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Citizens of Vietnam as well as many other countries require a Temporary Resident Visa to visit or transit Canada. Application can be submitted in person or by mail at the following: The Canadian Visa Application Center - IOM in Ho Chi Minh City PDD Building 8th floor 162 Pasteur, District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phone number: (848) 829-6377 or 829-6376 Email: or The Canadian Visa Application Center - IOM in Hanoi Horison Hotel - Ground Floor 40 Cat Linh Street Dong Da District Hanoi, Vietnam Phone number: (848) 736-6258 (3 lines) Email: For information on how to obtain an application form, or for more information on how to submit an application, please contact The Canadian Visa Application Centers at the above contacts, or at the website: web Please note that The Canadian Visa Application Centers - IOM are responsible only for accepting applications. All visa applications will continue to be assessed by visa officers at the Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City. THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION MUST BE SUBMITTED: 1. Processing fee: Single entry Multiple entry Maximum fee per family There are 2 methods of payment: a- By cash: US Dollar ONLY at The Canadian Visa Application Centers - IOM. Or: b- By bank draft in Canadian Dollar ONLY payable to The Receiver General For Canada . Notes: Please note that processing fees are subject to change without notice. 2. Application: must be fully completed and signed (Set of an application: Application For Temporary Resident Visa, Family Composition Information, Visitor Questionaire for Family Visit/ Business Trip)

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75 CAD or 70 USD 150 CAD or 135 USD 400 CAD or 360 USD

3. Passport: valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of the intended visit. For the holders of Diplomatic passport or Official passport a diplomatic note must be attached. 4. Photos: two 4x6 cm photographs taken within the past six months 5. Proof of personal civil status: Household registration book, birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificate 6. Proof of finance from the sponsor in Canada: Copy of proof of citizenship or permanent residence in Canada of the sponsor. Letter from the sponsor in Canada indicating financial responsibility for the visit. Recent bank statement of sponsor. Original of personal income tax (Notice of Assessment eg. T451/ Income Tax Return Information - Regular or RC143) for the past 2 years of the sponsor and spouse of the sponsor. If the spouse of the sponsor does not work or is unable to submit these documents, there should be a letter of explanation attached. Employment confirmation of sponsor and spouse of the sponsor. 7. Proof of applicant's employment and financial ability: Letter of Confirmation from the employer with details on position, length of working and salary; Social Insurance Book, Labour Book; Labour Contract, Payslip; Personal bank statement (if receiving salary by money transfer) If the applicant is the owner of a business, the business license and business income tax for the past 2 years are required. Other proof of finances (house ownership; bank book ...) If the applicant is a student, a copy of The Student card and most recent transcript must be submitted. 8. For an applicant who is visiting sick relative in Canada: Besides documentations from part 1 to 7, there must be a letter from the doctor or hospital regarding the health situation and diagnosis of the sick relative in Canada. 9. For a returning student: Besides documentations from part 1 to 5, the applicant must submit an original of the most recent transcript, Study Permit (with validity of 6 months from date of intention to return to school); Letter of Confirmation from school for the coming course. 10. For business purpose: Besides documentations from part 1 to 7, there should be a letter of confirmation for trip from his/her employer as well as letter of invitation from an invitor in Canada which indicates the purpose of the trip and who will assume financial responsiblity. Children under 18 years of age, who are not travelling with their parents, must provide written consent from their parents to allow them to travel with another person. If the child is the subject of a custody order, proof of custody and other parent's consent must also be provided. Notes: Completion of forms and payment of the processing fee does not guarantee acceptance of your application. The Consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City retains the right to convoke applicants for interview. All the supporting documents must be translated to English or French and attached to the original or a notarized copy. AN APPLICATION SHOULD NOT BE SUBMITTED UNLESS IT IS COMPLETED FULLY AND CONTAINS ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION. APPLICATIONS THAT ARE INCOMPLETE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE INTENDED DEPARTURE.