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BBFC Ratings Research

12 and 12A Ratings:

The 12A rating is only for use in cinemas; whereas the 12 rating is only used for DVDs and Blu-ray. The 12A rating is enforced at cinemas if it is thought that the film may offend children so they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The tone of the film cannot be to dark or unsettling, this may cause the audience to feel uncomfortable and push the films rating up. Moderate language may be used such as bitch and twat. Use of strong language such as F*** is allowed but must be infrequent and cannot be used in a violent context (e.g. Im gonna f*** you up!). Discriminatory language must not be endorsed by the work as a whole. Aggressive discriminatory language (homophobic or racist terms) will not be passed at a 12 rating; it is more likely to be pushed up to a 15 or 18 rating. Sexual references are tolerated if they do not go beyond anything appropriate for young teenagers. Comedy may lessen the impact of these references so they may be used more frequently but frequent crude sexual references are unlikely to be tolerated at this rating. There may be nudity at 12 films but sexual nudity must be infrequent and discreet. These terms apply to homosexual and heterosexual sex and references. Moderate violence is permitted in 12 films but must not dwell on detail. In a 12 rated film there must be no emphasis on injuries or blood but infrequent gory moments are permitted if they relate to the context (e.g. bloody injury in medical drama) Fight and action scenes may be present in 12 and 12A films and there may be long scenes involving violence or similar. Weapons easily accessible to 12 year olds should not be glamorised in anyway. Scenes containing sexual violence such as rape must only be implied. These scenes must have string contextual justification. Horror is permitted such as physical and psychological threat. this is permitted but sequences containing these cannot be sustained for long periods or be frequent.

Dangerous behaviour such as hanging, suicide and self-harming are permitted in 12 and 12A films but must not dwell on detail. Drug use may be implied in 12 and 12A films but must not be glamorised or show any instructional details.

15 Rating:
At 15 there is no limit on the number of times strong language can be used (e.g. F****). Occasionally there may be the use of the strongest terms. There may be racist, homophobic or other discriminatory language. In a 15 sexual activity can be portrayed but not show any strong or graphic detail. There are no restraints on non-sexual nudity if it for contextual or educational purposes. Strong sexual references and behaviour are permitted but especially strong or crude references may not be accepted. At a 15 strong violence is permitted but should not dwell on the injury or infliction of pain. Also the strongest gory images will most likely not be accepted. Strong sadistic or sexualised violence is also not likely to be accepted. Easily accessible weapons are not to be glamorised. There may be detailed accounts of sexual violence but must be supported by the context (e.g. A witness giving evidence in a courtroom). The portrayal of sexual violence is permitted but must be discreet. At 15 horror is permitted in the shape of strong threat or menace however the strongest gory images may not be accepted. Dangerous behaviour such as hanging, suicide or self-harm should not be dwelled upon for long periods of time or show any detail allowing replication. Drug taking may be shown but must not be glamorised in anyway. The misuse of easily accessible materials such as solvents and aerosols is unlikely to be accepted in a 15.

18 Rating:
There is no limit on the amount of strong language and really strong language used. These can be used in a aggressive manor, directed at an individual, used frequently and accompanied by strong violence. There may be racist, homophobic or other discriminatory language at 18, and the work could explore themes relating to this. There can be strong and detailed portrayals of sex at 18, including full nudity. There are no constraints on nudity in a non-sexual or educational context. Very strong and explicit sex references are permitted at 18. At 18 strong violence is permitted and even focus on an injury is permitted or sadistic or sexual violence. The strongest gory images are permitted at this rating. The strongest horror works can be passed at 18, these may contain continued threat and menace and the strongest gore. Drug taking may be shown at an 18 but must not promote or encourage drug misuse. 18 films are permitted to cover challenging subjects and are permitted to show dangerous actions (hanging, suicide and self-harm) but the most dangerous behaviour which could cause serious harm may be cut.

What rating will I choose?

The chosen rating for my title sequence will be a 15. This means we can have the freedom to use violence and strong language to convey the characters emotion and situation.