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Which of these is not an OMEGA 6 fatty acid? a. Linolenic acid b. Arachidonic acid c. Gamma linolenic acid d. Alpha linolenic acid 2. Endometrial biopsy for infertility is taken on day: a. 5th to 7th b. 12th to 145h c. 23rd to 26th d. 9th to 11th 3. Disorder of form of thought is a. Delusion b. Hallucination c. Obsession d. Loosening of association 4. Unconsciousness may occur in a. Cerebral concusion b. Cerebral contusion c. Cerebral laceration d. All of the above 5. The percentage of calories to be supplied by proteins is a. 5-10% b. 10-15% c. 15-20%

d. More than 20% 6. Treatment of choice for diphtheria carries is a. Erythomycin b. Tetracycline c. Penicillin d. DPT

An adult patient presents with recurrent episodes of abdominal pain and mass coming out through the rectum. Most likely diagnosis is

a. Internal hernia b. Intussusception c. Sigmoid volvolus d. Rectal prolapsed 8. Platelet aggregation is inhibited by a. Clofibrate b. Aspirin c. Dipyridamole d. All of the above Which of the following complications is increased in an obese pregnant woman a. Macrosomia b. Low apgar score c. Perinatal mortality d. Malformations 10. Frequency of Rest tremor in Parkinson's disease is a. 2/sec b. 14/sec c. 4-6/sec d. 8/sec 11. Not seen in sheehan's syndrome a. Obesity b. Amenorrhoea c. Failure to lactate d. Absence of secondary sexual characteristics 12. shortest incubation period in food poisoinng is due to: a. Staphylococcus aureus b. Clostridium c. Salmonella

d. bacilus aureus 13. Drugs used in management of primary pulmonary hyperten-sion are

a. Oxigen b. Tolazoline c. Sodium bicarbonate d. All of the above 14. Acute radiation sickness is characterised by: a. Hematological symptoms b. CNS syndrome c. Gastrointestinal symptoms d. All of the above 15. Pes cavus is caused by a. Weakness of intrinsic muscle sof foot b. Excessive contraction of intrinsic muscles c. Collapse of arch d. Fractur eof calcaneus 16. Commonest mode of metabolism of barbiturates is a. Oxidationof side chain b. Conjugation c. Hydrolysis d. Transmination 17. Which of the following is true about methadone a. Respiratory stimulant b. Produces cough c. Associated with diarrhea d. High oral parenteral activity 18. Which of the following is not true about dangerous area of face a. Includes area of uppe rlip, nose and vestibule b. Includes area of the forehead above th emedial canthus of eye c. Has direct communication with cavernous sinus through fascial vein

d. Infection from this area can spread to cavernous sinus

The Radiological Protection Adviser a. Looks after the day to day proterction within a department b. Is responsible to the head of the department c. Must be a physicist d. Is responsible for reporting on pre-employment blood counts 20. Which is not a principle of compound fracture treatment a. No tendon repair b. Aggressive Antibiotic cover c. Wound debridement d. Immediate wound closure 21. True about IV ventricle is a. Rhomboid fossa forms floor b. Choroid plexus lies at its floor c. Connection between two cerebral hemispheres d. Lies inferior to inferior cerebellar peduncle 22. Senile plaques in brain is a feature of a. Multiple sclerosis b. Parkinsonism c. Alzhemier's disease d. Wilsons' disease 23. All are TRUE,EXCEPT a. Bronchiolitis in infant is caused by respiratory syncytial b. ECHo virus causes haemorrhagic conjunctivitis. c. CMV retinitis and esophagitis is seen in immunocompromised d. Marburg virus causes-haemorrhagic fever 24. Agglutination reaction is a. Wasserman's reaction b. VDRL c. Khan's Test

d. Widal's test 25. Approximate distance from which a rifle gun shot is fired if abrasion collar and carbon deposit is present at the entrance wound is a. Contact wound b. 5-10 cms. c. 20-60 cms. d. 15-20 cms. 26. Cylindrical lenses are prescribed in a. Presbyopia b. Astigmatism c. Myopia d. Squint 27. Modern epidemiology refers to a. Study of incidence of disease b. Study of frequency of disease c. Study of prevalence of disease d. Study of morbidity of disease 28. In V nerve palsy, jaw deviates towards a. Opposite side b. Same side c. Immobile d. In centre N.K. Cell provides immunity against a. Virus b. Bacteria c. Fungus d. Chlamydia 30. Recommended fluorine level in water is :

a. 0.3 ppm b. 1.0 ppm c. 2 ppm

d. 3 ppm 31. Otosclerosis affects a. Malleus b. Incus c. Stapes d. All of these 32. Which of the following is true about chlorination a. Ortholidine test measures free chlorine b. Acts best when pH is around 7 c. Kills bacteria,virusses and spores d. Disinfecting action is mainly due to hypochlorination 33. All are pharmocogenetic conditions, EXCEPT a. G-6- PD deficiency b. Warfarin sensitivity c. Malignant hyperthermia d. Adnosine deaminase deficiency 34. Spinal subarachnoid block can be detected by a. CSF cell count b. CSF sugar value c. Spinal pressure measurement d. CSF chloride value 35. Isoenzymes are seen in following except a. LDH b. Aldolase c. CPK d. Alkaline phosphatase 36. Left ovarian vein joins a. Inferior vena cava b. Left renal vein

c. Inferior mesenteric vein d. Portal vein 37. The most common complications following blood transfussion are

a. Allergic reaction b. Volume overload c. Infections d. Hemolysis 38. Which does not present as floppy baby a. Littles disease b. Werding Hoffman syndrome c. Downs syndrome d. Ehler Danlos syndrome Absorption of vitamin B12 takes place in the a. Stomach b. Duodenum c. Lower jejunum d. Terminal ileum 40. Iodinization of salt is done with a. 1 in 20000 potassium iodate b. 1 in 40000 potassium iodate c. 1 in 4000 sodium iodate d. 1 in 4000 calcium iodate 41. Scatter diagram show a. Trend of event with passage of time b. Relationship between two variables in the form of dots

c. Statistics as a pictogram d. Statistics as a picture chart 42. Type Ad tympanogram is seen in a. Eustachian tube block b. Secretory otitis media c. Ossicular discontinuity

d. Acoustic neuroma 43. Forceps application contraindicated in a. Occipito posterior position b. Occipito anterior position

c. Mento posterior position d. Mento anteriro position 44. In lathyrism the important clinical finding is a. Loss of posterior column sensation b. Cranial nerve paralysis c. Spasticity d. Incontinence of urine 45. Major pathway of excretion of calcium is a. Kidney b. Gut c. Kidney and Gut d. None of the above 46. All fo the following are true regarding asymmetric IUGR except a. Occurs in later parts of pregnancy b. Brain is spared c. Chromosomal anomalies occur d. PIH is a cause 47. Which is not pyridoxine dependent? a. Oxaluria b. Homocystinuria c. Maple syrup urine d. Xanthurenic aciduria 48. What percentage of blindness is caused by its commonest cause a. 55% b. 60% c. 74% d. 81%

A 17-year-old high school student presents to your office with a 6mo history of menstrual irregularities. She has no past medical history and does not smoke cigarettes, drink

alcohol, or use illicit drugs. She is not sexually active. Her menarche was a. Bulimia b. Premature menopause c. Substance dependence d. Anorexia nervosa 50. A 35-year-old woman presents with a 2-day history of cough productive of green-yellow sputum. She complains of fever, chills, and dyspnea. On physical examination, her temperature is 102.4F and her respiratory rate is 26/min. Her blood pressure is 1 a. Right upper lobe pneumonia b. Right lower lobe pneumonia c. Right middle lobe pneumonia d. Right pleural effusion 51. While palpating the pulse of a patient, you note that the pulse wave has two peaks. You auscultate the heart and are certain that there is only one heartbeat for each two pulse waves. Which of the following best describes this finding? a. Pulsus alternans b. Dicrotic pulse c. Pulsus parvus et tardus d. Pulsus bisferiens 52. A 22-year-old man presents 1 day after having been a restrained passenger in a moderate-speed motor vehicle accident (MVA). He states that his scrotum became discolored blue after the accident. He denies any trauma to the scrotum. On examination, the a. Fourniers gangrene b. Testicular torsion c. Inguinal hernia d. Hematocele

A 46-year-old woman with a 10-year history of insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus presents to the emergency room with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Family members state that the patient has recently been taking over-thecounter medications for a. Hyperosmolar state b. Gestational diabetes c. Barbiturate overdose d. Impaired glucose tolerance 54. What is the cause of hyperurecemia and gout in glucose 6 phosphatase dificiency: a. In adequate conversion of glucose 6 phosphatase to glucose b. More formation of pentose c. Increased glycogen d. Increased breakdown of ATP. 55. A patient of RHD developed Infective endocarditis after dental extraction. Most likely organism causing this is: a. Streptoccus viridians b. Streptococcus pneumonia c. Staph aureus d. Streptococcus pyogenes 56. According to the WHO criteria anaemia in infants <6 months age is defined as Hb less than: a. 10 gm/dl b. 11 gm/L c. 11.5 gm/L d. 10.5 gm/L 57. Homestatic mechanism in body system depends upon all, Except: a. Value of controlled variable is compared to the reference value b. Value of controlled variable oscilliates near a set point.

c. Values revolve around the mean d. Positive feedback stabilized system 58. All are true about polio virus Except: a. Type I is responsible for most epidemics b. Very difficult to eliminate type I c. Type I responsible for vaccine induced paralytic polio myelitis d. Type I most commonly associated with paralysis A middle aged male comes to the outer patient department (OPD) with the only complaint of hoarseness of voice for the past 2 years. He has ben a chronic smoker for 30 years. On examination, a reddish area of mucosal irregularity overlying a portion of bo a. Cessation of smoking b. Bilateral cordectomy c. Microlaryngeal surgery for biopsy d. Regular follow-up 60. All of the following features are seen in asbestosis except: a. Diffuse pulmonary interstital finbrosis b. Fibrous pleural thickening c. Emphysema d. Calcific pleural plaques 61. The protein rich in basic amino acids, which functions in the packaging of DNA in chromosomes is: a. Histone b. Collagen c. Hyaluronic acid binding protein d. Fibrinogen 62. During cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intravenous calcium gluconate is indicated under all of the following circumstances except:

a. After 1 mm of arrest routinely

b. Hypocalcemia c. Calcium channel blockers toxicity d. Electromechanical dissociation 63. At the physiological ph, the DNA molecules are: a. Positively charged b. Negatively charged c. Neutral d. Amphipathic 64. In fractures of the medial epicondyle of the humerus, the nerve most likely to be injured is a. Ulnar b. Median c. Medical cutaneous nerve of forearm d. Radial 65. The radial nerve gives off the following muscular branches in the arm except to a. Long head of triceps b. Brachialis c. Lateral head of triceps d. Anconeus 66. Which one of the following is the earliest radiographic of childhood leukemia? a. Radiolucent transverse metaphyseal bands b. Diffuse demineralization of bones c. Osteoblastic lesions in skull d. Parenchymal pulmonary lesions on chest films 67. A 50 year old man presented with orbital mass. Systemic examination revealed anaemia and investigations revealed hypergammaglobulinemia. The patient should be investigated to rule out:

a. Squamous cell carcinoma b. Optic nerve glioma c. Multiple myeloma

d. Malignant melanoma 68. Most diagnostic of DIC ( disseminated intravascular coagultion) is: a. Raised PT b. Raised PTT c. Raised Bleeding time d. d-Dimer assay The organism causing destruction of skin grafts is a. Streptococcus b. Staphylococcus c. Pseudomonas d. Clostridium 70. Commonest type of Dysfunctional uterine bleeding a. Secretory b. Proliferative c. Hyperplastic d. Mixed 71. All the following are seen in Multiple meyeloma except: a. Visual Disturbance b. Bleeding tendency c. Proterinuria d. Dystrophic calcification 72. Zero order kinetics are seen in all except a. Salicylate b. Atenolol c. Barbiturates d. Ethanol 73. Where is ciliary ganglion located in the orbit a. Between optic nerve and lacteral rectus

b. Apex of orbit c. Apex of orbit and superior rectus

d. Apex of orbit between optic nerve and lateral rectusa. 74. The following pathogen does not satisfy aKoch's postulatesa. a. Bacillus anthrax b. Mycobacterium tuberculosis c. Clostridium tetani d. Lepra bacilli 75. Best method of skin disinfectant is a. Spirit b. 100% alcohol c. Tincture iodine d. Cetrimide 76. Following transmit drug resistance except a. RTF b. Plasmids c. Hfr d. Chromosome 77. Test for thalassemia trait a. HbA2 b. Hb F c. Fragility test d. Coombs test 78. The true statement regarding acute lymphatic leukemia is a. cALL antigen present b. Tdt absent c. Gamma globulins on cell surface d. 8-14 translocation

The membrane attack complex formed by the complement cascade

is a. lipid insoluble

b. capable of lysing cells. c. a complement fragment

d. formed only in the classical complement pathway. 80. Chronic salpingitis is considered to be significant condition predisposing to a. Ectopic pregnancy b. Carcinoma of the cervix c. Leiomyomata d. Cystic hyperplasia of the endometrium 81. Laminin is present in a. Lens b. Basement membrane c. Liver d. Lungs 82. First pass metabolism is low in following, EXCEPT a. Verapamil b. Phenobarbitone c. Sulindac d. Thiopentone 83. True statement regarding first order kinetics is a. Independent of plasma concentration b. A constant proportion of plasma concentration is eliminated c. Half-life increases with dose d. Clearance decreased with dose 84. 'Scalloping' of the edge of sigmoid colon on barium enema seen in a. Diverticulosis b. Ulcerative colitis c. Carcinoma colon d. Pneumatosis intestinalis 85. Free air under the diaphragm may be seen in all except a. Uncomplicated intestinal obstruction

b. Immediate post operative period c. Bowel perforation

d. Peritoneal dialysis 86. Micrturating cystourethrogram is not used in a. Renal tumours b. Hyderonephrosis c. Urinary obstruction d. Recurrent UTI 87. Which of the following causes photosensitivity a. Imipramine b. Chloromycetin c. Demechlortetracycline d. Erythromycin 88. Acrodermatitis is seen in the deficiency of a. Zinc b. Iron c. Copper d. Vitamin A Treatment of genital wart recommended by WHO is a. Podophyllin(1%) b. Cauterization c. Cryotherapy with Tetracycline ointment d. Cyrotherapy with liquid nitrogen 90. Photosensitivity occurs in following except a. SLE b. Chlorpromazine intake c. Demechloretracycline d. Furacin 91. In frequency distribution tables, the data is grouped according to a. Alphabetical order b. Geographical distribution

c. Physical dimension

d. Class intervals 92. aPharmacogeneticsa means the study of a. DNA recombinant technology b. Genetically determined variations in the response of drugs c. Both of the above d. None of the above 93. In a community, increase in new cases denotes a. Increased incidence rate b. Increased prevalence rate c. Decreased incidence rate d. Decreased prevalence rate 94. Mean and standard deviation can be worked out only if data is on: a. Interval/ratio scale b. Dichotomous scale c. Nominal scale d. Ordinal scale 95. Which of the following is the most common hiatus hernia? a. Sliding oesophgeal hernia b. Rolling hernia c. Pare oesophageal hernia d. Mixed hernia 96. Most common site where gastric ulcer can be malignanT: a. Lesser curvature b. Greater curvature c. Antrum d. Pylorus 97. Cremasteric muscle originates from a. External oblique b. Internal oblique

c. Transverse abdominis d. Latissmuss dorsi

Cyclosporin side effects are all except a. Nephrotoxicity b. Visual hallucinations c. Cortical blindness d. Tremor