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First Grade News October 28, 2013

Curriculum Highlights Math finding patterns, hypothesizing rules Writing - the 6 traits ideas, audience + purpose Word Study - Long a - ai Reading - fluency and expression Science - weather Reminders October 29 Flag Parade Wear your national dress or International Fest Tshirt October 31 Halloween Dress-Up Day (please no weapons and remember if your child chooses to dress up they will be in costume the whole day so need to be able to independently go to the bathroom, play in the playground etc) November 1 International Fest T-shirt Day News From Ms. Tindalls Class We have covered quite a few word study concepts in class. Word study is about finding patterns amongst words and hypothesizing and testing out rules that might help us to spell other words. You can help at home by making connections to words that you see in the environment. EG, Listen, this word has the long a sound, it uses ay, or Look! Theres the word they, its on your personal spelling list, or the and thing both start with th. Help your child to look for patterns in words. The more kids learn to compare, analyze and notice similarities and differences in words, the better able they will be when faced with new words. For example, some possibilities for observations may be: these words all have the long a sound; plane and plate both start with pl; there are seven words made of four letters on this page; cake, take, lake and make rhyme; all of these words end with a single, silent e. In partnership, Ms. Tindall

Monday Reading: Look at the fluency and expression checklist in your folder (and attached to this newsletter). What clues do you see in your reading books to guide your fluency and expression? Reread your book focusing on fluency and expression. Math: Play shop. Label some items in your room with prices. Play paying for the items using the correct amount of coins or getting change if need be. Tuesday Reading: Repeat Mondays suggestion. Math: Practice skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. Using a number grid, try skip counting by 3s and 4s. Wednesday Reading: Repeat Mondays suggestion. Math: Write yourself 5 addition and 5 subtraction problems. Use a number line or grid to solve them. Thursday Reading: Repeat Mondays suggestion. Word Study: Search for words with the long a sound in your reading books. What are some different ways you find to write the long a sound? Math: Tell an adult all you know about telling time. Practice telling time to the half hour. Here are some fun ways on line to practice: Friday Reading Poem Collection: Recite poems to friends and family. Use your best fluency and expression, and presentation skills to wow them. Return the poem collection to school on Monday.

Wow Poe try Re cital!

Loud, clear voice Words clearly pronounced Expression Medium speed Sometimes fast or slow if appropriate for the poem Rhythm Eyes on audience Facial expression Hand actions Say title Knows poem by memory
Created by Monica Tindall