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Date; 29TH AUG, 2013

OPELE A. LUTHER, P.O BOX 90, 50100-KAKAMEGA. Email; Mobile;+254721799287. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN DEAR SIR/MADAM REF; HAVYA PATEL The above mentioned person was my student at Kakamega School who was enrolled in form one in 2009 and finished in form four in 2012.While at Kakamega School the student displayed high sense of responsibility. Any task given to him was as good as completed from the start. He also took his work seriously and at all times he was ahead of time in submission of his work for evaluation. Havya as mentioned above, his sense of responsibility made him be loved by both the students and the teachers because they all knew he would not let them down he would be trusted at one point he was indeed in charge of black board cleanliness in class which meant that he was always ready for learning and cared about the academic environment of the class. His conduct as student was excellent. He related very well with both the all the Kakamega society. At no moment can I remember any accusation leveled against him any misbehavior while at this school. Academically Havya was outstanding. He constantly performed very well from form one to four making him be position 5 out of 305. This indeed was a remarkable performance. His efforts

towards good performance could be seen by his gradual improvement in the tests given right from when he was in form one. He had the ability to consult in areas of difficulty. He never assumed anything that came his way, he took it upon himself to do more research to see to it that he a solution he been found. This indeed is a scientific mind which never settles until a solution has been found. Havya had good moral standing. He loved to be involved in religious activities in which he took active role in it. This contributed much in good conduct and moral standing which was good while in school. He loved God. Ethically he was good. He had natural respect to authority and the entire community. His respect to people made him love them and treated them with honesty and love. That is why a darling of many in school. The young man has many good attributes that anybody at all ages admire. I strongly believe he is able to take up any task ahead of him. His strong will in academic excellence will for sure propel him to greater heights of achievements. As his counselor I have all the confidence that Havya will not let you down. Thank you. Yours faithfully

Opele Aggrey Luther