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While generating Payroll Periods, you have assigned a Period Parameter 01 (Monthly) and selected the Payday Rule 03 (Add days to the end of period). The number of days field is assigned the value 3. What will be the Pay Day for this Payroll Period? (The start date is 01.04.2011) ( Single Answer) o o o o 03rd April2011 b.27th May 2011 c.03rd May 2011 d.27th April 2011

2. What are the uses of maintaining a Project IMG: o o o o o Create an IMG for each project Maintain project documentation Maintain project management status Maintain cross project documentation None of the above

3. Object Type K corresponds to (Single Answer): o o o o o Work Center Plant Cost Center Budgets Qualification Group

4. A position in Organization Managemento o o o o Can be occupied by more than one person Positions are concrete and are occupied by holders A position cannot be occupied by more than one person Are denoted by Object Type P Are denoted by Object Type S

5. The following HR processes are incorporated in ESS as workflows: o o o o o 6. SAP Time o o o o o Hiring Action Leave Approvals Pay scale Reclassifications CATS Change of Address Management provides various systems and methods for Time Recording. They are: Cross Application Time Sheet Front End Time Recording Systems ESS Customer specific System with interface to SAP Time Administrators

7. Time administrator enters time for individual employee as groups. They require time different entry screen for individual and groups of employee. Which views are available in time managers work?

o o o o

Team viewer, one day view and details maintain. Multiday, multi person and one day viewer. Default maintain, expert mode and multi person. Expert mode, team viewer and detail maintain

8. Which component of SAP Netweaver ensures companywide unification data information in heterogeneous it environment?

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Master data Management. Enterprise Portal. Business Warehouse Knowledge Management

9. What is the purpose of IT0001?

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It stores employees dated text document. It stores the calculate length of service from date of hire. It stores the employee supervisor. It stores value for additional authorization check

10. What are the four main areas in hierarchy frame work in PPOME in organization and staffing?

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Object area, tool area, overview area, infotype area. Search area, selection area, overview area, detail area. Tools area, search area, overview area, details area. Menu area, object area, overview area, infotype area.

11. What is the infrastructure called that support core business info subcomponents including people integration, process integration and application platform

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a\sap business process management b\ sap exchange infrastructure c\ sap Netweaver d\sap web as

12. What does the payroll area assigned on IT 0001 determine for an employee o o o o a\ pay frequency and paid holiday b\ pay holiday and paid data c\ pay data and paid frequency d\ payroll schema of period parameters

13. what are component of talent management in sap erp 0.6 o o o o a\ person cost planning b\ sap e recruitment c\ career planning d\ performance management

14. A Customer asks you about the different hcm solution available on sap Note : 3 options correct

o o o o o

a\ end user service delivery b\ task and resource management c\ capacity planning d\ talent management e\ sap work force process management

15. The object manager in org & staffing? Note : Single Option o o o Use the search function Generate reports using selection Provide details information

16. This of the following is a GENERALISED description of a business event... o o o o o Business Event grp BE type BE Date Business event class , Business event category 17. What are the various components of Objective setting and appraisal? o o o o Appraisal Templates Appraisal Models Part appraisal Development activities

18. What are the pre requisites for MDT? ( 3 correct answers ) o o o o o Should have Should have Positions Should have Should have Should have maintained an Org Structure in a valid Organization Plan created Communication IT105 for a user and assigned the person to Chief assigned a position to the Chief defined the authorizations for managers to do changes employee data defined an evaluation path

19. What is the infotype that does not have a start date and an end date but has only the date of origin (Single Option) o o o o 0008 Basic Pay 0015 Additional Payments 0003 Payroll Status 0014 Recurring Payment

20. A company has hired an employee to a vacant position which infotypes are affected in this regard? ( 2 answers are correct) o o o 1011 work schedule infotype affects 0007 1013 infotype affect the organization assignment infotype 1005 planned compensation infotype affect basic pay infotype

21. What is right with regards to Enterprise Portal? ( 2 Correct answers ) o o o ESS & MSS have different target audiences. Therefore they have different navigation and design in MySAP ERP 2005 Through ESS employees can have authorization to perform certain changes to their records eg: Personal Data, Address Enterprise Portal is single point of access for all application and systems

22. What is correct with respect to Job & Position? [ 2 Correct Answers ] o A job can be vacant o A person is assigned to job o A job is created only once in a company o A position can be vacant or partially filled 23. Which is true w.r.t Global Employment [ 2 answers correct ] o o o Each employee can have several personnel assignments in the same org unit. A personnel employment outlines the activities that are performed by person during global assignment and additional features it is same as personnel number. The compensation package is created using IT0706

24. In order to perform standardized and formalized employee evaluation what is true with regards to this o Personal Cost Planning o Simulations o Applicant activity o Appraisal Process 25. The Organizational Key is used for which of the following? o o o To provide a link to Organizational Unit in the Personnel Planning and Development Component (PD) when integration is active To define additional authorization checks To group administrators together in on Org Key

To provide a link to the Cost Center when the integration with PD is not active

26. Which of the following are groupings for Employee Subgroups? o o o o o Primary Wage Types Personnel Calculation Rule Administrators Collective Agreement Provision (CAP) Model Wage Types

27. Which of the following statements for Indirect valuation are true o o o o SUMME & PRZNT can valuate WTs based on % of another WT TARIF B is for pay scale grp and level without specified WT TARIF D is for pay scale group or level Ind valuation module shd be determined during configuration of WT characteristics

28. LGMST Feature: o o o o Manually entered by user Defines default wage types in IT 0008 Return values for default wage types in base w.t table It is valuated Indirectly

29. If a mgr wants a report based on org unit and few other parameters such as employee name and contact list, what is the quickest method for manager to generate report o Std report, o HIS, o SAP query, o ADhoc quey, o info menu 30. What statements are valid for Infogroups o o o o are static menus they are user dependent are sequences of Its used for personnel actions are special programmed screens for running additional actions

31. If there are 2 groups of employees whose salaries are paid weekly and bi-weekly on Thursday and also if the salary for some of the bi-weekly salaried persons is paid on subsequent Thursday, how many pay roll areas do you require? o 1 o 2 o 3 o 4 32. Logical collection of data fields is called. o o o o Transaction Infoset Infotype Infogroup

33. There are 2 administrators and they can change the master data pertaining to the Org unit they belong. However, each administrator can change the data pertaining to a particular Emp Sub Group only. How do u set the authorization for this situation? o Using Feature ABKRS o Using feature PINCH o Using TMW o Using Org.Key o 34. Features are used for. (T/F) o o o o settings default values system control generate auto mails executing project IMG

35. What is it that queries the data fields and comes up with a return value? o Feature, o Rule , o Infogroup , o Infoset

36. The integration switch between OA & PA is o PLOGI ORGA o PLOGI QUALI o PLOGI PLOGI o 37. If Mr. Y from HR Dept wants to generate a report with the following fields Emp num , EMp name , pers area, position, payroll area, building number, birthday , marital status and filter the above as per company code then what he should do? (T/F) o o o Go to standard reports and generate from reports under Personnel Admin Go to std reports but ask for user exits to generate report with fields from IT0001 Go to Adhoc query and generate report by choosing required selection and output fields. Use SAP Query to generate report Use HIS to generate report by choosing reports from PA only.

o o o 38. A customer wants to pay a certain bonus to all employees that ranges from 2 - 5 percent, how can one do that? o Using PRZNT o Using SUMME & PRZNT o USING TARIF o Using Fast Entry o 39. What is the correct payroll process as per SAP? o o o Release- start-check-corrections-exit Release-start-corrections-exit-check Simulation -Release Corrections Exit

40. What are the advantages of SAP Solution manager to Integrate the modern SAP SOLUTIONS? o Faster Internet access o Optimal Access o Faster Implementation o Faster resolution o Optimal Support for Operations o 41. Please select the correct combination of ASAP Methodology o o o o Blue Blush, Go live , Support and Preparation Project preparations, Gap Analysis, Configuration, Go-Live Documentations, Golive Support and Preparation Project Documentation, Blue Print,Realization, Go live and Final Preparation

42. Which Solutions are included in SAP ERP? o Mobile Solution o SAP Business OPbjects o Self service Procurement o MSS/ESS o SAP E-recruiting 43. Qualification becomes a requirement when it is assigned to o Task, Position, Person o Job, Position, person o Job, position, Work centre, o Position person, task

44. In transaction PPOME you can choose diff views of objects in the organisation structure like reporting, task assignment. How is this accomplished in the structure o a. GO TO button o b. Column configuration o c. appropriate search tools o d. By adding diff profiles to yo user parameter SU3 o 45. What is true with respect to a Payroll Area: Note: 3 are correct o a. Payroll area is based on the category of employees. For Example: Management Staff in Payroll Area A and Workmen in Payroll Area B. o b. Payroll Area is used to group together employees for whom Payroll is run at the same time. o c. Payroll Area is used as a selection criterion for many payroll processes. o d. Payroll Area can be defaulted in Organizational Assignment Infotype using feature

e. There can only be one Payroll Area for an Organization.

46. Which of the following is correct w.r.t. control record Note: 2 are correct o Master data and time data are not locked during the PY process. o Co-ordinates the different stages of payroll. o c. Earliest possible retroactive accounting date for each PY area can be defined using control record. o d. A control record is not mandatory for every PY area o 47. Infotypes can be maintained by which of the following ways Note: 2 are correct o Fast entry o Infoset query o Personnel actions o Infocube objects

48. Which of the below illustrates the characteristics of a wage type? Note: 2 are correct o Rounding rules o Permissibility check o Counting rules o Input combination
49. A company has appointed two time administrators and 1 time admin does the job of time entry and time evaluation and other will do only time entry. What are the possible ways you have to assign this is to the administrators? Note: 3 are correct o o o o Create two different profiles for them, copy the standard profiles and modify them to suit your requirements. Assign the user profile to the IMG and if required you can modify the layout of the screen areas in the IMG activity of the same name. Determine which tasks the admins need to carry out using the TMW profiles and which combination of definition set/subset for time data IDs are to be used by the application. Modifying the individual screen areas of the TMW to match the requirements of your time admins is not possible. 50. Infotypes used for indirect valuation are Note: 2 are correct o o o o IT 1008 IT 0014 IT 0019 IT 0015