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Peg Seitz October, 2013

Back Home in Cameroon!!!

There was a time not many months ago when my return to Cameroon seemed nearly impossible. Look what God has done! I would say the best way to describe my arrival is Hit the ground running! As week after arriving we headed to Oku for the dedication of the Oku New Testament. Difficult road conditions caused us to miss the first part, but at least I know I can still drive here. The next day the Bamenda Regional Training Center (BRTC) was dedicated to Gods glory and the work of translation. As I shared with the crowd there, God will use this center to bring our Cameroonian brothers and sisters to Himself so that they will have the peace and love I have experienced over the past year or more. Shown below is most of my WA team in Cameroon. Wow!

Front from the left: Mary Santos Sandi Roach Peg Seitz Derick Nsanyui Terri Pearson Janelle Lonbeck Gaston Kingue Nathaniel Kingue Jonathan Kingue Back row from left: Steve Santos Bob Lane Karen Merry Deborah Bartow* Char Bruder Holly Emmerich Barb Lane Tony Westrate Shelly Kingue Present, Not pictured: Sulee Kindle Jesse Paulsen

*My friend Deborah Bartow serves at Vice President of Recruiting for WA in Orlando.

Photo Journal of Trip to Oku, Bamenda and Limbe A Dozen of Favorite Shots So Far

Photo 1: Meat on a stick in Makenene Photo 4: BRTC decorated for event. Photo 7: My new basket bought en route. Photo 9: Sunset at Tsaben Beach, Limbe.

Photo 2: Oku New Testaments arrive. Photo 5: Reading Gods Word in 4 languages. Photo 8: Partners table with OneBook & others. Photo 11: Deborah & me in the water.

Photo 3: Lake Oku Photo 6: Bamenda Baptist Choir Photo 8: Limbe black sand beach. Photo 12: Tsabel Hotel room.

Planning for the WA Africa Area Conference

As I transition back to my role of Program Manager for Cameroon and Chad, I will also retain the duties of Director of Administration for WA Africa Region. One of those duties is to plan for the spring WA Africa Area Conference. This was the primary reason for our side trip to Limb although having some fun was also on the agenda! Deborah, Holly and I were able to visit two potential venues for the conference. Data I collected has been sent on to my director, and Im anxiously waiting to hear whether Cameroon will be selected as the site for the conference.

Upcoming Weeks Prayer Items

This coming week I look forward to meeting again with Efi Tembon, the General Director of CABTAL. There are a number of potential construction projects being discussed, and I need Efis help in determining the priorities. In addition, we will be discussing some components of the ELL (English Language Learning) program that may be set up for Cameroon. Please pray for Gods wisdom as we decide how to allocate limited funds to unlimited needs. Since Ive arrived, Internet has NOT been good. Those of you who know me well realize that I need good Internet both for my job and to keep in touch with all of you. I plan a trip to the office of our vendor to see what can be done to increase our bandwidth. With the addition of a real phone (!) which operates over the Internet, its even more important to have dependable service. Please pray for a good reception and good communication with the CreoLink personnel. Derick will likely go with me to help with translation into French as needed.

Support Needs
Thanks to all of you for helping with the extra funds needed for travel costs. My plane ticket and visa were completely covered by your generosity. Unfortunately, my monthly support is still a bit low which has resulted in a red balance in my ministry fund. (My leaders frown on red balances as you can imagine.) If you have been thinking about supporting me, please follow Gods leading in this. I have no doubt that God wants me in Cameroon why else would He have healed me? Therefore I also have no doubt that He is going to provide for my needs. Maybe He is going to use more of you to do this. For those who are already giving: THANK YOU! And many thanks to all who have prayed for me over the past difficult months which have now turned into the present WONDERFUL months. God bless you all.

Please keep in touch I miss you.

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