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Sam DeRose

Harvey Mudd College - Claremont, CA

415-250-1749 | |

428 Riviera Dr., San Rafael, CA, 94901

Bachelor of Science, Engineering (mechanical and electrical focus)

Expected May 2016 June 2012

Branson High School - Ross, CA

GPA: 3.7 (senior year GPA: 4.0)

Project Experience
Maker Faire Projects, San Mateo, CA The Viper September 2011-May 2012 A 2-axis, 360, immersive flight simulator experience, the most elaborate of 5 Maker Faire projects. I designed & built: mounts & couplings for two 1 horsepower motors; custom jet-themed interior; custom instrument panel with integrated LEDs, buttons, and three touch-screens. Collaborated with two mechanical engineers to design 700 lb. motion platform. Helped manage our team of 15 people to complete project by deadline. Personal Projects, San Rafael, CA Aluminum Scooter September 2012 - May 2013 Modeled scooter in SolidWorks to refine dimensions and design folding mechanism. Machined aluminum parts on a mill and lathe. Taught myself TIG in order to weld several joints. Kitchen Knife August 2012 Shaped steel with a cutoff-wheel on an angle grinder. Sanded blade to an edge with a belt sander. Formed handle out of bubinga (an exotic African rosewood) and weighted it with lead-filled cavities. 1965 Mustang Restoration September 2009 - current Re-built the engine bay and completely replaced the interior. Planning on repainting this summer.

Work Experience
Internship,, San Francisco, CA June - August 2013 Created over 400 collections to boost the websites presence in google searches. Collaborated with other interns to design several new contests for the website. Published new content for the website by working in Autodesks machine shop and at home in my garage workshop. Wrote 17 posts on everything from healthy breakfast recipes to replica movie props. Exhibit Design/Fabrication Internship, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA June - July 2011 Fresnel absorption-line exhibit - displayed the suns atmospheres absorption spectrum. Helped design & build parabolic mirrors using CNC router and polished stainless steel. Provided insight for a more efficient method of collimating light rays onto the diffraction grating. Refurbishing AM radio exhibit - demonstrated the circuitry of a simple AM radio. Redesigned the layout of the radio components to better aid understanding of the exhibit. Refurbished the inductor and capacitor in the exhibit, laser cut a new display platform for each element of the exhibit.

Relevant Skills
Woodworking: Proficient in a range from rough construction to fine furniture making. Experience with all woodworking tools / saws. Metalworking: MIG, oxy-cutting, mills and lathes, heat treating, all typical saws, shears, and brakes. Plastics: Acrylic, silicon molds, urethane and epoxy resins, fiberglass, vacuum forming. General Crafts: Fabrics, sewing, 3D-printing, laser cutting, cooking, baking. Electronics / Software: Basic components (resistors, LEDs, etc), most of the basic ICs (latches, timers), EL-wire, Arduino hardware and software, Python, MatLab, SolidWorks.