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Hiden sounds of alphabet are not in the books

The alphabet sounds that we read within the books of school from the instructors
are not met to our need and requirement of expression. Many other sounds that we
do not read within the school are hiden in the alphabet. We second use them
naturally at our needs to many situations and places of ocusions. The poetry, sing
a song and streat talks lead us toward these hiden sounds. These hiden sounds are
not in the books or teacher never has been talked or indicates. It is an aspect
and the demonds sensative and requires serious attention of search of deep worry
and annotation written for the language learners

The prose and the poetry have quitely various ways and draft of experessions.
These differences have had the much cause. Like:
• The poetry depends from the tester. The prose is not tester of need
• Sentenzia the figure, the recording and the putting to point of the words are do
not have a small
match one that other poetry can be sung or for it is singing while the prose is
in order only the
reading and communicating:
• The poetry has attitude of potics
• Even the prose poetry lines do not have match with the lines/prose phrases
• In the poetry, use of the poet little words for expression of its sensibility.
• Every poetry line obtains the sweatness or some cronometrano the biterness warm
• The expressions of Potic can be special and completely defferent from prose
• The differeces are found in the sense both type expressions
• The poetry has various language from every other is not a thing of the streat.
The relative ones
demonds are a lot different from prose.
When the poet of the occour of prignency in tension in the pain works the relative
one dilivery. At the times of dilivery the poet cannot be based in people. He
tries solitudine and special atmosphere, in which the coud of dilivery be it is
happened. This job is a job of single man. This is single edition that universe
of dilivery at the time of entire it obtains the room spirit of mind and in the
heart of the poet.
The presentation process is moreover different from the usual talks. As an
1- It can be introduced in the reunions of poets
2- Can be introduced in order to sing. Here it goes in many processes.
3- For the perpose of song music of the requies equilibrium has referred to the
relative lines and tester
4- Can be qouted in the talks for the sport of subject andante
5- It is only for listen but in order not to answer
6- It addresses to the man but is not for some specfics person or persons
Now next to the which of the point I want to express. To the times of
presentention of a poetry or a ghazal style not mach with the talks of the market
or the daily paper. To the times of the song the style will be a lot different
from a naration and can be noticed clearly. When a singer it sings a song, the
sounds (alphabet) must follow music or music must go before the sounds. In or in
the song or the narration, you not ago play ramain second we often it uses or it
has read within the school books. Here it expresses the tone would have to be
different from the tone of the streat of the words of talks. Here sounds originate
lost them alphabet.
Like this, music moreover makes the differences in the prescribed sounds of the
school books. Music has relative own alphabets. When music obtains the place and
has enterence alphabet that of the words renders them different alphabet of the
school book. Relative the average, the relative sounds of alphabet of the school
book are transformed in seprate with the sounds alphabet of the poetry words.
Not a moment but always languages prose or poetry that, rests beginning from one
and an other. In spite of this fact that we understand the poetry language these
are two languages through all means. Lingustics would have must examine this
matter that wheter the sounds of the alphabets of the book and the sounds of music
and song alphabet is the same one?
Not, not at all?
The relative means:
1. Some other sounds alphabet of the school book is never rests speaking
organ but has not been considered or they do not have uncovered or has included
strict requirement of alphabet of the school book.
2. Some different sounds that they do not have room alphabet of the book has
existence with complete force in the song poetry.
• Alphabet of the book is extensible and here the extention it is necessay for
the best expression.
• Alphabet available of the school book is not enough for the best or some
special expressions.
• The nature and the needs are turned towards man towards those sounds that do
not make part of the school alphabet.