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Democracy Something that usually called politics is always comes into mind.

People are puzzle over the years of having instability of politics; immerse themselves under inscruntinize situation over the years. By having a look on the fundamental principle of democracy, the democracy carries meaning of Government of the people, by the people and for the people that has been quoted by the modern philosopher. The modern type of democracy more focus on human rights rather than the form of government which implies the real meaning of democracy. Demarcation, Gerrymander are two terms that always come into mind when the general election just around the corner. Its so pathetic when people unstoppable pointing which political parties they profess rather than enable to describe what the politics mean. Have you ever think which one is more crucial? Political belief or the Political sequences? The World War Two had taught us a thought we shall to not to be bias, advocating the wellbeing should be the notch in implementing policies as the seed of the development is something that we call unity. Then, what long-term sequence shall we predict in the early of reforming the nation? Are we yearning for something out of the thinking box? By taking the history as the prime frame work in developing the nation, the premiership of Tun Mahathir Muhammad might be the great idea by taking himself as the an exemplary leader who did enormous transformation for more over a decade. He was proved to be a fully-developed nation is not ambitious but achievable. He transformed the foreign perspective, eradicates all negative notions towards the loved Malaysia and created a glamorous Asian country. He didnt fail. Either does us. Does everything he did for the sake of his profit-intention? Nope. The premiership of Mahathir is said to be bias, self-controlled, undemocracy, tyranny and aristocracy but have you ever think the term democracy was still pigmented during his era. He listened to the people on what form of country they want; modern, sophisticated technologies, effectiveness and efficiency in public administration and eventually he realized it. He might not the western advocator and but it doesnt mean he opposes the Westerners, but he advocates selfdriving form of administration. This also clarifies himself as the leader who tries to prove to the world that he enables to modernize the nation under his credibility rather than copy and paste.. During his era of administration, he holds the office for more than three terms of appointment, which carries more than 20 years of holding the power. Do your ever realize how much it takes to satisfy every each citizens? It needs a pot of wisdom, credibility, a sea of patient, and sacrifice of the leaders. Thus, to pointing out on flaws of the leader is something ill-mannered as nobody is born with perfection. God never create perfection individually as people are born to look for perfection. Democracy is the form of government in which people are gathered their interests either individually or plurality in seeking the highest level of the states well-being. The term democracy is divided into two, which are direct democracy of indirect democracy. Direct democracy depicturing the real form of democracy in which people rule themselves without intermediaries while in this system, no one is subordinate to the others. The wealth and properties are usually distributed equally or almost equally as every citizen have the equal right. But, this form of government is said to be so yesterdays, as to distribute everything equally is almost impossible.