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Development Plans That Deliver

Job Aid Key Concepts

Roles In the Process: Manager / Employee Partnership

It all starts with you. You are the owner and driver of your own career. It is up to you to initiate and follow through on your development plan. Your manager and the organization play a key role in supporting and enabling development. By providing feedback, opportunities to develop, guidance and encouragement, management significantly increases the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.

Ideas to Maximize Your Managers Support

Consider the following list and think about the things you could ask your manager to do to best match your needs: Engage you in challenging daily work experiences, such as directing you to challenging assignments, giving you responsibility for a high-impact project, or placing you in situations outside of your comfort zone. Assist you in building an internal network, perhaps by connecting you with influential leaders or pairing you with peers that have complimentary skill sets. Coach and mentor you, providing candid feedback and serving as a sounding board for difficult challenges. Provide opportunities to apply or demonstrate newly learned skills. Help to establish a clear career path by understanding your interests and articulating the knowledge/skills needed to get there.

PDCA of Continuous Development

70:20:10 Learning Model

Development Plans That Deliver

Job Aid Worksheet

Creating your Development Plan Strengths 3 Sets Competencies:

I have the most impact on the business when I ___________. If I did more of _________________, Id increase my impact on the business. Skills that have most contributed to my success are _________________. People seek me out when they need _______________. Im consistently told I am good at ______________________.

To do my job well, I need to be better at _________________. If I improved ______________, Id fix an ongoing problem. Ive been consistently told I need to improve _________________________. In my likely next roles, Ill need to get better at ______________________. A critical skill missing on my team is __________________.

Competency Themes:

Enter into eLDR as STRENGTHS.

Which 1-2 themes most greatly impact my current/future role goals?

Note: Can enter Development Needs into eLDR.

Primary Development Approach:

Note: A blend of 70-20-10 is preferred. For specific actions in the 70-20-10 areas by competency, refer to the Development Toolkit.

Do I have the skills and simply need the opportunity to demonstrate them? Do I need the opportunity to practice and strengthen my skills? Do I need to better understand the requirements and/or the gap? Could I close the gap by increasing exposure to experts? Do I have the basic knowledge and have very specific gaps to close? Is this a skill/capability I have little understanding or knowledge about? Is this a highly-technical skill requiring specialized training?

Identify EXPERIENCE actions.

Identify EXPOSURE actions.

Identify EDUCATION actions.

Test Your Plan:

To test your plan, answer the following questions

What is the specific behavior Im looking to change What will I be able to do or do better if I complete this action? How / Who will measure or assess this improvement and when? What positive impact will this have on my performance/next role readiness?