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Have you tried meditations, chants, and manifestations to connect to your Higher Self that have failed to work?

Are you hoping to understand what ascension is a nd why it matters to your spiritual evolution? Are you wanting to embody your tr ue Self? This video explains what the Higher Self is and the multiple dimensions of consc iousness where your Higher Self, the Soul, OverSoul, Avatar, and Rishi reside. D NA Activation is the most effective method for creating that permanent connectio n to your Higher Self. Earth and humans are in the midst of what is called a Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. SAC's are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological ascension is accelerated. W hen you embody your Higher Self, you experience ascension. Toby Alexander and his wife Ivonne Delaflor Alexander developed this protocol th at I use for DNA Activation, which is based in sacred geometrical codes and comm ands. In the video, I explain how DNA Activation activates 10 etheric strands to embod y your Higher Self. There are 7 chakras in the physical body as well as 8 morpho genetic chakras. The cones represented in the animation for chakras 8 and 9 demo nstrate the entry and exit points of the morphogenetic chakras that pass through the skull. A special thanks to Dimitri from Greece, also known as chaosbringer99, for his f emale and male body type drawings used in the animations. He is a true talent. Y ou can check out his work at When you connect to your Higher Self, you also experience self actualization, se lf mastery, healthier relationships, abundance, self love, happiness, and truth. For more information, go to

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freedom from poor relationships low frequency high frequency new opportunity self love unconditional love omni love divine love chakras Sanskrit Morphogenetic pineal gland Toby Alexander Ivonne Delaflor Alexander YOT itu all about passion. But i cant live out of my passion, i can but then i w ont be rich. Go walk away As the sad drunk that you are now Dismay- it comes in vein It's a torture by design One bloodline If I had hands Hands of a man I'd carve out all of my convictions In this path of stone Wait and Fall? (We Fall) That is the legacy you've instilled in me To be pushed and pulled I swear never again never defend What you are I built a city on ashes To rise above the flames 'cause when timing meant everything You lit a match and walked away The perfect breed Is what lies beneath An unspeakable seed that is growing inside me Please! Just rip it out of me 'cause I said never again never defend What you are I built a city on ashes To rise above the flames 'cause when timing meant everything You lit a match and walked away A part of you is a monster, you're not just flesh and bone Your humanity died when you broke this home I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL Time will tell us if we can be saved

I search within myself to find a way To redirect the blame But in the heart of my father its placed I built a city on ashes To rise above the flames 'cause when timing meant everything You lit a match and walked away Father you are the failure that I see You are the monster inside me