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Entry No. Group Name AML120 Materials Science Quiz 1 Aug.

23, 2011 Time 20 mins A Please write the letter (A, B, C or D) corresponding to the correct answer in the box. No points for overwritten or ambiguous answers. To change an answer simply cancel the old answer and write the new one. You may use the other side of the sheet for rough work. 1 The configurational entropy of a system is given by Boltzmanns equation S=k ln W. In this expression W D stands for (A) Work done (B) Number of atomic configurations (C) Enthalpy (D) Entropy 2 The activation barrier of a reaction is the energy difference between B (A) Reactants and products (B) reactants and activated complex (C) Activated complex and products 3 The slope of free energy vs. temperature at a constant pressure is equal to D (A) Enthalpy (B) ve of enthalpy (C) Entropy (D) ve of entropy 4 If a reaction follows the Arrhenius rate law then which of the following plot results in a straight line ( r C stands for rate and T for temperature) (A) r vs. T (B) r vs. 1/T (C) ln r vs. 1/T (D) ln r vs. ln (1/T) 5 The distance of second nearest neighbor from a given lattice point to another lattice point in an FCC lattice A of lattice parameter a is given by (A) a (B) a/2 (C) 2 a (D) 3 a 6 An orthorhombic crystal system is defined as one having B (A) a unit cell shape (B) A set of three 2-fold axes (C) a unit cell shape (D) One 4-fold axis 7 Consider a simple cubic lattice. Add additional points on the middle of the edges of each unit cell. We D now have something which can be called as an edge -centred lattice. The reason why such a lattice is not included in the Bravais list is that the set of points (A) form a triclinic lattice (B) do not have cubic symmetry (C) form a simple tetragonal lattice (D) do not form a lattice 8 The number of Bravais lattices for which you saw the unit cell models in Exeriment 1 is A (A) 11 (B) 12 (C) 13 (D) 14 9 All body diagonals of a cubic unit cell are given by C (D) [111] (A) {111} (B) (111) (C) 10 A body diagonal in a tetragonal unit cell with c/a=2 is given by A (A) [112] (B) [111] (C) (111) (D) {111} 11 The members of the family {100} in a tetragonal system are B (A) (100), (010), (001) (B) (100), (010) (C) (100) (D) (100), (010) 12 Which point (A, B, C or D) is the correct origin for the plane BDEFto be C ? E z F D y A

x B D

13 14


The indices of the first reflection from a monatomic BCC crystal is (A) (100) (B) (110) (C) (111) (D) (200) The output from a diffractometer is a plot of intensity vs. 2 . This 2 is the angle between (A) The incident beam and the plane (B) the incident beam and the plane normal (C) the diffracted beam and the plane normal (D) the transmitted beam and the diffracted beam For x-ray diffraction from a cubic crystal sin2 is proportional to (A) (B) (C) (D)