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EHS Practitioner Declaration and CODE OF CONDUCT As a registered EHS Practitioner I declare that

EHS Practitioner Declaration and CODE OF CONDUCT

As a registered EHS Practitioner I declare that I will perform my duties in a professional manner and observe the following conditions at all times and without exception.


I will:


Act in a professional manner;


Perform any and all duties in accordance with any other governing bodies code of ethics, conduct or the like related to a specific professional designation, accreditation, license, certification, degree or the like held;


Provide accurate, objective and factual information, advice, guidance and instruction;


Remain current and up-to-date on all relevant information, such as legislation, codes of practice, standards and guidelines, to ensure clause ‘c’ of this Code of Conduct is achieved;


Only undertake assignments and/or projects for which I am competent to perform and/or provide professional knowledge related to the assignment and/or project;


Declare any actual or potential Conflict of Interest or any relationship that may influence my ability to remain objective and unbiased to any and all relevant stakeholders;


Maintain and protect the confidentiality of any and all information relating to a project;


Only disclose information that I am required to do so by law or am authorized to do so, in writing, by the client or relevant stakeholder of a project who is officially authorized to act on behalf of the client;


Not accept any inducement, commission, gift or any other benefit from the client or any relevant stakeholder to a project that would, to a reasonable person, be seen as an attempt to influence a decision, judgement, ability to remain objective or is contrary to any requirement of this Code of Conduct;


Do all things reasonable to avoid compromising the integrity of the client and all relevant stakeholders;


Exercise due care and diligence;


Not knowingly provide, or be the cause for, false information to a client or any relevant stakeholder;


Represent myself truthfully to any client and/or relevant stakeholder and not mislead with regard to Grade level, qualifications, experience, professional credentials, accomplishments or the like; and


Notify the EHS Center immediately of any changes to my professional credentials, qualifications, status or similar act or condition that prevents or

Declaration and Code of Conduct


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09 May 2013

otherwise Practitioner. disables me from performing my duties as a registered EHS 2. If, for







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registered EHS

2. If, for any reason my EHS Practitioner registration lapses or is revoked, I shall not declare under any circumstance to be a registered EHS Practitioner in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

3. I understand that any EHS Practitioner who intentionally or unintentionally declares to be, or misrepresents himself or herself as an EHS Practitioner, may be subject to disciplinary action and/ or penalty by the EHS Center, including legal prosecution.

4. I understand that the EHS Center, at its own discretion, may review the Registration of any EHS Practitioner if a matter comes to its attention that casts doubt on the fitness of that EHS Practitioner to undertake the duties for which they have received Registration.

5. I understand that some reasons for review by the AD EHS Center may include, but are not limited to:

a. A review of the EHS Practitioner’s work, such as reports submitted to, or observations made in the field by personnel from, the EHS Center, or any other Regulatory Sector Authority, Government Entity or Nominated Entity, which raise concern with regard to the Practitioner’s expertise, grade level, qualifications, experience or methods;

b. A legitimate and verifiable complaint is received by the EHS Center with regard to unprofessional conduct of an EHS Practitioner;

c. An EHS Practitioner behaves fraudulently or deceptively;

d. Objective evidence indicates the EHS Practitioner is in breach of this Code of Conduct, or part thereof; or

e. An EHS Practitioner is removed from appointment as a practitioner under any EHS law, regulation other than those outlined in this Code of Conduct.


I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read, fully understood and agree to fully commit to the conditions as listed above.

Full Name:






Declaration and Code of Conduct


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09 May 2013