Constrainer PR 6143/83 permissible side force 2kN 20kN

Constrainers should not affect the vertical force (load), i.e. the positioning has to be horizontal as accurate as possible and has to ensure the required small horizontal place for vertical movement.

Fig. 6

Constrainer PR 6143/8.

E -10

4.4 Horizontal constrainer PR 6152/02 (Fig. 7) Another method for constraining especially for bigger nominal loads is the use of the rocking pin PR 6152/02 (nominal force up to 200kN) (Fig. 7). Especially for weighbridges the use of consoles with two rocking pins PR 6152/02, bidirectional positioned, is recommended (fig. 7b).

Fig. 7a

Horizontal constrainer PR 6152/02

Fig. 7b

Mounting a pair of horizontal constrainers PR 6152/02


nom. load Emax 5t 20t 50t 100t 200t Order code (steel zinc plated) 9405 561 01531 9405 561 01241 9405 561 01541 9405 561 01151 9405 561 01251 Order code (stainless steel) 9405 561 01532 9405 561 01242 9405 561 01542 --------Weight Weight (net) (shipping) 6,0kg 6,4kg 8,0kg 8,4kg 15,8kg 19,3kg 44,75kg 48,25kg 115kg 122kg

PR 6101/53 PR 6101/24 PR 6101/54 PR 6101/15 PR 6101/25

nominal load max. usable load destructive load max. side force material

upper limit of the specified limit upper limit for loading danger of mechanical damage max. permissible horizontal force steel, zinc plated, yellow chromatized PR 6101/..N stainless steel 1.4301 PR 6101/..S

Emax Eu Ed -----

see table abve 200% Emax 300% Emax 10% Emax

E -11

Fig. 8a

Pivot PR 6101
Dimensions in mm a b 15 190,5 15 190,5 15 190,5 30 290 40 385

PR 6101/53 PR 6101/24 PR 6101/54 PR 6101/15 PR 6101/25

c --------115 49 185

d 115 115 199 145 375

e 150 150 250 300 450

f 65 65 65 95 135

g 100 100 100 130 180

h 14 (4x) 14 (4x) 14 (8x) 18 (8x) 24 (8x)

Fig. 8b

Location of load cells and pivots

E -12



- All electrical welding at the weighing facility must be finished before mounting the load cells! - Directly when installing the load cell, by- pass the load cell with the flexible copper strap of at least 16mm2 provided for this purpose (fig. 9), to prevent welding or lightning stroke current from passing through the load cell and damaging it.

Fig. 9

Flexible copper strap (supplied with every load cell)

In case electrical welding is required in the vicinity of the load cell, disconnect the load cell cable from the measuring instrument, by-pass the load cell carefully with the above-mentioned flexible copper strap. Take care that the grounding clamp of the welding set is fitted as closely as possible to the welding joint in order to prevent a current flow through the load cell. - Do not lift the load cell on its cable. - Avoid shock stress (falling down, hard shocks) The load cell must be installed so that its axes is vertical. The load direction must be as close as possible to measuring axe of the load cell. Before mounting, fill grease from the bag delivered with the kit into the free space between spherical base of load cell and bottom plate (fig. 3, pos. X) and grease also the load cell head. Installation of the load disc for the nominal loads between 500kg and 50t smaller hole (R = 20mm) 500kg...10t 500kg...10t 2t...10t bigger hole (R = 50mm) 20t...50t 20t...50t 20t, 30t, 50t

PR 6201/..L, .../..LA PR 6201/..D1 PR 6201/..C3

Changes of temperature 15 K/h may influence the measuring accuracy. To prevent the load cells from direct heating or cooling effects (sun, wind, heat radiation) heat protection shields or heat protection housings are to be installed if necessary. To prevent force shunts, all connections of the weighing facility to the surrounding construction (pipes, cables, bellows) must be coupled as flexibly as possible.

E -13



- Protect the cable ends against contamination. - No moisture must penetrate into the open cable end. - Do not shorten the load cell cable. Connect the prepared cable end and roll up the remaining cable. - The cable screening should not be in contact with earth, except at the connecting terminal in the measuring instrument. - The load cell cabling should be kept away from power circuits. The distance between the measuring cables and the power supply cables should be at least 1m. The load cell cables should be laid in separate cable conduits or steel pipes. - Power supply cables should be crossed at right angles.

Fig. 10

Cable junction box

Extension cable For connection from the cable junction box to the weighing electronics, we recommend using standard extension cable PR 6135. (PR 6136 for EExi applications) With 4-core extension cables, the load cell supply and output voltage must be connected to pairs of diagonally opposed cores of the extension cable. Resistance per supply core < 1.25. capacity insulation impedance core - core 100pF/m 600M x km core - screen 150pF/m 600M x km

E -14

7.1 Connection of load cell with amplifier

Fig. 11a

Connection of one load

Fig. 11b

Connection of two load cells with amplifier

The grey wire determines the operation mode: - GREY = 0V two load cell mode - GREY = +SUPPLY single load cell mode The maximum distance between load cell and electronic instrument is 500m.

E -15



Checks with multimeter (not for load cell with integrated amplifier) 9.2.1 Check zero output signal of load cell (not possible for version with amplifier) unload load cell disconnect the load cell outputs L- version D1- version (N- version) C3- version (C1,5- version) 9.2.2 Zero output signal 0,00mV0,02mV/V 0,00mV0,01mV/V 0,00mV0,01mV/V

Check insulation impedance of load cell (not possible for version with amplifier) never apply the test voltage between the cores of the load cell cable(s) (danger of destroying the load cell) insulate the load cell cores standard industrial intrinsically safe version (PR 6201/....E) core - housing core - screen screen - housing 100 V DC 500 V AC

maximum test voltage

insulation impedance

>5000M >5000M >5000M


Check insulation impedance of extension cable disconnect extension cable and load cells insulate the cores of the extension cable core - core core - screen >600M x km >600M x km

insulation impedance


Check the strain gauge bridge (not possible for version with amplifier) maximum test voltage standard industrial intrinsically safe version (PR 6201/....E) input impedance (red core, blue core) 650+50 6506 6506

32V 25V

L- version D1- version (N- version) C3- version (C1,5- version)

output impedance (green core, grey core) 6103 6101 6100,5

If all load cells show the same characteristics, check the measuring instrument (weight indicator).

E -17

Caution The load cells PR 6201 are designed as robust as possible for the required measuring accuracy and have a high reliability. In case of an electrical or mechanical defect, the load cell must be replaced. A load cell repair is impossible.

10. Maintenance - Load cell PR 6201 needs no maintenance. - Pollution on the load cells and on the moveable parts of the weighing installation have to be cleaned in due time - if the pollution influences the weighing or - if the pollution is aggressive against the different materials of the installation. The installation parts of the load cell are to be protected by anti-corrosion grease or spray the load cell and is surrounding with off shore all weather protection spray in aggressive pollution.

E -18

11. Spare parts and accessories

Pos. Description 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Bottom plate with rubber ring Bottom plate with rubber ring Bottom plate with rubber ring, stainless steel, PR 6143/24S Bottom plate with rubber ring, stainless steel, PR 6143/54S Rubber ring, standard Rubber ring, food resistance Load disc, standard, PR 6143/50N Load disc, stainless steel, PR 6143/50S Bottom plate Housing for bottom plate Rubber ring Load disc Bottom plate Housing for bottom plate Rubber ring Load disc 2 flexible copper strap 16mm , 400mm long Mounting kit PR 6145/00N Mounting kit PR 6145/00S Mounting kit PR 6145/08 Mounting kit PR 6145/10N MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/00N, steel, chromatiert MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/00S, stainless steel MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/10N, steel, chromatiert MiniFLEXLOCK PR 6143/10S, stainless steel Constrainer PR 6143/80 Constrainer PR 6143/83 Horizontal constrainer PR 6152/02 Extension cable PR 6135/.. Extension cable PR 6136/.. for EExi- application Cable junction box PR 6130/08 Cable junction box PR 6130/60S, stainless steel Fig. 3a - 1 3a - 1 3a - 1 3a - 1 3a - 2 3a - 2 0,5t...10t 20t...50t 0,5t...10t 20t...50t 0,5t...50t 0,5t...50t 0,5t...50t 0,5t...50t 100t 100t 100t 100t 200t, 300t 200t, 300t 200t, 300t 200t, 300t 0,5t...50t 0,5t...20t(50t) 100t 200t, 300t Horizontal force 20kN 17kN 50kN 45kN 2kN 20kN 200kN Order code 5322 693 91416 5322 693 91165 9405 361 43242 9405 361 43542 5322 532 70298 5322 532 70317 9405 361 43501 9405 361 43502 5322 466 81611 5322 466 81609 5322 532 30408 5322 520 10552 5322 466 81613 5322 466 81612 5322 532 30409 5322 520 10553 5322 310 30581 9405 361 45001 9405 361 45002 9405 361 45081 9405 361 45101 9405 361 43001 9405 361 43002 9405 361 43101 9405 361 43102 9405 361 43801 9405 361 43831 9405 361 52021 9405 361 35. . 2 9405 361 36. . 1 9405 361 30081 9405 361 30602

3b 3b - 2 3b - 3 3c 3c - 2 3c - 3 9 4 4 4 4 5a 5a 5b 5b 6 6 7 10 10 10 10


steel, zinc plated, yellow chromatized


stainless steel

E -19

S a r t o r iu s H a m b u r g G m b H M e ie n d o r f e r S t r a e 2 0 5 2 2 1 4 5 H a m b u rg , G e rm a n y T e l + 4 9 .4 0 .6 7 9 6 0 .3 0 3 F a x : + 4 9 .4 0 .6 7 9 6 0 .3 8 3 w w w .s a r t o r iu s .c o m

S a r t o r iu s H a m b u r g G m b H

A ll r ig h t s a r e s t r ic t ly r e s e r v e d P r in t e d in G e r m a n y