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Change Management Plan

The implementation of a Change Management Plan (CMP) is a key contributing factor to the success of PJ Enterprises' Customer-Focused Operator Training project. The CMP lays out the systematic process in which changes will be considered, decided upon, and communicated to the project team and stakeholders. Purposes of the CMP include : protect the integrity of the project's scope, ensure the quality of the project's deliverables, keep all of the project's team members and stakeholders informed, and provide documentation of the decisions made during the project

Types of Change
Various types of changes can be requested and considered during the course of the project: Schedule Changes that will impact the approved project schedule Budget Changes that will impact the approved budget Deliverable Changes that will impact the approved deliverable(s) Scope Changes that are necessary and will impact the project's scope; may also impact the schedule and budget.

The appropriate document(s) of the Project Plan will need to be updated once a change is approved.

Change Management Process

I. Participants The Project Sponsor, Project Manager, team members, and stakeholders are eligible to submit a change request for consideration. A. Change Control Board The Change Control Board (CCB) is the approval authority for all proposed changes to the project's approved baseline. The purpose of the CCB is to: review all change requests, determine their impacts on the project scope, budget, schedule, risk, or deliverables, and approve or reject the change requests
Change Control Board (CCB) Name Paul Coverstone Bev Vaillancourt Patty David James Kirk Company PJ Enterprises Something Spectacular Something Spectacular PJ Enterprises Position Project Sponsor Project Manager ID Manager Info Systems Manager CCB Role CCB Chair CCB Co-Chair CCB Member CCB Member

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Change Management Plan

The CCB will meet every other Wednesday in-person, and/or via phone or video conference to review all change requests. If a change request is deemed critical, an ad-hoc meeting of the CCB will be set up in order to review the request before the next scheduled bi-weekly meeting. If the CCB finds that there is insufficient information to make a determination on the proposed change's impact, the request will be returned to the requestor for additional information or clarification. For a change request to be approved, all CCB members must vote in favor. B. Responsibilities The following are the roles and responsibilities associated with the change management process of this project: Project Sponsor: II. Approve all changes to budget/funding allocations Approve all changes to schedule baseline Approve any changes in project scope Chair the CCB Receive and log all change requests Conduct preliminary risk, cost, schedule, scope analysis of change prior to CCB Seek clarification from change requestors on any open issues or concerns Make documentation revisions/edits as necessary for all approved changes Participate on CCB Submit all change requests on Change Request Form Provide all applicable information and detail on change request forms Be prepared to address questions regarding any submitted change requests Provide feedback as necessary on impact of proposed changes

Project Manager:

Project Team / Stakeholders

Change Management Docs The change management documents are the tools that will facilitate the process of managing the proposed changes to the project. A. Change Request Form The change request form is the primary project management tool that initiates the change management process, and documents the progress of the proposed change's evaluation and final disposition. The person who identifies the need for a change to the project fills out the form and submits it to the Project Manager.

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Change Management Plan

The following table presents a list of key information to be included on the Change Request Form.
Item Date Requestor's name Requestor contact information Change reference number Priority Change type Description of change Reason for change Alternatives considered Technical changes required Risks to consider Estimate of resources and cost to implement Disposition Justification Approval signatures The CCB's final decision The CCB's reasoning for its decision Description The date the CR was created Name of the person completing the form and who can answer questions regarding the requested change Phone number(s) and email address of requestor Assigned by the Project Manager High, Medium, Low Identifies the type of change: scope, budget, schedule, deliverable Includes description of the change and its impact

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Change Management Plan

B. Change Log The change log is a document that the project team uses to track the various change requests throughout the life of the project. Information from the change request forms are used to complete the change log. The change log is updated with the entry of new change requests, and with a change to the status of existing requests. The following presents a list of key information to be included on the Change Log.
Item Change reference number Submittal date Change type Change description Requestor name Status Person who submitted the Change Request Form Open Deferred Approved Denied Scope, budget, schedule, or deliverable Description Assigned by the Project Manager and recorded on the Change Request Form

Date of final status update Comments Description of why the change request was deferred or denied. May also include other helpful and pertinent information.


Process Flow Description

Step Generate change request (Team member, stakeholder) Log change request (Project Manager) Evaluate the change request (Project Manager, Team, Requestor) Submit change request to CCB (Project Manager) Make decision (CCB) Implement change Description Person who has identified a need for a change will complete a Change Request Form and send it to the Project Manager The Project Manager assigns a reference number to the change request and enters the change request into the Change Log. The project manager will conduct a preliminary analysis of the impact to risk, cost, schedule, scope, and deliverable, and seek clarification from team members and the change requestor. The project manager will submit the change request, as well as the preliminary analysis, to the CCB for review. The CCB will discuss the proposed change and decide whether or not it will be approved based on all submitted information. If a change is approved by the CCB, the project manager will update and re-baseline project documentation as necessary.

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Change Management Plan

Appendix A: Change Request Form

Appendix B: Change Log Template

Resources: CDC Change Management Plan template authored by Daniel Vitek MBA, PMP, 2009 and

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