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Justin Honra Editorial on English Policies 10/3/13 English Should be the United States Official Language The United

States government needs to declare English as our countrys official language! Why? Isnt it already? That is racist! are some reactions some of you might say. America is a nation built of and from millions of immigrants; that is true. Who is to say that English is superior to the rest of the many various languages in this country? It is not, but it is arguably the most spoken among Americans and the third most spoken language on the planet. Having English as the official language will promote a more efficient communicative relationship between the United States and the globe, the American government and its people, and the diverse American community. Globalization calls for a mode of communication understood by everyone. The world is choosing English as that mode of communication. English is taught globally because it is the language of the business and scientific worlds, two aspects countries focus on in regards to getting ahead in modern times. The American people also need to be proficient in English in order to effectively participate in those markets and articulate our ideas to the rest of the globe. Through the use of technological advances such as video messaging, emails, social networking sites, etc., connecting with others around the globe has made the world much smaller and unified.

Yet, while the world is being unified through English, our country is being divided. There have been heated discussions by students in classrooms and politicians in government regarding government multilingual documents. Government documents are complicated in English, let alone multiple languages. Specific meanings in English do not always translate neatly into other languages and vice versa because all languages are not created equally. Some words in English do not have parallel words in other languages that mean exactly the same thing. There are also words that cannot be translated because there is absolutely no way to say it in other languages. There has to be less errors and more accuracy with just one language, not copies of who knows how many languages. Language barriers block Americans from unity. Immigrants from all over the world come to the United States bringing their own unique cultures into our country. Many immigrants move to communities where the majority speaks their native language, which in some cases impedes the need to go out and interact with the rest of society. They should not have to drop their personal languages to adopt English. The English language is just the tool to tear down the walls that isolate many communities. The United States is not about the isolation of many immigrant cultures, but the interaction and sharing of these many culture hubs. English is not a weapon of racism, but should be the common device that can be utilized by all communities in order to interact and communicate efficiently with one another, thus, creating a more holistic United States culture. Why are we still divided while the globe unifies using our own unofficial language? Will the little boys and girls of China, Philippines, Germany, and many more speak English more proficiently than the little boys and girls of our own country? Let us learn from the world and unify our own country using our language.