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In 1775 the American war began as the American colonies sought to detach themselves from England
and there depressive monarchy king George the 3 had out lawed the interest free currency that the
colonies were producing and using for themselves in turn forcing them to borrow money from the central
bank in England at interest immediately putting the colienies into debt and as Benjamin later wrote.

“The refusal of king George the 3 to refuse the colonies to operate an honest money

system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was
probably the prime cause of the revolution.”
-Benjamin Franklin- founding father

In 1783 America won its independence from England how ever its battle against the central bank concept
and corrupt greed filled men associated with them have just began.

So what is a central bank? A central bank is an institution that produces the currency of an entire nation.
Two specific powers are inherent in banking practices; the control of interest rates and the control of the
money supply also known as inflation, the central bank does not just supply the economy with money it
loans it to them at interest then through the increasing and decreasing of the supply of money the central
bank regulates the value of the currency being issued.

It is critical to understand that the entire structure of this system can only produce one thing on the long
run; DEBT!!

It does not take a lot of creativity to figure this scam out, for every single dollar produced by the central
bank is loaned at interest that means that every single dollar that is produced. And seeing how the central
bank has a monopoly over the entire country and thy loan each dollar out with immediate debt attached to
it, where does the money to pay the debt come from?

It can only come from the central bank again, which means the central bank has to continually increase
its money supply to temporally cover the outstanding debt created, which in return since that new money
is lent out at interest as well, creates even MORE DEBT. The end result of this system without fail is
DEBT SLAVERY for it is impossible for the government and thus the public to ever come out of a self
generated debt. The founding fathers of this country were well aware of this.
“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies….. if the
American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency…… the
bank are corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of there
property until there children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers
conquered for them.”
-Thomas Jefferson- 1743-1826

“If you want to remain slaves of the bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery,
let them continue to create money and control the nation’s credit”
-Sir Josiah Stamp- 1880-1941

By the early twentieth century the U.S had already implemented and removed several central banking
systems which was swindled into place by ruthless banking interest, at this time the dominate family that
where in the banking was JD Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Paul Warburg, Baron Rothschild. And in the early
1900’s they sought to push once again legislation to create another central bank. They knew that the
government and public where very weary of such an institution so they needed to create an incident to
affect the public.

So JP Morgan exploited his mass influence to create rumors that a prominent bank was on the verge of
bankruptcy, Morgan knew that this would cause mass frenzy and affect other banks as well, and it did,
the public out of fear of loosing their money began making immediate mass withdraws, consequently the
banks had to call in there loans causing the recipients to sell their property and causing a spiral of
bankruptcy, reposition and turmoil.

Putting the pieces together a few years later life Magazine wrote “The Morgan interest took
advantage.. To precipitate the panic of 1907 guiding it shrewdly as it progressed.”
-Life Magazine- -Fredric Allen-

The fraud of 1907 led to an investigation, headed by Senator Nelson Aldrich, who had intimate ties to the
banking cartels and latter became Rockefeller family through marriage.
Aldrich recommended a central bank so that a panic like 1907 would never happen again.
A bill was constructed shortly there after and then passed on to there political front man senator
Nelson Aldred.
In 1913 with heavy sponsorship from the banks Woodrow Wilson became president and agreed to sign
the Federal reserve act in exchange for campaign support, two days before Christmas when most people
were at home with their families, the Federal Reserve Act was voted in. Wilson in return made it law.
Years later Wilson wrote;

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial

nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free
opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote by the majority, but a
government by opinion and duress of a small group of men.”
-Woodrow Wilson- 1919

Congressman also expressed his concerns after the passage of the bill by saying;
“ A world banking system was being set up here… a superstate being controlled by
international bankers….. Acting together to enslave the world for their own
pleasure. The Fed has usurped the government.”
-Louis Mcfadden-

Now the public was told that the Federal Reserve System was an economic stabilizer and that inflation
and economic crises where a thing of the past.

Well as history has shown, there is nothing further from the truth, the truth is that the international bankers
had a money making machine.

For example from 1914-1919 the Fed increased the money supply 100% resulting in extensive small
loans to the public, then in 1920 the Feds called in the loans, thus the supporting banks calling in on their
loans resulting in another frenzy just like in 1907. Causing bankrupty and collapse, over 5400 banks out
side the reserves collapsed.

The best way that we can arm ourselves against this fraud is to educate ourselves, read and know what
is going on around us, we have to be aware and not just led around like a bunch of sheep any more, start
by knowing our credit rights, the average American is in $10,000 in credit debt. How can one live a
healthy life with so much weight on ones shoulders.
Make the law work in your behalf and find out what your credit rights are, start to explore your options and
educate yourself, why stay in debt when you can free your self, in many cases $10,000, $20,000 AND
$30,000 can be wiped off your credit just applying methods and finding loopholes.

Let us start to educate ourselves and fight back for what is ours; FREEDOM, let the truth set you free.

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Your friend; Sky Seals.