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1)Once we get the data into the stage table we have to transfer from stage table into Interface

table by using PL/SQL Program Inside this program we write 1)Cursor (to select data from stage table) 2)Validate Data 3)Insert Statement(To Insert Into Interface table. Note:1) If Record is valid record then we will insert into interface table other wise we will insert into Error tables. 2)Before Inserting the Data into Interface tables first we have to understa nd the Interface table structure and we should know waht data is valid and what data is not valid for the all Mandatroy columns. 2)Once the data is Inserted into the Interface table . Then we will submit concu rrent program to transfer the data from interface table to Base Tables. In this Interface Interface table is GL_INTERFACE Mandatroy Columns: ================== 1)STATUS 2)ACCOUNTING_DATE 3)CURRENCY_CODE 4)CREATED_BY 5)CREATION_DATE 6)USER_JE_SOURCE_NAME 7)USER_JE_CATEGORY_NAME 8)ACTUAL_FLAG 9)ENTERED_DR 10)ENTERED_CR 11)GROUP_ID 12)PERIOD_NAME 13)SET_OF_BOOKS_ID 1)Status Column will accept any Data. but we will insert always standard string called "NEW". It means that we are bringing new data into Oracle Applications. 2)ACCOUNTING_DATE : Column will accept valid acc_date as per the accounting Per iods 3)CURRENCY_CODE : from FND_CURRENCIES table we can find out wether CUrrency C ode is valid or Not if Currecny code is available in the Table and enabled it is valid.otherwise Invalid 4)CREATED_BY : IS nothing but UserID we have to find wether USerID is valid or not By using FND_USER table we can find out wether it is valid or not . 5)CREATION_DATE : Should be valid date date should be <= SYSDATE 6)USER_JE_SOURCE_NAME: Valid Source name By using GL_JE_SOURCES table we can find wether valid source o r not.

7)USER_JE_CATEGORY_NAME : Will accept valid cvategory name By using GL_JE_CATEGORIES table we can find out wether valid category or Not. 8)ACTUL_FLAG : This Column will accept single Character Either 'A' 'B' 'E' A=Actuval Amounts B=Budeget Amounts E=Encumbrance Amounts 9)ENTERED_DR 10)ENTERED_CR : Both Columns we accept Numbers Only but same number we have to i nsert into both the columns. Always ENTERED_CR = ENTERED_DR . Otherwise Suspense Account wil l be Created. 11)GROUP_ID : Will accept any Number 12)period_name : Will Accept valid period and that period should be in the Open status By using GL_PERIODS we can find wether Period is there or not GL_PERIOD_STATUSES table we can find wether it is in "O pen" status or Not. 13)SET_OF_BOOKS_ID : This column will accept valid set of Books ID. By using GL_SETS_OF_BOOKS table we can fnd out wether valuid set_of_books_i d or not.