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Micros POS Understand how to begin a check How to enter items How to close out a check . AR guests .

Room charges . Cash . Tips How to void a check and under what conditions How to reprint a closed check How to split a check The Paid in procedure Begin Check Using Begin Table/Room Key: 1. Sign In to the appropriate revenue center. 2. Enter table number and press [BEGIN TABLE/ROOM] key. 3. Enter the number of guests if prompted to do so. 4. You will now be at the main order screen, begin entering your menu items. 5. Press [SEND] key to store guest check. This will send your order to the kitchen or bar without printing a guest receipt. 6. Press [PRINT] if you want to print your check at this time. This will also send any items to the kitchen or bar added this service round. POSSIBLE ERROR MESSAGES:


What it Means

Action Required

NOT The number entered does not exist for Press [CLEAR], and try again tables. with a valid table number.

Entering Menu Items Entering Menu Items: 1. Press the appropriate category (menu) button- ex. Entres. 2. Press the menu item. You may be prompted for required condiments. The item will then appear on your check detail area on the screen. Adding items on to an existing check 1. Touch the [PICKUP CHECK] SLU, and you will see the open checks displaying the table numbers. Green colored checks have been serviced within fifteen minutes, yellow colored checks have not been serviced between fifteen and thirty minutes and the red checks are over thirty minutes since pick up and servicing. 2. Touch the check you wish to pick up.

3. Add on additional items as desired. 4. Press [SEND], [PRINT] or tender the check in the Payment Screen. Printing a Check When you would like to print a guest check, simply press the [PRINT] key. This will print a check at that current workstation, and also if new items have been printed, it will also print those items at the remote printers. Over-tendering Checks to add $ Amount Tip 1. Sign in. 2. Go to your payment screen. 3. Enter the amount of the check, including tip (amount signed for by guest). Example, enter $25.00 for a check with a subtotal of $20.00 and a tip of $5.00. 4. Press the payment key for the correct type of charge payment (room charge, credit card, house charge and TFB). 5. The screen will display Tip Amount is $XX.XX?. Press the [ENTER] key to confirm a Yes answer. 6. The tip posts to the check detail and the check closes. Cash Payment 1. Sign in. 2. Pick up a guest check/table. 3. Go to the [PAYMENT SCREEN]. 4. Enter an amount (for example, 5000 for 50.00) or the exact amount due, and press [CASH] to tender the check. You can also simply press the [CASH] key. The check is closed. If an amount entered was over the amount due, the change due is displayed. POSSIBLE ERROR MESSAGES: Prompt What it Means AUTHORIZATION, ENTER You are not privileged to use this key. ID NUMBER: TENDER/MEDIA GROUP ENTER [tender/media name] Cash key requires an amount entry. AMOUNT

Action Required An authorized person's ID must be entered. Type amount tendered and press [Enter].

Beginning a Credit Card 1. Sign in. 2. Pick up the guests check. 3. Go to your [PAYMENT SCREEN]. 4. Press the [CC AUTH] key. 5. At the prompt, ENTER THE CREDIT CARD INFO, swipe the customers credit card through mag card reader. If the mag card reader will not read the card, enter the information in manually: a) Enter in the credit card number then press [ENTER].

b) At the prompt, Enter Expiration date, enter the month and year and press [ENTER]. 6. Run a credit card voucher on a credit card imprint machine and return it to the guest for tip and signature. 7. Remember if you are going to walk away from the terminal you need to clear the check from the screen by pressing the [SEND] key on the Function screen. Note: The credit card number and expiration date will be masked on the guest receipt. Closing a Credit Card 1. Sign in. 2. Pick up the check. 3. Go to your [PAYMENT SCREEN]. 4. Enter the total amount of the check including the tip (amount signed by guest). 5. Press [CC FINALIZE]. This will close the check to the credit card. 6. The screen will display Tip Amount is $XX.XX?. 7. Press the [ENTER] key to confirm a Yes answer. 8. If more than one credit card has been authorized for one check, you must enter in the amount you want closed to each credit card separately. The system will allow you to select which credit card to close. Supervisors Duties & responsibilities 1. Ensuring guests are promptly tended to by a staff. 2. When guests are leaving, ensure that you enquire whether they encountered any problems with their server and other complaints/ compliments they may have. 3. Note such complaints to discuss with staff in general. Remember: areas of weaknesses need to be reduced or eliminated. Our strengths we need to build on. 4. Converse with the guest upon arrival. Ensure that a server has attended to them and that they are not experiencing any problems or discomfort. 5. Ensure that you perform the check highlighted below throughout the course of the evening: - Trace the items recorded on any bill in the system to the table. Simply observe what the guest appears to have ordered and ensure that you see such item in the system. 6. Ensure that all monies received on the shift are paid in at the front office.