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Curriculum Vita Jerry Kroth Education Ph.D.

Florida State University; counseling and psychology, emphasis in psychodiagnosis, counselor education, school psychology, 1966-1969. M.A. University of Detroit; psychology; 1963-1965 B.A. University of Michigan; psychology; 1959-1963 Experience Associate Professor Emeritus, Graduate Division, Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University (present) Associate Professor (tenure); Graduate Division of Counseling Psychology and Education, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA; teaching includes psychopathology, group process, research methods, theories of psychotherapy, dreamwork and depth psychology. 1974-2011 Assistant Professor; Department of Counseling Psychology, Ball State University; duties included teaching graduate course in European program: theories of psychotherapy, techniques, group process, vocational theory, psychopathology, psychometrics, theories of personality. 1970-1972. School Psychologist-diagnostician; Downriver Learning Disability Center, Wyandotte, Michigan, Title III ESEA project. Evaluation of learning disabled children using perceptual-motor, psycholinguistic, personality, intelligence and other evaluative devices; diagnostic and prescriptive process; 1969-1970. Teacher; Anglo-American School of Moscow (1965-66), St. Mary of Wayne School (1964-1965), St. Philomena School (1963-1964). Memberships and Professional Organizations American Personnel and Guidance Association, 1969-1971 American College Personnel Association, 1969-1970 International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, 19781980 National Council on Family Relations, 1979 Institute for Psychohistory, 1983-1987; 1988-present. Institute for Collective Behavior and Memory, 1983-1987 Association for the Study of Dreams, 1988 National Popular Culture Association, 1988-89 Professional Licenses Held Licensed Marriage-Family-Child Therapist, State of California, 1976present

School Psychologist (Pupil Personnel Credential), State of California, 1975present. Certified Psychologist, State of Michigan, 1973- present. School Psychologist, Life Certificate, Rank I, State of Florida, 1972- present. Academic Honors and Awards National Institute of Mental Health Traineeship, 1966-1967. Harris Foundation Award for textbook development in learning handicaps, 1969. Certificate of Honor in Psychohistory, Institute of Psychohistory, 1983 Presidential Research Grant, University of Santa Clara, 1984. University Service Director, Counseling Psychology Programs, Graduate Division, Santa Clara University, Winter, 1986.1991-1992 Rank and Tenure Committee, Graduate Division of Counseling Psychology and Education, Santa Clara University, Chair, 1983-1985; member 198689; 1993-94; 1997 Member, Faculty Senate Council, 1990-1992, 1996-99. Member, University Research Committee, Santa Clara University, 1982-1984; 1986-88; 1994-1996 Member, Counseling Psychology Graduate Programs Committee (program planning, graduate admissions, graduate comprehensive examinations), Santa Clara University 1974-present. Member, Counseling Psychology Faculty Development Committee, 1986-87. Member, Faculty Affairs Board, 1995-96. Publications Publications are organized and presented in the following order: government documents and research, papers presented at national and international conferences, academic papers, book reviews, anthologies or edited texts and books. Government Documents: Kroth, J.A. "CSATP Interim Evaluation", Office of Child Abuse Prevention, Department of Health, Sacramento, California, March 31, 1978. Kroth, J.A. "Evaluation of the Child Sexual Abuse Demonstration and Treatment Program", Office of Child Abuse Prevention, Department of Health, Sacramento, CA June 30, 1978. Papers Presented: Kroth, J.A., Forrest, M. & Hagan, D. "Indices of anxiety: prescription for the counselor." Presented to the National Convention of the American Personnel and Guidance Association, Las Vegas, 1969. Kroth, J.A. & Betwee, M. "Learning disabilities, a medium for educational

facilitation." National Convention of the Association of Supervisors of Curriculum Development (ASCD). San Francisco, 1970 Kroth, J.A. "Impact of family therapy on intrafamilial child sexual abuse." Presented at the International Congress of Child Abuse and Neglect, London, 1978. Kroth, J.A. "Estimating the number of unreported cases of child sexual abuse: a theoretical model." Presented at the International Congress of Child Abuse and Neglect, Amsterdam, 1981. Kroth, J.A. "Recapitulating Jonestown," Presented at the International Convention for Psychohistory, New York, 1983. Kroth, J.A. "Psychohistorical inquiry in Russian national character," International Meeting of the Psychohistory Association, New York, 1984. Kroth, J.A. "Mystery and the eternal in anticipatory dreams: a Jungian approach, "Fifth International Conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams, University of California, Santa Cruz. June, 1988. (Also Chair of a panel presentation on psychic and telepathic dreaming.) Burrows, T. & Kroth, J. A. "The oracle of Orson Welles" Third Annual Conference of the Northern Pacific Popular Culture Association, Spokane, May 1989. Kroth, J.A. "Saloth Sar and the American Shadow," Twelfth Annual International Psychohistorical Association Convention, Hunter College, New York, 1989. Kroth, J.A. "The oracle of the trickster," Thirteenth Annual Convention of the International Psychohistorical Association Convention, City University of New York, 1990. Kroth, J.A. "The Cambodian holocaust, its victims and post traumatic stress disorder, Presented at the Santa Clara University Conference, Collaborating with Families in the 90s, Santa Clara University, October, 1990. Kroth, J.A. Narcissism and denial in electronic news broadcasting, Presented at the International Psychohistorical Association Convention, Hunter College, June, 1991 Kroth, J.A. Sacrifice of Innocents: The oracular dream of Charles Lindbergh, Presented at the International Psychohistorical Association Convention, Hunter College, June 1992. Kroth, J.A. Appeared on KKUP radio for a panel discussion on prejudice (Sept., 1990). Kroth, J.A. Radio interview on KSCU Psych Talk, about Omens and Oracles, July, 1992. Kroth, J.A. A psychoanalytic perspective on the assassination of John F.

Kennedy: psychopathology in the American dream. Paper presented as part of the Symposium: Self, Society and Psychopathology: Division 39 of the American Psychological Association,April 25, 1995 Santa Monica, California Kroth, J.A. Jungian perspectives on the impact of the JFK assassination. Video presentation. International Psychohistorical Association 18th Annual Convention, New York City, June 9, 1995. Kroth, J.A. Shadow and synchronicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. International Psychohistorical Association 19th Annual Convention, Fordham University Law School, New York City, June 9, 1996. Kroth, J.A. Synchronicity and the shadow in the assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Jungian perspective. Santa Clara University Alumni Association Annual meeting, Benson Center, November 15, 1996. Kroth,J.A.The goat suckers (Chupacabras) of Mexico versus the extra terrestrials of Independence Day: Emerging images of Mexican and American shadow figures. International Psychohistorical Association 20th Annual Convention, Fordham University Law School, New York City, June 7, 1997. Kroth, J.A. The Spanish influenza of 1918:Jungian implications. International Psychohistorical Association 21st Annual Convention, Fordham University Law School, New York City, June 5, 1998. Kroth, J.A. Radio interview on Dreamwork on KITS Live, San Francisco 105FM, July 18, 1999. Kroth, J.A. Mary Pinchot Meyer and Monica Lewinsky: The American shadow and its vicissitudes. International Psychohistorical Association 22st Annual Convention, Fordham University Law School, New York City, June 5, 1999. Kroth, J. The Media and child abuse. International Psychohistorical Association 23rd Annual Convention, Fordham University Law School, New York City, June, 3, 2000. Kroth, J. Repetition compulsion: from psychoanalysis to collective behaviorism. International Psychohistorical Association 24th Annual Convention, New York City, June, 2001. Academic Articles & publications Kroth, J.A. Relationship between anxiety and menarcheal onset. Psychological Reports, 1968, 23, 801-802. Kroth, J.A. Effects of posture and anxiety level on effectiveness of free association. Psychological Reports, 1969, 25, 725-726. Kroth, J.A. The analytic couch and response to free association. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, 1970, 7, 206-208.

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