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IAT RAK IC3 Booklet

Module 1 Computing Fundamentals

Dear Student, This sheet is only a summary of the IC3 objectives taught during last
semesters, it is not a substitute of the book or the teachers notes.

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Part 1:
Question 1: The following can be considered as high speed internet connection (Choose 2) a. T1 c. URL b. DSL d. FTP Answer: DSL Question 2: Match each application beside the task for which it is most suitable? 1

3 4

Answers: 12345-

Word Processing A Spreadsheet Application A Presentation Application A Database Application Desktop Publishing

Question 3: The Browsers reads the language _______ which shows how text, images, and other web elements will appear in the browser a. C++ c. HTML b. HTTP d. URL Answer: HTML

Question 4: What is the use of the a. Reduces errors on the c. receiving web server b. Protects increasing computer d. temperature

firewall? Hardware or software that protects unwanted internet connections Removes viruses from the computer

Answer: Hardware or software that protects unwanted internet connections Question 5: Match the approximate number to the size of each memory a. One thousand bytes ___1.GB ___2.MB ___3.KB Answers: 1. c 2. b 3. a Question 6: What is the best practice to make e-commerce safe a. Shipping products online c. Giving credit card information only on secured websites d. Making sure that your shipment does not exceed your credit card limit Answer: Giving credit card information only on secured websites b. Keeping updated information about yourself Question 7: Which of the following practices will increase eye strain injuries? (Choose two) a. Poor lightening in the computer area c. Taking regular breaks b. Consecutive work with no breaks d. Going out during a work day. Answers: Poor lightening in the computer area Consecutive work with no breaks b. One million bytes c. One billion bytes

Question 8: What is E-commerce? a. Buying and selling of goods c. Exchanging goods online and services online without the need to pay money b. Corporate accounting d. Buying and selling goods from retailers using credit card. programs Answer: Buying and selling of goods and services online Question 9:Match the expression to the suitable activity Expression ___1.FTP Activity a. Locate a web site b. Upload files from the computer to the internet c. Web pages file extension

___2.HTML ___3.URL Answers: 1. b 2. c 3. a

Question 10: The following files could contain viruses except a. Text File List.TXT c. Executable file newgame.exe b. Word Document schedule.doc d. Programming file GetNews.VBS Answer: Text File List.TXT

Question 11: Match the images of computers on the right to the correct definition on the left. ___1. Laptop


___2. Mainframe Computer


___3. Network Computer c. Answers: 1. b 2. a 3. c Question 12: Which of the following shows the speed of the modem in sending and receiving data? 0Mb per second 0/600 DPI 0 MHZ 0 signal per second Answer: 100Mb per second Question 13: Which of the following devices allow you to access the Internet? (Choose 2) a. PDA c. Mobile Phone b. DVD d. Scanner Answers: PDA Mobile Phone

Question 14: internet a. Sender b. Browser

Name of the program that is used to browse the c. Messenger d. Pager

Answer: Browser Question 15: A network that can run without a need to make true connection between the user and the network a. Internet c. Mobile phone network b. WAN d. Telephone line network Answer: Mobile phone network Question 16: Put these storage devices in order of size from the smallest to the largest DVD Zip Disk Hard disk Flash memory stick Floppy disk CD-ROM Magnetic tape Answers: 1. FLOPPY DISK (smallest) 2. ZIP DISK 3. FLASH MEMORY STICK 4. CD-ROM 5. DVD 6. MAGNETIC TAPE 7. HARD DISK (largest) Question 17: Name the programs that are used to manage email.(Choose two) a. Eudora c. FrontPage b. Internet Explorer d. Outlook Answers: Eudora Outlook

Question 18: Programs that are used to surf the internet. (Choose two) a. Eudora c. Outlook b. Internet Explorer d. Netscape Navigator Answers: Internet Explorer Outlook Netscape Navigator Question 19: The type of the program that is used to send and receive emails a. Document c. Multimedia b. Web Browser d. Electronic Communication Answer: Electronic Communication Question 20: The name of process that is used to make reading message unacceptable except for the authorized person a. Internet Fraud c. Correction b. Encryption d. Classification Answer: Encryption Question 21: What can be used to verify the identification of the user and their accounts in the network? a. Username c. Computer Name b. Social Security Number d. Hard disk serial number Answer: Username Question 22: Device can be used to connect computer to the internet through a telephone line a. Server c. User b. Hub d. modem Answer: modem Question 23: Computer is used to store the personal information of users in a database a. Hub c. Client b. Server d. Router Answer: Server

Question 24: Which one of these computer types is the most powerful?

Answer: Hard disk Question 25: The speed of a computer CPU can be measured in; a. Megabytes b. Megacycles Answer: Megahertz Question 26: Drag each graphic into the box containing the description. c. Megahertz d. Megawatts


Data Storage: Hard disk Contains the CPU: System Case Output Device: Monitor Input Device: Mouse

Question 28: Which one of these devices can be used to output data from a computer?

Answer: Speaker Question 29: Match each media to the backup situation for which it is most appropriate

Answers: 1. 1.44 MB floppy disk 2. 2 GB back up tape 3. 2 GB hard disk

Question 30: Which one of these computer types is the most powerful?

Answer: Mainframe Question 31: Which two of these are operating systems? c. Linux d. Outlook

a. Windows b. Netscape Navigator Answers: Windows Linux


Part 2:
Question 1: When attempting to open a file, the error message show above, what is the most cause of the problem? Report.doc is locked for editing. By : Ahmed Alkhatri Click Notify to open a readQuestion: only copy of the document and receive notification when the document is no longer in use a) The file has been renamed or deleted since it was last opened. b) The file has become corrupted or damaged since it was last opened. c) The file is currently in use by someone on your computer on network. d) The file is password protected and you have not provided the correct password. Answer: d. Question 2: Maximize the window of Paint program to fill your screen completely.

Answer: Click on maximize button in the title bar


Question 3: match the giving titles with the parts of the given window.

a- Dialog box Answer: 1= c.

b- Scroll Bar 2=d.

c- Icon 3=b.

d- Windows Menu 4=a.

Question 4: What unit refers to the speed of Microprocessor? abcdMB. Dpi Rpm. MHz.

Answer: a. Question 5: What is the purpose of a computer driver? a. b. c. d. Driver problem. Hardware conflict. Cable problem. Power supply problem.

Answer: a.


Question 6: What you should be done before manually clean a paper jam in a printer? a- Turn off the printers power and unplug the printer. b- Roll the feeder bar to remove jammed paper. c- Remove the toner cartridge or ink source. d- Disconnect the cable between the printer and the computer. Answer: a. Question 7: Search all Windows help documents for the word Keyboard? Answer: Start Menu Help and Support in the Search box type Keyboard.

Question 8: Display options to change the setting of the keyboard for this computer Answer: Start menu Control panel Keyboard.


Question 9:

Match each option with the suitable description?

aStatus of all program that installed on the computer.

bConfiguration of the hardware (Input and Output devices, and ports...etc)

cInterface elements that help those with disabilities (use mouse , display and computer 3=c.

dScreen resolution, Background and screen saver


1= d.

2= b.


Question 10: Which type of software that can control and work with the devices in the picture?


Data base software. Word Processing. Operating System. Network Security.

Answer: a. Question 11: What is the most likely reason a user on a network could not able to change system setting? a- The network operating system was incorrectly installed on the server. b- System setting options are not available for users on a network. c- The network operating system was incorrectly installed on the users computer. d- The network manager has removed setting options from users. Answer: d.


Question 12: Which program in control panel enables you to fix and find problems with hardware devices? abcdDisplay. System. Power options. Network connections.

Answer: b. Question 13: Which factor has the greatest impact on the speed at which computer perform? a- Hard disk size. b- ROM version. c- Microprocessor speed. d- Hard disk speed. Answer: c. Question 14: Match the input devices in Column A with the common use in column B. Input Devices 1- Joystick 2- Bar code. b- Collecting information from product labels in a supermarket. 2= b. 3- Touch Screen. c- Accessing information from an information kiosk/stand. 3=c. 4- Environment sensor or probe. d- Collecting scientific information such as temperature from a remote location. 4=d.

a- Playing Common computer Use games.


1= a.

Question 15: What are the greatest advantages of upgrading a software program? (Select two)? a- Easier access to the telephone support from the products manufacturer. b- Automatic extension of softwares support agreement. c- Better compatibility with the latest hardware and software. d- New features and functionality. Answer: c and d. 15

Question 16: decided which device is an input device or output device in the given table?

Input /Output

Input Output Answer: Input: 2, 5 and 4. Output: 1 and 3.

Question 17: Match each task in column A With the type of computer in column B the can do that task? Computer 1. Super computer 2. PDA /Smart phone b. Simulating a mathematically hurricane. 3=a. 3.Desktop Computer c. Collecting telephone numbers and contact information while on the road.


a. For write a report

Answer: 1= b.

2= c.

Question 18: Which program can create cover letter that can be merged with names in a table from Data base of Excel sheet? a- Data base software. b- Word Processing. c- Operating System. d- Network Security Answer: b. Question 19: Which software program enable teacher to create slides and lecture notes for a class? abcdData base software. Word Processing. Operating System. Presentation Software.

Answer: b. 16

Question 20: Match each tool in Column A with its title in Column B? (Paint)

Tool 1.Erase.

Number a.

2.Draw b. square/rectangle. 3.Create text. 4.Select 5.Zoom/Magnify. Answer: 1= b. 2= e. 3=d. 4=a. 5=c. c. d. e.

Question 21: What is the best way to organize files so that they can be found easily (select two)? abcdUse the current date as the file extension when naming files. Put related files into the same directory/folder. Assign files meaningful and recognize file names. Store all files you create into a single folder.

Answer: b and c Question 22: two abcdTo To To To What is the purpose of a computer driver? Select

configure memory. allow computer to control devices such as printers. monitor how software access hard disk. manage operating system.

Answer: b.


Question 23: Display the information about the selected file, file attribute, location and when was created...? Answer: right click properties.

Question 24: Which hardware device uses Fresh rate to measure performance? abcdHard disk. Monitor. CPU. RAM Memory.

Answer: b. Question 25: What is the most likely reasons company requires all employees to use the same version of the same program (Choose two)? a- To work all at the same time. b- To make the cost less. c- To reduce the need for any computer hardware or software training. d- To ensuring that documents can be shared throughout the company. Answer: c and d.


Question 26: Which computer type can do useful task when it connected to a large system like a minicomputer or mainframe computer?

Answer: 3.