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Anesia Baptiste Founder & Leader Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Tel# 1-784-456-6257, 1-784-528-1015 E-mail: Website: 22nd October, 2013


Political & Economic Officer of the USA Embassy in Barbados Mr. Erik Liederbach poses for a cordial handshake with DRP Founder & Leader Mrs. Anesia Baptiste (In Barbados)

Political and Economic Officer at the United States Embassy in Barbados Mr. Erik Liderbach recently made a courtesy call on the Founder and Leader of the Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Mrs. Anesia Baptiste Baptiste says that Liederbach contacted her introducing himself and asking for a meeting to discuss her political work and views. The meeting which took place in Barbados just before Baptiste journeyed to New York for the DRPs first Town Hall Meeting, was described as cordial and engaging by the DRP Leader.

Liederbach and Baptiste Engage in discussion on the DRPs political work and views. I am aware that Mr. Liederbachs office is regularly engaged in such meetings with political and social activists in the Countries the office serves and I count it a historical and significant moment that they would take the time to meet with me to hear of my partys views and work after our establishment only one (1) year ago., Baptiste said. According to Baptiste, areas of discussion included the DRPs Foreign Policy Views, Economic policy ideas, the DRPs assessment of the political climate in SVG and the DRPs philosophical underpinnings. Baptiste also took the opportunity to highlight work her party has been engaged in to help persons socially, including vulnerable women and children. The DRP was formed on August 23rd, 2012.

About DRPs Founder Anesia Baptiste Anesia Baptiste is the founder of the newest political party in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) called the Democratic Republican Party (DRP). She is the holder of a 1998 National Scholarship and a 2013 graduate of the University of London International programmes with a Bachelor of Laws DegreeLLB (Honours). Baptiste also holds a Double Master Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management from the Vatel Institute in Nimes and the French state University of Perpignan in France, and is also the holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. One of few young women political activists in SVG, Baptiste was honoured among the Top 100 Global Women in the International Womens Day March 8th 2013 edition of the Washington based Diplomatic Courier

International Affairs magazine. In SVG Baptiste hosts a weekly Television program called Serving the People, frequently hosts TV show The Rights of the People by the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty and has authored one book- Socialist Revolution: From Grenada to St. Vincent. For more information on the Democratic Republican ### Party visit Facebook