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Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) Quick Guide

Delivering Third-Party Originated Mortgages
This document provides guidance for delivering mortgages originated by a third-party. A third-party origination is defined as any mortgage that is completely or partially originated, processed, underwritten, packaged, funded, or closed by an entity other than the lender that sells the mortgage to Fannie Mae, such as a mortgage broker or correspondent. Fannie Mae does not consider a mortgage that is originated and/or funded by a lender’s parent, affiliate, or subsidiary to be a third-party origination unless they use the services of a mortgage broker or loan correspondent to perform some or all of the loan origination functions. The lender is responsible for ensuring that any mortgages that are originated and processed by third parties and sold to Fannie Mae, meet Fannie Mae’s eligibility criteria and are originated in a sound manner (see D1-1-02, Lender QC Process and A3-2-02, Responsible Lending Practices). Special Feature Codes (SFCs) are required at delivery for third-party mortgage loans (see Special Feature Codes). Guidelines for SFCs and New Required Fields The table below provides guidance on SFC requirements when delivering third-party originated mortgage loans. Lenders need to deliver the Loan Originator and Automated Underwriting System drop-down values (or “enumerations”) and SFCs. Edits exist in Loan Delivery to ensure the appropriate SFCs are delivered based on the field values provided. Loan Delivery has a limit of six SFCs per loan. If you need to report more than six SFCs for a particular loan, contact your Fannie Mae representative for providing delivery assistance in delivering SFCs. How to Use the Table The field values depicted in green in the table indicate that an associated SFC must be provided at delivery based on the drop-down selection value. Guidance Loan Delivery Drop-Down Value Desktop Underwriter Special Feature Code (2*) SFC 127 – Desktop Underwriter Loan (Seller Submitted to DU) (Whole Loan and MBS) SFC 214 – Desktop Underwriter Loan (Seller Did Not Submit to DU) (Whole Loan and MBS) Note: SFC 211 or 212 is also required if the loan is a third-party originated loan. No SFC required SFC 212 – Broker Third-Party Origination SFC 211 – Correspondent Third-Party Origination No SFC required

ULDD Sort ID 326

Field Name in Loan Delivery Automated Underwriting System (3*)


Loan Originator (1*)

Other Broker Correspondent Lender

Note: There may be other applicable SFCs – please refer to your Master Agreement. *Designates the highlighted fleld number in Loan Delivery illustration. SFC values should be entered in the highlighted number 2 field.

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