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CQJ.a;t OP UnrveRSAL:WisooM
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for Religious and Scientific Research.
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Yucca Valley, California
A branch of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom, Inc.
Volume 10 January - February - March - 1974
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Number 3
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OUR YEAR In Publication

Since the recent waves of U.F.O. sighting, landings,
and contacts, have received so much publicity, many
people are still inclined to condemn the government for
it's hush-hush policy regarding the past 20 years of
Now just put yourself in the official's place and
what would you do? People elected and appointed to
offices of responsibility, and the military branches,
have a real lemon on their hands. they are
going to make mistakes as we all make mistakes in
judgement. Remember, the first Universal Law is "Judge
Not Lest Ye Be Judged".
The people in authority are trying to do a job and
maintain reason, and order, on a much larger scale than
we have in our daily requirements in managing to make
ends meet.
When our scientific know-how gets beyond the econo-
mic ability to use it, which it has, we are confronted
with an automated society that loves to make things
happen by punching buttons, but doesn't know what to do
with the garbage. In 30 years we've gone from atomic
discovery to economic instability all because only a
few people understand the quantum theory and everybody
knows how to spend money. In order to enjoy the
luxuries of advanced science, the millions suddenly
discover that pushing the button is only the last
simple act to activate that took miners,
mechanics, technicians, and varied industries to supply
and assemble. How many people who turn on a television
set know what makes it work? How many people who
elect a man to a governmental office know of the
complexities of that office? People in science train
for years to accomplish one technical classified part
of that science.
In the midst of power principles based on coal, oil,
gas, and atomic reactors, in a science of matter to
energy conversion, we find a method of energy to energy
conversion. Our economic system and way of life is
operating on the priciples developed over the years in
a slow advancement of producing energy by employing
millions of people to make the button work when we push
- - -- - - ----- - -
Suddenly we know how to convert two natural free
energies, that only require z>/o of the millions of
people to make it work. Can we suddenly abandon the
coal miners, the oil workers, the hydro-electric
people, and the people in atomic work? Can 2% of
the people support the other 98% of the people in
order to use this new knowledge?
The U.F.O's brought us this new knowledge.
Advanced people in outer space have been coming to
Earth through two civilizations before this one. In
one generation we have come from horses and buggies
to men on the Moon. The efficiency of an atomic
bomb is based on hdw many man hours of labor it can
destroy. Now authority is stuck with a principle
of electro-static magnetic energy that can make a
heaven on Earth, but it doesn't require labor, or
tires, or pavements, or oil, or products that now
support our economy. If you were tpe authority
would you release this principle that would create
chaos; that would wreck the economic structure; that
would cause millions to starve to death because there
is no place to employ them in this new science?
Humans cannot become super-humans overnight. The
U.F.O.'s created the biggest problem science was ever
f a ced with, that authority was ever faced with, and
the economic system ever ran into. This was not the
f a ult of the people from space, it was the result
of one generation advancing so fast scientifically
t hat we grasp the principles of universal power with
a hor se a nd buggy economic system. Nations divided
cunno t sta nd in a world trade war without destroying
thJngs in a military war. Making money is the
u l tJ mut c drive to those who have. The money that
o nce prov i ded everything for us has suddenly become
t h ' mon s te r that possesses us and science has suddenly
p r o v ide d u s with a principle of propulsion and power
thut doe SJl' t require laborers, or banks, or military
mct l1 od of des truction in order to support an economy.
The p ri ncj pJ es of this power spin galaxies, run suns
11nd s o .I u r s y t e ms ; it is everywhere. It cannot be
s o ld t h rotwll wi r es , or gasoline sta tions.
AI I r ud iat es , forms fields, is in motion,
11 nd o nl y rc q u.i re s the know how to harness it.
The Reason for Secrecy.
Radiation exerts pressure, which becomes more and
more effective as the ratio of the surface to the mass
of a body increases. When a body has a diameter of
one-third the wave length falling on it, then the body
is repulsed very efficiently. This is the principle
of gravity nullification. The three "balls" under
the "saucer" photographed by George Adamski are actually
spherical capacitors. Being 120 apart, each subject
to one-third of the wave length of the radiation of
the encompassing field around the "saucer", relative
to their charge, pressure is exerted upward when all
three are charged alike. They tilt the craft when a
differential of the charge is changed on any one of
the "balls". When two are charged positively and one
is charged negatively, they serve as directional
controls acting on the "Biefield-Brown effect".
The craft, being a large electro-static capacitor,
with it's upper polarity and lower opposite polarity
fields separated by a toroid coil above the portholes
( as shown in the Adamski closeup photograph), has a
low center of gravity "hanging" from the toroid coil '
level around the upper dome.
The electro-static spinner in the outer rim, en-
closed within all craft, supplies the static charge on
the exterior of the craft and to all control capacitors.
The magnetic motor in the center lower portion of
the craft works on a principle similar to E.V. Gray's
magnetic motor. (Publicized in "National Tattler" of
July 1 and July 8, 1973.)
The rotor, suspended in it's own toroid magnetic
field, needs neither lubrication, or bearings.
All "saucers" are electro-static magnetic ships and
the external charge on the ship can be resonated at a
frequency to keep radar from bouncing off of the
craft. As the craft accelerates, the external field
corona expands relative to the speed and the lines of
force it is crossing in it's travel. This encompass-
ing corona can go through the colors of the visible
spectrum from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and
violet, to brilliant white according to the energy
ratio of it's speed relative to it's mass and charge.
In the Earth's vapor charged atmosphere it cun form a
cloud around it, as an ionization of the vapor in the
air is relative to the charge of the electro-
static field around the craft.
The craft is also a battery. Using dissimilar
metals in it's outer and inner skin construction,
it holds a charge due to the mercury
insulation which separates the inner and outer skins.
Thus it is a l a rge two plate battery, with the nega-
tive charge on the skin surface. We
small mercury batte.ries on a similar principle to
operate electric watches and other devices.
Since the space ' people are often seen in metalized
suits, it is possible the suits are also batteries on
the same principle, eliminating the necessity of
carrying "battery packs".
It has been established that a tissue paper will not
scorch, or burn, with a negative el J ctrical charge on
it, even with a torch flame of 3000 aimed at
tissue. One can grasp why a spacecraft can fly at
thousands of miles per hour with a ne gative polarity
charge on it's outer skin without the exterior
surface. A negative static charge on our returning
space capsules would make it unnecessary for them to
require a flame shield.
Since a manuscript comprising 17 years of the
"Proceedings" has been stolen, it appears that some
agency does not want the vast information it contains
revealed publicly. Three publishers have had it
submitted to them and all have failed to print it.
There is no "mystery" about the craft to advanced
research agencies of governments. Several of them have
been flying experimental models since the mid-1950's
copied from downed craft like the ones at New
Mexico, written about in F'rank Scully's book, "Rebind
The Flying Saucers".
Governments cannot be condemned for their "con-
fusion security" on U.F'.O. 's, because they are respon-
sible for order in operating an adva nced technological
society. Since their effort is to change over from
a money barrier society, on a world-wide basis, to a
no money technology, it is necessary to withhold free
energy principles to prevent chaos in a money in-
doctrinated world.
People might as well get it through their heads, that
this change over is going to be painful, and costly,
a n ~ restrictive, in order to convert without having to
resort to military law which would be much worse.
Naturally in this one world conversion, there are
several power interests who want to run the show. Those
who lose out stand to lose everything they have. They
must resolve this massive problem, or be committed to
a suicidal conflict.
The space people, who have been watching this
civilization, are standing by in event things go too
far. They will not interfere unless things here get
beyond the point of no return.
Those of you who are able should adapt to a survival
policy and get in gear fast. The next four years will
resolve this problem.
With the new National speed limit of 55 miles per
hour, one can prevent getting tickets for speeding by
moving the drivers seat back a couple of notches. This
allows the leg to assume its normal position on the
accelerator without pushing it so far down. Be sure
not to move the seat back so far as to prevent leg
reach to put on the brakeso
All "instant" television sets have a unit that is
turned on all the time. This transformer uses abtiut
the same electricity on your power bill as burning a
50 watt bulb all the time. One easy solution to this
waste is to install a cord switch in the lead to the
electrical outlet. This of course makes it necessary
to wait a couple of minutes for the picture to come on.
Looking down from up here I couldn't quite get the
picture at first. Then I began to realize that what
I was seeing on this planet was a plumbing system that
had money going through its pipes. Now there ls
nothing wrong with money, when it serves it's single
purpose of exchange, for equal value. But what I was
looking at was a s y s t e ~ as obsolete as a cotton gin
on a sheep ranch. The pressure in the pipes was even
making the pipes crooked.
Money was origirially intended to circulate and re-
cycle, after accomplishing many things, back to it's
source. The money pipes had bulges in them all over
the system, but these bulges were not called bulges,
they were called banks.
These banks didn't bulge because there was any more
money at these points, but because there was more
pressure. The pressure was the result of a lot of
paper that wasn't money, but it kept track of where
all the money was. This "no money paper" became the
same as money and it was called assets.
The trouble with these bulges in the system was the
pressure of "no money paper" had made the pipes leak.
What was leaking out was called interest. The funny
part of it was the leaks kept getting bigger and there
were people with money buckets collecting the leaking
These banks had calendars, and clocks, to keep
track of the flow through the pipes. Then awhile back
the system put valves on the bulges and let people have
some of the flow if they would put part of it in the
leak collectors buckets. They call this outlet loans.
Then the money people, who owned this marvelous
distribution money plumbing system, thought they could
speed up the flow by selling time from their calendars
and clocks. The only thing was, they had to keep
track and make sure the "no money paper" was replaced
by money paper by the time the calendar said it should
be. This system added masses of "no money paper" to
the flow and the pressure went higher and the leaks got
bigger. Then because a lot of the "no money" .flow

stuck in the pipes and never arrived on time, this
slowed up the interest leaks. So being money people
instead of plumbers, they didn't correct the "no
money" cause of the trouble, they just went to the
bulges and made the leaks bigger.
Since the governments had turned this system over
to the people who held the buckets under the interest
leaks, they too had to borrow "no money paper" and
have it printed to look like money. This really made
the pressure go up and the leaks doubled, and some
"no money paper" was even coming out of the leaks.
Still no effort was made to correct the system. The
money people only got more people to hold more interest
leak buckets. When the governments ran out of the
funny money, they made out more "no money paper" to
have the system print more "no money paper" to look
like more money.
Now the governments went out and made holes in the
system where there were no bulges because the "no money"
had to get out somewhere or they would have to learn
the art of plumbing. This horse and buggy point of
time system would have continued to work as long as
they could collect the flow out of the interest leaks.
Someone decided they could peddle the leak flow and
collect interest twice. After all it was all part of
the same flow.
The systems in other countries started to plug up
and Uncle Sam, being a good Samaritan, decided that the
good old American people should help the situation out,
so the people put more paper that looked like money
into the bulges, in exchange for some "no money paper"
that would give them the right to collect some of the
leaks in paper cups at a future date. To keep track
of this required more "no money paper". Since this
wasn't real money, the government decided the people
wouldn't mind putting more of it into the system to
provide for the poor countries whose systems were rust-
ing out. Naturally the recipient nations didn't
intend to pay this back because it was only "play" money.
After many administrations of government had
followed this no pay back policy, they suddenly dis-
covered that the recipient nations were blackmailing
them for more free money. In the meantime, the people
had put in so much that now they haven't got it to put
in, and the government owes $ 14,000,000,000.00 to the
money system each year in "no money" money for interest,
because the holes they drilled in the pipes weren't as
big as the leaks in the bulges.
Now the "no money" money gets worth less and less
each year, and it requires more of it in the pipes.
In order to keep track of it, it requires more "no money
paper" in the system also. This is what will p,lug
the system.
The only answer left is to install a new worldwide
pipeline, print new money with value back of it based
on real estate, which cannot be transported to other
countries; cannot be melted; and remains fixed as a
value. Put valves where the bulges were in the old
sys tem, and then show the space age technological
ability to run a money system like science put men on
the Moon.
The Bible says in Ezekiel 7:19, "They shall cast
their silver in the streets, and their ~ o l d shall be re-
moved: their silver and their gold shall not be able
to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord:
they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their
bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their
What this says in natural law, is that greed will
cause it's own downfall. The money system is like a
snake that was so hungry it started eating it's own
tail. Now it has swallowed itself up to it's own' head,
and it cannot swallow it's own head from behind.
Things do not look good from up here.
We are reprinting a copy of the certificate awarded
to our Founder and President of the .Ministry by "The
Dictionary of International Biographies". This
English Biographical Society selects, after investiga-
tion of submitted nominees, the people most deserving
of this honor.
" '
., .
In 1978 the one world government was having trouble
starting to function due to so many insurrections around
the world.
In spite of well laid plans of the world's top
bankers, politicians, industrialists, and military
people, difficulty lay in the devisive internal
over control of people.
There were those who wanted to give the people of the
world a voice in their problems, and those who insisted
the only workable control over the masses was by
absolute military dictatorship by force.
Since the world had come under massive regimenta-
tion principles, which started in 1974, world govern-
ment authorities had found out that people did not
respond as the computers had calculated.
Although transportation controls had confined
people to limited distance in travel, it had also back-
fired in distribution of products and
Food rationing had worked as a weapon of retaliation
against the "unbelievers" but not enough guards could
be employed to stop raids on food supply centers. The
"unbelievers" would jamb military police communications
with simple spark gap transmitters. Radio instructions
were difficult.
Curfews under military rule were the most difficult
to enforce as night hid most activities. Since the
United States was the center of freedom, it was the
most difficult to control.
After the demilitarized zone was established between
the Arab and Israeli states in 1974, a world division
came about in the minds of the people. Despite the
fact that the nations had pledged support in government
authority for one side, or the other, the people did not
accept these decisions in their minds. Patriotism
Military rule was becoming the established policy
of law enforcement.
World trade had bogged down, on both sides, due to
constant sabotage of transportation.
News being censored, had made most people irritable
because they didn't know what was really
Mail was censored and deliveries often were confiscated.
The economy had reached a new low before the war
started. Apathy in civilians had reached a point where
many people didn't care which side won.
After people had been required to register at their
. present address, they were not permitted to move with-
out permission.
Massive geophysical changes w.ere occurring in storms,
floods, and earthquakes. These disasters added
problems to authority as people panicked. Crops had
suffered due to extreme weather changes. Food was
scarce and relief of the people's hunger had slowed to
a standstill.
Power had become a privilege of class as fuel could
not produce enough electricity. Several hydro-electric
dams were gone due to earthquakes. Atomic reactors
were ageing and becoming radio-actively unsafe.
Science was straining it's brain power. Profit was
losing it's initiative as the achivement of money was
no longer a goal.
The military, on both sides, were having nervous
breakdowns due to the constant tension of possible all
out war.
Half of the churches were broke and spiritual
inspiration was reverting to small home meetings by a
minority of the people.
Nearly half of the people had arrived at a point
where food came first and taxes later.
People had practicully quit listening to radio and
watching television, feeling it was all propaganda in
one way, or another.
A political avatar had been pushed forward as a
savior of the disaster.
The point of no return comes about when the world
leaders find there is no cooperation
This abysmal condition came about so subtly that
those in authority began to realize they were pawns
in something beyond their control.
Beyond 1978 cannot be printed now, as outside inter-
vention in the future becomes apparento
We wish to apologize to some of our readers who
write us asking why we do not answer all of their
written questions. This is entirely due to the many
scientific answers required. Mr. Van Tassel, and
those associates capable of answering these questions
try to get to as many of these letters as is possible.
Not much has been released on the most investi-
gated comet yet. The 'Sky lab" pictures, and informa-
tion, have yet to be releused by N.A.S .. A. The follow-
ing information tells us something about it being
different than other recorded cometso
The tenverature rose from -7, at the South Pole,
to 63 as Kohoutek came out from behind the Sun.
Scientists haven't yet explained this phenomena.
By ultra-violet spectroscopes, it was determined
the nucleus contained hydrocynic acid radical,
methane, and ionized water. This tends to verify the
"steady state theory" of the universe.
Scientists also cannot eXplain why the comet
"dimmed out" when it was so bright when discovered.
There was also a "bubble" formed around it after it
passed the Sun.
Progress here on the "Integratron" has been slow,
but there has been progress, to about 85% of completiono
A new building has been built for storage of tools,
and _which now must be moved out of the lower
floor of the Integratron. This structure is a 15 foot
square prefabricated steel building. The cost is
arouna. $1 , 500. 00 o "
We. want to thank .. of our readers, who know who
you are, for the support that keeps things going hereo
We have had several -of our readers pledge sums that
would keep us going if we were to receive them. In
event that more support does not come in very soon, we
will be forced to shut down the program here.
If all of our readers, around the world, would ex-
tend gifts to us at this time, we could move faster.
Any individual who contributes a gift to
"The College of Universal Wisdom" of $100.00, or
more, will have their name stamped on an individual
brass plate which will be visible around the base
curb of the "Integratron". Their name will also be
listed behind glass on the front of the office
building. Each additional $100.00 gift, by anyone
whose name is already listed, will be marked by an
asterisk behind their name in the cabinet on the
front of the office.
j)d'Ut pl.,. ih.
P.O. Box 458
U.S.A. 92284

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