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Course Detalis

Course Radiography Testing Ultrasonic Testing Visual Inspection Penetrant Testing Magnetic Particle Testing Radiography Film interpretation Training Fee 4000 4000 3000 1750 2250 2750 Exam Fee 750 750 750 750 750 750


as per American Society for Nondestructive Testing

( ASNT - SNT - TC - 1A 1996 Edition)

We offer courses in the six main mehods of NDT : We provide hands-on training in non-destructive inspection that is transferable to any type of NDT equipment. Information learned in the workshop, test areas and classroom is directly applicable to the field. Our instructors have experience in petrochemical, construction, shipping and other related areas. Sharing experiences among students of varying back grounds is an integral part of the NDT training experience.

Coustom-Designed Courses for industry

Existing NDT courses can be supplemented be the train ing centers customized course development service. Courses can be designed to address the educational needs unique to your industry. All regular or customized courses can be conducted on campus or at your facility. All courses can be delivered anywhere in the world. Need training in addition to NDT? SIS can give instruction in welding, casting, metallurgy and quality concepts all customized to suit your needs.

SIS Institute of NondestructiveTesting

Old no:36/1,New No.18/1,12th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai- 600 083. Ph: 24717182 Email :

Training and certification is as per the guidelines of written practice ASNT - SNT - TC - 1A 1996 Edition. The candidates will undergo training on both theoritical and practical aspects, following which, they will be eligible for appearing for final examination. Successful candidates will be eligible for certification to Level I or II or both.

About Nondestructive Testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is the process of applying a variety of analytical tools to determine whether components are of suitable quality and free of defects which could compromise the safe and efficient operation of the product. Every industry that uses or constructs metallic, composite or mechanical components benefits from NDT. The oil and gas, forestry, mining, transportation and construction industries all need NDT. Accurate and timely advice about impending mechanical failure can save millions of dollars in downtime and repairs and can potentially prevent loss of life.People of various backgrounds have benefitted from NDT training. Nondestructive inspection is an excellent complementary trade to existing qualifications. SIS is pleased to provide quality, practical NDT training for the working world.

Instructors are skilled, field-experienced professionals certi fied to ASNT norms. Courses can be designed to meet the demanding needs of the workplace and all courses meet the guidelines for American Society for Nondestructive Testing SNT - TC - 1A a n d I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t a n d a r d s ( I S O ) . Instructors supplement lectures with a variety of tools such as videos, interactive computer programs and hands-on experience. Courses stress practical application and relate theory to the work environment. Comprehensive practical training, on one to one basis, with a wide range of test specimens.

Eligibilty Criteria
C OU R SE R adiography Testing U ltrasonic Testing Magnetic Particle Testing Penetrant Testing Visual Inspection R adiography Film Interpretation ELIGIB ILITY D egree, D iploma, H SC D egree, D iploma, H SC D egree, D iploma, H SC D egree, D iploma, H SC D egree, D iploma, H SC D egree, D iploma, H SC D U R ATION 10 D ays 10 D ays 3 D ays 2 D ays 3 D ays 3 D ays

Facilities Available
Magnetic particle inspection equipment has both AC and DC capabilities. Extensive practical training. The Ultrasonic lab has a full range of calibration blocks and a variety of probes. A vibrant and amicable atmosphere for learning. Fully furnished class rooms with audio-visual aids for communication. Extensive technical library with codes, standards and NDE training references is available to the student. Easy-to-reach geographical location.

Fee shall be paid in the form of Demand Draft or cash in favor of SIS Institute of Nondestructive Testing, payable at chennai. Nominations shall be forwarded with the highest copy of Educational certficate, Experience certificate, vision certificate, passport size photos along with the required fee.