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Process Flow Chart

Material Master Goods /Services Item Details

Document Structure
Numbering Range
10000000 19999999


Requisition Via Text Entry

Requisition Via Material Master

4500000000 4599999999

Purchase Order

SAP 4.6B Materials Management Reference Card

50000000 59999999
Direct Purchase Order (Text Entry) Purchase Order Direct Purchase Order (Material Master)

Goods Receipt (Material Document)

Goods Receipt

6100000000 - 6199999999

Invoice Verification

Invoice Posting

Further Help
UoL Online Help
Available from the Help > Application Help on every SAP screen.

Pass to AP

SAP Online Help

Information Systems Services, October 2000

Available from the Help menu on every SAP screen OR press F1 for field-level help

MAIS Programme Web Site

For up to date information on Leeds configuration issues

ISS Helpdesk
Extension 5366 OR Email

NB. Please log out of SAP when you leave your machine unattended.

Information Systems Services, October 2000

Transaction Codes
To move to a transaction screen type /n followed by the code then press enter To start a new session on a transaction screen type /o followed by the code then press enter TIP: Dont prefix the code if youre in the main SAP R/3 screen To find a transaction code choose System, Status

Transaction Codes
Invoice /Credit Note Verification

Toolbar Icons

Post Document MIRO Change Invoice Document MR2M Delete Invoice Document MR5M Display Vendor XK03 Display Vendor Line Items FBL1N

Save (F11) Back (F3) Exit (Shift + F3) Cancel (Esc) Print (Ctrl + P) Find (Ctrl + F)

Material Masters

Common Transaction Codes

*Access to transactions is limited by your security profile*

Create Material Master Change Material Master Display Current Material MM01 MM02 MM03 MM06

Find again First page (Shift + F9) Previous page (Shift + F10) Next page (Shift + F11) Last page (Shift + F5)

Create Requisition Change Requisition Display Requisition List Requisition (General) List Requisition (Acc. Ass) ME51 ME52 ME53 ME5A ME5K

Flag Material for deletion

Purchase Information Records (PIRs)

Create PIR Change PIR ME11

Task-level help (F1)

Information Systems Services, October 2000

Display PIR


Execute (F8) List (Shift + F8)

Purchase Orders
Create Purchase Order (Known vendor) Create Purchase Order (Unknown vendor) Change Purchase Order Display Purchase Order ME21N ME25 ME22 ME23N

Changes to PIR Flag PIR for deletion List Display by Vendor List Display by Material List Display by Material Grp Purchase Order Price History

Goods Receipt
Display PO History ME23N

Stores List by Purch Group Purch Group: Values Purch Group: Frequencies ZM09 MC$0 MC$2 MC$4 MC$< MKVZ

Goods Receipt for PO


Vendor: Purchasing Values Material Group: Purchasing Values List of Vendors: Purchasing

Information Systems Services, October 2000