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The Conference upon the Near East and Africa Author(s): George Trumbull Ladd Source: The Journal

of Race Development, Vol. 1, No. 2 (Oct., 1910), p. 254 Published by: Stable URL: . Accessed: 04/10/2013 02:06
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A Conference sity, Survey United Embassy upon October upon 4th to the Near 8th. The East and Africa was held at Clark Univer? were addresses delivered: "A following " James L. Barton, D.D. and the Situation," ; Turkey of the American Brown, Philip formerly Secretary "Some New Ideals in the Work of Foreign years Asia," "Extra?

of the Turkish

Hon. States," at Constantinople; the Faith of


G. Stanley Hall, LL.D. ; "The Effect of the Turkish Revolution

Islam," College, George Washburn, of Robert Constantinople; Professorin LL.D., Albert Bushnell Experiences of Aintab, in Yale Ph.D.; LL.D., "Persia for twenty-five and Central

A. V. Williams territoriality vard University; Work," F. D.

Jackson, in Turkey," "Personal Shepard,

Columbia University; in Har? Professor Hart, LL.D., in Turkish and Relief Massacres Turkey; "Physical Environment


as a Factor
Ph.D., Factor," M. M.

in the Present Condition

W. Tyler, "Albania, of Bahrein,


of Turkey," Ellsworth Huntington, ''

the Determinant ; Bulgaria, of the Eagle the Land People,"


Morris H. Turk; "The Political

Zwemer, D.D., F.R.G.S.,

and Social Situation

Arabia (readby Ancient

in Arabia,"


P. Turner)


and Disintegrating


in the Social and National

Nestorian "The E. W. McDowell;


of Egypt," R. Charles its Present Influence

Watson, D.D.; in Kurdistan,"



ishRevolution and its Aftermath" and "Education in the Turkish Empire," Howard S. Bliss, D.D., President of the Syrian Protestant College, Beirut;
' 'American College, Herbert "Tripoli Relations in Turkey," T. Dutton, Samuel in Teachers Professor "The Sudan: and To-morrow," University; To-day L. Bridgman, author of "The Sudan-Africa from Sea to Center"; in Barbary," W. Charles "The Furlong, F.R.G.S.; Diplomatic of Morocco," Talcott Editor of the Philadelphia Williams, LL.D., Education Columbia

"The Contribution of the Negro to Human Alexander Press; Civilization," F. Chamberlain, in Clark Assistant-Professor Ph.D., "Dy? University; namic in the Liberian Factors W. Ellis, for Situation," F.R.G.S., George of the American in Monrovia, years eight Secretary Legation Liberia; "The sioner a Bassa United States and to Liberia; "The native ; "Economic Liberia," Hinterland Emmett J. Scott, American Commis? of Liberia," Rev. P. Clinton, Lewis in Tropical Africa since Explorations," of the Association of American Geog?

Progress C. Adams, President recently "The Geographical Factors in the Development of South Africa," raphers; W. M. Davis, in Harvard Professor "The Sc.D., University; Portuguese of Angola Missions and Congo," Rev. C. J. Rooney, Pro? C.S.Sp., recently of the Portuguese curator-General "The Congo Free State Angola Missions; and Congo Frederick in the Uni? Associate-Professor Beige," Starr, Sc.D., of Chicago; "Present in the Congo," Conditions W. L. Ferguson, versity Cyrus Chairman D.D., "Political and of Durban, The fifteen dresses were of Social the Baptist Conditions of the Missionary among African the Commission Zulus," to the Congo; M.D., Forbes. the ad? J. B. McCord, Allen Edgar attended Two all of the of the others and

Natal; sessions listened

"France's to with

Conference great and

Empire," were well interest. nearly

in this issue printed in following numbers.

of the Joubnal,

are papers will appear

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