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Samsung: stop exploiting child laborers Support ALL Vets Applying f or PT SD Benef its

Petitioned The President of the United States 2

Covert Electronic Harassment: Please sign this petition to stop the use of Direct Energy Weapons!
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Tell EA Sports to include f emale characters on their soccer games.

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Donna Joy Plat t ner

Omaha, NE

Hello my name is Ms. Donna Joy Plattner f rom Omaha Nebraska and I am a Victim to "Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking" and I am being targeted by Organized Crime and I am being attacked with Non-Lethal Direct Energy Weapons A NASA WAR/ MICROWAVE CHIP that is hurting millions of people of every country world wide! Targeted Individuals have lost their lives to this horrible Research Experiment. The Radium Waves f rom the towers that penatrate our bodies cause Low Immune System in the Targeted Individuals who are f ighting f or their lif e.We need to change the Constitution to make New Laws f or our Country and f or other Countries f or our Justice, our Liberty and our Freedom be able to pursue the happiness we were denied ...a good quality lif e with out being attacked and put through years of harassment and assaults! We are Human Subjects to a Military Human Rights Research Medical Experiment f unded by our own Governments! We need to take a stand and f ight this hideous crime against all man kind and bring "Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking" to a end worldwide, ~ Let this be Gods Will - Amen! ~

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Nina Sidorova MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 222d B Mckenz ie AURORA, IL


'Mikee Edwards CRIDERSVILLE, OH 227d Marina Meadows MIAMI, FL danale Leyva CLARKSVILLE, TN Tammy Avery SHELBYVILLE, TN
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To: The President of the United States The U.S. Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives The Governor of NE The NE State Senate The NE State House Direct Energy Weapons (DEWS), "Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance & Gang Stalking"

I just signed the following petition addressed to: " Stop Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance and Gang Stalking ". ---------------Please sign this petition to end "Covert Electronic Harassment & Surveillance and Gang Stalking" I am a victim to this horrible crime and I am being attacked daily with Direct Energy Weapons (DEWS) NASA WAR Micro-wave Chips! ---------------Sincerely, Ms.... Read More 2

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Jeannet t e Fess

5 months ago

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I am also a t arget ed vict im of v2k, elect ronic harassment ,break ins. st alking and vandalism and t ort ure.

Don Lovell


7 months ago

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It s a f act here. DHS radiat ion vans and inst ore st alking as well as st alking wit h radiat ion vans

Avery Anderson SR. one as a t est


7 months ago

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It personal and t hey should be st opped no body have a right t o t ort ure no

B Mckenzie


7 months ago

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Because me and my Aut ist ic son are BOT H also being ILLEGALLY, NONCONSENSUALLY & INVOLUNTARILY used as Human GuineaPigs For t he U.S. Government FBI/CIA/DOD Radiat ion Milit aryWarWeapons & Medical Human Experiment at ion AGAINST OUR OWN WILLS. My son is neurologically disabled and t hese bast ards have also included him in t he Coint elproEnf orced Crimes Against Humanit y! I have writ t en my ILLINOIS U.S. Senat ors, Governor and At t orney General and NONE have responded, t heref ore, I must conclude t hat T HEY t oo are involved in t hese NONCONSENSUAL Radiat ion

Human Experiment at ions of me and my aut ist ic son. We are bot h U.S.-Born American Cit izens wit h NO hist ory of ANY Criminal Records, college educat ed, homeowner (imagine t hey are illegally lasering us wit h t hese radiat ion-emit t ing Milit ary War Weapons in our own privat ely-owned home in AURORA, IL where t he local police, FBI-Funded Communit y Policing Cit izen CULT S and FBI-Funded Neighborhood Wat ch CULT S t oo all part icipat e eit her t hrough monet ary payment or ot her coercive/reward syst em and t hey also seem t o garner much of t heir Nazi-Cit izen-Criminal part iciapt ion f rom FOREIGNERS wit h immigrat ion st at us problems. T he FBI/CIA/DOD Have Become Sat anic Domest icTerrorist of T heir Own Innocent Unwit t ing & Government -Creat ed Most -Vulnerable Cit izens! T HIS IS A NAT IONAL DISGRACE AND PRESIDENT OBAMA, DOJ & CONGRESS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! HOW DO T HEY GET AWAY WIT H IT YOU ASK? T he DOJ has illegally t agged t hese FBI/CIA/DOD CrimesAgainst Humanit y aka Coint elpro Organized St alking & Elect ronicHarassment aka Gang St alking aka NONCONSENSUAL RADIAT ION MILITARY WAR WEAPONS HUMAN EXPERIMENTAT ION OF UNWIT T ING CIT IZENS as "Classif ied Govmt Inf o" t hereby blocking ALL Cit izen/Vict ims/Experiment ees' abilit ies t o right f ully request and receive a FOIA Det ail Report of t hese Government "f orced" Crimes Against t hem. Please not e t hese Govmt -Enf orced NONCONSENSUAL Experiment s are also in direct violat ion of t he U.S.A's T heCommonRule Research Human Subject Laws AS WELL AS T he Int ernat ion Law of T he Nuremberg Code! NEVER part icipat e in ANY Communit yPolicing, NeighborhoodWat ch or GANGSTALKING Federally-Funded CULT S as t hey are used t o discredit /f alsely slander, prof essionally blacklist and ot herwise ASSIST t he FBI/CIA/DOD Criminal Monit ors whom will geographically move very close t o t he t arget 's home so t hat t hey may 1) regularly laser t he t arget ed experiment ee wit h Radiat ion War Weapons f or Human Experiment at ion and:

2) So t hat t hey may regularly t ort ure t he t arget wit h ot her f orms of CIA/DOD Tort ure t echniques t hat includes manipulat ion of st ress level, DNA, Genome and neurological bodily condit ions of t he t arget and: 3) T hey also use Remot e Neural Monit oring & ALL ot her FISA-allowed surveillance t echniques t o regularly monit or t he NONCONSENT ING Target ed Experiment ee's healt h changes f or t heir own research purposes. ME, MY AUT IST IC SON & T HOUSANDS OF OT HER NONCONSENSUAL GOVERNMENT RADIAT ON WAR WEAPONS & MEDICAL RESEARCH GUINEAPIGS HAVE BEEN VICT IMIZED EUGENICS ST YLE W/O CONSENT, COMPENSAT ION, NOT IFICAT ION OR MEDICAL CONCERN/FOLLOW UP! T HEY ARE GENOCIDAL MURDERS! I beg of you t o never part icipat e and t o cont act your own U.S. Senat ors regarding t his t rut hf ul t ragic Ant i-American Assault on Your Fellow Cit izens. T HANK YOU.

Marina Meadows


8 months ago

Liked 0

ht t p://yout jg
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