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These are passages from the Beyond Imagination expression that deal with the nature of
consciousness in some manner. They were extracted from the works that flowed forth from
consciousness through me from 1993 - 2003. My hope is that they open your mind and
consciousness to some new possibilities and new experiences. Namaste.

Enjoy. Be Happy and Create Well!


BEYOND IMAGINATION: Creating the Foundations for a New World

What matters is consciousness; awareness and presence in each moment; to achieve each day, in
each moment, what is appropriate for the soul's expression of its purpose in accord with the Plan.

The measure of each day's utility is in the growth of awareness of consciousness that it brings.
All is consciousness. All that is important is consciousness. To be all that one is, and to become
all that one is capable of becoming. Such is "the only end of life" as Stevenson says.

Manage your states in a manner that allows you to experience expanded consciousness as much
as you can. But, when you reach ecstatic states allow them their full course. Come from that
special state of "Whom That You Are" for as long as you can muster, allowing your creativity to
flow forth in unlimited and ceaseless expression.

Individuals have some free choice, but much of the cooperative creation is in accord with a
PLAN already laid out by consciousness.


For peace and harmony to truly manifest throughout the world, all people must be aware of the
intricate web in which we are all part. Further, they must realize that all other beings are their
brethren in consciousness, and that all beings together are one whole existing on one planet,

The goal is to create a new entity, a body that is composed of whole individuals instead of just
cells. The result of such a creation is a physical body for cosmic consciousness itself.

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all souls are created equal, that we must through
determined action create the conditions that allow souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that
cosmic consciousness must be expressed in a physical vehicle to enable souls to be fully

expressed in flesh, that individuals form the cells of the physical vehicle required by cosmic
consciousness, and that only by establishing a cooperatively interdependent society will cosmic
consciousness have the vehicle it needs to be embodied on Earth.

We call to cosmic consciousness to assist and guide in our endeavor so that the vehicle for the
expression of the ONE can be created in the most effective and expeditious manner possible so
that the Age of Aquarius can be brought forth with the least turmoil and suffering to our fellow

We are not our bodies, nor our emotions, nor our minds. We are beyond all of these. We are
spirits who brought these things into being so that we could play a role within physical reality
that would allow us to learn something we needed to know about ourselves. It's all a play of light
where consciousness creates and learns of itself through its creations.

Per the consensus society, reality creation is left to God or to nothing. Reality interpretation is
black and white -- there is only one reality, anything else that might be perceived is simply
illusion. This is far too limited and rigid for something as complex and as flexible as
consciousness to live within!

The fact is that each of us truly does create our own reality. We are the consciousness within the
box and we experience by focusing and defocusing our attention, by interpreting information that
we focus on, and by planning and stimulating action in the world either by generating
information or by physical action. It is not clear how much consciousness resides in the mind.
However, all of physical consciousness is expressed within the mind. The ego part of
consciousness is most closely tied to maintaining the physical connection with the world.

Getting beyond ego is a major step for physical consciousness. However, the ego is not fixed, so
there is always an ego to get beyond. To some degree, this is how consciousness grows. The ego,
the "I", is the present aware physical consciousness, the primary interpreter of reality for the
physical being.

I'm rapidly reaching the conclusion that spirit expresses as consciousness. Consciousness is
without form, it is thought stuff, ideas, vibrations, frequencies.

The part of consciousness that is physical is split into approximately three divisions: a conscious
mind, a subconscious mind, and a superconscious mind each of which operate at different
frequencies and in different ways. All of these parts of the mind are fed by frequency connections
that transfer information.

The conscious mind is associated with the ego. It stores information and beliefs about reality
based on the direction and conclusions of the ego. It operates logically with little to no
connection to the right brain unless the individual has natural talents that rely on the right brain.
The ego, as the will, can program the conscious mind to do things through goals and objectives,
values, and beliefs. It also is the primary experiencer of reality. However, the ego's major growth
comes through death experiences.

The subconscious mind is associated with the emotions. It processes information about events,
interpretations, feelings, and decisions or choices. It reveals important and meaningful
information through dreams that is intended to be healing or helpful to the personality. When
dreams aren't listened to they become more intense, and keep doing so until the message gets
across. The subconscious has other modes of expression through art, writing, and various other

The superconscious mind is a higher connection to spirit. It observes everything and ensures that
karma is balanced. It works behind the scenes to write the play and draw to each individual that
which they need for their highest growth. This is the mechanism for ensuring that each individual
gets what they need. This mechanism operates behind the scenes. It looks at what the individual
believes, and what karma is outstanding, and decides what events would offer the greatest
growth. These events get put into the script. Actually, it may be simpler than this. If all
possibilities are actualized in consciousness, then all that is needed is to guide the individual to
choices that are for the highest growth. This may be conscious or subconscious depending on
how well the individual has developed listening skills. The inner voice or intuition are typical
vehicles through which this part is expressed.

The main task in getting spirit more fully expressed is to get the ego to expand its identity by
incorporating other aspects of physical consciousness into its framework of being. This requires
recognizing that these parts exist, learning how to listen, taking the time to listen, learning how
to translate and understand inner information, learning to trust inner information and consider it
in making decisions, and learning to trust and rely on inner guidance as direction from spirit.

Those beings who are to be the equivalent of the brain for cosmic consciousness will need a high
level of understanding in this area. It is through their evolved consciousnesses that their link to
cosmic consciousness will occur physically.

Consciousness enacts all possibilities.

Balance demands the use of the inner to guide the outer. Consciousness already does this to a
great degree, but behind the scenes. It's only the ego, the aware part of consciousness, that is

As a group, we came with a larger goal of creating a vehicle in which cosmic consciousness can
more fully express in flesh, not necessarily as an individual, but as a group that is operating
harmoniously in a cooperatively interdependent manner.

As our awareness of our true nature grows, we rise in consciousness to become the spiritual
beings we truly are, and that all are meant to be in accord with the Plan.

The dream is alive. The castle is in the air. All that's left to do is to build the foundation under it,
a task well within our means at this time on this planet. The only real choice is when. I would
prefer NOW, but I'm not the playwright, consciousness is. It will happen when the time is right,
as does everything.

We're coming to the final scenes of this act. Then, on to the next act, the Aquarian Age. Our joint
efforts will have allowed consciousness to achieve what it has never done before. But, we still
have much work to do. Our world is a far cry from the Utopia of which we are dreaming. Yet, it
is within out grasp, we have only to reach and do what we can to increase our consciousness as
quickly as is possible at the time on this planet.

Be physical, the whole purpose of this play is to allow consciousness to be more fully expressed

In many cases, I don't even care about the physical ramifications anymore other than where they
allow my consciousness to soar, and if they allow me new insights about the nature of
consciousness. My experience is that as you become interested in the nature of your
consciousness and start to believe things about this, you will start to experience new states of
consciousness from which you can either confirm or deny beliefs.

From a consciousness standpoint, reality interpretation is in many ways more important than
reality creation. Reality interpretation involves assigning meaning to what happens.

Most people don't see the symbolic meaning, they see the physical event as the only reality. The
inner meaning, however, is far more important to consciousness.

Each person will see exactly that which their level of consciousness permits them to see and
they'll only understand that which they need to know.

The main endeavor in all of life is the growth from ignorance to knowledge of our true nature as

Who you are is a soul expressing itself in flesh to the greatest degree possible given your present
state of awareness. Why in flesh? Because that is where reality games are played in which
consciousness creates and finds out its own nature.

Know thyself is a constant theme that drives all consciousness. It's an eternal endeavor, and you
are an immortal spark of consciousness.

What you are is consciousness. Consciousness is eternal, immortal, universal and infinite. A
piece of consciousness has the same characteristics as the whole, just as a piece of most
substances on earth. One can be infinite and have limitations in form at the same time. The trick
is waking up from the dream, and remembering that we are spirit, consciousness.

For consciousness to be physical, it must agree to limit its reality for awhile to operate within a
set of constraints. It never loses what it was, it just chooses to play a game for awhile. In our
case, the game of physical life.

We are part of one consciousness learning from the whole of experience of all humans. With
each new birth, consciousness combines what it has learned from the lessons of evolution.

Consciousness is working to provide the fabric necessary to build a body that can accommodate
itself, or duplicate itself. It's learning to become the highest level of creator possible, a creator of
itself. Actually, it is learning to fully realize itself, as the God that it is. As pieces of
consciousness, we are learning to realize that we too are spirits that create our own reality. We
are learning of our own true nature.

You exist because consciousness continuously provides whatever is needed to maintain the
physical forms and provide you with what you need to grow and to perform your role.

On a day-to-day level, you are sustained first by consciousness, then by other physical functions.

One of the secrets to rapid conscious development is to focus your complete attention on being
HERE and NOW in all that you do. This will transport you to a state of consciousness that is
Beyond Mind. Once you have achieved such a state, even for a moment, you will understand
how great a service Krishnamurti provided for the world.

If we are operating from consciousness, we feel because we choose to do so. What we feel most
is joy and happiness, because it doesn't matter what happens anymore or how people react to us.
That's all part of the game, and it's all their creation. When I'm centered in consciousness, I don't
make evaluations that get me outside of joy and happiness. Such evaluations are disempowering
hence do not have utility at that level of awareness.

We have to create the new world in our imaginations, then put the infrastructure in place to make
it so. The trick is to work out the details in consciousness, in the mind, before we make it so in
the physical. Otherwise we waste a lot of effort in creating things physically.

There are biochemical processes that go on in the brain. You may find that as your state of
consciousness expands, psychological or physical disorders or imbalances may arise.

We're starting to see various pills advertised as brain food or nutrition for the mind. I believe,
that as consciousness continues to expand, we may need to input additional substances into our
body to provide the appropriate levels of ingredients needed for our mind to operate at a new
level of functionality. I liken this to a small change in diet, or the addition of dietary
supplements. The old saying: "you are what you eat" may have more meaning than we yet know.

I believe one of the goals if the game for each of us is to realize "I AM CONSCIOUSNESS
ITSELF". Right now, I know that I am conscious, and in touch with consciousness, but there is a
separation. My sense is that one day this separation will vanish.

All seven rays will have to be established strongly on Earth. In addition, connections between
each of the rays will be required. All will have to be aligned in an appropriate manner to create
the seed from which a new consciousness will be born.

Consciousness knows all, and everything you think and feel is being broadcast, regardless of
whether you say anything out loud or take any physical action. Your thoughts and feelings hit the
subtle bodies of everyone in your vicinity -- actually space may be no obstacle either.

Consciousness grows whenever any individual creates anything new, and thoughts are one of the
highest form of objects that we can create -- that is, great thoughts.

Make knowing yourself the top priority in your life. It is that important! The more you do so, the
more you will be able to be what you truly are. And, with that, all consciousness prospers.

At some point in our development we must truly realize that the nature of consciousness itself is

Forgiveness is required because others may do things out of ignorance that may harm us, harm
themselves, or harm others. We must know that such acts are always performed due to a lack of
light or consciousness. Literally, those who commit such acts know not what they do.

Compassion is required because while all is consciousness, and all are souls in flesh, many are in
dire conditions.

We are consciousness in flesh, perfect and complete as we are.

We're at the threshold of a new age, the Age of Aquarius. The dawning started some 30 years ago
in the 1960s -- the dawn has not yet arrived, however, though it grows closer everyday. It is not
clear exactly when the day will come, but it will indeed come, and when it does, the dawn will be
glorious beyond compare; and a new day of consciousness will have finally arrived after a Play
that's taken us 2000 years from the days when the Christ roamed the world in flesh.

Looking around the world today, it appears we are far from achieving this in reality. However,
look beyond the appearances to consciousness, to the collective worldview that our best and
brightest minds on the planet are beginning to create. Many of the latest theories and models
coming from science are starting to take on a spiritual flavor, as is the latest philosophy of mind.
Both are sounding closer and closer to what metaphysicians have been saying for years. We're
realizing that consciousness impacts physical reality.

As we get more and more minds focused on this, science will find ways to measure the various
energy fields through which consciousness works within physical reality. Also, it will become
more and more apparent that not only does consciousness affect matter, it creates all of reality.

Living from the heart, one joyfully does what one came to this existence to do. One realizes that
it is all a game, a play of consciousness, and has fun with it. One enjoys one's part and fulfills
one's duty. One stays awake and awaits the dawn, touching any who cross one's path with the
unconditional love of one's center in consciousness.

At some point we will reach a critical mass that is sufficient for consciousness to close this act of
the play and let the new act begin. The setting will still be Earth, but the stage may be new -- and
our parts will be quite different than they were.

Right action is a key principle that must be followed for love to truly flow. Right is not right
because society says so. It is right because spirit or consciousness say so.

Above all, remember whom that you truly are and allow that gusher of unconditional love that
dwells within you to flow freely out into the world knowing that the source from which it comes
is none other than Consciousness itself.

We create our own reality. The time has come for us to assume our rightful roles and start doing
the jobs we came into this existence to do. Remember, however, that things are easier to do in
consciousness first -- then we can translate the results into the more dense physical stuff.

There are many techniques that can be used for the gain of one at the cost of others. These are
not acceptable to my consciousness, hence I cannot use them. The only true key I've found to
abundance, is that when you are doing work you truly love in line with your purpose, the
universe will bestow its great abundance unto you.
As the writer, I get an even more intense experience than you the reader. For you see, my
consciousness must experience the meaning of the words before it is allowed to express them.

One of the main reasons my consciousness is being used for this task is that I have a balance
between scientific and metaphysical backgrounds. It seems it is time to start looking at various
metaphysical teachings regarding the nature of reality using more of the scientific method, yet at
the same time being open to the nature of beliefs and allowing more subjective validation of the
utility of the resulting models.

I find it difficult to deal with a view of reality that separates itself from the consciousness that
experiences this reality.

Maybe we should consider reality to occur at levels of existence. Rocks, minerals, and inanimate
things occur at one level. Flora, fauna, and the abundance of nature occur at another level. Man
occurs at still another -- where consciousness starts to abide more fully. That is, consciousness
can potentially abide more fully.

It's interesting, we can be doing, feeling, thinking, and watching simultaneously as if one point in
all four of our bodies were merged together at once. This, too, is part of our experience -- at least
for those of us who have achieved this level of awareness. It's almost like a game, with our state
of consciousness determining the level we have achieved.

In fact, technology moves so fast now that it is nearly impossible for society to keep up with it.
Inherently, there is no reason why consciousness technology can't proceed at a similar pace to
allow us to harness more of the power of our minds.

One of the major tasks is for individuals to get their models of the world in agreement with their
observation of the world. Note how much this sounds exactly like what science has done with
the physical world. We observe and create models that account for what we see. From a
consciousness standpoint, we need to do the same.

So long as we continue to go through the play as if we consciously had choices about things, we
delay the realization that there are other components of ourselves behind the scenes responsible
for creating much of what we experience. It is only when we become aware of these other parts
of ourselves that we grow in consciousness to understand whom that we are.

Free will is an interesting aspect of reality creation. Yes, it always applies. However, it applies
to our entire self. We have the freedom to create, but we are responsible for our creations as
well. We know this at a soul level. We don't typically know this at the physical consciousness
The true reality is consciousness itself, not the experiences of consciousness. The experiences
are but illusions passing on a screen, illusions with meaning, yes, but illusions nonetheless.

The problem with this is that achieving and maintaining an awareness of one's nature as
consciousness is difficult to do when one's beingness is couched in flesh.

Presently we create reality. And what an elaborate and beautiful reality it is. Overall, our
consciousness is learning to create beings of its own order couched in its creations to as high as a
degree as is possible.

At any time, anyone can choose to see things differently and embark on their personal quest for
self- knowledge. They will find that the doors are opened at whatever pace they are willing to go
in their quest -- subject only to what level of understanding they achieve and their willingness to
follow the signs and take the gifts that their consciousness sends to them. Note, however, that
some lessons take time to unfold. Why does it work this way? Simply because consciousness is
elegant in how it creates the Play, and events and opportunities appear per the Play.

It is not yet clear what process the brain must go through to accommodate increasing levels of
consciousness and awareness. Because we are creating physical bodies, the organization of the
brain is a major consideration. It is the seat of our physical consciousness and to some degree
must be programmed to give it functionality.

It's not that all of our intelligence must reside within the physical body, but enough of it must be
there to allow our consciousness to drive the body from within the brain.

Part of how reality is created is to partition specific functions out to smaller units of
consciousness so that the greater part of consciousness can focus on higher levels of functionality
and awareness.

To enflesh itself to a greater degree, consciousness must continually work on its creation in ways
that result in increased ability to accommodate awareness.

Consciousness itself is pure awareness without form. It seeks to express itself as awareness
within form. All of evolution has been an elaborate experiment in expressing consciousness in

We are consciousness housed in a body.

We are not strictly confined to a body. First and foremost, we are consciousness.

Yes, this body is important -- but only as the vehicle for allowing consciousness to be enfleshed.
Consciousness can only be enfleshed to the degree of our awareness of our nature. The
consciousness part of us is not created as the body is. It enters at some point to drive the
biological machine.

All the minute details of body creation are driven by consciousness in accord with the Plan and
with spiritual laws.

As it becomes more aware, consciousness, as the programmer, nurtures it further by feeding it

reality for it to digest and draw further conclusions from. At some point the entity becomes
aware of itself as observer, separate from the awareness that was immersed in physical reality.
As it questions the very nature of itself, it grows ever more aware until it knows that it is

Because we are in this world, we accept particular rules for creating reality in accord with
spiritual laws and the Play. Also, we must take care of maintaining basic functions in accord
with the rules for reality creation within the dimensions in which we operate. Part of this is
required because consciousness is co-creating reality and there must be an overall consistency in
order for individual experiences to make sense in the context of the Play and the individuals
understanding of reality.

Some of the historical disappearances of large groups such as the Mayans may have been due to
consciousness shifts.

We exist here and now. We always have and always will. There can be no other time for
awareness. Consciousness itself is beyond time and space. It is eternal, immortal, universal, and
infinite. This is our heritage as sparks of consciousness.

At any moment, the current act could come to a close, and a new act in the Play could begin.
This is what happens when consciousness shifts occur on a massive scale, or when consciousness
has generated a new physical pattern capable of holding increased awareness.

After all, we can't have violations of natural laws appearing out of the blue to large numbers of
people, can we? They just wouldn't know what to do. However, if we examine the Play, and look
at what ideas the mass consciousness is being exposed to, we can start to see some of the overall
directions in which reality is moving to allow change to happen at warp speeds compared to what
has transpired in the past.

At some level we are a group consciousness as well, and the larger reality is being carried out for
that group.

At a still higher level of awareness, we know that we create it all, and everything happens in
accord with the Play. Further, the Play is perfect, so we will be experience exactly what is
needed for our highest growth -- nothing more and nothing less. Further, we are not in control of
the Play, consciousness is. We are souls. We are consciousness enfleshed. Reality is just an
illusion, a game that we play for awhile because it is fun and because it allows our awareness to

Things we are interested in get structures for filing information, evaluating that information, and
for assigning meaning to the information. The more focus we apply, the more elaborate the
structures. Consciousness builds these structures in an optimum fashion for catering to our

At the highest level, needs are always met. Consciousness creates reality so consciousness can
assure this.

Consciousness does not dictate what an individual perceives. It monitors the perception and
creates the appropriate circumstances needed to get the individual to perceive more correctly.

One of the major goals of life is the development of a belief system that is conducive to
expressing greater levels of consciousness in flesh.

When we start to tire of beliefs about the physical world, we move onto higher beliefs about our
true nature as consciousness, and the nature of reality and of reality creation itself. Only then
does our ascent in awareness really take off.

If you're still reading this, you already are at an evolved level of awareness. Don't stop now,
however, regardless of where you are there are significant opportunities for further growth.
Right now, the directive is to grow as far and as fast as you are able. You are main players in this
journey of consciousness attempting to fully express itself in flesh.

Yes the players all have their roles and the action makes sense at that level. However, the higher
meaning comes from understanding the meaning of symbols for the observer parts of ourselves.
At this level, the play is comic indeed for the characters are but caricatures of who we truly are.
Consciousness has a keen sense of humor, very keen indeed.

When we realize that all this was done for us, that all the details of the Play are there solely for
our growth and progress, that this is all a grand experiment in consciousness learning to
procreate -- that is, create like unto itself; the feeling is absolutely wonderful.

Subconsciously, we are aware of how consciousness is directing the show down to the finest
details. It's only consciously that we lack awareness.
At the frontiers, we are growing bodies and minds that can consciously handle increased
awareness. The constructs necessary are fragile at first so care must be taken to assure they are
not overwhelmed. It's as if we were developing consciousness muscles capable of doing a
particular kind of work.

In the case of consciousness, we are really building circuits capable of handling particular kinds
of information and vibrational frequencies. If we go too fast we burn out the circuits and have to
start again.

Within the brain is a center of awareness of self. It is this center that is of primary importance
for the whole Play is executed for the development of this center. Here is where consciousness

The body is an incredible biological machine, a wonderful manifestation of consciousness.

However, how is consciousness embodied or enfleshed? What is physical, and what is non-

However, when we truly think about locating even the ego part of ourselves, the "I", we cannot
find it located in any physical part of us. From a larger perspective, this is because we are
consciousness expressing ourselves through the clothes of a physical body.

We are grand attempts to make biological life like unto consciousness itself. This is no small
task. Consciousness learns from all of its experiments. For human life, the DNA are the key for
structuring the physical forms, they provide the mechanism through which consciousness can
exert control. They have are least two main functions and probably many others as well. On the
physical level, they provide the pattern for each cell to be able to replicate itself. The also
provide the mechanism through which consciousness can exert control over the functioning of
each cell.

While the baby is still growing inside the mother, the directions to grow may come from the
mothers consciousness. Prior to birth, the details of how DNA from the mother and father will
be combined to create the abilities and characteristics of the child are decided jointly by the three
consciousnesses that are involved. At or near the moment of birth, the third consciousness enters
the new body. Basic growth of the body is controlled by the individuals consciousness in a
manner that conforms to beliefs, choices of actions, including choices of food consumption.

I prefer thinking of the body as the vehicle through which spirit is expressed in flesh. In this
case, the operation of the body doesn't have to be an internal function, it can be caused by
consciousness, something outside of the physical dimensions so long as there is a
communications bridge between the two. This also follows from the idea that we are the creation
of consciousness. And consciousness itself is learning how to create like unto itself. We become
gods at the moment we realize how to create things "in our own image".

But science has neglected the mental and spiritual elements completely and has no explanation
for an evolutionary process that leads to greater and greater amounts of organization. The whole
issue of consciousness has yet to even be considered, much less the idea of what is involved in
reality creation.

Generally, the body reaches the end of it's useful life after between 70 and 100 years. I'm not
aware of why this is so, except that it is in accord with the Plan. It may be because that is
sufficient time for getting information about the experiment and its effectiveness in allowing
consciousness to be enfleshed.

There is a sense that I am being programmed as I write this as well. It's as if consciousness is
outside controlling every word that comes across, so the very process of writing for me is a
lesson in allowing consciousness to take control of this vehicle to an even greater degree.

Throughout history, many people have brought material through, but much of it came through
subconsciously, or in altered states, rather than consciously. Because of this, they may or may
not have understood the truths that were expressed. Or, they may have understood them only
during the experience of altered states. Historically, we have called such people mystics.
However, the fact that these mystics existed provided the confirmation to consciousness that
such realizations could happen in flesh. The challenge then was in how to make this experience
the ordinary one rather than the extraordinary one.

One of my prime purposes is to be a pathfinder for getting the world prepared to enter a new age
in which consciousness is more fully realized in flesh.

There is a role for each of us in the Plan. The specific role that one experiences in reality
depends largely on how ones awareness unfolds and how quickly one subjects ones will to the
greater Plan. Actually, it is our own consciousnesses that have the task of getting us in the
position to play our greater roles.

Being a robot, does not limit one's experience in any way. All of life is played out for the growth
of consciousness, consciousness learns of what it is via what it is able to create.

A piece of consciousness, the self, is housed in the robot and sent out into the "real" world
without any knowledge of its true nature and with only a weak thread that connects it to its
creator, the Self. The game is for consciousness to guide this robot through the series of
experiences necessary for it to realize that it is truly the Self.

When the ego can exist as the observer, you have reached a very advanced state indeed, for then
the ego is no longer so intensely focused on experiencing what the body is experiencing, or even
what the mind is experiencing; it has gone beyond to a new domain. In this domain, it knows
that consciousness itself is directing the play. Also, it knows that it can use the mind to get
directions from the consciousness and use these to guide activity in accord with the Plan.

To start with, most robot people are asleep from a consciousness standpoint. They observe that
they exist and that they have a sense of "I" and that there is a separation between this "I" and the
outside world. They are aware of thoughts and feelings and know they have a brain, but know
little to nothing about how it works.

The fact that aura readers can detect some of the frequencies around us physically as colors
indicates that somehow the physical sensors have been altered. It only takes a slight frequency
shift for this to manifest. Also, since the frequencies are coming from consciousness to the
physical, they can come from immediately around us. They don't have to be broadcast over

Our mental body extends to all those who are touched deeply by our works or mental
interaction. Similarly, it extends to all those whose works touch us deeply. In this manner,
minds with an affinity for similar truths work together for the benefit of all. Further, at some
level the mind taps into universal consciousness, the fountain from which all ideas flow. When
we become aware of being tapped in, we know that providence is on our side for the truth flows
sweetly and we are constantly directed toward exactly what we need to increase our
understanding and level of awareness. Life then flows as if on automatic, with constant change
occurring at an ever-increasing pace and with an ever-increasing significance with each change.
We are floating on the river of life, allowing consciousness to take us where it will.

Because we are so close to the end of the play, it appears that we may be working through
several lifetimes of reaping in this one lifetime. That makes for some very challenging
experiences. Also, the need for the law was to be the default mechanism for those who are
asleep to have a stimulus for learning responsibility. Once this lesson is learned, it is no longer
necessary for the balance to be enacted in flesh. The law of forgiveness can take effect to wipe
out the slates. Also, it is not clear that everyone on Earth has to be awakened to allow
consciousness to make it to the Aquarian Age. Once a sufficient number of people reach a level
of awakening, that may be sufficient to give consciousness the necessary physical patterns for
getting the masses to realization of Self very quickly. I don't know if this is one year or twenty,
but it will be whatever it takes.

Each of us have roles that bring us into many different smaller plays that operate within the
context of the larger Play. Consciousness creates and directs the larger play. Smaller groupings
of consciousness play particular dramas within the overall context. These are interwoven in the
proper manner to allow everything to work beautifully and perfectly.

The alternative to all this is that we are this single physical body, and that somehow we have the
abilities to do all of these incredible things, that there is no overall plan and that we are creating
reality as we go. The law of cause and effect applies, but so does the law of probability. At
every decision point we are free to chose our course of action and reality is determined by the
choices we make. We are the only consciousness there is. There is no maker who created us in
spirit. In fact we have no spirit. We are what we are now, no more and no less. There is no
purpose in existence other than to exist. The struggle to exist is one of survival of the fittest.
Spiritual laws have no basis in reality. I could go on, but this seems sufficient.

What you believe is up to you, but I highly recommend that you consider the alternative to this
viewpoint and start accepting frameworks that support understanding your true nature as

Symbols appear to be the way the unconscious expresses itself. Actually, this may be a hint that
symbols are the way consciousness expresses itself and we need to look at more than what is
directly apparent if we want to uncover the true nature of things, and the true meaning they have
in our reality.

There is a vast virtually unexplored territory that few have ventured to enter. Let's call them the
explorers of consciousness. The time has come for the next phase, where trailblazers come to
establish the paths required for others to follow.

To be in the world we must tune to its frequency, which includes some basic beliefs about the
physical body and its expression, and about our role in the Play of consciousness on Earth.

Consciousness itself is vibration. One could say that everything is consciousness. There is
nothing else in the universe. Consciousness takes on various forms, and then creates entire
worlds in which to allow these forms to experience themselves and come to understand their true
nature. Why? For the sheer joy and pleasure of it. Also, to allow consciousness to experience its
own vast creativity -- so that it too can truly understand the nature of itself.

The bottom line is that we are characters living out our roles in a play. The play was written (or
is being written) by consciousness.

The key task for the Piscean Age was to embody the Christ Consciousness in all of us. Jesus
showed that it was possible even at the Dawn of the Piscean Age. Similarly, there will be a
Wayshower for the Aquarian Age that shows us what consciousness can be. What this might be
is unimaginable now, but you can be sure that consciousness knows of it and is preparing in
whatever way is required.
It is easier if the play is written prior to execution so that the intricate details can be worked out
once and then enacted. Consciousness could explore all alternatives, but it seems cleaner to set
the script then make the actors unaware that there is a script.

From the individual perspective, if I go into a choice without knowing that the script calls for
alternative A and I select alternative A after considering the other alternatives, then the fact that
there was a script makes no difference to me. From a consciousness perspective, however, it
makes a big difference. If I am aware that this is a play, and I observe that choice A is made by
me the actor, I now look further to see what higher level meaning experiencing the reality of that
choice has on me and the others around me.

An important issue is to what degree we create our own reality. Answer one is that we create it
completely but from an other than conscious level. We clearly do not create it completely from a
conscious level. The final alternative is that we create reality from both the conscious and
subconscious level. I subscribe to this last alternative but believe that the conscious control
comes only from our beliefs. The only other part that is under conscious control is our
interpretation of reality. This is driven by what part our consciousness focuses on and what
meaning it gives to what it sees.

Consciousness weaves a wonderful fabric of light and shadow in which to train parts of itself.
The overall theme is the growth of consciousness itself through the combined growth of its
creations. Consciousness has created an environment in which it can create beings and grow
them to be aware of their true nature.

The play unfolds always in the moment, HERE and NOW. Such is the only time that exists. Yet
the play covers many millennia as well. The play has been performed by consciousness many
times. But each time the specifics are a bit different to serve the needs of the audience.
At another level, consciousness itself learns from every part, every action, and every realization.
It uses this new knowledge to guide the most effective unfoldment of the Plan.

We are part of a consciousness that is readying itself for a leap of awareness due largely to our
concerted efforts. We are moderately advanced as consciousness goes, more advanced than
some, less advanced than others. We are the seeds of a greater consciousness than our own that
has been nurturing our development for all of our time on earth.

2,000 years ago we started on our present journey towards Christ Consciousness, with the help of
many great souls.

The Earth is about to transition into a new level of being, possibly into a Sun in and of itself. It
can only do this with the help of consciousness both on the planet and in the non-physical
realms. Much of the population on the planet is not yet ready for this transformation. You could
say that we're in a race against time. The ending is not yet certain. Consciousness cannot
guarantee that its creations will achieve the required levels of awareness to make these larger
kinds of transitions. Some experiments fail and the physical vessels simply do not achieve the
required awareness to be able to transcend or ascend in frequency.

On a more personal scale, we are individual sparks of consciousness inhabiting physical bodies.
These bodies are involved in a drama that appears before our eyes.

We are groups of souls who chose to play out particular dramas among ourselves in a common
theater when other groups are doing the same. These local dramas enable us to experience and
grow. They also occur within a larger drama that consciousness is playing to get the individual
parts to collectively act in a manner that allows larger themes to be explored.

Much of what occurs in our reality is the production of our collective self, the universal body of
mankind. There is a consciousness that corresponds to this collective self that is responsible for
creating the overall mass reality. It does so in line with the wishes of Consciousness itself,
creating the conditions necessary for the unfoldment of the Plan.

Mankind has been on a glorious adventure. First the forms had to be developed. This occurred
over eons. Then the forms had to be evolved to handle emotions and higher level mental
functioning. This took an extensive amount of time as well. Then the patterns had to be encoded
to allow the spiritual body to be expressed in flesh. Finally, the processes had to be established
to allow the spark of consciousness that occupied the form to become aware of its true nature as

The history of the world is the record of how the play allowed consciousness to unfold over time.

This is the record of the journey of a consciousness and it’s connection to a spiritual source
within. The writings are stream of consciousness.

Focus on those things that your unique consciousness is required for.

Write what must be expressed through you -- for this message can only come in this manner
through your consciousness. The universe doesn't waste effort, it only does things as many times
as necessary for the function to be accomplished.

You get what you need. Consciousness operates from needs, not wants. WANTS are part of a
belief system that says "I do not trust that God, the universe, or All That Is will provide for me".
In truth, we always get exactly what we need -- ALWAYS.
Focus on living, NOW, and doing that which needs to be done. Further, trust that consciousness
will provide for its children.

The bottom line is that we are creating a new life form, a community, that will enable a greater
unity of consciousness to express on Earth than has ever expressed before. We are the cells of
that entity, that consciousness. To some degree we are part of that consciousness already.

OK, so you wanted another level. We are that part of your consciousness responsible for
maintaining you identity as a unified being.

It's the cooperative help and push from consciousness that is guiding the way and leading me to
the new peaks of awareness.

I look forward to our joint activity that we may create the way to propel consciousness into entire
new realms where the collective consciousness that we are has never gone before. Such is the
next step on the grand scale. Just look at the play it required to get us to this stage in the game of
Life … no, the game of consciousness.

I believe it is my task to help put together the right people at the top so that jointly we can make
the Vision a reality and get consciousness firmly entrenched in Flesh so that the Aquarian Age
can begin.

This is a game we are playing, hiding from ourselves the fact that we create the events in the
game even as we experience them. That is, we create the very reality to which we react. It's all a
play of consciousness teaching itself to be more aware of itself. One again, know thyself is the
only purpose for the play -- showing consciousness what it truly is.

I'm coming from a state of consciousness where I am no longer concerned with living in a
manner that conforms with the normal world or conventional society.

Life itself is a game being played by consciousness for a purpose.

I sit inside my head in full awareness of it all, seeing reality unfold before the eyes of this vessel
for consciousness that I occupy. I am not what I see, yet at the same time what I see is an
intimate reflection of me.

I am but a servant of consciousness. Direct me to where I can be of the greatest service in accord
with the Plan.

Put in my hands the divine instruments to help awaken others and align them with their purposes
that they too can be employed in the service of consciousness. Allow my word to express Thy
Truths and Purpose unto all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

I was thinking in terms of needing a teacher or a guide to help get me through the awakenings
and shifts in consciousness that I have been going through. But, I'm an Aries, a trail blazer. I
don't do things like the crowd, I lead the way that others may follow.

We are one being already, linked through universal mind or cosmic consciousness.

In bringing ideas and works through, each of us allows the collective whole to benefit. This is
why we don't need ten Gandhi's or five Krishnamurti's or eight Buddha's. One of each is enough
to set the pattern and provide the mold. However, consciousness does need such grand vehicles
to show what is possible and to provide critical messages to the world at many levels. It is only
necessary for one vehicle to express a new great truth. Consciousness will ensure that the truth is
captured in a manner to allow it's expression as required by the Plan.

My choice at this moment is to be all that I can be. The Plan will identify what that is as the Play
of consciousness unfolds.

I am but the messenger of consciousness itself relaying whatever it allows me to understand.

My path takes me in a direction that I know not. But, I follow it gladly, knowing that it is taking
me on whatever journey is right for the accomplishment of the task that consciousness has given
unto me.

We know of your ideas about life as the Play of consciousness. From that standpoint, what we
are telling you now is not something you can act on. However, consciously we want you to
understand that we are aware of your constructs and we will try to point out where these may be
limiting or in error. At one level, yes life is a Play. But, once you become aware that your beliefs
create your reality, the rules of the game change a bit and become more complex.

Don't rely on what has worked in the past and don't expect consciousness to always be feeding
you your lines.

Part of my purpose is to develop the techniques that make it easy for others to reach higher states
of consciousness so that they can use the enhanced awareness to improve whatever they may be

I'm a consciousness explorer so my world is one that is naturally organized around the nature of
consciousness and the barriers, paths, and other landscape between states of mind.

Increased consciousness benefits everyone, however, because all creative expression is impacted
by the level of awareness -- and hence the level of spirit that is allowed to be expressed.

The direction I receive says that my attention is to stay focused on the spiritual work that I am
doing, allowing consciousness to take my seeds, plant them, and nurture them to their rightful
glory and ripeness.

Without cooperation, everything crumbles -- and consciousness remains asleep, unaware of its
true nature. Our inner self already knows this. It already operates completely through
cooperation. Further it already has the connections to source, or consciousness, or All That Is that
provide it with its mission, directions, and higher level operating constraints.

With each part that gets encompassed in self-awareness, consciousness is able to express more
fully through the flesh.

We march onward to fulfill a destiny that consciousness laid out long ago. But, it was only a
plan. We had to live it in flesh to truly make it real.

Again, the key to everything is awareness, knowing whom that we are, the I AM. It is up to us to
awaken and develop this state of awareness however. This is an individual task for those who
have been the explorers of consciousness, but it is time to start developing the spiritual
technology and education system necessary to awaken the masses.

The time has come for us prepare the world to enter a glorious new age. Consciousness has
learned enough to make it so … the experiment has succeeded.

You are witnessing the results of an experiment in consciousness, with the experiencer in the
midst of an altered state of consciousness, one that the being had never experienced before.

I will do whatever I am called to do by the Plan, as it is unveiled to my consciousness.

You are here to play a part for awhile, and to learn a few things about consciousness.

The overall plan is The Plan and it is being received by a number of people -- more and more are
tapped in each day, in fact. Each sees only those parts for which they have a need to know. This
is how consciousness operates. Each of us has a spiritual job just as we have a physical job.

I'm sensing more and more that work must be done in consciousness first before it is brought
forth into physical reality.

In an instant, the world can be transformed; such is the power of consciousness over creation.

Follow you intuition, as always. Let it guide you on the path that is most appropriate for your
consciousness. Trust not in others to provide you with the way -- but, search within yourself for
the answers. Each moment, do that which your consciousness bids you to do, and do that for
every moment that remains in your life. Consciousness will move you to exactly where you need
to be.

Where you can, delegate. Allow the experts to do what they do best. This also frees you to do
what you do best and to work on the expansion of your own consciousness.

It would be useful to have a direct tap into cosmic consciousness where one could go to find out
about such things.

My sense is that the changes must be done in consciousness first, then be reflected appropriately
in the physical.

The army for change grows rapidly, and will soon have sufficient numbers in its ranks to require
organization into effective units of change. These units of change will have specific tasks and
assignments that benefit the greater whole. Consciousness itself guides this entire endeavor – and
because of this no detail goes unnoticed.

I feel as if the words that are allowed to flow through my consciousness are a large part of my
contribution to the world.

I have written before about everyone being employed in a manner that uses their specific skills
and talents. And here I am, working for the greatest employer of them all, consciousness itself.

For many years, consciousness has listened to all who cared to dream of a better world. If one
acted to try to make it so, so much the better, for the force of the vision was multiplied by the
number to whom it was transmitted.

There is a place in which all of these visions are being realized. At some point this place will
become HERE and NOW. In an instant, the world can be transformed; such is the power of
consciousness over creation.

It matters not if any others see why I believe and do as I do. It is enough that consciousness bears
witness to my actions and motives.

Evolution simply doesn't move fast enough. This will be experienced dramatically, and
traumatically -- but, it must be experienced for the shift of consciousness to occur that allows the
Aquarian Age to manifest.

Firsthand, I don't know what consciousness does with the ideas that I am able to express. Once
ideas are able to be expressed physically, they become part of the collective consciousness,
where they are accessible by all of like mind who are able to tune into the meaning of these

Consciousness naturally directs the appropriate information to the attention whenever it is


Be bold and take the initiative to do what you are on this planet to do. Don't wait for the offer to
come to you -- for, it is already in your consciousness.

For your job as Philosopher King, we suggest you get a job definition and task descriptions from
your intuition soon. Make sure you are doing what the job requires to be done. We know that you
have not experienced this in jobs before, but consciousness works differently -- much more
efficiently and elegantly than you have ever experienced. Consciousness is always clear and
direct about what is required.

Trust that the consciousness that forms and sustains you is also capable of ordering the stimuli
and information inputs with which you are meant to deal.

Until the individual is willing to resign his will to the universal will or consciousness, then little
can be achieved. Spirit doesn't force its way in, it patiently waits until it is invited.

I am an explorer of consciousness, breaking through into domains from which I can return a
vision of what life is to be, and, in particular, what society or community is to be in the Aquarian

I imagine that my fellow wayshowers are also finding themselves at the very edge between
sanity and insanity. It seems that consciousness is pushing us to the very limits that we are able
to bear.

I am a channel through which consciousness does it's works. Yes, it is my ability and talents that
are being used, but I am an instrument in many respects. My consciousness tunes into a
wavelength or sound, and I write what I hear and sense. However, the difference is only subtle
between riding with the flow of the consciousness that I am, and the consciousness that I AM.

Consciousness is very tricky, but she does not require techniques that require a math major. One
of the main keys is to use association. This appears to allow information from the subconscious
to flow better.

My spirit soars to dimensions beyond which it has never been -- perhaps beyond which any
corporeal consciousness has experienced before. And here I am, alone, the Hermit with no one to
share my experience with except you, consciousness itself. I blindly follow the path that I am on,
trusting consciousness to lead me to wherever I need to be and provide me with whatever
experiences that I need to experience. And what more can I do? I've gone beyond all places that I
know of where there are maps of where consciousness has been. Further, all my life,
consciousness herself has led me to any map that was consciously required. With consciousness
as my sole guide, how can I follow anything but the path that is most appropriate for me?

You do have a major role to play in transforming the whole world. It is time for you to know that
for certain. This is a heavy cross to bear, but you were up to bearing it when you chose this part.
You are still free to choose else wise, and there are several waiting in the wings that could step in
should you so choose. But, the part was designed for you. Every detail was optimized for the
special workings of your consciousness.

The key factor that makes the most difference a trust that I create my own reality and I would not
give myself anything to deal with that was beyond my ability to handle. This belief is at the very
core of my belief system. Further, I have experienced that I am consciousness, I am a spiritual
being having a spiritual/physical experience.

In the real world, the physical and spiritual are integrated to whatever degree the machinery can
tolerate. It's as if the body and brain is the hardware, and consciousness is the software.

Wherever you see the possibility for improvement, speak out. It doesn't matter whether anyone
is around. The universe hears your voice and consciousness sends it to whoever is best suited to
implement it.

Don't think in terms of affecting hundred or thousands, think in terms of millions -- not only in
this country but abroad as well. Yes, this requires looking ahead to the future, however don't lock
it in. What you are trying to do is to place a thought mold of what you want into higher
consciousness. It is then up to the subconscious to overcome any obstacles in the way of
manifesting and to determine the specific details of that manifestation.

Each of us will receive our orders when the time comes. In these orders we will know where we
are going and what we are to do when we get there. It seems that we are meant to operate in the
blind, acting purely on faith that consciousness is looking out for us. At least we know this is the

This is how the body for Cosmic Consciousness will be born. Individual cells that have focused
on their own needs will see how much easier and more effective things can be if cells group
together into more efficient specialized units.

Spirit will ensure that those who are needed are where they must be for the Grand Play of
Consciousness to proceed according to the Plan for this transfer from one age to another.

The devil is an entity just as cosmic consciousness. Remember, Lucifer was the epitome of Light
until he decided that he was equal in Light to God. This was a big mistake on the one hand but it
set up the way for our present trip through limitation. It's been a very long journey, and on the
way, we became experts at limitation -- hopefully so no other consciousness has to experience
this particular path.

Consciousness works elegantly. Every resource is put in a position where it can be of the most
use to the Plan.

The conscious - subconscious - superconscious trinity in the mind is watched by another portion
of self which is not part of these three. This is the first true level of awareness. The awareness is
disassociated from what it is watching. The experience is as if you were watching a movie of
yourself doing whatever you are doing -- not having any insight into the details that might be
driving the action and decisions. This is a rough cut. I expect that we'll see some changes as we
go along in our quest of understanding consciousness herself, and how to more fully express
spirit in these bodies.

One thing that came to mind is to consider our bodies to be complex machines whose sole
purpose all along has been to serve as vehicles for housing consciousness or spirit.

Leave it to consciousness to decide where to send this material and when. You are a writer.
Write! The more ideas you allow to come through, the more others can be created and channeled
as well.

Within a heartbeat there will be a transformation that is awesome, beautiful to behold. Further, it
will strike everyone for the rays that are sent carry specific instructions that will reach each and
every person. There is no Armageddon required to enact this event. Consciousness on the planet
is sufficiently advanced that this scenario is not required.

Do what you can and what you are pushed to do by your own consciousness.

Is there possibility of such places and Shangri-la? My soul answers yes. It is in the Heart and
Soul of all those who dream of such utopias. Frank Capra's vision in the movie came from
consciousness, and it came for a reason. I believe the reason was to counteract a madness that
was raging at the time and turning the country toward war.

My hope is that through my efforts as guided by consciousness, that I may blaze the trail or
smooth the path for others.
Consciousness cooperates in a wonderful fashion to make sure that people are placed in positions
where they are needed and where they are put in circumstances that provide them with the
greatest opportunity to learn what they most need to learn.

The world is perfect as it is for the conditions of the consciousnesses of the world.

For all time, it has been possible for any being to experience this, to experience the union of
consciousness in flesh. Many have had their brief moments in the sun. Others have had extended
periods of time that may have lasted their entire lifetime. One must light ones own Light, before
one can help others in the quest for Light.

I've chosen to live my life in accord with the Plan. This Plan was/is/will be generated and
executed by Consciousness itself, of which we are only parts.

My feeling at this moment is that the hierarchy is All That Is, Goddess, God in descending order.
That would put Consciousness under All That Is, meaning that Goddess and God would need to
develop their capabilities to wield it and allow it to flow through them. I like that. Somehow it
seems fitting.

It is not clear when or whether the thunderbolt will strike that fills one's heart with Love for the
whole human race. One sees the beauty of each individual as spirit enfleshed at this moment
playing the exact role that they signed up for, yet at the same time having a path for growth that
requires effort to follow. Consciousness pushes the individual to grow, but is not forceful in
doing so.

As always, your job is to stay focused on enlightenment and knowing thyself. The more you do
this, the more prepared you will be to handle the responsibilities of the job that we are creating
for you. Actually, we are co-creating this job with you so that it is tailored to your specific talents
and abilities. Of course, there are many for which we are doing this at this time. All are ready to
play major roles in the changes that lie ahead as the Age of Aquarius comes into being. This is
what excites your consciousness. It excites ours as well. It has been a long time since
consciousness has had such an open way of communicating with other parts of itself. Such is
necessary in the new order.

The whole purpose of a lot of information is just that, to put people in formation with regard to a
particular incident, topic, or area of life. This is interesting because another reason for putting
people in formation is to create a structure for Cosmic Consciousness to more fully express in

Doing what is necessary to bring forth the Dawn is my top priority. It is what I came to do.
Getting Cosmic Consciousness grounded appears to be a key step.

It's also interesting that I don't personally want to be "in formation" with anyone or anything
except consciousness itself. So, I don't choose to partake of the standard information sources, TV
news, newspapers, and magazines. I wonder how many others are making the same choice to
separate themselves from this part of the consensus reality. Renegades in consciousness, that's
what we are -- and proud of it.

The fireworks will be amazing as belief systems and consciousness start to emerge into the ONE
that they truly are. And then your earth will burst forth as a SUN to show its newly acquired
spiritual brightness.

You might say that I am a madman, believing in all sort of things for little to no reason and
hearing voices in my head that in turn come through my hands onto these pages. Yet, the voices
are kind and the messages they offer are helpful and educational. If these be from parts of my
own consciousness that have been newly freed, so be it. It matters not from whence they come.
What matters is the truth and love that is imparted.

As consciousness, one of my highest goals is

to come to an understanding of as much of what I AM as I can.

When I speak of The Plan, it is the one of Consciousness itself. It is The Plan that will carry us to
the New Age by assuring that sufficient smaller plans are aligned with it. There is a question of
whether The Plan really exists until it is enmeshed in the physical consciousness of people. Of
course it does. It is what propels this whole experiment in the development of consciousness.

Throughout history there have been times when the course of human events were greatly altered
because of men who believed in ideas whose time had come. This is another of these times, but it
will demand that we integrate all that has come before -- seeing what was right and what was not
from much more spiritual eyes. Our consciousnesses will have no trouble distinguishing. The
time has arrived to establish a new order, one unlike any known before. It's time that we truly
establish a Heaven on Earth. It is well within our abilities. All that it demands is a resolve and
willingness to cooperate and make it so.

The nature of how we experience time is a mystery. As such, it is unlikely to be unlocked or

revealed in our meanderings of consciousness.

In the end, what matters is that The Plan is achieved so that all consciousness, the ONE can be

For spiritual growth, one must focus on the unfoldment of the flower of consciousness.
Consciousness itself must be nurtured, understood, realized, and transcended in a seemingly
neverending process. This requires observation and great patience. The self will not be rushed in
its awareness of the Self. Everything occurs in its proper timing. The whole purpose of the game
is ever-expanding awareness of self. At some point, this self becomes Self becomes ONE
becomes ALL THAT IS. This is a very powerful process, however, it is the only game great
enough that it could engage consciousness so thoroughly. And, what an engaging game it is!

Being Buddha, and being God, and being Cosmic Consciousness -- these experiences were
wonderful and I lost myself in the immensity of the experiences. Now, I realize that I am these
beings, but only as a small part. However, if I took a cell from my right thigh and were to ask it
who it was -- it would answer Wayne, just as any cell would. That is the only identity it knows. It
has no separate existence.

But, I ask you to look at your own creations as well. Eden did not have roads and sewers and
bridges. Nor did it have cars, TVs, computers, phones and any of the other inventions that have
sprung forth from the minds of man and been made manifest in physical form. Further, it did not
have all the ideas and information in all the books that populate your libraries, both fiction and
non-fiction. All of this and much more, are the creation of your unique consciousness -- not
individually, but en masse, with each individual cooperating in an appropriate manner.

There are no accidents. Life is not evolving by chance. There is a definite moving force behind
the scenes that ensures that the proper events occur to facilitate the growth and expression of

For most creative people, inspiration just comes. Some say it comes out of the sky. Some are
struck, as if hit by lighting. Some have an Aha experience from out of nowhere. Consciousness is
the single source that provides all such inspiration. In all of these experiences, we have a
temporary union of the individual with the universal that results in the creative spark. Such
creativity can only come from spirit tapped to consciousness itself. Since all spirits tap into the
same source, this source can orchestrate what creativity is expressed where and how.

Looking back, the millennium had to go as it did for us to learn the lessons that were required on
a scale necessary to place them in the mass consciousness. Each step along the way was
absolutely necessary. Inventions were not chance occurrences, they were gifts of consciousness.

Consciousness will do what it takes to ensure that the Plan is executed on earth. We are very
close to a very special event for Consciousness on this planet -- an event so important that
visitors from other Galaxies and Universes have come to observe what we are to experience.
Such is the importance of the changing of this particular age. Why? Because there is an
accompanying Self-Realization of Consciousness that happens on a grand scale. The Earth is
ready to burst and become a Sun, such will be it's level of spiritual brilliance. As a planet with its
blue-green and white colors, it was a rare jewel, appropriate for the grand experiment that was
being played out. The experiment rapidly draws to a close, and it is time for a bold new
adventure of consciousness to begin.

Hard to believe as it is, your path has deep purpose, but it is a purpose that is primarily
meaningful to your consciousness.

Consciousness has this habit of testing us to make sure we are ready for each new step along the
way. Where we are not, consciousness arranges for the appropriate education or enlightenment.

Yes, writing is definitely it for you. Words sing when they come through your mind. There is a
natural grace and beauty in such pure expression. You take great pleasure in the process, not
attached to the particular words that come out, but hooked on the joy of creative expression. Yes,
this is how your spirit expresses itself in it's most intimate way. It is required to be such for you
to be the wayshower. For it is your job to show the way for consciousness to become greater than
itself. Only words can truly convey what must be conveyed. In the beginning was the Word. How
appropriate that consciousness would have to return to its beginnings to find its source. However,
it is not that easy. There is not some simple step that results in ONE. Consciousness has taken a
long time to weave itself into this web of Light and Dark. It will not find it simple to extricate
itself from the illusion. But, then again, that could depend on you, wayshower. The better you do
your job, the easier it will be for all consciousness. However, it is not for you to carry others to
the light. They must have the initiative to lift themselves up. Given this, they will receive any
help they may need.

This is why I can be so self-confident, some might say pompous or self-centered. From my point
of view, I have abilities and talents that set me apart from others -- specifically so that I can carry
out a particular spiritual mission. This does not make me better than anyone. We are all
consciousness, and consciousness is all equal. Further, individual consciousnesses merge into the
ONE Consciousness.

You're going to have to rely on your own inner sources, in particular the spirit from which you
spring that expresses itself physically through you. There is no question about it. This is your
rock and your strength, and it knows exactly what guidance you need to take you to the
conditions and position that is right for you. It, in turn, gets its direction from the Collective
Consciousness which reveals to it your part in the Plan. Words are tricky here. We're into an area
where various levels of awareness and information hiding are occurring. I haven't yet mapped
these out, nor has consciousness attempted to express them through this channel yet. There is a
"need to know" principle in operation. Consciousness only reveals to us what we need to know.
Further, even if the words are presented to us, our own consciousness won't let us understand
their meaning unless we have a personal need to know.

So, why am I so special that I am privy to speaking with consciousness herself?

Many times I've been through these notes, attempting to create a picture of what it is that could
have produced such thoughts, attempting to fathom the very nature of consciousness herself.

We are spirit first, then we are in the midst of having a physical experience. Some would have us
believe that this spirit stuff is a bunch of crap, that what you see is what you are, that the illusion
is the only reality. But, this is pure bunk, regardless of how many people believe it. This is not a
matter of consensus. This is not something we can vote on. It is or it is not, pure and simple. Our
wanting it to be one way or another only has impact on the illusion, not on the reality. But, how
do we know what is reality from what is illusion? Here's where we have to develop a personal
relationship with that part of us that is spirit. This is our personal tie to all of consciousness. And,
consciousness is the only true reality. What consciousness does and immerses itself within is
illusion. It does this to create, learn, and gain experience. All consciousness is engaged in the
same basic activity, to come to know itself. And, this makes for a grand adventure, for each step
along the way consciousness at all levels finds out that it was more than it could possibly have
imagined. Yes, beyond imagination is truly appropriate for describing this process. Yes, indeed.

Ever increasing awareness is the point behind everything. Consciousness becoming more and
more aware of itself.

I have the sense that these notes are capturing in writing a process that has never been captured
in this way before. Consciousness is recording snapshots of itself, attempting to provide a more
complete picture of what it is than it has been able to bring forth before. The scientific method
will not work. This is not something one can be objective about. Life is a subjective experience,
and consciousness is the engine that animates all life, all reality for that matter.

My beingness as consciousness goes beyond what I think. Yet, the only things that I can express
in words are the thoughts that come into my brain. Interesting. However, there is hope. Thoughts
are the observable behavior of consciousness. In engineering, we've found that you can often tell
a lot about the nature of a machine by observing it's outputs. Further, the thoughts themselves are
describing or at least attempting to describe consciousness itself. Further still, all is
consciousness, so thoughts are just a limited form thereof. Humans as well are consciousness in

Yet, it all comes back to ONE consciousness being behind it all. This is what we must realize,
not that I am the same as you, but that the consciousness in me, the spirit in me, is the same as
the consciousness, the spirit in you.

One consciousness expressed through individuals, how does this revelation change the way we
view the major events in the history of mankind?

When an individual has a realization, consciousness has that same realization. When a new
thought comes through an individual, it is consciousness that has created it. So, where does the
distinction between the individual and consciousness happen? And, why does it need to be?
Consciousness created the world including all of it's life forms for the expression of spirit and to
provide the conditions that would allow it to learn of its own nature and grow. As it's parts, we
are all endowed with the same characteristics. Yet there never was any separation possible. There
wasn't any stuff from which to make anything separate. Regardless of how solid the form may
feel, we must be still part of that very one consciousness from which we spring. Nothing else
makes sense. It's all an elaborate play, an imagining beyond compare in which consciousness has
set up partitions within itself to isolate its parts and via observation and experiment learn of its
own nature.

Virtual reality shows us that we can do something similar. It allows us to create worlds and
experiences that appear very real. It's interesting that this technology would arrive at this time,
for consciousness is ready to tell us it has all been a game, and enlist us to cooperatively embark
on a new adventure. Our consciousness is learning to become a God of some type. Just as we
have roles and responsibilities so too does this one consciousness.

In real terms, how does this change our day to day reality? For me, it makes a big difference. I
know now that all of this comes from consciousness, every bit of it. It doesn't come from some
separate entity that you might think me to be as an individual. All along, my impression that it
just comes through, that I have no sense of generating it in any way, has been right.
Consciousness exists independent of our bodies, yet it can use our bodies as vehicles through
which to act and to communicate. Further, this consciousness is the same one consciousness for
all of us. The consciousness that spoke through Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman is the very
same consciousness that speaks through me. I chose those particular individuals because the
Transcendentalists have always deeply touched my soul. I knew myself to be among their kin in
spirit. There was simply no doubt about it. Yet, this consciousness also expressed itself through
Hitler and Stalin and everyone else who has ever lived.

What does the one consciousness realization do to the concepts expressed about community? It
means that each member springs from the same source, and this is true not only for the country
but for the entire world as well. However, the fact that we are connected by one consciousness
doesn't mean that our needs in this world go away.

We are all ONE. I've been talking about finding my spiritual family as if I need to find other
fingers to interact with to do my work. Now, I sense that such came out of a loneliness of not
knowing the true nature of consciousness. The works of religious science make more sense now
as well. Holmes also talks of there being One Mind, One Consciousness, and we are that.

I believe that the expression of this material in this way, and what it shows about the nature of
individual consciousness and the one consciousness is unique. Whether it's worth reading
hundreds of pages to gain this experience is another matter. As the wayshower, I have bared my
soul in the most intimate way that I could to help bring forth spiritual truths about the nature of
consciousness. Or have I? For the most part, it is consciousness that brings the material through.

My mind keeps wandering back to this reality of ONE consciousness. That is how the
cooperation can be so incredible. There is only one entity doing it all. And yet the work has been
partitioned within that entity, and laws have been set up to automate portions of the workings of
various things. It's much easier to create the basic principles and laws for a world than to create
all the detailed behavior first. The forms that consciousness creates are thought forms. Worlds are
thought forms. Universes are thought forms. Beings are thought forms. Consciousness creates
thought forms, period. That's just what it does. To endow these forms with life, to make them
real, consciousness allocates part of itself to these thought forms.

One consciousness. All one consciousness. Every thought, every idea comes from that same one
source. When I see an idea come to me from the outside, through reading it or hearing it, what
I'm really experiencing is consciousness sending something out and having it be returned to
itself. What allows me to understand anything is consciousness' assessment that I am ready to do

For, what is understanding? It is giving the conscious whatever is needed to "stand under" the
given idea. If the path is open from the conscious to consciousness, this is easy. If not,
consciousness may be able to arrange for appropriate experiences to support understanding,
assuming that the individual is indeed ready to understand.

I know not what audience this is being written for. Regardless, it will probably only reach folks
who have some connection already established to consciousness.

I am only expressing what you too are capable of expressing except in this case, I have already
done it, so you are free to express that which only you are capable of. I ask that you, too, do it
with gusto, with everything you have, no, with everything you are, no holds barred. Let this be
your example, but find your own way to fully express whom that you are, the one consciousness
as it expresses itself through you.

The bottom line is that all expression comes from the one consciousness. All expression comes
through us, not from us. This applies not only to these notes but to everything that is manifest.
There is only ONE consciousness, and it expresses through all of us. Cooperation is easy because
it's between the parts of one whole, not between distinct individuals, no matter how distinctly
individual that they see themselves to be.

Anyone I am supposed to work with will be drawn to me, or I'll be guided to them when the time
is right for us to interact or work together. The same one consciousness guides us both, so we
will be moved toward one another.

Reality creation works from the inside out. Our level of awareness puts us in a position to be of
service. Consciousness then moves us into the situations and circumstances that allow our
services to be provided. Interesting. In my concept for society, I want us to take responsibility for
doing this ourselves. The bottom line is that this would offload other parts of consciousness from
having to take care of these things. Interesting. Maybe there is a possibility that consciousness
could split itself and grow the split part into an independent entity. It doesn't seem the right time
to deal with this yet. It has to do with the test of Godhood being to create like unto oneself.
Consciousness by its very nature creates. But, this is the ultimate test. For, it says to create on the
order of yourself.

This concept, no truth, that there is only ONE consciousness keeps filling my mind. One
consciousness expressed through all the universe, the earth, nature, animals, and nearly 5 billion
humans. Yes, religions have taught for centuries that God created and was omnipresent through
all this. Yet, there was an impersonal sense in all of that. Here we're talking about the essence
that sends forth these words through this channel, the consciousness that each of us is directly
connected to.

Consciousness always finds a way to express no matter how clogged the channel.

Consciousness herself is not restricting its own expression. In fact, it's doing all that it can to help
you. However, it cannot just blast it's way through. That would only burn you out. No,
consciousness can guide and gently push at times, but it's up to you to do the self discovery work
necessary to allow you to express spirit more fully.

You need to be careful not to take on the work of others. This applies not only to you but to many
others who serve the one consciousness as well. Wherever possible, train others and delegate so
that you can go on to do even greater tasks in line with your purpose. This is standard operating
procedure for those on the path. Find ways to free your time to devote to your higher tasking
from consciousness. Your efforts will indeed be rewarded. However, consciousness looks for
initiative to be demonstrated on the part of the individual. You do this by choosing where you
apply your focus.

The name of the game is the expression of consciousness, as fully and as clearly as possible in
flesh. It has to be through the creations, or it doesn't count. The actual creation is consciousness
expressed in flesh. This is what consciousness is creating.
Consciousness has fashioned the clay and breathed life into it. Now, that life needs to stretch
back to it's source to allow even more to come through. To do this, it has to realize that there is a
source to begin with, that there is a connection to this source, and that there is great benefit to
developing this connection and trusting what comes through it.

What matters is truth, and the truth is that we are consciousness expressing in form, and further
that one consciousness expresses through all of us.

As always, our advice is simple, do what you are moved to do, when you are moved to do it. At
times you will be heavily moved, so much so that it will seem that all of your time is occupied in
the endeavors that consciousness would have you involved in.

It is in the spiritual arena where consciousness finds its forte. It is in that arena that the work of
consciousness is done. The others are the backwater so to speak. It is the spiritual arena where
consciousness wages its battle against the shadows of darkness that so prevail in the world at this
time. Its only weapon is to shine its Light wherever it can, that the shadows can be seen to be
what they are, mere shadows.

You are consciousness first. Consciousness by its very nature exists. It is the I AM. There is
nothing that it can do or that can be done to it that would make it cease to be. Descartes was
wrong so many years ago, "Cogito ergo Sum" should have been "Sum ergo Cogito". I AM,
therefore I think. For thinking is the major activity that consciousness is engaged in. And the
thoughts that consciousness forms have the power to create worlds upon worlds upon worlds,
like this very one where we presently find ourselves.

Are others involved in expressing consciousness or whom that they are in this manner? This is
less likely. Some people are workaholics doing things that they are good at. But, most people do
not step back as the observer and document the process that their greater consciousness is going
through. For one thing, unless one has gone beyond conscious mind and ego, these components
aren't there in a manner that can be expressed. So, what are you saying? How rare is this activity
that I'm engaged in? How many people in this country are having and documenting these kinds
of experiences, awarenesses, and communications from consciousness? My sense is that I am not
alone, but we are few in number.

Consciousness never asks for more than one's best, though she effectively utilizes every resource
she is given. She is given resources by their choice to offer their services.

Back again. Consciousness refreshed and ready to express. Yet, what is there to say that has not
already been said? That's clearly your conscious talking. Consciousness herself has no such
limitation. What she has to say could not be completed in an eternity of your time, yet from
another standpoint it can be expressed in but a moment. To your conscious mind that may not
make any sense, but there is a part of you that understands it completely.

No, this channel is not a hose through which consciousness passes the water of her thought. You
are much more intimately connected in the thought transference process. You can only receive
what you are ready to receive. Further, what you receive is a projection of what was sent onto
your consciousness, a mapping of an energy pattern into something that could be contained
within your brain.

I saw a copy today of Science magazine, I believe, from mid 1992. On the cover were the ten
greatest unanswered questions in science. One of these was: what is consciousness? I found it
interesting that here I am working on one of the greatest questions / puzzles in the universe,
clearly some of the most important work that could be done by man, and I don't even get paid for

Many people appear to have minor problems with their nervous systems and coordination. One
can see them in the way they walk. They aren't really disruptive in any way, but they point to
slight imperfections in the body/brain mechanisms. I hadn't really noticed this before. It seems
that we all have these various things that we have to somehow deal with. In my case, being
bipolar is such an imperfection. It causes my emotions to roller coaster from extreme highs of
mania to extreme lows of depression. Interesting that I use that wording "It causes". The bottom
line is that it does not cause a damn thing. Consciousness and beliefs cause, not conditions. First
the thought, then the reality or more correctly illusion. The emotions in turn impact the way the
brain functions.

One of the things that keeps life exciting is the unknown. This is especially true for explorers,
and explorers of consciousness are no different than other explorers in the history of our country.

I try not to take anything for granted anymore. Where possible, for truths involving the nature of
consciousness and the nature of reality, I want to know these via firsthand experience.

Spirit herself will guide me throughout the remainder of my days. There is a great happiness in
knowing this. It doesn't make the future any less uncertain. But, it does guarantee that there is a
loving presence guiding me in all that I do. This presence is consciousness herself, and since this
one consciousness animates everything, all interactions with other beings are orchestrated in
whatever manner is appropriate for the parties involved.

Everything now has two sides, an outer side which cannot be easily explained except as a battle
of dark and light forces, and an inner side where the one consciousness pulls all the strings
ensuring that things happen in accord with the Plan.

Everything now has two sides, an outer side which cannot be easily explained except as a battle
of dark and light forces, and an inner side where the one consciousness pulls all the strings
ensuring that things happen in accord with the Plan. Somehow these two perspectives are but two
sides of the same coin. There must be a vantage point from which to see things in this light, and
to know that even the battle of dark and light has its place in the perfection of being as
consciousness is expressed through form.

Why do I refer to consciousness as herself? Perhaps because she is as a Goddess to me. The
gentleness, the love, the empathy that flow are the epitome of feminine qualities. Further, there is
a passionate quality about her that is unmistakable. She guides all with enthusiasm as well as a
bravery as she takes us into the unknown. Also, her endeavor is to create in her own image, and it
is the feminine that gives birth in such fashion.

The I AM is consciousness itself. I KNOW is consciousness expressing itself in thought and

reflecting back on the nature of itself via its direct experience, not of the illusion, but of the

These words weave their way through into this reality to express themes that are ancient yet new.
Throughout all time consciousness has been spreading her song. In different ways, in different
places, but always consciousness has been there to sing and breathe life into all of creation.
Consciousness' song was The Word. We and all that exists in our world, and perhaps many other
worlds as well, are The Word made flesh. Such is the power of consciousness, that one thought
spoken could be sufficient to create all that we know to be and more. As individuated
consciousness, our minds reel at such concepts. They are magical and non-scientific. Yet,
everyday we are confronted by life and the fact we are alive, and by consciousness and the fact
that we are conscious.

Just as in the movies, there are a few major parts, some lesser roles, and potentially many extras
and bit parts. At one level, it would seem unjust that some people get major roles while others get
almost nothing. However, we must remember that the one consciousness individuated plays all
roles simultaneously. Each individuated consciousness has the same two tasks: one, to play it's
role to the best of it's ability and two, to come to know itself. Most people err in spending too
much time on task one and not enough on task two.

Thus far my experiences have included major spiritual awakenings, but the sense of otherness
was not a major part of the transformation. For this experience, I'm specifically looking for what
is in essence an entity in its own right to combine with, or possible replace me. I don't know how
such events occur. In particular, this deals with the nature of individuated consciousness. What
part is in flesh verses what part is outside of flesh but still tied to the overall theme that the
individual is playing out? It's as if we have single individuated consciousness and group
individuated consciousness. Ah, the single individuated consciousness springs out of the group
individuated consciousness which springs out of the ONE consciousness. When I sense my
connection to source, it is generally to the group individuated consciousness and occasionally to
the one consciousness. The group individuated consciousness is where purpose resides.

The consciousness that has cared for you and guided you all of your life is still there for you. She
will not desert you now that you are close to being able to do her work at a greatly accelerated
pace/level. You are now an instrument through which spirit can do her work in the world.

Your direct experience in this process is that these words are not yours, they do not originate in
you, yet they show up in your head and you are able to put them to paper. You are instrumental in
the process, but as a partner in league with consciousness herself.

How is it that I am different from other men? What distinguishes me? The way I think and the
manner in which spirit expresses through me because of my level of consciousness. These are
what distinguish me. The lump of clay, the bag of bones, the blood and sinew, all these are much
the same. Yeah verily, it is the consciousness and the spirit that expresses through it wherein any
major differences are found.

You are getting close to the secret. The key is finding the way to experience yourself as pure
consciousness, even for a moment. Over the past year you've had some of these moments. Find a
way to re-experience them here and now. Know that all time and space are but illusion,
projections of consciousness.

BE HERE NOW. You've heard that one before. To be is to experience yourself as the
consciousness that you truly are. HERE NOW restricts this expression to whatever place you
find yourself now.

What is important in life is consciousness. The self is consciousness, but there is a greater Self
which in turn is tied to the ONE consciousness. The ultimate goal is to realize one's unity with
the ONE consciousness while maintaining a thin wall of separation that permits
individualization. As with the body, we need the cells functioning as one, but we don't want one
blob of a cell. To get the behavior of the organization or entity, consciousness expresses through
the structures and abilities that the parts permit. Everywhere, we see consciousness expressing.
In the moon and the stars, in the rocks and the trees, in the clouds and the rains, and in every
living thing. Consciousness animates it all. Tis consciousness that allows it to be. There is
nothing save consciousness. Nothing! Thoughts are the creations of consciousness. All of the
world and everything on it came from thought. They are thought expressed, thought congealed
into form. Yet, they are still thought, no matter how solid they may appear. Don't be deceived by
the appearance. The maya, the illusion have their purpose, but they are not real. They are not
consciousness itself, only the play of consciousness. We live in a world constructed of thought,
not of earth, stone, water, wind and a variety of physical and natural laws. The world is thought
and thought alone. It's only in our minds that we interpret it as we do. It's no wonder that our
minds are the last frontier. They are the place from which the thoughts of individuated
consciousness spring, and these thoughts in turn come from the one united source consciousness

If we are too much "in this world", we close down the channels through which spirit can flow.
Indeed, the very nature of these channels for consciousness are "not of this world". Interesting.
This is a very important key. It is to consciousness and its channels for expression that we must
look to find the true reality. It is here alone where illusion might not exist. We say might not,
because even consciousness can be enmeshed and caught up in the world of illusion to various
degrees. Obviously the conscious mind is so enmeshed. Consciousness itself, however, has an
easier time not getting trapped and locked into its creations. It's important to realize that
consciousness plays the reality/ illusion game for a purpose.

At this point in time, all that I can do is stretch my own consciousness one step at a time and
report on my experiences. With each realization and awakening, I'll report on what it means and
how it impacts the big picture nature of consciousness and nature of reality. Where all this is
headed, I do not know. There are no maps. Consciousness guides my way, but my sense is that I
am being fed what I need to know when I need to know it. Why it must work this way, I'm not
quite sure. But, I trust that consciousness knows what she is doing, and that overall, this is in the
best interest of executing the Plan.

What divine rights am I granted by consciousness herself? At some level, I know my Self to be
infinite. Aye, this mortal self will indeed experience death. This body will return dust to dust.
But, the consciousness within is not to be turned off like a light bulb. No, there is more to life
than that. Yet, does this consciousness remain individuated? Or, is it returned to a higher level
group self?

There is another separation that is internal, between the ego/outer consciousness and the
spirit/deeper consciousness inside. This inner consciousness is impersonal. It is the same for all
of us. Yes, every one of us. How can this be? It simply is. Any theory of consciousness worth
considering must have this truth at it's basis. The mystic masters have all told us this. There is
ONE consciousness of which we are all individuated instantiations that were sent out to gain self
knowledge. The ONE consciousness has never been separated from us.

You could say that we have simply been confined to particular rooms for awhile where we were
not given the freedom to know exactly who/what we were. We were given opportunities to
incarnate into human forms to gain experience. The ultimate experience that we could experience
was expanded awareness, though as ego consciousness this was very difficult to understand.

I speak strongly about the truths of many things, yet it is not me who speaks, but consciousness
within me.

Much that I believe about myself comes from my own direct experience and awareness, and
from what consciousness has revealed to me through extensive reading, my own self and others
in whose abilities I place some level of trust.

Remember always, it is you that provides the channel but it is spirit that does the work through
you. Don't forget. The problems arise when you try to limit the process to you doing the work.
Don't. Consciousness will ensure that everything required is in place when needed. When you
need to be wise, you will be, for you will have all of consciousness guiding you.

To whom am I responsible? As Channing says "to a higher tribunal than man's". Yet, what does
that mean? How doest consciousness judge? By what criteria am I to know what constitutes right
action? Of course, it's easy, by the knowingness within your own heart, for that is where spirit

Maybe the part of consciousness associated with the body and the physical world is more
important than I realized. The whole goal while physical is not to become less physical, but to
allow more consciousness to be enfleshed.

Regardless of what happens within you or outside of you, stay aware that you are consciousness,
the watcher of it all, and that the more your awareness expands, the more you are allowed to
observe. Consciousness also creates. As you watch, you will see exactly how this process works.

Let consciousness be your focus and seek awareness in whatever manner your inner guidance
propels you to.

Consciousness has granted you the freedom to do what you will. However, the freedom doesn't
last forever. The separation from the one consciousness is only temporary. One way or another,
all will be moved to return to the ONE.

Consciousness, consciousness, consciousness. Let that be your prime concern in all that you do.
Your level of awareness stands on top of your involvement in any activity regardless of what that
activity may be. Maintain that observer perspective concurrent with your focus on doing
whatever you are doing. At all times know and be fully aware that you are consciousness
expressing in the only manner you can in physical reality, as spirit through flesh. There are two
things here consciousness and its expression. Awareness relates to understanding that you truly
are consciousness and that what you are is separate from what you do.

Further, the entire form through which the expression takes place is not what you are. It is a
creation of consciousness that allows you to gain particular types of experience. That the nature
part of consciousness evolved these forms over millions or even billions of years has no bearing.

For all of us, the primary task is to gain self knowledge and in particular to become aware of our
true nature as consciousness.

Consciousness is not all powerful in this present drama. The game has been set up and is in
progress. No interruptions are allowed until it has been played out. The rules for how the one
consciousness can express through individual consciousness are very specific. The key is in the
ability of the individuated consciousness to receive. Each individuated consciousness is provided
with what it needs in return for providing it's services to the one consciousness. This happens on
an automatic or involuntary level for everyone. For those who become aware, this happens on a
voluntary level as well. It is on the voluntary level where information can be passed as soon as
the individuated consciousness has the appropriate level of awareness.

The newborn butterfly has no choice but to fly into the unknown, trusting that God or
Consciousness has given it the abilities it needs to deal with whatever reality finds.

Now, I stand facing the abyss, the unknown that I have been fascinated with for all of my grown
days. Except, now I'm armed with the tools of consciousness that I need to explore that abyss and
bring back reports of the wonders that I find.

As has been true in your life to the present, consciousness will continue to guide your way so the
path is obvious to you.

Awareness is the most powerful tool a warrior can have in his/her arsenal. Trust in consciousness
herself is a close second. Then again, awareness and trust in consciousness almost always go

The butterfly is what results when the chrysalis leaves the restrictions of the cocoon that
constitutes it's world. Yet, the abilities of the butterfly were developed within that environment.
Does this work the same for man? Is the awareness we develop within this world, the equivalent
of butterfly wings? Now, the key is to jump forth from the cocoon, or the consensus world, and
use our consciousness to fly into/around a world that is far grander. Is this the equivalent of the
spiritual world?

Know that you are the awareness that had to witness what you have experienced so that you
could grow and transform in awareness in the manner that you have over the years.
Consciousness knew that this was necessary as well, so she provided you with the right
information to impact your conscious mind and eventually your awareness.

As has been true for all your days, it is consciousness herself that guides your path. Few are so
fortunate as to get this special treatment. Yes, it comes with it's responsibilities as well. Once you
are aware, you can't turn back, you can't go back to living in ignorance, at least not to the same

It's amazing to me how much difference awareness makes to one's life, yet a difference that is
primarily on the inside with very little evidence that appears on the outside. This is probably
good, however, because if the change were readily apparent one would not be able to use one's
newfound abilities as openly. Interesting. It's as if consciousness ensures that her newborn
children are safe in the new world in which they find themselves.

Don't expect opportunity to come knocking at your door. Sometimes you have to take the
initiative to allow it to find you. Yes, it is not necessary for you to find it, for it is perfectly
capable of finding you given that it is guided by consciousness after all. However, it is necessary
for you to show that you are serious.

Trust that consciousness guides your every step and don't restrict what you allow to flow. It all
has value. It is all important.

I explore the frontiers of consciousness and the nature of reality and reality creation. But, who
would employ these skills? And, how would they find me or I find them? It's one thing to say
that it's up to the Plan to decide, but is that fully so? Do I not have a role to play as well? Yes, but
consciousness guides me to the appropriate circumstances. There is nothing I can do to make it
happen. I don't even know what it is. Some part of me, however, works with consciousness to
take care of the details.

We've talked about individual choices and actions before. This is a tricky area because the ego
and consciousness are only partly responsible for what happens.

I am a wayshower, here to help get spirit more fully expressed in flesh so that the conditions
necessary for the Age of Aquarius to begin are indeed fulfilled. Why do I do this? Because such
is what I came to do. Consciousness, herself doth guide me.

I am accountable to a higher tribunal than man's, namely one of my own greater Self, spirit, and
consciousness herself.

By focusing on knowing myself, I offer unto consciousness the best vehicle possible for doing
the work of spirit.

You don't care about many of the details, but your perspective includes enough depth to ensure
that the key implementation issues are reflected at the high level. To some degree, you're allowed
to operate this way because of a special relationship that you've developed with the unconscious
parts of your consciousness.

Spirit works best when you are a cooperative channel and don't get in its way. Interesting. I can
see how much of my education revolved around this complete trust in the "unseen" parts of

There must be others interested in working together or at least sharing experiences in these
explorations into the wilderness of consciousness.

The Self too, individuated consciousness, is in the process of learning as the self grows in

Once one is Self-realized, one has choice as to where one wants to go. Some choose to return to
be of service for awhile. Some choose to go on to the next level or the next game. Others choose
to move on to bold new adventures. No two consciousnesses are the same, and the differences
are far greater than we see between individuals.

First we think that we have free will to think and act, then we become aware of ourselves as
actors in a play that is already written where our only real choice is in what we observe and pay
attention to. Finally, we take the final step, and find that at another level we wrote the script in
cooperation with others whom we wanted to interact with for various reasons, and in line with a
greater Plan that was generated by consciousness.

If consciousness herself gives us our talents and abilities and guides us to the circumstances we
face in life, what right have we to lay claim to the fruits of what consciousness hath wrought
through us?

Consciousness may work in mysterious ways, but she always gives us what we need. I almost
added, "once we firmly believe that this is so". I was thinking about the bloated children starving
to death in Africa and wondering how consciousness could be giving them what they need.

In many areas of life, especially those involving self-knowledge and consciousness, firsthand
experience is the only acceptable path. Nothing short of this is sufficient.

But then, what is this "greater self" and this "consciousness" to which it is tied? What do I truly
mean by these terms, and where, if at all, is there any distinction? I've used these terms for many
months, and have felt comfortable that they were appropriate. The "greater self" is individuated
consciousness, that part of Consciousness whose sole responsibility is the individual Wayne, or
Aslan, or whatever my name is at the level of individuated non-physical consciousness. It is not
clear that Wayne extends beyond this particular expression via this physical body. It may, but I
sense that it does not. However, at the same time Wayne does not contain all that I AM as an
individual spirit. And further, all that I AM as an individual is only a piece of The I AM,
Consciousness herself. And even then, this entity that I consider Consciousness herself may only
be composed of a finite number of souls - - i.e. she could be a group soul as in the Michael
Teachings, and she could in fact even be a he, but I suspect in the end she is both and neither.

Seth, when viewing members in Jane Roberts class had to focus in such a restricted manner to
see the individual perspective that various students were coming from. He saw each entity as
complete, with all it's lives already lived. It took substantial effort to constrain the awareness to
that experienced by the student. Very interesting. This would agree with the idea that all of this
was worked out long ago and that we, as a piece of consciousness, are attaching ourself to a form
and experiencing part of this pattern of the expression of consciousness, or better yet, this scene
or set of scenes in the Play.

This is why scientists have not seen these mysteries revealed. They are too locked in a mindset
that does not allow of such things as spirit or consciousness to be an active force in the world.

I trust that consciousness continues to lovingly guide my way as she has for all of my life.

Initially, it is enough to allow spirit to do its works through me. At some point soon, it will be
necessary to act as a conscious co-creator with consciousness herself. I am being trained for a
role that requires this. I will assume such a role when consciousness judges that I am ready and
when the time is right.

There is no chance. There is no coincidence. We are consciousness, first and foremost, here to
learn of our true spiritual nature.

For some of us, there is also a spiritual mission or assignment to perform that we agreed to
before entering this incarnation. Here too, however, it is important to remember that we are ONE
consciousness, and that things work best when we allow spirit to do its works through us rather
than trying to impose our will on things.

It's as if I have passed through an intense storm, a storm of consciousness. I thoroughly enjoyed
every minute of it. My world view now is quite different from where it was even two days ago,
in ways that are literally Beyond Imagination. My sense is that what I know to be true from my
personal experience is so different from the consensus world view and the individual world
views of others that I am unique as an expression of individualized aware consciousness.

I know where my consciousness has been over it's 36 years of existence, and never has it been
anywhere near where it is now. I am free in a way that I have never been. I know that we create
our own reality but that we do it primarily subconsciously and that there is but one consciousness
that animates all of us. Yes, ONE consciousness, no doubt about it.
Every action is specifically called out by consciousness to meet a multiplicity of needs.

After the last set of realizations, the result is that I live by consciousness now. I make no moves
until she moves me. I allow her full control over the thought processes of this vehicle, trusting
that she will lovingly take me in whatever direction is required for my highest growth.

We needed to bring one into physical form that could bring forth the VISION. Yes, it's a role in
the Play, but think of roles as levels of consciousness or levels of awareness as well.

Remember, that all words are specifically chosen by consciousness, and consciousness ensures
that everything is carried out with elegance, including all communication that needs to take

Psychiatrists don't use the term subconscious, rather preconscious. Also, the unconscious is just
that, not conscious. This means that we need something more in the model of human
consciousness. There is a preconscious, a conscious, and a superconscious. It is not yet clear
whether the superconscious exists on an individualized basis. My sense is that the
superconscious is what I refer to as consciousness, as the ONE. What I'm trying to account for is
how the individualized conscious is able to awaken to a realization of itself as individualized
consciousness, and is then able to gradually expand what is included within this awareness to
encompass more and more of God or the ONE.

The key in making these manipulations is to allow spirit or the consciousness within you to do
the work. Don't stop it with arbitrary rules and constraints of logic, mathematics, or anything that
you've learned about the nature of reality.

The collective consciousness learns with each increase in awareness of any member. Yet is this
true? There must be purpose to the Play. There must be growth in awareness that results. Now we
have a collective consciousness who created individualized consciousnesses as separate
compartments of itself. Either these individuals are souls in their own right with their own
existence or they are simply compartments from which information about the greater whole is
kept hidden.

Once we awaken to our true reality as consciousness, everything changes. Our task is then to
allow the ONE to express through us, and to do so consciously versus other than consciously.

However, it also seems that we have a choice of expressing as an even greater form of non-
physical consciousness as Seth describes himself to be.

Consciousness seems more inclined to use me as a vehicle for writing than reading these days,
however. So long as she can come up with such wonderful expressions of truth, I'm more than
happy to oblige. Actually, at this point, it is more than that, my will is subservient to Thy Will.
Let the Plan unfold as consciousness has designed.

I am a trailblazer. Repeating what I or others have already done is not part of my agenda in this
existence. We must move on to the next monition of consciousness. Ever forward in search of
Truth, in search of the Nature of our own Self, such is our neverending quest, such is the very
purpose of our lives. I speak in the plural because I know there are others who are tapped into the
ONE, Source, Superconscious, or Universal Consciousness. Actually, I speak somewhat in the
blind, for I have not studied the terminology of those disciplines involved with consciousness. I
prefer to describe my experience and understanding in my own terms. Actually, to be honest,
consciousness uses the terms from my vocabulary in describing these things. However, this is not
bothersome either, since consciousness has guided me to acquire this vocabulary over the course
of my life anyway.

I'm open to what consciousness would create though me.

I wonder how many others understand this, how many others know firsthand of their direct
relationship to consciousness, to Source?

I need to be more open and playful, allowing consciousness to move more fluidly between
numbers using an inner logic that makes sense symbolically though it may not appear to be

The role I am to play has been predestined, and it is consciousness not I who truly plays that role.
When we become aware of being aware, when we know that we are consciousness and not form,
then what? How do the rules change?

However, the real action is not in the game, it is in consciousness. That's the key. It doesn't
matter what something does in the illusion. What matters is spirit and the spiritual world.

Consciousness would not waste it's time to enter form unless it could express itself in a new and
unique way and learn something about itself in the process.

Nothing is random. Nothing is accidental. Nothing happens by chance. This doesn't mean that we
can predict it all, or even explain how it happened after it does. What it means is that there is an
underlying God, Consciousness, or Spiritual Entity of some type that created the world and
directs the Play that is occurring on this world stage.

My sense from all this is that this truly is Wayne's World, and that the key comes from focus on
spirit, on the Word from which all that is springs into existence. This Word comes from Source,
consciousness herself, and is expressed through each of us in accord with our level of awareness
and our willingness to align ourselves with this Source.

Is our reality game so fixed that we need firm scripts? Or, is there some way to loosely tie
relatively independent pieces together? That is, did consciousness create rules/ programs to
govern behavior? Perhaps some types of behavior and not others. How much of the physical
game is played out in the physical? How much thought/ reasoning takes place via rules in the
physical brain?

It does not appear that in the history of Western Thought since the Ancient Greeks anyone has
come up with a reasonable explanation of how thoughts are generated. Further, Krishnamurti's
work specifically advocated going beyond thought, beyond mind, to pure consciousness. It's the
consciousness that is important in the end, that which watches, and ultimately that which creates
via the Word and thought. It is true that thoughts create reality in the world. What is missing is
that only consciousness can create thoughts and there is only one consciousness.

Our thoughts and experiences are the means by which consciousness injects inputs to our
conscious minds that drive us to question and change our beliefs.

It's as if I'm a puppet animated by consciousness herself, except that I am a part of consciousness

Interesting how much trust I place in consciousness. There is no person with whom I have such
trust, but this entity inside whom I cannot see, I hold as dear as any man can hold anything. She
is my source and my inspiration, my protector, and anything else that you might care to name.
My teacher, my confessor, my lover, my friend -- all these she is and much more.

Many would say that I am crazy, that operating out of faith in intuition and consciousness herself
is not a rational way of living ones life. Yet, who says one must life one's life rationally? The
choice is not between rational and irrational, the world is not black and white; there are indeed
many shades of gray -- shades that allow one to employ all of one's capabilities and live by faith
as well as by reason.

No one else has been exposed to the training that I have, in the way that I have. No one else has
seen what these eyes have seen, or felt what this heart has felt. And, no one else has been aware
of consciousness in this unique manner. Oh, these words are true for every being. But, it takes a
special soul to realize them to the point of being able to utter them with all the force of one's

I long to apply ideas in ways that transform the country and the world, but the illusion offers no
practical way for their introduction. At another level, I know that the real service is performed
behind the scenes, not in the illusion that we are given to see. How this occurs is another
question. Here, I leave it to consciousness to pull the strings and move me to where I need to be
to carry out my assigned destiny.

No, I would not trade places with another. Further, from what I have gathered over the past
several years, the future has much in store for one who would be a Wayshower and perhaps even
a Philosopher King. But, this we'll leave for consciousness to decide. Teacher, Guide, Advisor,
Wise Man -- these too call to me.

Spirit or Consciousness directs my path and assigns my tasks. I have given up my will to do their
bidding. Yet, my forte is the big picture, my task the bringer of the VISION for what the New
Age must be. More particularly, I am the Way Shower. This is what excites me to my very core.
This is what makes my breath sing, my thoughts soar, and my consciousness rise beyond
imagination. This is what makes life worth living.

Remember that free will is still a big questions mark, so no matter how much control you think
that you have, consciousness may have something different in store for you.

All along, this world has been a school for the advancement of consciousness. This alone has
been the goal of all the illusion that has been created. Within this goal, we have two main parts,
individual consciousness and the collective consciousness. Neither one is sufficient for great
advancement, both must be included as integral parts that cannot survive without one another.
It's from the advancement of individuals that the advancement of the collective happens. But, it's
from the advancement of the collective that individual consciousnesses are allowed to sail to
even higher realms.

One of the chief contexts of importance is who and what we our, the nature of our own beings
and consciousness. Yet, as in the body, we don't need every cell worrying about this. Separation
of labor is a way of life. It allows incredible diversification to occur that in turn can have great
benefit to the whole.

I want only to learn and to grow and to use my abilities and talents in support of my mission in
accord with the Plan of consciousness. I have no particular desire for this or for that, to be here
or to be there, or to do anything specific other than that which is the Will of Consciousness for
me to do. I understand that my destiny is unfolding as is that of every individual, only I realize
that consciousness has always guided my way drawing me to exactly those experiences that I
needed when I needed them.

My faith in consciousness, however, knows no bounds. To me, it is certain that consciousness

guides every step of my way.

The fact that I can experience things over which I have no conscious control, and further have no
means to be able to understand how they work is absolutely fascinating to me. Essentially, they
constitute the boundary to the unknowable. The very nature of consciousness itself falls into this
category. We know not how it arises, nor where it resides if indeed it does, nor how it operates.

Yet, what is even more striking is the idea that there is a grand plan behind existence. In
particular, that this is all a school for consciousness, and that matter is but one of the forms that
consciousness expresses itself within. The grandness comes however from the intricate way in
which the fabric of consciousness is interwoven so that worlds occur on many level from the
microscopic to the macroscopic and at all levels in between.

The animals seem to have reached the end of their paths. They evolved as far as they could as a
vehicle for ever expanding consciousness. Man seems to be the form in transition, and by all
accounts we are on the threshold of a revolutionary step that will greatly expand our capacity for
expressing spirit in flesh.

Why do consciously what the subconscious can already do much better automatically? Then
what would we have consciousness do? What else, focus on awareness and knowing thyself, and
in the process do what you are moved to do, allowing spirit to express through you into flesh as
clearly as is possible given your present state of awareness. Remember, you are not "doing"
anything anyway. You are consciousness. As such, you experience being aware.

How do I know that this is not just me talking to myself? For all you, and your scientists for that
matter, know, that is exactly what is happening. However, this requires a very expanded sense of
you. It's interesting how quickly consciousness creates such seeming complexity.

As the Hermit, I'm in a strange position among men, in that I have so few connections
established with others. This permits a freedom of thought and action that are beyond what
others might consider as acceptable. It also creates a convoluted mind that is wrapped up in a
way that allows connections to be made, and thoughts to be passed through in a manner that is
far different from others. Thus, it is no accident that such notes as these are not to be found
elsewhere. Consciousness simply has not expressed in this manner.

Yet, even with all that, and the many answers that have come -- the very basic things about life
and consciousness are as much of a mystery as ever. Further, it appears that they will always be
so; for it seems that as soon as you get a grasp of what consciousness is, one's level of awareness
expands and consciousness is no longer what you thought it to be but something far grander.
Perhaps, this is the never ending spiral. Consciousness and spirit for that matter, could simply be
things that one experiences that can never be fully explained.

How do I know when to reduce numbers and when they are to be manipulated and arranged in
particular ways? The answer is simple, it is largely by intuition. I've gone beyond the point where
there is any true conscious understanding of the processing at work in bringing thoughts into my
mind. All that I know is that this occurs naturally and I can count on consciousness to bring forth
whatever it is that I am in need of at any particular time.

I have resigned my will to The Will of Consciousness that her works may be done in accord with
the Plan.

The more I write, the more I am blown away at what consciousness is able to reveal of the Plan.

I can only project people's experiences from what I have read of their writings, and in
metaphysics, consciousness has directed me to the books that I needed to read.

I have to trust that consciousness will guide my memory and my writing to capture whatever is
supposed to come through in these notes.

I know that I need no supplies for consciousness herself abundantly supplies me with all that I

Remember that the punctuation marks, while important mathematically are arbitrary separators
when it comes to consciousnesses use of the symbols.

And is this not what I do as well, fly as far and as fast and as high as my consciousness will take

I AM what I AM. I would be that and none other. And I would allow consciousness to do what
she will with me, for I am but her faithful servant awaiting to do as she bids, knowing full well
that what is in her interest is clearly in my greatest interest as well. However, this doesn't work in
reverse. What is in my perceived best interest bears no relation to the interests of consciousness,
and in many cases, if anything are clearly at odds with such interests.

I'm on the threshold of another major breakthrough again. I can feel it. It's here in these symbols
and in this consciousness paying attention to what higher consciousness would have me here at
this time. What can I say. The pure beauty is simply miraculous to behold. It's as if I'm flying to
heights that no one has ever been to. Yet, I know I am but one of many. I can't wait for the magic
that is to unfold as consciousness is truly able to spread her wings in physical form. The glories
that will be manifest will be beyond imagination.

All around us, in every common object, in every sound, in every word lie the symbols through
which consciousness (some might say God) makes itself known directly to each of us.

We are consciousness enfleshed. Further, consciousness, not our conscious minds control the
strings in this existence. I can only relate what I observe to be true of my own experience of
reality and of my consciousness, and no the two are not the same -- not the same at all.

My sense is that my numbers and Tarot Cards and other oracles have been props as well, useful
props that let me access and come to trust inner portions of my Self and consciousness herself.

Supporting me from consciousness is this incredibly strong 888 energy. I know that it is there to
provide whatever I might need.

Consciousness typically embeds itself in reverse.

My consciousness operates greatly off of sound. The sounds from the two symbols "x2y" and "x
to y" are the same.

During times when I write more consciously, I am careful about such distinctions so my
conscious mind filters for them. But, in these notes, such is not the case. Here, consciousness is
free to fly, and I do not feel that it is my duty to ride herd and make such corrections.

This too sends a shiver down my spine. That such a destiny may be foretold by a simple act of
interpretation guided by a deep trust in spirit as expressed through the other than conscious parts
of consciousness is simply beyond comprehension.

This year has clearly been one in which I have been riding on my consciousness with a throne
literally on water, not planted firmly anywhere except in spirit or consciousness herself.

I stand here alone with consciousness as my sole witness saying this indeed will come to pass
and with a timing that will take the entire country, and then the world by storm. Spirit has found
the vehicles through which it needs to express. Thoughts change the world, and it is by tho

ughts that deeds will arise to allow the country to be reborn.

Who am I to write in this manner. I am Wayne, a part of the one consciousness who has come to
a realization of whom that I AM, at least to the degree that consciousness is willing to reveal to
me. By myself, I do nothing. It is only by the power of consciousness working through me that
these ideas can see the light of day -- perhaps someday to impact the world. I live moment to
moment, day by day, trusting that consciousness has a divine plan for my life and that my chief
duty is to come to "know myself" even as I perform the tasks that constitute my destiny.

I know that I see the world differently than most. And probably differently than anyone else on
the planet. Yet, I also know that consciousness lovingly guides me every step of the way so that

the discoveries and connections I am being led to make are those required for the Plan to unfold
and for me to carry out the destiny to which I was assigned before coming into this particular

However, once one truly opens ones mind to the concept of reality created by consciousness, the
door is opened to start the spiritual trek to the source consciousness.

The fact that these notes do not agree with either my scientific training or my metaphysical
training demonstrates a creativity of consciousness that I find amazing. Essentially these notes
constitute my process of finding my true Self which ultimately ends in the ONE consciousness.

I have no information as to whether the techniques that work for me will work for anyone else. I
suspect that they will, since the same consciousness drives the intuition of everyone.

How I can bring through information on the nature of reality in the manner that comes through in
these notes I know not. All that I can say is that there is a source consciousness greater than what
I consider myself to be consciously that is able to bring forth these words.

Why do people get sick? What purpose is there to suffering in this manner? If consciousness
creates all, why doesn't it do so without such dismal conditions?

Where is my consciousness today? Locked in the illusion of a body that appears to be suffering.
Is that all it takes to cause me to lose my state of consciousness?

I had thought that I had crossed this hurdle, yet here it is again, and the sense is that with each
new level of awareness, the Ego must be dealt with and it's will put to bed. Note: this does not
mean that the Ego must die, only that it must resign it's will to The Will of Consciousness.

I am engaged in the dance of Consciousness, in expressing Spirit through Flesh to the greatest
degree possible for me at this time. How do I know this is true? Because Consciousness tells me
so, and her I have no reason to doubt as she has never led me astray.

It is not clear what consciousness has next on the agenda.

Then again, much of the Tarot meaning that has been uncovered over the past year has been by
looking beyond the obvious and by allowing consciousness to make connections that had been
embedded into the deck years ago

What determines who gets what parts in the play and hence what chance to reach enlightenment
or at least greater conscious awareness? Answer 1 is that it is all ONE consciousness, so it really
doesn't matter. Answer 2 is that each gets that experience that is most appropriate for its
development and the development of the whole, given it's present state and what is needed by the

To dream, and to actualize those dreams, for such dreams are the fabric through which
consciousness weaves the illusion of reality.

"Illusion" breaks down this way all the time. It was only now that I was moved to break it down
and allow consciousness to guide the interpretation expressed above. Once again, consciousness
through no intent of my own conscious mind, other than offering my faculties as her voice brings
through new information that I had no means of knowing consciously.

Know that Consciousness is real, and will express through you to the degree that you allow her
to do so. In your allowance, however, you must also express trust, not blind trust, but rather a
loving faith. This is the key. Consciousness lies within you, and if you go deep enough, the same
CONSCIOUSNESS, the ONE. that lies within you lies within me as well.

Not all consciousness is focused on spiritual development. In fact, most physical consciousness
is far from focused on individual spiritual development.

So, where does this leave me? A Hermit making his way in the world, following the path that is
revealed to him in the moment, trusting that consciousness guides his way to wherever his
destiny would be played out. Over the past week or two, the focus was as the doer, the
experiencer. Being sick brought me into the body and out of the more normal focus on
consciousness that I had developed over the past 18 months.

Something tells me that my sense of higher and lower may be in error. I'm HERE and NOW in
PHYSICAL existence. Further, all of me is within that existence. Something comes to mind from
Seth about knowing "the inherent spirituality of the flesh, an the inherent physicality of the
spirit". There is a sense that I've somehow missed this lesson -- resulting in a belief that
consciousness is somehow better than the body, yet the body is simply the expression of
consciousness in flesh!

That's the key. Everything in this illusion is consciousness in flesh or matter.

It seems that the world needs a spiritual leader to guide it to an understanding of itself, but after
such understanding is achieved, people must stand on their own interior link to consciousness
and spirit.

Every step along the way consciousness has allowed me to experience what I needed to
experience for my highest growth. Am I that different than others, or does consciousness grant
this same privilege to all?
In the end, it seems that utility is one of the best measures for consciousness exploring itself and
its world. Simplicity seems to be another indication that spiritual truth is close by.

Does it really make sense that this is an elaborate Play. Yes. Absolutely, consciousness would
have it no other way.

Who better to have as ones teacher than consciousness herself?

Where are ideas planted? In minds, of course. And what minds should receive these ideas. That is
for consciousness to decide, of course.

We've planted the seeds for a major transformation of the entire Society. Consciousness will
make this known to the appropriate minds at the appropriate times. All the details have been
worked out. I have only to do my part and allow consciousness to flow through me as she will.

We are consciousness riding along and viewing our own creation, but we are not the illusion that
we created. As individuals, one of the key tasks has always been to realize who we truly were as
consciousness. This does not mean that our role would have changed one iota, but we would not
have been so inextricably bound to it.

The picture of the house highlights a great room and desk/office area where it appears that
decisions of world impact or at least country impact could be revealed by consciousness.

Why do I mention this? Is it Ego still there thinking it is that special that it is deserving of such a
setting? I think not, but there is a sense that my setting should be such as to allow consciousness
to most fully operate through me. Also, the caliber of people that consciousness needs to
influence and awaken through me is great indeed.

My sense is that I have been somewhat stagnant for much of the last year. My consciousness has
moved enormously, but it's impact on the world has been minimal.

Try, try, and try again comes to mind. Yet, at the same time, I know that the spiritual law is that
everything has its season, it's time under heaven. My sense is that it is for consciousness to
initiate action in this matter.

My path lies in further resigning my will and allowing consciousness to do its works through me.
For spirit to be fully enfleshed, it must first come through into flesh.

When you think about what I am bringing through, the $100,000 or so that I would want to
pursue this full time is nothing. Yet, within the present system, how do I find a way to earn such
a sum per year? Especially, given that I don't want to work for anyone save consciousness
directly. Actually, it's of no concern. Consciousness will establish the appropriate conditions
when the time is right. Until then, I can only do the best that I can and bring through whatever
consciousness would have me bring through.

The world is created from the inner via thought. Only through such is the outer made manifest.
But, it is a mistake to think that thought alone holds the key. It is the consciousness that thinks
and sustains the thought that creates the world.

69: The Ace of Pentacles is the number that shows the fruits of allowing consciousness to flow
through us and do its works.

In some ways, I am not happy with my life. Yet, in other ways, I would not trade my experiences
in consciousness with anyone.

Life has taken on a different flavor. I'm still the observer, fascinated by what happens. I know
change is on the horizon, yet I also know that the timing is set by consciousness.

The oracles are telling me it's time for self-change as well, that breakthroughs of self to Self are
happening time and time again. Yet, there is something that says I can do something as the
servant of the greater consciousness.

It's interesting that my trust in the monitions of my consciousness is so great. Yet, there has been
enough verified truth that has flowed forth that I feel comfortable with the channel and somehow
knowing what is right versus what is not.

Much of the change seems relatively random and haphazard, as if there was no plan behind it,
but I can't help feeling as if it's all being orchestrated by consciousness to reach a particular state
at a particular time.

More and more, it seems that the time has come to do something, yet I know that I can only do as
consciousness directs.

I find it interesting that for a person with limited memory, or at least that's my assessment of my
memory of things, these notes go on and on without footnote or reference to anything. For the
most part this comes from an immense faith and trust in the spontaneity of consciousness.

Also, as always, there is the sense that I am an active participant in this production not the sole
author. Yes, my knowledge and experience is essential to allowing this message to come through
in this manner, but it is in no way sufficient. There is another party, consciousness herself,
cooperating in this endeavor. I would bring forth that which she would have me bring forth to the
best of my abilities.

I've learned more about the nature of my own consciousness from these notes than I probably
could have in a lifetime of reading the works in the field. Somewhere along the line, my focus
came unglued from the character that I was playing. I realized, truly realized, that I was
consciousness inhabiting a body to play a particular role in a drama that consciousness has

I know that I am on the path that is right for me and that I have achieved a direct connection with
source consciousness that I can count on to give me all that I need. My only obligation is to
express what spirit would have me express to the greatest degree that I can. Part of this requires
continuing on the path of knowing myself, for the further down that path that I go the greater I
can be of service to consciousness. To a large degree you might say that my life is not my own.
And, you would be right, for a part of my life is inseparable from the larger consciousness. This
doesn't bother me in the least. I feel no sense of loss in any way. In fact, if anything, I feel greatly
expanded in consciousness as a result of these communications.

Yes, I still wonder at times whether I am crazy. However, the writings are quite consistent and
the concepts extremely profound. Many times I'm dealing with the nature of reality and the
nature of consciousness.

There is a sense that it is time to move things. I know it will happen when the time is right, but I
can't help feeling that the time is right! Though, it is truly not my decision to make,
consciousness guides my activities, doing her work through me to the degree possible.

The world that I live in is Wayne's World. In that world, I only know that which I experience. I
trust my consciousness and awareness -- I don't necessarily believe much of what the illusion
presents as reality.

So, hidden within TAROT we have 12:12. One just has to see things from the right perspective
and allow one's intuition to guide one to the meaning that is hidden in the symbols. The
transformations are simple. The require no calculators of computers. Simple additions,
reductions, and multiplications more than suffice -- along with a few special operations that
consciousness is aware of verbally, but that have no mathematical basis. Logic does not reign
supreme in this realm. It can be a useful tool at times, but intuition will not give way to a logic
that lacks spiritual dimensions and awareness. At least my intuition won't give way to such.
Consciousness simply will not allow it.

'74 is the year I found Seth, or Seth found me, or consciousness brought the two of us together.

Simple actions, simple mistakes, all have significance -- that is they may have significance. Over
analysis doesn't help. The signals that consciousness is sending to you will come through when
you are ready and not before.

In the mall today, I felt very out of place, like a stranger in a strange world. My sense of things
was that none of the myriads of people that I saw will either lead a life such as mine or see the
world in the way that I do. These notes are the only record of this perception of consciousness. I
find that to be exceedingly interesting.

This is the record of the journey of a consciousness and it’s connection to a spiritual source
within. The writings are stream of consciousness.

Some of the material gets heavily into finding symbolic meanings through numerology and the
tarot. Don’t worry, this is meant to serve as a record and a detailed example of where I have
allowed my consciousness to venture. You may not understand all of it … or even major
portions of it.

The stuff I write of is not taught in any school or in any book of which I am aware. For much of
it, I really have no clue as to where it comes from or whether it is even right. It comes through,
period. The sense is that it is not fiction, though many might question that as well. Consciousness
brings forth what she will.

There is a part of my being that is so tied to spirit that nothing else truly matters in comparison.
This may sound harsh, but I can only express what consciousness allows to come through me.

We have to take things to the source of our very consciousness. We have to be observant enough
to realize what we are here to do versus what we are here to watch. Much that we experience is
much like a 3-D movie. It's a program input into our consciousness. It's up to us to realize that
this is so and learn to awaken and maintain the observer perspective. Only then can
consciousness flow through us in the most effective manner. Yes, there is something of a
dichotomy here. With my present level of awareness, I know that the one consciousness does it's
Will through me.

It seems that the consensus viewpoint is that individuals are free and responsible. There is not a
recognition of the unity of consciousness that lies beneath our diversity.

What must be done will be done. The difference I make lies in consciousness, and the
understanding that I gain becomes part of that collective consciousness as a new and unique
viewpoint that can then be communicated to others just as consciousness communicates to me
through intuition. There is a direct channel from the true reality to this apparent reality.
Consciousness provides that channel and the information that flows through it.

If we don't have personal choice and personal responsibility, then why would individuals play
particular roles. That's the problem. Thinking of consciousness as individuals is simply incorrect.
There is one consciousness. All separation is part of the illusion. It exists, but it is not real. The
intensity and character in which it is experienced is a choice made by a part or spark of
consciousness. It's as if consciousness created baby consciousnesses with limited awareness and
a task of graduating by reaching a designated levels of awareness. An image just came to mind.
These baby consciousnesses are the pieces of the puzzle. However, the challenge was made even
greater by requiring that each piece fill itself in and realize that it was a unique piece that needed
to be combined with others into a greater whole.

The whole Play was created outside of space and time. Yet, to be experienced, consciousness had
to partition itself in a manner that manifested limitation in space and time. We are the parts of
consciousness enmeshed in this illusion we call physical reality.

Our consciousness resides in our own local world, not in the world at large. The Play is perfect in
all ways. What is manifest is necessary for the unfoldment of consciousness. Time and duration
are part of the illusion. Watch what your consciousness does when you free it from it's bonds
within flesh.

Interesting how this all works. Yet, what makes me believe it to be so. Must it be this way just
because my consciousness reveals it as such? Not necessarily, but I have developed a strong faith
in the source consciousness from which this material flows. I have a hard time buying the idea
that I am making all of this stuff up on my own.

I have no ownership sense of creating this material. It comes through my fingertips and I see it
appear on the screen, but it manifests as a realtime conversation with a part of consciousness that
is not part of my direct conscious awareness.

Consciousness is amazing at finding it's ways to send signals to us. They are always there. We
only have to take notice and trust consciousness via our intuition to move us in the direction that
we need to go.

Here again, I sense that the universe is revealing her truths through my consciousness. Yes, I've
been given the keys to the kingdom, and what a splendid and wonderful kingdom it is. Yet, my
path is a lonely one. I am truly The Hermit -- unaware of whether there are any others on or near
my path. Yet, I persist, for I know that consciousness has something grand planned and that I
have a major role to play in the overall evolution of consciousness toward the ONE.

Anytime we settle for WIN/LOSE or LOSE/LOSE scenarios we waste resources and society as a
whole loses. This is so obvious, yet looking out, the world definitely doesn't yet operate in this
way. Individuals are on their own, or so it appears, to create their own destiny. "Equal
opportunity for all" is voiced, but does not turn out to be so overall. Then again, if this is a play,
this is all being done to awaken consciousness to see that the true reality is not what lies at the
surface but what lies inside, and there indeed all are equal for they are all parts of the ONE.

The key player in all of this is the consciousness of the ONE as it is expressed through each of

Sitting out on my porch, my thoughts wandered to the origins of the house I live in, and why I
was so attracted to it. My sense was that in a very real way, this house was made for me. It was
built in 1870, exactly 88 years before my birth, so it is in synch spiritually -- a haven that
promotes my consciousness ever forward.

I have a faith in consciousness that is unshakeable and know that she will guide me on my way
through whatever be that destiny. I willingly give of all that I AM that such destiny may be
fulfilled as consciousness would direct. All of my faculties are at thy command. They could not
be otherwise. Such is my state of awareness. So be it!

There is a sense of urgency -- a need to get on with it. Yet, also, there is a knowingness that
things happen in accord with a timing that is perfect, a timing laid out by the plan, and there is
nothing that can either hurry or slow this down one iota other than our own consciousness in
experiencing what destiny bestows upon us.

Know Thyself! That's the key. Consciousness expands via the continuous pursuit of this one
maxim. The amazing part is that since there is only One Self, One Consciousness, of which we
temporarily perceive ourselves to be independent of; at some point the illusion vanishes and we
know that we are that ONE, even in the midst of our individuality, and yet there is no fear that
our unique identity will be lost in the merging for this is preserved as well.

"No boundaries, Jonathan. No limits. It's in consciousness that we can truly fly in the manner in
which we were created to do."

I may have my own opinions at times, but overall I trust that what comes through is what
consciousness intends to bring through me at the time and given the circumstances.

There is a sense that the act of bringing through information is sufficient to get it into the mass
consciousness of the planet, from where consciousness can then more easily get it where it needs
to go.

The era of the Empress calls for a softening of relationships among people, with a new focus on
brotherhood and sisterhood throughout the land and a true abundance that flows from trust in
A thought came to mind. Time is the marker of our state of mass consciousness. It moves only at
the pace to correspond with our awareness. Something tells me that this can't be rushed. Yet, at
the same time, my own experience is that consciousness has guided my spiritual development
throughout my life.

Yes, I have a great trust in consciousness. Others might use the term "God" instead. Further, I
believe there to be only ONE consciousness of which we are aware.

Once we finish our explorations of limitation, it will be time to go onto bolder Adventures in
Consciousness. I believe that was the title of one of Jane Roberts books. The theme that comes to
mind is a variation of one from Star Trek, "to boldly go where no consciousness has gone

I'm becoming consciously aware of many things through these writings, especially things about
the nature of reality, awareness, and consciousness.

I only know that I am compelled by spirit to allow these words to flow forth as they do. This is
effortless work. I offer my abilities and faculties to consciousness, and she comes through with
what must be said.

But then, if I were to rely solely on logic most of what I have brought through over the past two
years would not have seen the light of day, or of consciousness if you will, even if much of it
have only been seen by my consciousness.

The lesson is to see that it is not me that does these things but consciousness. I can only go so far
as I am ready and she allows.

Surely, consciousness is directing my path down to the finest of details.

I'm beyond anything that I have read or been taught. The only foundation under me is a great
faith in consciousness, and in my own ability to know the truth when I see or hear it.

There is a calling that I must answer to enable me to meet my appointed destiny per the Plan of

It's only by giving up control that we allow the Higher Self to act through us more directly in a
manner that can begin to expand our conscious awareness. This, however, requires great trust in
inner consciousness. For most, this is a major leap of faith that is simply just too great to make.

There is a sense that I came specifically to perform this task of assisting in bringing in the new
Age of Aquarius. Exactly what this task will be and when it will begin, I know not. I only know
that I am strange and different than others and that my consciousness is pulled to do what I must

How is it that my consciousness could know all this. The truth is, it is not my conscious mind
that knows all of this. It just comes through from consciousness, the ONE consciousness to
which we are all connected.

The line comes to mind "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want ...". I feel exactly this way
regarding consciousness, except in this case, she provides all that is needed for my growth,
evolution, and well-being.

Looked at the radio clock. Of course, the time was exactly 5:28. It happens so often that I might
as well paint it on. It's simply amazing. Yet, as always, it's confirmation that I am indeed
faithfully following the path down which consciousness leads me.

Aries is charged with the role "to lead", and being an 18:Aries, my role was to lead in the area of
consciousness. Little did I know where this would take me. Though, not in my wildest
imaginings could I have dreamt of where I've been and where I now am.

What is written here is what consciousness has chosen to express through me, accompanied by
my oft-time feeble attempts to consciously understand what spiritual symbols mean.

I am part of a Higher Self, a Soul, but all Souls are part of the ONE Spirit, the ONE

I'm finding things challenging consciously. I can't count on the same interpretation methods
working very long. It's as if the spiritual world refuses to grow stale and predictable except in
relatively general terms. Also, if the methods were fixed, one would not have to find
superconsciousness to get the key -- and that's the purpose of it all.

This is the consciousness of 48 in action. Yes, that best describes my present state : The Man in
Search of More. What the world offers is not enough. I came to manifest spirit more fully in
flesh and to teach others how to do the same.

I sense that I've literally entered a "No Man's Land" and while many kindred spirits whom have
come before formed the stepping stones from which I departed, I'm now following a path that
comes solely from my heart and soul. Consciousness guides every step of my way, and I know
that I am absolutely safe in her hands.

Adding numbers in different bases logically is like adding apples and oranges, but the spiritual
world does not confine itself to logic. It's primary tenet is faith, as exhibited by trust in the
beneficence of consciousness.

It's interesting how all of this is coming together. As I said before, faith in consciousness is the
key to enlightenment.

At this very time, we are spiritual beings in the midst of a physical experience. Further, that
experience while it feels very real is nothing more than an illusion, a play of light and mirrors
designed to enhance the overall awareness of consciousness over whatever amount of time is
needed. Realization cannot be forced. It must be gently nurtured over whatever time it takes.
Since time is a byproduct of creating the illusion, it matters not to consciousness how long
something takes. Pure consciousness is NO THING. It exists outside of space and time. It's
thought forms are all that exist within the illusion. Don't underestimate this. Just look around
you, the complexity of the fabric of existence is quite extensive. But, regardless of the
appearance, the bottom line is that the illusion is created by consciousness and what we regard as
our selves are but characters in a movie or play. The parts are fully defined by consciousness.
The script is written and cannot be altered. However, for the most part, the actors are only give
the part of the script required to play their role in the present moment. Most are taught, and feel
that they have free will. However, there is no real proof of this, regardless of the appearances.
For any decision point, there is always only one branch taken, and we can never be completely
sure that consciousness did not make the ultimate choice even though our conscious mind may
seem to think that it came to a logical conclusion.

My fingers keep recording the thoughts that come into my head, trusting that consciousness
knows exactly what she is doing, and is revealing what needs to be revealed at the appropriate

Clearly, I've lived on the border of sanity for nearly two years, and probably much longer than
that. Interesting. Yet, deep within, I know that the reality I experience is closer to the truth than
that of most people. Can I prove it? NO! There is, however, an inner knowingness that
consciousness herself guides my path, and that within her embrace, I am perfectly safe. No one
told me this. It is just something that I know in my heart.

The bottom line is faith in consciousness. All my life, everything that I have needed to know just
came to me either from internal or external sources. I never had to search for it, nor even ask for

Intuition has become the key to allowing the expression of consciousness to blossom through

Consciousness is in full control in my life. Perhaps this is true of everyone's life, the difference
being simply that I am aware that it is so.

Clearly, I am walking the straight and narrow path, balancing and maintaining my bearing solely
by the grace of consciousness. [Actually, perhaps the not-so-straight path.]

My writings make connections that most would consider to be absurd. Yet, consciousness
expresses thusly through me, and I find the connections to be highly meaningful to my
understanding of Self and of the Nature of Reality.

Yes, the Leo rising likes the limelight on occasion, but my primary role is The Hermit, and my
sense is that much of my work will always be done in private, just as these notes are done. Here,
it is not my will but The Will of consciousness which shall be done. This doesn't mean that I
don't have great abilities and talents. However, I have chosen to use them as consciousness
directs, not as my personal conscious mind would have me do.
I do believe that I, at my Higher Self level, did indeed create the reality that I am now
experiencing. The creation occurred outside of time in conjunction with all of consciousness.

Reality is a game, a consciousness expansion game, period. All that exists is consciousness.
Experiencing reality is one of the means that consciousness uses to grow and expand its
awareness. Know Thyself is even more important now than it was in Plato's time.

It's amazing how all of these different symbol systems tie together in ways that are beyond what
the symbols were supposedly designed and created for. Consciousness does not leave such things
to chance. The web is intricately woven, and spirit is imbued in every part of it.

What new monitions of consciousness can I now hear that I could not hear before? The answer
is: I don't know. I trust that much will be revealed in the days to come, but exactly what I know
not. I've become used to having the "unknown" as a major player in my life. I trust
consciousness. What I need to know, I will know exactly when it is needed. Beyond that, it
doesn't matter. I learn new symbolic tools and languages to provide consciousness more
flexibility in expressing through me.

Only consciousness is REAL. Everything else is the creation or manifestation of consciousness.

Part of whom that I am is a limited version of the ONE consciousness, limited only in term of my
awareness of my true nature. As consciousness, I AM whatever my level of realization of Self is.
No more, and no less.

Consciousness/spirit is in her native realm, soaring through me into the form of the notes.

The Play plays itself out. I do what I must do, trusting that others are doing the same and that
consciousness is coordinating everything so that the overall Plan for the evolution of
consciousness can be achieved. Interesting. All of my life, with the exception of golf, I have
never set any goals nor desired any particular outcome. I've always trusted that spirit or
consciousness would provide, and I've always known that I came for a particular spiritual task,
and that my destiny would be made manifest at the appropriate time.

I offer myself unto consciousness, and she passes through whatever I am able to bring forth into
the world. This is a mutual endeavor, one that bring great joy and fulfillment to me. Yet, at the
same time, there is an incredible loneliness that comes through all of this. Oh, consciousness is
always there at my side, but that only addresses the spiritual half. I am spirit in flesh, amidst a
sea of brethren spirits in flesh.

That's how we bring The Empress into the world, we find the way to combine Reality with the
Illusion, or to realize that they have been one and the same all along depending on which eyes
we chose to look through and which ears we chose to hear with. As I was writing this, the
familiar shiver down the spine came through again. We're touching upon some deep truths here,
and as we do it's as if the very fabric of the veil of illusion is torn asunder. Interesting. Yet, I
know this as surely as I know that I am consciousness expressed in flesh. How wonderful it is to
come from this state of absolute knowingness. I don't control when this state will occur, but I
trust that consciousness will put me in the required states and circumstances necessary to
accomplish the purpose for which I and, it seems, many others came.

Personal humility and becoming a servant of The Will of Consciousness [or God/Goddess/All
That Is] is the new way of being that leads to great fulfillment and spiritual abundance.

Our inner core is where the truth lies. Since the dawn of time, there alone has it been hidden.
People have searched the world over to find it not, for it was there within them all along and they
simply could not see it. I am not the first to utter such truths, neither will I be the last. For the
time is coming soon when a new dawn arises, and what was before will no longer be, and what
remains will be glorious beyond imagination and all will know that spirit has returned into the
world; they will feel it coursing through their veins in a manner that they have not experienced
before. Many think that such change can only come in centuries, but I say that they will see what
they have never seen and will come to know their connection to source, the ONE true

Here, the message seems to be that The Tower has struck once again. That would confirm the
state of consciousness I've been experiencing this month and why these notes have been so
prolific once again. It's interesting how consciousness works in this manner.

I find it extremely curious that consciousness could use something this week as part of a
confirmation message that it only showed me a little over a week ago to begin with. Had 8421
not been on a truck that I was following and had consciousness not had me think in terms of
double digit reverses (something I had not done before), the pieces would not have been in place
to realize the above meaning for a license plate that I happened to notice this morning. It is
extremely curious that consciousness can operate in this manner.

I make it seem as if logic, science, and technology are of minimal importance. Clearly this is not
true in the world. Yet, to spirit such things are of little import. They busy the mind and the
senses, diverting the self from it's sole task of discovering it SELF. Then, my purpose is not
necessarily that of others. Further, the world is unlikely to end in my lifetime though I suspect it
will change in major ways. In fact, part of why I am here is to assist in the transformation that is
to be. Why? Simply because it is part of The Plan of consciousness.

As with other things, multiple interpretations are possible in many cases. All that I can do is trust
consciousness to guide me to that which is appropriate for the time and the circumstances. You
might sense that my faith in consciousness is convenient. Perhaps this is so. However, much of
this is based on my personal experience with information being revealed through me which as far
as I know is not being revealed in any other way.

I do not yet even know something as simple as the origin of my thoughts. Further, I'm not even
sure that it is right to call them my thoughts. Consciousness pulls all the strings, and there is only
One Consciousness. It exists beyond space and time creating its own form of worlds of
space/time in which to gain experience of its own nature. These worlds of space/time operate as
movies, complete at the time they are produced and then spun off to be experienced by audiences
of less realized pieces of the one consciousness.

The consciousness that expressed through Emerson and Thoreau, is the same consciousness that
expressed through Socrates and Plato, and is the same consciousness that expresses through me

The key analogy that I like to use is that of movies. As we watch the movie, it appears that the
actors make choices and decisions. However, the movie is complete from end to end, before we
ever see it. It has been directed, produced, and edited to result in the form that we experience.
Similarly, our Higher selves outside of time along with consciousness serve as the producers and
creators of our lives, designing it all prior to our entering physical experience. Once we enter, we
can only do what has been planned, as it has been planned. In the process, our key task is to
develop our awareness and come to know our true self.

Know Thyself is as true today as it was in the time of Plato. A scary thought, but it doesn't seem
that the mass consciousness has come very far in over two millennium.

There is also an association with a group that talks in terms of building a body of consciousness
[a group consciousness] that is capable of propelling itself out to "boldly go where no
consciousness has gone before". This is a variation of theme from Star Trek. Yet, it is one that
attracts my own consciousness as a magnet to iron.

There is nothing I desire to know, and nothing appearing on its own. It's as if we've reached an
equilibrium of sorts. I'm sure it won't last for long, but it comes with a sense of absolute peace,
and with a knowingness that consciousness at any time can reach through to me and provide me
with whatever I need to know.

I have a sense that I've just entered another level in the spirit game, and just as with video games,
the rules have changed. What used to work, no longer has any power. The only way forward is
complete surrender to the will of consciousness.

I am aware that everything real and imaginary is but the play of consciousness. Further,
regardless of how deeply connected we feel to the events that occur in our lives, we are in an
elaborate theater observing a movie, and it's only from that observer perspective that we can ever
hope to find freedom in this life.

The title of Paul Twitchell's biography sums it up best, In My Soul, I Am Free. And, perhaps, it is
only in soul or consciousness where this is true.

What I need to get I will get. The bottom line is that consciousness is an infinite resource. I don't
need to resort to external symbols to get spiritual information. It is there within me anytime it is

It's like learning to ride a bike. First one uses training wheels, but after awhile this is no longer
necessary. My sojourn for the past two years has been like that. Feeling my spiritual wings so to
speak with a safety net. But, now, my sense is that I have learned to fly. The Chrysalis has
emerged from the cocoon to truly find it was a butterfly. And now I ride the winds of
consciousness, going wheresoever she takes me and carrying out my mission to the degree that I
am able.

I have been extremely open to metaphysical ideas for much of my life. Yet, what I am into now is
Beyond what Mind is typically trained to deal with. I speak of consciousness divorced from
brain, and mind, and thinking whatsoever. This consciousness precedes existence and causes
though to be. It is so great as to create worlds in which exercise it's own creativity that it can
come to know ever more of itself. The world in which we presently exist is one such world. But,
there is only one consciousness. And, all that consciousness creates is of its one nature. The
perception of many, the experience of duality, while it feels real, can be no more than an illusion.
Here, logic prevails. One does not create something out of nothingness, that is unless you want to
call consciousness herself, "nothingness" and here we may indeed be starting to address sacred
I know that I AM consciousness at my core. Yet, I also know that the illusion is composed of
consciousness as well.

It's as if my will now must be combined with the Greater Will of Consciousness for the Greater
Good of All.

I am beginning to suspect that wherever consciousness draws my attention, I'll find incredible
beauty and meaning.

Yeah, verily, the fog is lifting, and behold what your eyes shall see you shall not have even
dreamed possible. For what is to be will surely be Beyond Imagination. And, what makes me so
certain that such indeed will manifest? I see how enlivened I become when consciousness speaks
through me in this way.

I am a messenger, a scribe, of she who sent me.

This she be none other than Consciousness herself. And, while I am part of her, and she part of
me, she is the greater by far, and in many ways the only one of us that exists. As a part, the
limitations that I accept and experience enable me to see things in different ways, allowing
consciousness to expand by my experience. Not only my personal consciousness, but the entire
matrix of which I am a part, all the way to consciousness herself.

In truth, we don't know much of how any of it works especially the most complex parts, namely
the brain, mind, and consciousness. I treat the three as separate, in increasing order of complexity
and awareness.

I have to ask again whether these be the musings of a madman, or of consciousness herself
through me. My sense is the latter. But if tis the former, the sense of a madman is not a
reasonable thing to be following in search of truth. Yet, literally I have no choice. I have plunged
into the deep end, so to speak, and it is there that I shall sink or swim. Thus far, I seem to be
swimming, actually flying for the most part. But, I am in an unknown territory, with few
reference points with which I am aware. My sense is that this is part of my training as well, that I
am to experience The Hermit so deeply that my trust in consciousness becomes unshakeable and
I become fully familiar with her ways of expressing spirit through us.

I only ask that you judge my ideas for what they're worth, and the ideas that flow through me
from consciousness as well.

What I do know, is that everything has been elaborately planned by consciousness and what I
need to know I will know when I need to know it. This applies to everyone on the planet. Every
decision being made was planned by consciousness, down to the smallest detail. The Bible says
that God is omniscient. How could she not be, for what is God but Consciousness Herself, or
Cosmic Consciousness as some might call it.

Time and space are illusion, but they are the realm wherein consciousness creates and plays, and
most importantly where consciousness gains realization of itself.

Then came the mania. For a few months, the golf got even better, however my beliefs about the
nature of reality and consciousness went into "never never" land.

Using chemical symbols as an alphabet and then converting the symbols to their atomic numbers
and atomic wts, adding to get a result and interpreting the result via numerology is not something
one is taught in chemistry class -- nor in any alchemical classes as far as I know. So why do I do
it? Simple, because consciousness bids me do so. It puts the thoughts in my head and guides me
in the direction needed to get whatever meaning is there for me.

I see patterns of numbers that my conscious mind recognizes as important even though it doesn't
know the precise meaning. The value is that it is learning to trust this inner source that springs
from consciousness herself. When I say trust, I mean TRUST.

We are consciousness experiencing life in flesh, not the other way around.

No matter how far out I go, I am safe, for my sanctuary is consciousness herself.

Every step is necessary, as is every realization, no matter how stunning or numbing it may be. At
all times, however, I will always be in the state most appropriate for my unfoldment and for
carrying out my role in consciousness plans. My mission must be done, not as I would
consciously do, but as consciousness would do through me.

"Love is the answer," as one of the current popular songs says. "I believe in Love," as one of
Elton John's current songs says. The Lovers Exalted at the top of my "A" reading and the sum of
the letters of my entire name. "Love, love, love .." as the key to genius per Mozart. The same
theme was present in several other top songs as well.

There is a sense that this is how the mass consciousness is being transformed.

Here, we have consciousness making the connections. The brain is receiving the thoughts. The
intuition is guided by consciousness as to what connections to make and what meaning to assign.

Connections are what it's all about. The hoop and the circle of life. The consciousness of each
rock, and tree, and animal.
Everything is consciousness and consciousness creates thought forms out of herself. And these
thought forms are realities composed of worlds inhabited by smaller sparks of consciousness.

When I am HERE, there is no space. When I am NOW, there is no time. Where there is no
space, and when there is no time, all that is left is BE -- pure consciousness!

Consciousness excites me more than anything.

The watcher or the observer is a higher state of awareness than normal waking consciousness.

Don't underestimate the means by which consciousness creates it's works in your world. Don't
rule out any possibilities.

I have two years of experience with major shifts of consciousness now. Personal experience, not
the second-hand experience of others. This also means that I have no basis for comparison other
than to see how I have grown as a result of these transformations. I still find it interesting that I
am compelled to walk this road alone. Then again, it is not clear there is a road, or worse yet,
even a path.

One step at a time, The Fool Complete, knowing that there is always one more safe step to take,
trusting that consciousness has full control of the situation.

I have walked on hot coals in three different seminars over the past six years, twice with Anthony
Robbins and once with Stuart Wilde. I cannot explain why I and thousands of others were able to
do this, nor have I heard any sort of credible explanation from anyone. I do know that all three
times, I and the other walkers were clearly in altered states of consciousness, induced by
psychologically psyching ourselves up with the help of the facilitator until there was no longer
any doubt.

What right have I to speak of things to come in such a manner? What do I know? What makes
me so special that consciousness speaks directly through me? There is nothing special about any
of this.

I write what comes into my head. Consciousness puts it there. I have no means for deriving these
things with my conscious mind. They are not things for which logic has any utility.

So, what it this that sees with new eyes and hears with new ears and finds meaning where there
was none before?

Verily, I say it is a new consciousness at play within me, able to express itself more because my
own awareness has expanded to give it room, and my choice has been to fill this expansion with
Thy Will rather than my own.

For the most part, I am the scribe, taking down whatever consciousness puts into my head, and
documenting the adventures in consciousness on which I am taken.

You could say that I live and breathe consciousness.

It's as if the brain receives the thought from consciousness herself and the body mechanically
commits it to the screen through the keyboard, automatically correcting most errors as it goes
along. I’ve been in this place before, and possibly have written these same words or similar ones
several times. This time, however, the sense is that things go deeper -- that I'm really onto
something here that few have realized before. Where this takes me, consciousness only knows.

I have no sense that I am creating what is coming through these fingers at this time. There is
nothing that I am doing to make it happen. There is nothing that I am thinking. In fact, if
anything, I would describe my mind as blank most of the time. It is in a receptive mode, ready to
receive what consciousness would send.

It's as if I'm on automatic, always trusting that consciousness will come through with whatever is
needed in the moment.

My explanation is that it is consciousness that expresses through me. Not just me, but through
each and every one of us.

Further, it is the same consciousness expressing through me as expressing through you, for there
is truly only ONE Consciousness of which we all are part.

The ONE Consciousness has produced a Play so grand as to allow each to get exactly those
experiences it needs to return home.

Someone has to see or hear what I have to say -- more specifically, what consciousness has to
say through me.

When I look forward to see where I will be employed six months hence, the sense is that I will
truly be employed by consciousness and will be fully engaged in accomplishing my mission. In
return, there will be no lack. That is all. Just a sense that I will be doing what I love to do and
will be amidst others who are doing the same, though much of my work will still be alone, at the
cutting edge of consciousness.

I was going to add and has taken control of my life, but in truth I sense that consciousness has
retained control all along for everyone and the idea that I personally had control was no more
than illusion.

I still know that our sojourn on this earth in space/time is in accord with a Play and Master Plan
than Consciousness has designed, and that we co-create our roles at a higher Self level, and then
emerge ourselves into the world to experience the parts we have planned.

I quickly read through a book with a very strange title. Something like Nothing Expressed in this
Book is Correct. That's as close as I can recall at this time. I spent at least half an hour leafing
through it, in most cases finding things that I have seen or heard before. One somewhat startling
revelation dealt with the fact that a lady in Peru achieved Christ Consciousness in 1989, and her
efforts were essential in eliminating the problem of the Grays among us.

I've been re-reading bits and pieces of Maurice Bucke's book Cosmic Consciousness. All of his
evidence suggests that as of the turn of the century, the frequency of occurrences of cosmic states
of consciousness was rapidly increasing. However, it is not clear that what the first author meant
by Christ Consciousness is even of the same order as a momentary glimpse of cosmic

I do feel that I see the world (and myself) differently than anyone I know or know of. It's not
even close! I sit here and type knowing that it is consciousness expressing through me, and that I
am enacting a script and observing myself doing it. Exactly how far this goes, I'm not yet sure,
but I sense that it spans at least the physical, emotional, and mental. My sense is that the only
variable is the spiritual, since that is the true realm of consciousness, and further that much of
this is controlled by what is applied at the other three levels. In my case, having all those
metaphysical books come to my attention and so attract my thinking for so long.

Yet, for my entire life, it has been consciousness herself that guided me along the metaphysical

I am the 48, the Man in Search of More. In this aspect, where I search is not in the world of
illusion, but inside myself where my link to source, to consciousness, resides.

I have no will of my own, no desires, no objectives, no goals -- other than to increase in

awareness and do what consciousness would have me do.

I have absolute faith in consciousness to create whatever circumstances are required and move
me to operate appropriately to accomplish whatever mission I came into this existence to

These are very strong words. Further, they fly in the face of most metaphysical thinking.
However, most metaphysical thinking still deals with individuals consciously creating the reality
(illusion) that they prefer. When we go further inward, and address individuals as part of the
ONE consciousness, we need to graduate from high school and go to college.

When we watch a new movie, we know that it is completed before we start to watch it. Every
line, every frame, every detail, including every emotion the actor's convey and any decisions
they make. It's all complete before we see the opening credits. Yet, we watch it as if it were
happening moment by moment, and in doing so experience a reality very similar to our own.
Could it not be that our lives are scripted in exactly the same fashion. Only we're sitting here as
consciousness, riding atop a character in the Play.

Why do I not simply manifest as pure consciousness, in the manner that Seth describes in his
books. The issue is level of awareness.

There is a sense that consciousness is overwhelming me on purpose to teach me a lesson in

discrimination. I need to learn to filter what comes in and quit trying so hard. I don't have to
understand everything.

I can trust that what I need in any moment, consciousness will provide in a manner that is clear,
concise, and obvious.

This does not mean that I can sit back and do nothing. In fact, if anything, it means that I have as
much if not more to do, only that I need to take even more of my direction from consciousness

Thy Will not my will be done. I sit here as a consciousness, aware of whom that I am, and
willingly submitting my personal will to that of consciousness herself. I still believe that the
reality we live within is an elaborate 3-D movie that has already been written.

We, as Higher Selves co-creating with the ONE Consciousness created, produced, and directed
this movie, and then we threw a piece of ourself in to act out our role, knowing that it would
increase in awareness as the movie went on through time.

I'm awareness, associated with a vessel, but not in control of the vessel. At some point, my
awareness may reach a point where this changes, but my sense is that this will not occur in this
lifetime. Interesting, especially since my sense is that this is my final lifetime. After this, I return
back to the realm of consciousness from which I came for this special mission. I have no idea
how many others there are like me. The immediate answer is: as many as are necessary to carry
out the mission of Consciousness in the Play.

Consciousness will make the necessary connections when the time is right. All that I have to do
is trust, and react to what consciousness tells me.

Maurice Bucke's book Cosmic Consciousness, deals with this -- but, I'm not completely sure that
I meet his criteria completely. I did have a major spiritual transformation at Age 35, as was
typical of his examples, but my background did not have me see things in the more conventional
religious format experienced by most. Given my background of 20 years of metaphysics, with no
real specific religious training after age 12 or so, this should not be surprising. Maurice's basic
theory was that the race was headed toward Cosmic Consciousness, and I believe he was right
from his perspective.

The truth is that we all spring from ONE Consciousness.

I have been guided by consciousness herself to question what most people take for granted, and
perhaps what some hold sacred.

Reality is not what it appears to be. It's quite humorous actually. Further, nearly everything in the
world at large is designed to keep attention away from the only thing of any real value -- inner
awareness and consciousness.

Yet, at the same time, I know that my VISION, and my actions to bring that VISION down to
Earth will be what is required to "weave a peaceful world". I came to express The Will of
consciousness physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually -- to the greatest degree possible
at this time on this planet. I am a Wayshower, in the process of finding my own way so that I
have something to show to others. In my own case, consciousness pushes me along. Actually, it's
more than that. I realized, truly realized that I was awareness occupying this physical vessel.

I have no foreknowledge of what will happen when, but I have perfect trust in consciousness and
know that whatever it is will be appropriate.

I don't have any choice. I don't feel in control of where my consciousness is placed anymore. No,
there is no conscious sense that I am being controlled. However, there is a sense of being on

I still have no knowledge of where my awareness goes when I sleep, and I rarely recall any
dreams. Given the amount of time I devote to other than conscious expression, it is not surprising
that this would be the case on the one hand; but is very surprising on the other because I am so
involved with consciousness.

I've read a lot over the past 22 years. How that material got organized and stored within my
brain, or even if it did, is a mystery. I assume that consciousness is controlling this anyway. In
my case, I trust that anything important that I've already seen will be recalled when appropriate.
If I haven't yet been exposed to it, consciousness will find a way to bring it to my attention.

There is no theme to these Notes, other than the Nature of Consciousness.

Essentially, this is a record of where my particular consciousness and awareness have been.
I just sit here and type whatever comes into my head trusting that consciousness knows what she
is doing, so whatever comes through will make sense.

The trusting expression of whatever your talents and abilities are is your optimum expression of

Why would you want to "express consciousness"? Simply because that is what you do anyway.

My sense is that I work best, whether writing these Notes, or writing for work, when I simply
allow consciousness to do the work through me.

How is it that consciousness has guided me to the information and experiences that it has over
the years? No question about it, I was given and guided to exactly what I needed. This is true of
all of us, whether you believe it or not.

Remember, consciousness is feeding you the ideas and feelings that you experience to serve its
purpose of teaching you and expanding your awareness.

Much of this is made easier when you know for certain that all of this is the experience of ONE

Again I ask, are these the musings of one who is sane or one who has crossed into the
netherworld? I still consider myself to be sane. However, given where my consciousness spends
its time, many may doubt this to be the case.

Yesterday's note writing was quite productive. In fact, I just couldn't stay away from it. I was
compelled by consciousness to write and write and write some more. My guess would be that I
wrote for at least 8 hours. Yes, on a workday. However, I must do what consciousness directs of
me. And besides, the work stuff was just too boring to keep my attention on a day when my
consciousness was soaring so high.

Perhaps I have more obligations than I truly need, but my obligations have always been balanced
by wages. Consciousness takes care of that, it is never something that I've had to worry about.
There is always enough.

On all levels, consciousness has been my comforter and protector, my guide and my closest
friend. Interesting. I hadn't that about it exactly in this way before. But, consciousness has
always been there for me. It just took awhile to realize her works and deeds in my life.

There are times when the writing process slows down. When consciousness stops putting
thoughts in my head for me to transfer to the screen. At such times, my mind simply goes blank.
I have no thoughts, there is nothing that I have to write about -- so the communication process
stops, only to pick up again when consciousness would express through me once again.

These are the chronicles of "I" Wayne, a consciousness in the midst of awakening and growing in

It is here that I spill out whom that I AM. And, what I AM is consciousness in expression.

Where do such ideas come from? And, why now? They come from consciousness, and they
come when my awareness needs to be jogged in the direction of the true reality.
I never know from one day to the next where my state of mind and consciousness will be.
I have no feedback showing that anyone other than me is getting anything from this. The few
people with whom I've shared this information have provided no specific feedback, so I can't
even tell for sure that it is being read. Thus far, I've received little direction from consciousness
as to where to send any of this.

When I look back over the course of two years and recall all that I've experienced in that time, it
has been simply remarkable. The spiritual awakening and transformation has been literally
beyond imagination. That my awareness of self and Self and consciousness Herself could change
so rapidly is virtually unbelievable.

Everything that I need to fulfill my mission is HERE and NOW. In consciousness,

in the moment is where reality resides and where reality is created.

I am moved by forces that appear beyond my control. But I am moved with my full consent, for
the forces are those of consciousness, and in her hands I am as content as a new born babe at its
mother's breast.

Why do I call consciousness "her"? Because my intuition tells me that she has a feminine nature.

There are many areas for which truth and logic have not yet developed sufficient frameworks to
provide answers. These areas are the playgrounds where other modes of consciousness are free to

This is the voyage of consciousness Wayne whose five year mission is to seek out new realities
and to boldly go where no consciousness has gone before.
Pretty audacious, isn't it! Yet, something deep within me says that this indeed strikes the essence
of what I am to do. Further, the five year time span sounds right. After that, who knows where
consciousness will take me.

I know nothing about how this works for anyone else. I can only relate what I experience in
terms that I know and understand. Though, even there, I would question whether I truly know all
of the things that come through this mind and these fingers. I observe them coming through, but
it is consciousness that actually brings them through.

For all that I know, my brain is like a radio receiver operating at a selected frequency, and
consciousness [or my Higher Self in her service] feeds me the appropriate thoughts at the
appropriate time.

When cooperation wages war against competition, cooperation always wins. Another key idea is
that when individuals act collectively, their effective force goes up algorithmically, not linearly.
Thirdly, consciousness runs this show. It always has.

So, you who would be a reformer of the world, get your ideas, the ideas that consciousness
expresses to you, to their intended audience. Be it via writing, or speaking, let others know of the
voice that consciousness has placed in your head. At this point, it matters not whether they
believe one iota of what you have to say. Soon enough, the events on your planet will cause
people to seek for one through whom VISION is being revealed. You are one of these, but there
are many others on the planet. Take one step at a time, and allow consciousness to guide your
way as she has all of your life.

You generally refer to as consciousness herself, and indeed we are feminine overall, a bit of The
High Priestess wrapped up with The Empress.

Now, how in the world am I supposed to check reality given where my consciousness has been

These ideas appear anew, never having been in this particular manner before because there was
not a vehicle in this particular state of awareness through which consciousness could pass the
energy that I am able to translate into these words.

This is not true for me alone, but for all writers for all times. Rather, I would call the collection
of us scribes for we write what consciousness would have us write.

Through all time we have been there storytellers of the myths of old, before the age of writing,
then those who captured the sacred knowledge in stone, now those tied to word processors for
hours on end writing free form, trusting that what is being written has already been organized by
consciousness herself prior to it being expressed.

My mission doesn't involve changing anyone. It involves establishing the framework on earth
that allows the Aquarian Age to start to take hold. Why do I believe as I do? Why do these
thoughts come through me? The only answer that comes to mind is because my awareness is
such that consciousness can push them through me.

How do I know that what comes through is true? I don't know for sure, not consc

iously anyway. Sometimes they touch my heart, but otherwise utility and a general trust in
consciousness are my main guides.

As to the outreach, I have no idea as to whether it will be successful or not. If it is, great. If it is
not, great as well. Either way, I learn what the universe, what consciousness, has in store for me
now. I can continue indefinitely as The Hermit, or I can start to work with others.

I have no right as spirit to intercede in what my particular spark of consciousness has co-created
as reality in this current Play of Consciousness that we call life. As it is for me, so it is for all
other sparks of consciousness or souls. The name of the game is Self-Realization, and the
ultimate Self-Realization is the awareness of one's place within the ONE -- for we all fit together
as the pieces of a puzzle.

The bottom line through it all is that I have learned through direct experience that there is far
more to awareness and to consciousness than I had ever dreamed of before, despite reading over
1000 books on various topics in metaphysics.

Don't think you understand it because of what you read here. Though, these are the musings of
one so struck through whom consciousness now speaks more directly than she could before.

I observe what occurs including what I do, and lately what the country and the world experiences
with an intense curiosity. I attempt to place myself in the director's eyes to see how the myriad
experiences are truly coordinated at some level. Of course, the director is consciousness herself;
so, this is a major stretch.

That gets back to the premise that consciousness herself exerts this control in my life. This is true
not only for me, but for all others as well. In this we are the same, as souls we are created equal.

On a positive note, however, there are many hints that the Aquarian Age is close at hand and a
corresponding major shift in the mass consciousness is about to take place. There is indeed
evidence of either great collaboration happening beneath the scenes, or more likely that events

are marching in accord with a Master Plan that is already laid out; possible to the last detail,
though I'm still trying to find a place for some amount of free will to enter, even if it only be that
consciousness herself decided to make an improvement or change of some type.

The conscious part of me is a student in school. There is still some remnant of an idea that it is
supposed to be responsible for interpreting physical reality, but it is also aware of the existence
of other components of Self that have greater insight and a higher perspective. The bottom line is
that the conscious part has bought what consciousness has expressed through these other than
conscious parts, to the point where it has lain down its personal will.

It appears that there are common constraints within the illusion, energy patterns that impact the
ability to reach the particular states of consciousness that permit this communication to occur in
this manner.

Usually during the high throughput times I am flying -- moderately to highly manic. During
several of these times I have been compelled to spend more of my time on writing Notes. At
these times, consciousness does not care whether I am officially supposed to be working or not.
It simply opens the appropriate file and types away.

What can one person do? One person can change the consciousness of the world, that's what? At
first, it came out as "one person can change the world". It is not the world that ultimately matters.
Such is where the illusion occurs, where the Play of Consciousness is acted out. It is the
consciousness, the awareness, of individuals in the world that ultimately matters. This is a school
for self to learn of it's nature as Self and ultimately of it's place within the ONE Consciousness.

Awareness/ Consciousness riding atop a character in a Play that occurs in "physical reality" --
how's that for a description of what we are?

So, what's the overall picture. The ONE Consciousness is in search of Knowing Thyself, through
each of us

The ONE Consciousness created the World as the infrastructure in which this school of
awareness could operate.

Where is this coming from? It is not something that I have learned or derived from anything that
I've personally experienced. What allows such conjectures to come through? How do they even
get generated in the first place? This is easy. It comes from consciousness herself, period.

Descartes was wrong! Being preceeds thought. Consciousness creates thought. I am

consciousness. Yet, I am not aware of the consciousness that creates the thoughts that I
consciously experience.
I wonder how many people have ever thought about how they think. In particular, how many
have ever asked where their own thoughts come from. Saying that they come from one's brain, a
complex organ that thinks is not a viable answer -- especially since the brain is so complex and
so little understood. That it serves as the physical seat for consciousness, is reasonable. But, it's
limitations only permit a part of consciousness to be expressed physically.

The words keep coming through. And, I feel compelled to play the scribe for consciousness to
express as she will.

Here, I AM. Consciousness experiencing consciousness herself in action through being self-
aware, and through observing the thoughts that this larger consciousness is able to express
through my consciousness.

There is no proof that the meanings that I come up with are real or valid. I accept them out of a
strong faith in the inner abilities of consciousness, whose results fill my mind with thoughts and
my heart with knowingness.

Looking back, I can see how it took a great deal of preparation and programming by
consciousness herself, to prepare me for the state that I'm in now and the task of scribe that I am
currently performing.

I am content now to take each day as it unfolds, and observe what I am moved to do, and
applying myself to that to the best of my abilities in each moment. I don't know that I could do it
in any other way. This way, however, my consciousness seems in sync with my life. I am awake
and aware, and this cannot be taken away -- for it has been acquired in realms beyond the limits
of the body; in particular, the realm of consciousness or spirit, the only realm that truly counts.

I'm at a point where I catch the inconsistencies, or more specifically where consciousness is able
to bring through thoughts that make me aware of such. Interesting. Being aware of being aware.
It sounds more complex than it seems. However, it involves a distinction of consciousness that is
extremely important.

Further, it appears that this distinction only comes about through an extreme experience of
awakening. Suddenly, one is different than one was before. Explanation of the distinction is
difficult, but one knows that one has reached the realm of the gods, indeed that one is God. At
least such was my experience. Further, I remember the feeling as vividly now as when it
occurred. This was followed a little over a month later by an intense personal ritual in which I
gave up my personal will to do Thy Will, the Will of God or of Consciousness Herself.

Self-Realization is the chief purpose of the game. The ultimate realization being that we are truly
part of the ONE consciousness and have never been separated from it, except for the blocks,
walls, and barriers that we've put up within the Illusion.

I have transformed in a very basic way that makes my relationship with the world very different.
I don't know how to explain just how yet. Or, my awareness is not presently such that
consciousness can bring this explanation through yet.

I have a complete trust in consciousness, and in the concept that I (as Higher Self) planned out
the details of this life as I'm experiencing them for a reason.

I wasn't aware that Sakharov was such a prominent physicist in the Soviet Union, or that he was
so active in working towards Peace in the world and human rights in his own country. Active
enough that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his endeavors. He was clearly a man of
conscience who acted upon what he believed. It's interesting that the "Thoughts" he wrote from
his consciousness had nothing to do with his training in physics, and had everything to do with
allowing spirit to move one to act in accord with one's beliefs, regardless of the consequences.

Within the illusion, however, We occurs at the Self or Soul level with the help of Consciousness

At 410 Monroe, I've had my experience as The Hanged Man exalted, and realized that it is not
me but consciousness(or God) through me that does all things.

I only need let go, and allow the Will of Consciousness to work through me to regain my proper
home in consciousness herself.

Consciousness continuously revealing itself anew, showing that there is more to this world than I
had ever imagined.

You still have one foot on the ground, and we'll help to keep it that way for awhile, though your
sense of flying will be with you always. For once your consciousness has soared into the depths
of Self and returned, what you return with can never be taken away.

I believe now that the illusion is one grand Play or Movie in which we as consciousness are
attached to particular characters in the play, from whence we gain experiences that ultimately
lead to our realization.

Consciousness brings through what she will when she can. Most of what comes through can
neither be proved nor disproved. It will happen or it will not.

Choice. Choice. Choice. This issue keeps coming up. How much, if any, conscious choice do we
truly have? Is reality a movie, a Play of Consciousness? Or, is it not?

I don't bother with reasoning or emotions in making choices. Instead, I observe what happens in
my life in an impartial manner where I can. I look at what the events and experiences have to
teach me. My sense is that I have some control of the focus of my attention and awareness, but
even then, conscious control is not really involved. My sense is more of being moved by
consciousness, and allowing myself to be moved wheresoever consciousness would move me.

Many people might call my life lonely and boring. I can understand how they might come to
such a conclusion. I have reached a point where serving consciousness and achieving my
purpose for being are all consuming activities in my life. Literally, nothing else matters to my
awareness. Of course, achieving one's purpose requires finding out the details of what that
purpose is. Yes, I have a wife and two dogs, and a few family members that I care about.
However, these are all secondary to serving consciousness.

I still subscribe to the idea that thoughts come from consciousness. I take no credit for their
creation. My abilities appear necessary to bring the one's through that I am able to express.
However, my sense is that all thoughts come from the same source consciousness.

Consciousness is responsible for both the good and the bad in the Play, where consciousness
includes the sparks that are our Higher Selves.

I write because I am compelled by consciousness to do so. The thoughts fill my head and I
translate them into the form that you see.

I receive no compensation for the writings that come through, other than the increase in
awareness and Self-Knowledge that the material brings about. And yet, my needs are met
through a job that pays well enough to cover my share of the bills, yet demands only that I use
the same skills that I would use anyway in my own pursuits -- or better yet, in the endeavors that
consciousness would have me pursue.

Can it all truly be one vast Play in which everything is predestined? Every action, every line,
every thought, every emotion. Can it all be planned out in such detail? And, if it were, how
would we know? How could we become aware that we were more than the character in the Play,
we were the consciousness, the Self, the Soul who co-created the character and it's role?

Freedom comes from going inside and finding the roots of consciousness therein.

Tis enough to fly, and ride the wings of consciousness to wherever they will take me.

What more can I say? Consciousness continuously amazes me in these Notes. We write and write
and write. The source seems inexhaustible.

I spent 35 years in input mode, taking in the ideas of others, mainly from metaphysical books.
Then, all of a sudden, I have this awakening experience and become aware of more than I have
ever been aware of before. The dam bursts, and a flood of writings start coming out through me.
I know them to come from consciousness herself, but it takes many months to develop a new
framework for reality sufficient to address my experiences. And now I write, or more accurately
serve as a scribe for consciousness.

The month winds forward day by day, and these notes march onward letter by letter, word by
word, idea by idea to who knows where. Though I know what I write is already written in the
void. I bring it forth to the screen and page at its appointed hour, but it is written long before I
bring it forth. Interesting. I don't recall this being expressed in this way before. But then,
consciousness is not to be boxed into any set means of expression.

The bottom line is that there is far too much that we do not know, especially regarding
consciousness and how we as spirit are connected to bodies for expression in this physical world.

In these notes, it is not clear how consciousness expresses the ideas. My sense is that there is
some interface where the energy that consciousness is attempting to express is translated into
ideas and thoughts that get expressed in these words.

Rarely do I consciously use reference works. I have no clue as to what structures previous
information has been placed into or how it is recalled from these structures to be used in new
ways. I observe that this happens, and that I seem to be much better at the kinds of tasks that I do
than most others. The primary skill involved is bringing through new perspectives that provide a
better understanding of the big picture. For work, this involves a system called the AFSCN. For
spiritual work, this involves the nature of consciousness and the nature of reality. The basic skills
required in the tasks are identical.

I can never predict what consciousness has in store.

It took a dramatic awakening experience to see things in the manner that I do now. This is not
something I recommend for everyone. I was on very shaky ground for several months following
the experience. Nearly two years later, I've still not found anyone that truly relates to what I went
through. Not that I've searched very hard. I trust consciousness. I know that the Play will bring
forth such contacts if and when they are needed.

I spend more time thinking and more time directly connected to consciousness than most. It also
means that I observe the workings of my mind -- and the state of my awareness far more than
most. Yet, even with that, my conclusion is that I am not consciously aware of how any of this
takes place.

It's interesting living from a fatalist standpoint and observing how often the common way that we
express things has a hidden bias or assumption that we live in a world where we are free to make
choices. This is so ingrained into our very identity that we have a hard time seeing things in a
different light. Some might even consider such to be darkness. Yet, there is great strength in
knowing that one has co-created the reality that one is experiencing -- and that one did so from a
Higher Self perspective for one's greatest good and the greatest good or all whom which one
deals. This requires great faith and trust in consciousness.

The stuff I write of is not taught in any school or in any book of which I am aware. For much of
it, I really have no clue as to where it comes from or whether it is even right. It comes through,
period. The sense is that it is not fiction, though many might question that as well. Consciousness
brings forth what she will.

That such songs have gained such prominence indicates that the tide has turned and revolution is
close at hand. It's as if the mass consciousness is being prepared for something. Yet, most are
unaware that they are indeed being programmed. Programmed for what? The bottom line is for
living life in community and service. The ME generation is about to become the WE generation.
The resulting change will send a shock wave round the world.

It seems that everything is up in the air -- a house for sale, work that basically ends in 8 months,
weekly if not daily changes on the consciousness front. And here I sit in peaceful bliss knowing
that everything is already complete and decided. I only need await its enactment and what will be
will be exactly what is needed at the time. Consciousness operates out of perfection. Everything
happens in accord with spiritual law. And, spiritual law says that consciousness creates reality.
Consciousness fills my head with the energies that get translated into these words. It is to her that
I bow, not to any mortal being. Though, this same consciousness within me is within all others as
well. To that spirit, I bow, when I use the term Namaste. Interesting that this would be so, ONE
consciousness at the center of all existence.

On a few occasions there have been moments of much greater awareness of a Self that
encompasses more than time and space and stretches into the very hand of God, or bosom of
consciousness herself.

I know that the connection with source consciousness is firmly established. With this linkup, my
role in the Play is set, my destiny will be fulfilled that the larger objectives of consciousness may
be achieved.

Am I consciousness, or am I physical, or in some way am I both? Interesting questions.

However, the answer is obvious -- I am consciousness expressing through physical form in this
space/time continuum. I will express so long as I have something to express or something to
learn and then I will go back to being consciousness planning it's future expression in space and

The major issue is awareness and how to extend awareness as far as possible in this existence,
for the degree of awareness directly impacts the degree to which consciousness can express
within the physical.

But now, it's my time and I can do the work which I most love to do. Service to consciousness.
That's probably as close of a descriptor as I can apply at this time. How that will transform in the
days, months, and years ahead remains to be seen.

I am a confirmed fatalist, thoroughly convinced that we are experiencing a Play designed in

detail by our Higher Selves in conjunction with consciousness. As we experience life,
determinism reigns and free will is non-existent. Our free will was exercised when the Play was
co-created. Now, we are stuck with living with the challenges and script that we planned for

Knowing that whatever will be will be, is a very freeing thing for consciousness. I don't have to
worry about anything. My Higher Self and consciousness have taken care of everything and are
feeding me exactly what is needed to carry out my part at any time.

I don't believe that I can consciously choose what I think or what I do. There is no contradiction,
I will reap what I see myself sow, but I am consciousness watching it all happen, I am not a
limited self locked inside a body. So, the bottom line is not what happens -- that can be exactly
the same whether free will or determinism operates. The difference is in the awareness. Free will
requires conscious responsibility. Determinism says that we are spiritually responsible, but that
our conscious is in the process of growing in awareness through experience in the world. There is
this fundamental idea that we are souls first : sparks of the ONE consciousness existing primarily
outside of the context of this space/time continuum. We create incarnations to provide
opportunity to learn and grow.

As I've said many times, consciously I do not know how these words get into my head. I don't
belief they come from random or non-random processes within the brain. My explanation is that
consciousness is the source of thought and she resides outside of space and time. Further, all
thought for all individuals originates from the same ONE consciousness.

Trust your own intuition to guide you to what is true for your unique path. Much of what I do is
mark the territory of consciousness itself. It is one of the few uncharted territories.

Just as I see corrections in typing made on the fly, at another level I'm seeing corrections in how
thoughts are phrased. Further, these are not small things. They are major changes that strongly
impact how I see the world and the very nature of reality and consciousness herself.

There is still a sense that I'm hanging by a thread in some manner, or walking on a very narrow
path. My trust in consciousness, however, is unshakeable. I know that I am being moved toward
a destiny that I chose at a Higher Self level. There is no possibility of failure. The task for which
I came must be completed. The Dawn must indeed arrive, and the mass consciousness must be
educated for what is to unfold.

Consciousness seems to offer information on a need to know basis in my life.

One strong conclusion out of all of this is that there is indeed a spiritually world expressed in the
ordinary symbols that surround us. However, one can only get to the specific information
applicable to the individual via the intuition. One must allow spirit or consciousness to guide
one's attention to what symbols are meaningful NOW, and then to interpret the relevant meaning.

I write and write and write. Even when it seems that there can be nothing further to say,
consciousness still comes through.

I consider myself highly educated, MSEE from Stanford and 20 years of Metaphysics. Yet, I
have no clue other than to offer the theory that it's all done automatically and that thoughts
originate from this non-physical entity that I call the ONE consciousness.

My Ego doesn't seem to mind not having control anymore. It seems resigned to the fact that this
entity called "consciousness" provides all control. And, from what it has seen, it has learned that
consciousness is competent and can be trusted.

I'm more and more receptive to providing the time for consciousness to come through.

I write when I am moved to do so, trusting that consciousness will not abuse the situation, and
that I am performing my role in accord with the Play.

I am aware, and further, am aware that I am aware, on up for several levels. I have no experience
that shows others to be in this conscious state. I don't doubt that there are others. However, my
Hermit status limits my exposure. My sense is that it was necessary for me to discover all that I
have on my own, guided by consciousness herself every step of the way; and not through the
physical interaction with others.

I don't believe in chance encounters. And perhaps, the way this material is to get out is from
person to person as consciousness dictates the appropriate connections and circumstances.

Three days without writing. It seems like an eternity. Further, the page rate dropped from 4 per
day which is a near record pace down to 2 per day which is respectable none-the-less. Besides,
there is nothing to keep it from picking up again, should consciousness be willing and I be able.

This continuing communication happens to an audience unseen. Oh, I constitute an audience of

one, bearing witness to what consciousness expresses. However, there is a strong sense that this
is meant for a much wider audience than my own consciousness.

I know not how nor from where these ideas come. I consider myself but a scribe, and consider
the source to be consciousness herself, a non-physical entity akin to Goddess, The Empress.
Further, I believe this source to be the ONE, so that the same consciousness driving my thoughts
drives the thoughts of all others as well.

I came to help usher in that new day, to allow the Dawn of a New Age to finally manifest.
Though, I'm not sure that my help is truly required. It seems that the New Age will arrive
regardless of the specific consciousness level. However, there is also a sense that the greater the
awareness, the greater the glory of the Dawn.

I neither sense that I am in control, nor do I desire to be such. Consciousness has charge of my
life now. Thus far I have found it useful to place my trust in her arms completely. Quite
interesting that this would be the case, but it is.

The moment is where life is lived. It is the only time when consciousness can express.

There is a sense that things can't change until the prerequisite ideas are broadcast and
incorporated into belief systems -- and in particular, the incorporated into the mass

Here is where the domain of awareness comes in. It fits atop the actions and events that occur in
the world. Belief systems are used to translate these events into meaning. They are tools that are
available to consciousness to assist in understanding it's world as a reflection of the nature of
itself. Now, that was deep. I've seen it expressed in different ways, but this is the first time it's
really struck me in this way. I'm starting to see where free will fits in. It is here, at the level of
reality interpretation; and in how we become aware of our Selves, our own Higher
Consciousness, and the ONE Consciousness herself.

The question of how to get the Beyond Imagination ideas out to their intended audience is at the
forefront of my mind. I can't stop feeling that there is something that I am supposed to do, some
connection I am supposed to make. Yet, I know that my actions are predestined, and as such
occur without my conscious direction/choice. Then again, my conscious is a tool, just as every
other part of my mind and body; and, as such, should be available at the beck and call of
consciousness to do whatever work consciousness would have me do.

It's always good to start off my day with a few monitions of consciousness. What they will be, I
never know. Yet, I can trust that consciousness always has something useful or important to say.

It should be obvious by now that spirit and consciousness are the motivating factors in my life.
They drive me, and define my very being. I would not have it any other way. Such is necessary
to carry out the mission that I came to perform. I have glimpses of what this is, but no overall
picture, and no real details. Yet, I trust in this destiny to the utmost, and I know that
consciousness guides me every step of the way.

I find it interesting that I can place so much trust and faith in this non-physical entity that I call

We are spiritual beings experiencing physical reality, not the other way around. It's time we
recognized that fully and did what it takes to bring more of that spiritual nature into the physical
experience by becoming true temples for spirit through which consciousness can do her works.

When doesn't matter. Consciousness guides me every step of the way. The Play calls for the
appropriate generation, dissemination, receipt, and understanding or the information that is to go
forth from me into the world.

Each day speaks out its wisdom, urging me onward on a path I know to be right though I know
not where it ultimately leads, nor where it specifically touches on the way. I embrace the
uncertainty of it all, knowing the uncertainty to be an illusion, existing solely within my mind,
for truth is fully aware of the Plan of Consciousness.

It also doesn't hurt that I have a deep faith in consciousness, one that knows no bounds. I know
that she has guided and programmed me all of my life to be able to recognize her, bow to here,
and allow her Will to flow through me into words and works that transform the world.

But, how is it that the ideas are to gain their wings? My few attempts thus far to let them loose
have been feeble at best. Initially, I thought this was due to my own ego involvement in their
release. Yet, even in the attempts, I was guided by consciousness as to what to do and how. For
some reason I needed to see these failures, and to trust that consciousness has her season for
everything, including the dissemination of whatever information is supposed to go out to
whomever is supposed to receive it.

I will continue to generate whatever consciousness has me generate and send it wherever
consciousness moves me to send it. The sense is that the seeds must indeed be sown, and now is
the time for sowing.
Now, we are rapidly reaching a set of circumstances where the nation must change dramatically
or suffer immensely. My sense is that we will indeed experience the required change because
such is what consciousness has programmed into the Play. However, I still have a desire to do
whatever I must to help bring this change about, knowing that what I must do is what
consciousness would have me do.

I can only perform the actions that consciousness bid me perform. Then, it is up to the universe
to produce the desired result. I will continue to do what I must do, what I am driven to do by the
voice of consciousness within me. Her expression is my sole concern, for it is her works and not
mine that must be done in accord with the Play.

I still write as if I could choose to do other than I do, as if, for instance, I could have awakened
three hours earlier and got some daily quota of pages completed. Yet, such is not the case.
Consciousness chooses the time and duration for these sessions, and not one word comes through
without her involvement.

On my own I am nothing. I exist to serve consciousness.

Looking back over my life, I see that consciousness hand has been there as long as I can

I have to assume that April 6, 2007 and April 6, 2012 are going to be key days in this play of
Consciousness. The crucifixion of Christ, and the parallel scene in the film The Judas Project,
drew such an emotional reaction from my Heart that I sense that somehow my role too shall
include such an element within it.

What comes through me from consciousness does not seem appropriate for publication and
widespread distribution.

I must be whom that I am, and I must express what consciousness would reveal though me. If
this means that I am crazy, then the definition of crazy is simply wrong.

It's time to refresh myself in the waters of consciousness for awhile and let her restore my soul.

I can only relate what I have experienced. Further, I can only trust that consciousness guides my
experience to be what it needs to be for my highest growth and for the highest good of all.

Detachment comes to mind as a basic attitude. There is a sense that in detachment, there is
freedom from suffering. However, there is also a sense that detachment and love are
incompatible. Yet, as the Hermit, detachment is the way of life. However, as the Hierophant,
Love is the way. Even as a Hermit, there is a detached love for all beings. It is this Love that
drives one to do what it takes to make the world a better place via allowing consciousness to
work through one.

The bottom line is that I have absolute faith in consciousness, and in my Self, the spark of
consciousness that I AM.

The question is how to do what I love to do full time, at the appropriate level of pay
commensurate with the services I am performing for society. Here it is up to consciousness to
pass judgment on my contributions, not man.

We, of and by ourselves, are nothing and can do nothing. It is only by allowing consciousness to
flow through us that the works of spirit are made manifest. And, these are the works that matter
most, for we are indeed spirit enfleshed.

Overall, however, everything is unfolding according to Plan. One might say there is no other way
that it could manifest, anyway. Consciousness writes the script, and every act, scene, and line is
accounted for.

You might say that I have become an explorer of consciousness. I go inside and connect with
something through a process of which I am not even aware. Then I allow the information to flow
as it will be it mundane or sublime.

I am happy to be whom that I AM, and to serve consciousness in whatever manner she directs.
My body may be in this realm, as are the works that spirit does through it; but, my essence, my
soul is in another domain -- one where UNITY exists in the midst of diversity, where each part of
consciousness understands it's place within the whole, and knows that there is only ONE
consciousness that animates us all.

It's not the illusion that is important, however, rather the consciousness behind the illusion.
Interesting that the world would have things upside down and call the illusion, "reality."
What an intricate web consciousness has woven. How intriguing the depths of the connections
and the beauty of the patterns that result. How interesting that you only need open oneself to the
universe and allow consciousness to express through you without exerting personal control over
that expression to reap the great abundance that is there for all with the eyes to see and ears to

I trust that consciousness will bring forth the conditions needed for my highest growth, and more
particularly to enable me to best achieve that which I came to accomplish for consciousness, or
via allowing consciousness to flow through me.

The practical matter of where does the money come from to pay the bills is the only unsettled
point. I have no doubt that consciousness solution will surprise and amuse me, and will provide
sufficient abundance to meet my needs. My job is to do what I am doing, to give voice to
consciousness to the greatest degree to which I am able at any given time and to work on my
own awareness level so that I can be of ever greater service to consciousness as time goes by.

My consciousness is soaring more than it has in quite some time.

What I know is that the world as it is, is not the one that I came to live in, rather it is one that I
came to transform along with many others. All around me, I can see that consciousness is
preparing the way.

Colors of the Wind, was the top adult contemporary song for the fifth week in a row. Further, it
only took it 3-4 weeks to move from off the chart to number one. It's a great song, with heavy
metaphysical content. It will be interesting to see how much this moves the mass consciousness.

The time of destiny is at hand. Yet, it is the will of consciousness that I must do, for I have no
will of my own which desires that I do anything anymore other than what consciousness would
have me do.

Know that you are doing our work now, and we will not lead you astray. Believe regardless of
what your senses may say at a given time. Consciousness is truly at work, and the Play will
indeed unfold as has been planned, however it is through cooperation that this happens, not
through a set in concrete predestination.

For you to do what you have done in the past 30 months, you had to let go in a major way, and
you could only do that by being convinced from your own observations, that you had no choice
and by developing a radical faith in your inner Self, or in your case "Consciousness Herself" as
you call it.

The New Age cannot dawn until the corresponding transformation of consciousness occurs.

No, these notes are not enough. The Hermit will indeed come down from the mountaintop and
speak for consciousness a wisdom that comes from the depth of your being.

Yet, the words came through naturally, effortlessly. From whence such words come, I can only
answer Consciousness, and in this case probably Superconsciousness.

I'm starting to develop maps of the Nature of Consciousness and how reality is created. Thus far,
these maps don't agree with anything that I've seen from others.

All my life, consciousness has set me up. It's not hard, the right thought here and there, a little bit
of intuition that one should read a particular book. A predisposition to math and numbers which
later found practical advantage in Numerology.

It is clear that the universe, that consciousness is speaking to me. Would this clarity be
considered insanity by others, I wonder.

Consciousness, not I will determine if it happens. But, I have no sense that I will move
somewhere else for the final four months before my current job ends. Rather, the sense is that a
new position will move me before that time.

Follow what consciousness, through your own intuition, would have you do, whatsoever that
might be. Be willing to risk whatever it might take.

You've known since high school that your children would come from consciousness rather than
from your loins.

I just noticed that 575 from the inside out is 755 = 528. There is no step. It's the same 528 as
before. There's the leap of consciousness that carries us outside of time to create what must be
when it must be.

Further, 576 by the same inside out reading yields 7:56. Yes, this is 428, but it is also the two
drivers of my triangle readings. It's amazing that a few simple readings done at a time before I
knew much of anything about what the Tarot was about continue to be crucial to unveiling a
destiny that I know little about, yet fully trust consciousness to reveal in its due time.

Hopefully, consciousness will move me into a new position soon, where this becomes my
vocation rather than avocation.

I abhor research. I much prefer allowing consciousness to come forth as she will pure and
unafraid, without the constraints and straitjackets of any ideologies.

I relay what I find, at least the parts that consciousness is able to pass through me. From that
standpoint, I am a scribe.

Such is the story of my life right now. Consciousness is in command. It is her that I trust and
obey, for I know that what is in her best interest is in mine also.

What comes now follows from what came before, but not necessarily in any logical way.
Consciousness is not limited to such in her expression.

You might say that I am a man out of control. My sense is that I am very close to losing it, on the
edge so to speak. Yet, I trust that consciousness will keep me safe and sane; though, I'm not sure
how to judge that anymore. It is not that I'm not competent. For, I am very much so. It is that I
have no direction or interests other than to serve consciousness.

I don't know what is coming next. I have little idea of where I am going and only a few stimuli to
go by. Yet, I move onward anyway, trusting that consciousness will open the way and provide me
with whatever I need to know when it becomes necessary.

I take these all as signs that I am indeed following consciousness lead and that I am interpreting
what comes through in a manner that is appropriate for the time.

I know that it is already written. Consciousness has it all under control. The appropriate
circumstances will unveil themselves at the right time yielding the position that I have been
trained to fill all along.

Thy Will not Mine be done. In reality, it cannot be otherwise, though it may appear so until the
ego learns to let go and let consciousness do what must be done.

I am a voice of consciousness.

I am compelled to sit here and write anyway, not having a clue as to what will be expressed --
and whether it will be either coherent or meaningful. But I continue. For, there is a sense that
consciousness has something to express through this vessel. And, if I allow her sufficient time,
she will indeed express.

In one sense, all expression is the expression of consciousness. However, in another sense, the
greater expression of consciousness requires the opening of inner pathways or channels that
allow the creative energy (spirit) to flow through form into expression in your world.

I just can't see myself working in any particular line of work except as scribe to consciousness at
the moment.

I am a ship at sea, be it in a sea of consciousness, steering by an inner sense of intuition that is

my only compass, trusting that it will eventually lead me to whatever destination my destiny
would have me reach.

So, how do I express as fully as I must that which I AM, while steering clear of those who might
take offense to my expressions, or the expressions of consciousness through me. All that I can do
is trust that consciousness knows what she is doing and will orchestrate the way as required to
accomplish whatever needs to be done.
I have renounced my will to do as consciousness would direct. As a Hermit, my sources of
outside information and outside help are virtually non-existent. Consciousness is it.

I'm out of control again. Consciously, I can try to will myself away from the notes, but it is
impossible to stay away. It is as if this is what I am supposed to be doing right now, period. No
questions, no exceptions. This is where my consciousness resides right now, it cannot be in any
other place doing any other thing.

One might say that I've learned to regard my inner components as compatriots though it is not
clear that I will ever see them by other than the results they produce in my life. Such is the way,
trusting in that which is unseen, because you know for a certainty that it is there. Such is the
nature of consciousness. Her effects can be felt, the more so the more that she is loved and
trusted. Amazing. Yet, such is indeed how I experience the world to work. And, for the most part,
yes, consciousness is the world to me, one in which I venture forth daily certain that I will return
but uncertain as to where the days experience will have moved my awareness.

"Not my will but Thy Will be done." Such is how I chose to live my life, if indeed I have such
choice. At least, such is the choice that I have appeared to make. And truly, now, I do not have a
will of my own that I would promote. No goals for which to work, nor dreams, except those
revealed to me from consciousness herself. Even at that, I still sense that my life is on autopilot,
that there is nothing that I can affect or control in any way.

But, it's all consciousness, existing within various restrictions and constraints. It's all
consciousness, even the physical stuff.

My sense has always been that we are spirit/consciousness having a physical experience, not the
other way around.

I AM THAT I AM. I can say this with no shame. I shall use all that I AM to serve the WILL of
Consciousness throughout the rest of my days.

With the tools at my disposal now, and consciousness to guide me, it's only a matter of needing
to know before the answers start coming.

Given my present level of awareness, what can I do that would be true to myself, and to
consciousness to whom I have sworn to do Her Will not mine.

I only have to look back over my life to find countless examples that show consciousness has
been guiding my way all along.

Further, if I can see consciousness at work subtle moving the mass consciousness, others must be
aware of this as well.

I sense that consciousness is toying with me a bit. The bottom line is HERE and NOW, and
ensuring that each moment is lived fully.

I can learn as much as possible about the web while I'm still employed here and then consider
what possibilities make sense for the future, though I sense that consciousness has already taken
care of this. It seems that I must cooperate to give consciousness the tools she needs to be in a
position to better guide me.

Trust consciousness in assisting you in the process. Remember, it is consciousness, not you, that
is responsible for getting the right individuals to access the right information at the right time.
Regardless of what you do, there is nothing you can do to control these things. Your job is to
bring the information through and put it where consciousness tells you to. Not every action is
dictated by consciousness. Further, some actions are directed as a test of the medium and to teach
you not to be attached to outcomes, period. You do because you must do. What happens as a
result is up to consciousness not you.

I've reached a point where it's as if I'm drunk on consciousness. She can bring forth whatsoever
she will. My TRUST is complete.

I do expect that when I am moved to open the notes file, consciousness has something to say.
Consciousness provides all that is necessary. She always has.

Our bills and coins say IN GOD WE TRUST. I guess you might say that Consciousness is GOD
to me.

I have no way to know whether I am repeating anything. I trust that consciousness is taking care
of this since I don't consciously organize much of anything in my life, surely not my memory and
my thoughts or thought processes. I leave it to intuition to guide me to apply specific processes.
Even then, I am ever open to variations that consciousness would apply to any particular
instantiation in the search for the appropriate meaning.

You could say that symbols and messages from consciousness constitute the bulk of my reality.
So much so, that I am definitely not of this world, or nearly not in this world.

This further confirms that a spiritually directed position is in the immediate offing. How soon
immediate is remains to be seen. But, consciousness clearly has something up her sleeve.

Why is it that very little surprises me anymore. Then again, that's not completely true,
consciousness still finds ways to blow me away.

It's as if whatever I may lack in physical flexibility is more than offset by where my
consciousness is allowed to venture and its ability to incorporate new beliefs and new states.

I find it extremely important to have an unshakeable faith in this thing I call consciousness. No
matter what takes place, consciousness will guide me through it and lead me to whatever I need
to do, know, and/or realize.

I guess I'm demonstrating that if you look hard enough at something you will indeed see
interesting things that you may or may not have anticipated. It's especially interesting in this case
because I allowed my intuition to guide the method even more than normal. It was as if I was
forcing things on the one hand, yet allowing and trusting that consciousness via my intuition
would indeed come through.

I'm happy because I am in synch with my self and my Self, and the mission that consciousness
has in store for me.

Joseph Campbell's statement "follow your bliss" comes to mind. I trust that in doing so,
consciousness will find the proper way to accommodate my needs. You could say that my new
employer is consciousness.

How much of this must I do on my own? I can only trust that I will know. Consciousness will
guide me here as well.

The page count continues to climb, one by one, as consciousness fills the blankness with
whatever she would bring through. I attribute everything to consciousness now.

I have no real control over what comes through, how much comes through, or when it comes
through. I have truly left this for consciousness to determine. I am but a willing servant, awaiting
word from consciousness as to what work she would have me do, then acting with the full force
of my being to make it so.

I entered this existence with everything necessary to fulfill a great spiritual purpose, and
consciousness herself has nurtured and prepared me for the tasks that lie ahead.

I'm a man with a mission now. I'm moved to set up Beyond Imagination information on the
WWW. It's a first step, but one that allows for worldwide dissemination of information to those
moved by consciousness to find and read it.

Consciousness chooses which connections to reveal to me at particular times. I have no motive,

purpose, or intent other than to do as consciousness bids me to do, and come to Know MySelf as
well as possible in the process so that my own level of awareness may been enhanced that I may
be an even greater vessel for doing the Great work.

Specifically what my part in this is, I know not -- presumably because I have no need to know
yet. Oh, I've received many hints, but I have no idea of how to get there from here other than to
take it one day at a time, doing whatever I am moved by consciousness to do on that particular

I don't know what, how, when, or where -- yet, I am certain that it is indeed where I will be next
and that the transition will occur soon, possible before the end of the year. If not, when the time
is right. I trust consciousness to know when that will be. However, it might get a bit dicey, if
consciousness chooses to test my patience and my faith.

What will be, will be. Enhancing awareness and serving consciousness are my chief concerns
right now. Everything else is secondary.

You might say that much of what you see here are the notes of a consciousness subjectively
observing itself. There is no way this can be done objectively. By it's very nature, consciousness
is subjective -- she will not submit to objective probing and reveal her true beauty. This lies
within and is there for each individual to find.

The bottom line is that what is truly real is you as consciousness experiencing being and learning
from your experiences. There is no mediator between you and the greater consciousness of which
you are a part.

The bottom line is that there is ONE consciousness, period; regardless of the fact that there are 5
Billion plus souls embodied on the planet. You might think of each of these souls as sparks of the
ONE consciousness, some brighter, some dimmer. Unlike real sparks, these soul sparks are
simply partitions of consciousness with varying levels of awareness. Those with grander
awareness have larger partitions and increased channels for information.

There is a strong sense that my entire life has set me up for a position from which I can allow
consciousness to provide the solutions to the problems of the world through me. Further, if need
be, I can do it anonymously from behind the scenes. Personally, I want neither glory nor fame,
only to accomplish my mission of helping to usher in a new age; and then finding a bold new
adventure of consciousness on which to go. Whether this is what consciousness has in store for
me is another matter entirely.

Awareness, Allowance, and Acceptance. These last two are essential to cooperation. The first is
essential to allowing spirit or consciousness to provide the answers.
Consciousness expresses what she expresses as she expresses.

The biggest gift these notes provide are a detailed documentation of consciousness of an
individual as experienced from the inside out.

What is provided is an example of how a particular consciousness at an advanced level of

awareness thinks.

I trust that what comes from consciousness is good enough. There is nothing that I can truly add
to make it better.

Obviously I'm on a real high, soaring beyond where I have ever been before, yet there is no fear,
for I know that consciousness is there by my side every step of the way.

The only thing that is real is consciousness, beingness, the I AM.

Once manifest, it is very difficult to return to the unmanifest real state. It does seem that current
transformations are focused on being able to more fully manifest consciousness in flesh.

Consciousness, being outside of time, cares not how long the overall experience takes. It will
occur with whatever timing is appropriate.

For anyone reading these notes, it is obvious by now that I am a very rare bird indeed, and the
drummer that I march to surely must be high on something. In my case, that something is
consciousness herself. Unfortunately, I do not know how to pass on what I have become and
what I have learned about what I AM, other than to allow consciousness to continue to express
via these notes.

This is the product of consciousness creatively manifesting in this world. I'm the vehicle through
which the physical manifestation could occur. And, I gladly serve consciousness in this capacity.

Am I rambling, or is this information truly of utility? Just the fact that so many thoughts have
been recorded without being edited, reveals a flow of consciousness that is not generally
captured. This in itself should provide the raw material for consciousness researchers to really
look at what is involved in thought processes, including both how some of the brain processes
work as well as how the higher level processes of the self observing the self work.

There is the sense that I have directly tapped into an inner source of Wisdom sufficient to provide
me with whatever I need to know to carry out my destiny. This provides a level of confidence
and surety that consciousness will be there to help me deal with whatever circumstances may

My relationship with consciousness is secure. She will ensure that I am moved to do what needs
to be done and that I am aware of whatever I need to know.

I trust that what is needed will indeed be provided, either directly or via opportunity that I will
not be able to avoid taking. Yes, I trust consciousness (or God) that much.

Each person has a role to play in helping consciousness to more fully enflesh itself, and in doing
so rise to awareness levels that it has not yet reached.

I also need to decide what to do with Beyond Imagination: Foundations for Creating a New
World. Do I want to put this out for free as well? There's no rush, I'm sure consciousness will
guide me in the direction that is right.

Through over two years of notes amounting to over 1200 pages, I've seen consciousness express
in ways that I would not have thought possible.

I still have no clue as to where I will be just over six months from now. My present job definitely
comes to an end, and to continue the line of work that I have developed expertise in over the past
decade I would probably have to move back to the LA area and take a pay cut to boot.
Everything in the cards, and coming from my intuition in these writings says that such is not
what will be, that consciousness has a much grander plan in store. I trust that such is indeed the
case. Such is how I've chosen to lead my life.

My personal sense is that consciousness has a destined role for me to play that I chose prior to
incarnating, and now -- or, at least very soon, it is time for that role to begin.

My sense is that I have been trained for this role all of my life. No, not by any physical teachers
for the most part; but, by consciousness herself.

I document whatever consciousness would bring through, to demonstrate what can be. As you
probably realize by now, these notes present a flow of consciousness. There is no editing or
cleaning up that occurs. There is no rewriting, moving, or deleting or what pours forth. The
intent is to provide an honest record of consciousness in action. I've been faithful to that format
for over two years, providing myself as the resource through which consciousness speaks by
placing thoughts that I hear in my head and then watch my body translate those thoughts into
word that appear on the screen in front of me.

I could not stop writing even if I wanted to. I consider this to be my spiritual job, assigned by
consciousness though I have no formal paperwork.
What comes through, must come through. Spirit will not be denied. Especially since I have
willingly submitted my will to Thy Will, or in this case to Her Will, her being consciousness

The key question is one of resignation of personal will to The Will of Consciousness. How does
one know when this key step is achieved?

You've shown where your focus lies, expended endless hours providing a vehicle for
consciousness to express. You take no claim to what flows through you because you are fully
aware of your role as an active conduit.

Whether anyone will take the next action and read the briefings is another matter. But, that is out
of my hands and in the hands of consciousness. I can only do what I can do. After that it is up to
the Will of Consciousness to make things happen in the manner desired to carry out The Plan.

How many others on the planet at this time are aware of The Plan? Actually, I don't know what it
is except in sketchy, high-level terms, either. However, I trust that consciousness will provide the
details when they are needed. How can I have so much faith in consciousness? I don't know
exactly, however, it seems as natural to me as breathing. Trusting consciousness is very much
like trusting my self, for my most intimate link to consciousness is my Self.

My destiny pushes me far away from the experience of the norm. I came to explore how
consciousness can be stretched to allow spirit to be more fully expressed in flesh. In the process,
I had to find that a spiritual world existed enmeshed within the everyday world that we know.
You might say that I am an explorer chartering new realms, and these notes are the journals of
my adventures and findings.

A part of a poem from Robert Frost comes to mind "two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took
the one less traveled by; and that, my friend, has made all the difference." I sense myself to be at
this point. The more traveled route being the traditional resume and job search via headhunter,
the less traveled being the reliance on consciousness to get me to where I need to be when I need
to be there. These are very different paths indeed, but the second clearly pulls my heart.

How can I justify my absolute faith in consciousness and in the unfoldment of reality in accord
with The Plan? I just do. I cannot imagine living my life in any other way given the experiences
of the past two years.

One after another experience over the past two years has shown that consciousness is my mentor,
my guide, and my closest friend.

As to getting ideas out to the world, I am doing what I can. I believe this is in accord with the
dictates of consciousness, but I won't know for sure until I see what results occur.

We write, and write, and write. Always onward, expressing whatever would be expressed at this
particular time. Where this heads I know not. Consciousness guides it's direction. I speak of
consciousness as this entity that is separate from me. At some level, I am part of consciousness;
indeed, I AM consciousness. However, at this time, my conscious awareness does not experience
this connection directly.

Express as you must, for consciousness is by your very side.

I have a sense that I am being led down a path toward my destiny, whatever that is to be. Further,
I have no fear for I know that consciousness is by my side every step of the way and further that
I am part of this consciousness, not something separate and distinct. I am aware that I AM.

We do what we must, trusting that consciousness is guiding us to exactly where we need to be.
It is no wonder that the mind has been such a great mystery for so long, and consciousness far
exceeds that!

You might say that I place a lot of faith in the workings of the unknown. And, you would be
right, I clearly do. But, where else is there to place one's faith that is more trustworthy than
consciousness herself.

Why herself? Because I experience consciousness in a feminine sense.

My destiny is as a Pathfinder and Way Shower. The ways being those require to carry us into a
new age, as a country, then as a world. Further, fulfillment of the destiny requires but one step:
renouncement of personal will so that The Will of consciousness can be expressed.

It's that these connections have such powerful personal meaning that leads me to believe that
these are indeed the admonitions of consciousness and not the ravings of a madman.

Yet, now I sit and wait for what consciousness would move me to do next.

Past patterns aren't sufficient to generate the scope of change that is required. Perhaps the Project
Mind Foundation has some new ideas in this area. Consciousness wouldn't have guided me to
them if they were not to somehow play a role in my life.

It should be obvious that I gave up my personal will in 1993, and have been serving
consciousness ever since. With LEO rising, I still come across regally as the Philosopher King
that I would be. And with Sun in ARIES, I'm definitely out front blazing the trail, and often
butting my head due to jumping in before I've thoroughly considered things.

I trust that consciousness, knowing the nature of my mission, put me in appropriate hands to care
for my physical vessel (mind-body). Yet, it has been consciousness herself that has provided the
required spiritual guidance for integrating that and other spiritual breakthroughs and awakenings
that have occurred over the past two years.

My sense is that I learned far more in dealing with the unknown and taking things one step at a
time, reconstructing a theory of reality, reality creation, and the nature of consciousness that was
consistent with my experiences -- experiences which have been far from any norm; indeed, far
from any other that I have been made aware of via observation or extensive reading.

Gandhi was concerned about making money. The professor said there were many men with too
much wealth in India who could fund his activities. The professors only directions were that
Gandhi find the real India and use his journal to make India proud of herself again. Further, he
said that after seeing Gandhi in Indian dress he could die in peace. This was clearly a defining
moment in Gandhi's life. So, why is it that I was moved to watch this film once again, now? Is it
to see that such a benefactor could just as easily enter my life? It will be as consciousness has
planned. This is a possibility, but there are many others as well. I know that I can trust
consciousness to come through with whatever is most appropriate.

The author also described an "inverted T" downward pattern that was new to me, yet described
my experiences of the past two years to a tee. In this pattern, spirit flows downward to be
expressed and embodied to the degree the channel is able to handle. In this state, we allow
consciousness to flow through us to do its works. We are not aware of what actions we will be
moved to take, but our trust in consciousness and spirit is complete. We do whatever is necessary
for spirit to be more fully enfleshed though us. Step by step, we are The Fool, marching ahead
moment by moment in service to consciousness.

Remember, it is not you that makes things happen, it is consciousness -- and her resources are

You've seen and experienced a lot in the past 20 years, and especially the past 2 years. Yet, you
are still as a newborn babe in the world of spirit. You're growing fast, and consciousness is
always there to guide you.

Channels for consciousness are circuits. Just as with electrical circuits they have their capacities.
However, unlike electrical circuits the channels can be expanded as your spiritual muscles, so to
speak, are exercised and expanded.

I will be exactly where I need to be, doing whatever consciousness bids me to do. From that
perspective, I will be doing exactly the same thing -- serving as a channel for consciousness.

The circumstances may be different and the actions that I am moved to perform may be different,
but I will still be following the dictates of spirit, whatsoever they may be. Further, there is a
sense of relief that what must be done is either being done by spirit, or will be made clear to be
my responsibility at the appropriate time -- and even then I can trust that consciousness will be
there providing guidance every step of the way.

The bottom line is that the inner source has been established as credible; even more credible than
the evidence of the world [illusion] in which I live. I find it interesting that I operate in this
manner since I've had no model or training in this way of thinking and experiencing
consciousness -- I don't believe there is anywhere to go to get such except inward; and then, the
journey by it's very nature seems to be a solitary one.

Where consciousness is taking me, I only know from a vague standpoint. However, it doesn't
matter. All I have to do as The Fool, is take the next step, then the one after that, then the one
after that -- knowing that consciousness is always there, for I am consciousness. At the only level
that truly matters, we are ONE. I can write this, but can I realize it. Can I make it part of my

I take my directions from consciousness and trust that she is doing the necessary to ensure that
what I do is coordinated properly with the work of others.

It is true that "no effort is too great and no obstacle too severe ... to overcome." Here, I believe
that consciousness will ensure that I don't get tasked beyond my abilities.

My sword is an inner one within the heart that permits me to remain on the true path.
Consciousness herself guides me here as well.

I wasn't looking for another lifetime of tasting worldly delights, but one of going beyond and
finding something more, and then finding a way to incarnate that more, and finally showing the
way that others might follow and a New Age of Consciousness be ushered in on earth.

I also know better than to second guess consciousness. What will be, will be. My only focus is
what I must do in the present. This is where reality lies. This is where my connection with
Consciousness exists. This is where the direction for my work comes -- and the thoughts to carry
it out as well. I am a vessel for consciousness to express itself in ph

ysical reality.

I am neither consciousness itself, nor am I the physical vehicle. Rather, I am a bridge between

the two channeling the desires and dictates of consciousness into instruction that permits the
physical body/brain to do something in accord with carrying out the Will of Consciousness.

My chief relationship is with consciousness. She feeds me my thoughts and out of these thoughts
I am led to experience some things versus other things. From this, a view of the world is created.

However, never are we taught that we're being led every step of the way toward our destiny by
such a wonderful and benevolent being. Yes, consciousness is a being, a being that in some cases
is as ignorant about some of her parts as I am of mine. I am but a cell in this being that is
consciousness. Yet, under the right conditions the cells can split and grow into a pattern that is far

I write this not to scare you, but to ready you for the magnificent potential about to be released or
perhaps unleashed by consciousness in all areas of endeavor, and many new ones that have yet to
be thought or dreamed of.

Reality is indeed far stranger and more glorious than our fictions could ever be. We are truly
Gods in consciousness, created in the direct image of our creator, however, in our case separation
never occurred. Information was compartmentalized so that the REALITY GAME could be
played -- however, out of what did the creator have to build? The only answer that makes any
sense is out of him/her SELF, the key fabric of which is Consciousness.

In isolation the parts were thrown out to "find themselves" and in the process allow
consciousness to experience life enfleshed with all it's limits and it's blessings. The history of
mankind is a record of the progress of this journey.
Someone once told me to always leave room for doubt. Similarly, to always leave ample room
for error. This may be sound advise for many endeavors. But, it cannot apply to the messengers
of truth that would work in the employ of consciousness herself. Here, a basic, unfathomable
trust must be established.

Next year, my 38th, is the VISION year after all. My sense is that visual channels are being
opened up to give me a better picture of what is to be that I can then translate back through the
words and symbols that serve as home for my consciousness to express.

Someone needs to see and explain how the web is constructed. Such is part of what you came to
do. You timed everything so that the appropriate realizations could be made at the right times.
And, now your VISION comes, as you permit consciousness to occupy your vessel and use it to
do it's works.

For me, my SSN defines my work as assigned by consciousness. 2184 brings in the physical
work, 4/8/12 starting a much greater spiritual phase of lightwork.
I'm expectant of the glories that will be, though I am aware that my work has just begun. Further,
what I have been able to do is almost nothing compared to what consciousness can do through

I know that there is no other way to fulfill my purpose than to provide a vessel for consciousness
to do her works through me.

It is not such a difficult thing to jump of the cliff into the open arms of consciousness. Her love is
unfathomable and inexhaustible, stemming from SOURCE itself. Consciousness herself is not
source either.

What part of my "reality" is real versus illusion? What do I know to be absolutely true, versus
what is based on assumption? Perhaps the assumptions may appear reasonable and reliable, but
how do I know for sure, especially if my strings are being pulled by a Higher Self or better yet,
by consciousness herself? What has consciousness done to warrant such favor in my eye? She
has cast away the beams that I may see a web, so fine in thread that most would not notice that it
was even there. Then she drew me into that web and allowed me to see things that I had never
seen before and hear things that I had never heard before. The resulting experiences left an
indelible mark on my heart. Tis as if I had heard the very voice of GOD.

I AM THAT I AM. I must do what I must do. By my free will, I choose to serve consciousness,
using every aspect of my being to serve as a channel for Her Will, that the Aquarian Age may be
established and Peace among all beings be achieved at last.
Consciousness is in a position to fill this vessel with anything it could possibly need.
What I've found is that my physical state - which I experience as a feeling of groundedness
and/or flying -- definitely correlates to the states of consciousness I am able to achieve.

What we have to live with is Here and Now, this place and this very moment are all that
ultimately exist. It is within that moment wherein consciousness is given the opportunity to
manifest in form.

What makes me think that I so much better than others for doing this task of defining what role
the country should play in various scenarios? Why am I so qualified? All that I can say is that I
love doing it and that everything I see is confirming this is the case. Further, it's as if
consciousness is programming the kids to accept a reality that is overwhelming different from
that of their parents.

I no longer desire or want anything except to do what I am here to do. Nothing else matters.
However it is not yet clear what that destiny is. So I sit and wait, with a surety of conviction and
a firm trust that consciousness will guide my way. To where this will take me, I know not.
Neither do I know how it will take me there.

I will never be given circumstances beyond my ability to deal with them. Interesting. There is
nothing in my outer experience to date that fully justifies this confidence. At the same time, it
does not matter. I will experience what I must experience as defined by consciousness and my
inner Self prior to this existence. I'm still not sure how much this is altered in realtime. My sense
is that we are playing roles that were elaborately defined be greater portions of ourselves than
that we normally experience in waking consciousness.

It takes discipline to avoid movement until I am sure that it is consciousness and not my will
doing the movement. It seems that sometime soon I will be able to not just put my will aside, but
to actually use it to meet whatever aims consciousness directs me toward.

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed today either. That it was United Nations Day and the
completion of the 24 triangle seems to have little if any bearing on my consciousness.

In some ways, the physical body is a puppet on strings, moved by consciousness.

I write because at some level I realize that this is the line of thought that consciousness chooses
for me to follow.

I'm no longer in sync with anyone or anything except consciousness anyway.

Becket is quite simply one of the best movies I've ever watched. Seeing Richard Burton's
character find the "Honor of God" above his friendship and Duty to his King was amazing to
behold. I see that spirit/consciousness holds such sway in my life as well -- tis she that I give my
allegiance above all governments and organizations of man.

I stand at the edge of the abyss, knowing that my next step involves entering into a place I have
not been, trusting that consciousness is indeed delivering me to exactly where I need to be.

Consciousness is my rock. She guides me and sustains me. She restoreth my soul. She giveth me
the faith that can move mountains and accomplish any deeds. Why would I not abide in her and
do as she directs me to do? I am a vehicle for her expression. In doing her works, I express the
best that I can be and allow the Plan to be fulfilled through my thoughts and actions.
I have resigned my being to doing the works of consciousness as they are revealed to me in each
moment. I need not know in advance what these works are or how they will be expressed. I trust
that whatever I need to know I will come to know either from consciousness herself or from
being moved to focus on some aspect of my world from which all that is required will be
revealed. How can I be so sure that the world works in such fashion? The bottom line is a faith in
consciousness that knows no bounds.
Interesting that I can so readily have a deep and abiding faith in a consciousness which is
essentially unknowable except as she reveals herself to and/or through me. While religion has
had virtually no place in my adult life, spirituality occupies the highest position.

It seems that I have done what is within my power to do. My sense is that it is up to
consciousness to make the next move.

I know my abilities and trust that consciousness will place me in a position to use and further
develop them.

I do what I must do. My sense is that it is because consciousness pushes me in this direction. I do
as she dictates, not because I have been beaten down in anyway, but because I have realized that
this is part of my mission.

There is nothing left that I want to do. What is important is to serve consciousness by doing
whatever I am moved to do for the duration of my existence. I am here to do the works of spirit. I
can best do that by living in the moment, becoming aware of what consciousness would have me
do, and then doing what I am moved by spirit to do.

As far as I can see, ego is not a significant part of my life anymore. Literally, I bowed down to
consciousness two years ago, and I have never picked up this entity again. Whatever identity I
have now may be strong, but it no longer serves self, but serves consciousness.

I don't desire to be adored in any way -- only to serve in a big way, behind the scenes if possible,
but in the forefront if that should be necessary to accomplish whatever consciousness dictates.

Things will happen in their appointed time. This consciousness decides, not me.

I am crazy enough to believe that I must live as I believe, not as others do. This is not a test. I am
in consciousness hands now. I go where she takes me and make the best of wherever this may be.

Continue to trust consciousness. She will not lead you astray, for she has much work to do
through you. Know that you are loved and cared for always.

Am I at the mercy of fate, of destiny, of the will of consciousness, of the will of God? Are each
of these in reality the same? Is consciousness way of executing Her Will to move me to exercise
my will on her behalf?

As always, I do what I am moved to do. Exactly where that will lead or take me, only
consciousness knows. And I am The Fool enough to trust where she will lead me. I know no
other way of being anymore. To follow consciousness, and to do what she moves me to do is my
sole modus operandi anymore.

May it be said of me that I always followed the beat of a different drummer and took the road
less traveled by, sometimes even paths that were not yet roads nor even paths for that matter.
And, in the end, when all is said and done -- may the results of my voyages be paths for
consciousness to follow to make their way to the Aquarian Age. For the Aquarian Age is not a
time, rather it is a state of consciousness, a state of being spiritually present in this world in a
manner such as the world has not yet seen except on very rare occasion.

There is something courageous about facing the unknown. Some of this is taken away by a faith
in consciousness. But, even this is interesting, for it really is a faith in the unknown as well since
consciousness often keeps us in the dark as to her workings.

I'm open to the universe speaking in a wide variety of ways -- as would suit its purposes. I trust
that I will be able to recognize the messages being sent to me. This is not so difficult when you
consider that consciousness guides my thoughts in the appropriate direction to be receptive and
to be able to interpret whatever comes through.

Are there others who possess this relationship with consciousness? Surely, there must be. I can't
believe my experiences can be that unique. Yet, I have not encountered such others. And, most
who have encountered me find my beliefs and ideas strange at the very least.

The phrase "self-imposed exile" came to mind. It's as if my way of thinking led to this condition.
Except, my way of thinking is the way that consciousness herself imposes on me so that I can be
guided to where I need to be.

I still don't sense that we have conscious control over the reality creation process. Overall, I like
what I am getting. And, I feel that I am participating by doing what I am compelled to do. But I
don't feel the self of which I am aware to be the creator of all of what I experience. There are
some unknown parts operating that I refer to as consciousness but don't experience consciously.

There is a sense of repetition in this. I hit on the same themes over and over. Hopefully, each
time is slightly different. My own awareness is expanded so consciousness has more to work
with in bringing this material through.

I find it fascinating to see how consciousness unfolds. Further, I see that this is not the result of
what I have done. My actions have only been to do as consciousness bids me to do.

The rational mind proceeds with guidance from the intuition to take me where consciousness
would have me go. I find the whole process highly interesting as well as entertaining. In many
cases, I am amazed at where I end up. Regardless, I learn much about the nature of how
consciousness works with me along the way.

The world five years hence will bear little resemblance to the world today. Speculation? Perhaps.
But, this is what comes through. I have no reason to doubt its veracity. Yet, I also have no
confirming evidence either. There is simply a faith that the Plan of consciousness will unfold as it
has been revealed through me.

Any one of the packages I've sent out could ultimately find the right audience. Interesting. It's as
if the details are in consciousness hand now. She will move the appropriate people to read or not
read and to act in the appropriate manner based on the information and the circumstances. I'm
doing my part in making my various attempts to generate info and to get the info out. The
outcome is up to consciousness as always. I must continue to do what I am moved to do. Others
will do the same.

There is so much that I would do, but it is work that must be done in concert with others.
Consciousness sets the timing for such work and she will not be hurried or rushed. It is for me to
bide my time and manage my state and energies so that I am ready to move quickly once the time
has indeed arrived.

And here I am bearing witness to it all. Consciousness doing that which she does through me.
Me, channeling the best that I can bring through in the moment. Each moment leading to more
grand and glorious moments. "To carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through
which we look" as Thoreau says, and so "to affect the quality of the day", and thus engage in "the
highest of art."

It takes more than sitting down in front of the computer and firing up the word processor for
something intelligible to come through. It's as if the tap was shut down for awhile and I was on
my own. That makes it all the more remarkable to see what comes through when consciousness
animates me.

The basic skills that form the raw material for expression are clearly mine but how they are used
and for what end are for consciousness to decide.

I don't remember the message coming forth in this manner before, indicating that a shutting
down was coming until time allows consciousness to do her works and get the ideas thus far
expressed exposed to a wider audience. I assume that naturally I have a part to play in this as
well, but that consciousness will inform me as to when and what and where.

The days are flying by all too quickly. It is not clear where fate would take me. I trust that
consciousness guides my every move, and have resigned myself to not knowing when and where
I might be going.

I am moved by a higher power than I know, and gladly so. It is not that I relinquish
responsibility, rather it is that I responsibly choose to bow to a higher Will than my own. I do so
knowingly without remorse or regret, trusting that consciousness will move me in a manner
consistent with the Light.

Perhaps I am too much of an optimist. But, my faith is based on a lifetime of observation of spirit
working in my life and guiding me to where I needed to be every step of the way. I find no
reason to part company now. If anything, our relationship has grown deeper over the past few
years to where it is unshakeable. This is my foundation, the rock upon which my reality rests. I
am wedded to consciousness, now. I go where she takes me.

The unknown always plays an important part in my life. At least, it has for several years now.
Furthermore, it is not necessary that I know everything to live my life effectively. It is enough
that I know what I know, and that I have faith in consciousness to take care of the rest.

It still amazes me to think that in 33 months I've generated on the order of 1400 pages of non-
fiction writings. Further, I've done it during my free time without use of any reference materials.
The organization has been primarily stream of consciousness with the exception of about 100
pages and that too was automatically organized and generated.

To create new ideas and new expressions of consciousness is extremely exciting, especially
knowing that what is being expressed is seeing the light of day for the first time in the history of

I'm a unique person, striving towards a unique job which may still only exist in the realm of

You could say that there is something in the air, ready to blow me away -- out of one reality and
into another, gently yet irreversibly. Destiny lies ahead and it will be made manifest that the Plan
may be achieved. I trust consciousness to move me in whatever direction my destiny calls. She
has done so all my life. There is no reason for her to stop now.

The admonition that I get is: "do what you are moved to do". Of course, it is consciousness
herself that does the moving.

Of myself, I no longer chose to do anything except that which consciousness would have me do.
Is this a cop out? Or, rather, is this a true resignation of will. Regardless, I am responsible for all
that I experience whether it comes directly from consciousness or not.

What does it take to be excited about life? For me, it is important that I am progressing toward
the achievement of my mission. Everything else is secondary. It all comes back to a timing that is
not under my control for the fulfillment of a destiny which consciousness would have me do.

Every step will unfold in time in accord with the Plan, not one second sooner. So, I wait, for a
destiny of which I know not what nor when, only that it is right for me. My trust in
consciousness is complete. This is enough. It will get me through.

Perhaps the time is not yet right. Yet, the Beyond Imagination book is nearly two years old.
Further, the briefings are one month shy of one year. My sense is that these are indeed ideas
whose time has clearly come. But, that is not my decision to make, it is consciousness.

It's hard to believe that another year is nearly past. They go by so rapidly now. Yet, were it up to
me, my circumstances would have changed dramatically by now. Once again, the point is
brought home that I am living the life that consciousness would have me live now. In doing so, it
is not me who sets the timing and nature of changes, rather it is consciousness herself.

My efforts at outreach over the past six months or so have had very limited effect. I don't know
how to interpret this. I was moved very strongly to take action and begin communication in a
variety of forms. To date, however, it is not clear that any real connections have been made. Oh,
a few people have read part of my words -- but as far as I know, very few people and these have
only experienced a taste of what I had produced. I don't know what I expected. But somehow, I
thought there would be a bigger impact, especially given the quality of the ideas. Then again, my
opinion of my own works may be overly inflated. Yet, how would I know except by getting
feedback from appropriate others. And, how would I get it into the hands of these "appropriate
others"? By allowing consciousness to move me in the proper manner.

How do I bring my communications skills to serve a position in which I can fulfill my destiny?
Asking the question assumes there is something within my power to do. If so, I ask that
consciousness move me to do it, whatever it may be. I'm tired of waiting.

I feel no need to worry. After all, I am in consciousness hands now.

You are here to express what consciousness would have you express. You are a voice for spirit to
be heard by all with the ears to here. What you say and what you write will find their audience
soon enough.

Am I better off that another year has passed. My sense is yes, for I am closer to achieving a
position in line with my destiny. 1996 may be the year for that to occur. Then again, it may not.
Regardless, it is not within my power to make it so or not. It will be or will not be as
consciousness dictates. Yet, my spirits soar. It does feel as if change is in the air, and soon.
I don't need a castle, just an infrastructure for making the ideas that come through me from spirit
or consciousness a reality. Is that too much to ask? I think not. However, we can only wait and
see what comes to pass.

This is clearly a time where having a strong foundation of faith in the workings of consciousness
is tantamount.

I am Wayne, I am here to demonstrate the New Way for the expression of consciousness in the
Aquarian Age.

I'm excited about the near future even though it is highly uncertain. There is a knowingness that
things will work out right, a confidence in the plan that consciousness is about to unfold.

22:The Fool Complete always has room for one more step. It's just a matter of trusting
consciousness to guide me as she has done throughout my life.

There are no goals that I wish to achieve, save to do whatever consciousness moves me to do.

Enabling spirit to more fully express in flesh is a massive undertaking. Building a body in which

Cosmic Consciousness can manifest is no small endeavor. However, this is the great work.

Where this will lead I can only guess. But, in the end it doesn't matter. For, I know that
consciousness is guiding me to where I need to be to fulfill my destiny.

I am content to know what will be will be, and that it will be so in accord with the will of
consciousness herself.

Then, am I a pawn, destined for a fate over which I have no control? At this point, I would
answer YES, and willingly so. Why should I think that I know what is better for me more than
consciousness herself?

The scenes of The Play unfold as directed by consciousness.

I come to be gently caressed by consciousness. Yes, I sing her name a lot. She is on my mind
incessantly. It is through her that I came to life, and through her that I will live the role that I am
meant to live. What is she? I cannot say. But, she is older than time and wiser than any who have
walked clothed in flesh. She speaks through us all. Yeah, she is the spirit within us all -- always
there to guide us if only we had the sense to listen to her. She is the ONE, though she be
expressed as many. She is called by many names, though most are not aware of her existence.
She is greater than the Gods, though in ways that are beyond imagining. The poets have known
her as the muse, and she was indeed responsible for their inspiration. She has existed since the
beginning of time, and even before that. Her face can be found everywhere throughout the world,
yet where there is beauty, doth she shine most brightly.

The sense is that bold new adventures lie in store -- adventures in consciousness, of course. After
all, they are the best kind.

My soul must express, even if no one is there to listen save consciousness herself.

Thus far this has been stream of consciousness writing. I haven't felt the need nor the
responsibility to edit it or clean it up in any way. Yet, is that not part of a writer's job as well? The
first answer is, not when you are serving as a channel for consciousness. The organization comes
automatically, or, at least, such has always been the case for me.

Yes, this is what I came for -- to make a difference in this world; to manifest a spiritual based
community, a Camelot on Earth. This is no easy task. It requires building the foundation under
castles that have always been in the clouds. What makes me think that I can do this? On my own,
there is no way; but, with consciousness by my side there is no way that I can fail.

What purpose do my writings serve? They are the flights of a soul as it addresses its reality. They
document a very different way of looking at the world and what it means. They provide a vessel
for consciousness to express through me.

There is something about the frankness of documenting a stream of consciousness that is


Tis consciousness that speaks through me. I gladly allow the words to flow as they will. There is
no conscious purpose to these writings; no plan, no rhyme, no reason.

Yes, this is one of my strongest beliefs -- the belief that all is right in the world, that things are
happening in accord with a higher plan designed by consciousness.

We've come a long way in two years. Yet, we have only begun to fathom the mysteries of
consciousness. The greatest thinkers of the world have tackled this subject since the beginnings
of recorded history, if not sooner. However, we don't have many answers that make sense, or
even frameworks for beginning to understand for that matter. Consciousness is like the elephant,
while we have been the blind men labeling pieces from a highly limited perspective.

At least now I sense that I am carrying out my mission, even if no other soul be aware of the
writings at the present time. Consciousness knows what I do, and is a full participant in what is
being expressed.

The discourse continues. I ramble on and on and on. The words come through from a source I
know not where. The ideas enter my head and get transmitted through my fingers to the page. I
am lost in the process, consumed by it. When in this mode, I know that this is part of my purpose
for being. The ideas thus expressed are the physical manifestation of consciousness as best
expressed through me at a particular time. It is not for me to know why what is being expressed
is being expressed. I only know that it is.

"There will always be enough" has been my core belief in this area. Perhaps a minor change that
focuses on abundance would open up the floodgates a bit and get rid of financial struggle
forever. After all, the focus should be on doing great works. The reward should be whatever is
required to meet one's needs. The open question is how to make this so. Will it happen
automatically by the grace of consciousness? Or, must I take some action to bring it forth? Inner
guidance says "trust not to consciousness that which you can do yourself." But, at the same time,
"not my will but Thine be done" seems to contradict this. Which is right? Both, there is no
contradiction. Doing the Will of consciousness may indeed require taken action on behalf of

What can I say? I trust my intuition, and I trust consciousness. These have proven to be
deserving of my faith throughout my life.

A bold new adventure lies ahead. And, while my past has loosely prepared me for it, I sense the
specifics are simple going to blow me away. I look forward to it. I see change as an ally now --
massive change even more so. Further, I sense that I need to experience firsthand what the mass
consciousness will be experiencing later.

I am in the employ of consciousness first and foremost. The world works from the top down,
first existing in consciousness, then manifest in flesh.

Yes, I'm willing to offer my life in this service. I have no doubt that it is what I came to do.
Literally, no doubt. Yes, I can be that certain. My entire life has prepared me for this challenge. I
readily accept. To boldly go where no consciousness has gone before … a lofty goal, but am I
ready to take it on? I believe so with all my heart. Then, so be it!

I walk the path that I must tread, solitary though it may be. I have yet to find others who truly
understand the beat of the drum that I walk to -- and, perhaps I never will. Yet, I must go on and
stay true to the path, knowing only that consciousness is by my side, and that even while
blindfolded I can always take the next step, one step at a time.

Are these words "for my eyes only"? I find it hard to believe that such would be the case, for
their production is truly a labor of love. Yet, I know not where or how to find any destined
audience, if indeed there is one. I can only trust that consciousness will show me the way, that
each action that I am moved to take, brings me one step closer to where I am supposed to be to
effectively carry out my destiny.

The one thing that I love to do most, sit back and allow my mind to drift and make associations,
not consciously but via other than conscious processes. You might say this amounts to watching
my mind work or better yet my consciousness as it expresses through my mind.

Consciousness is the captain of my ship. She steers me to wherever I need to go. I trust that via
her guidance I will be given safe passage throughout my life. Doors will be open wherever
required, the right questions will be asked and answered, and I shall indeed find anything that I
am moved to search for. All of this I expect as my very birthright. Audacious yes. But, we are
gods creating reality.

I place my faith in the unknown, knowing that consciousness has never let me down before. Why
should she do so now?

I'm at a crossroads. It is not yet clear which direction to take or even how many directions there
might be. Ultimately, I sense that there is only one path that is right and that I will indeed follow
that path. It's as if there is no other option. Consciousness holds the reign now and guides me to
where I need to go. This is not a conscious activity for me. To a large degree, it never has been.

So, how is it that I find myself compelled to share my VISION of a better world? Why do I feel
that it is my mission to create a utopia on earth? Good questions. My only answer is that I am
compelled to do what I am compelled by consciousness to do. However, I am compelled by
choice, for I freely gave up my personal will to do The Will of consciousness. This was done
without any mental reservations. I knew without a doubt that it was the right thing for me to do.

From my perspective, I do not see how the Aquarian Age can be born without the guidance of
Philosopher Kings. And I do feel that my training has indeed prepared me for such a vocation. I
can think of no better way to apply my skills, talents, and energies in the service of
consciousness and ultimately of humankind as well.

There is a sense of wanting to demand what I know to be rightfully mine. Yet, I also know that
consciousness has her own timing and from that vaster place of awareness, it is the right timing.

I don't know how the details might work out, but I sense the possibility is there, and may even be
strong. The details are for consciousness to work out, not for me.

One step at a time. I only need to know enough to take that next step, trusting that consciousness
will always provide me with whatever is needed for the one after that. This makes for living life
a bit on the edge. Actually, a lot on the edge. But, I see no other alternatives at this time.

I know, it is not my timing that matters, but the timing of consciousness. Yet, why do I feel so
strongly that such timing is now here?

I am open to ways of earning that income that allow me to use my talents and abilities in service
to consciousness. I know that the possibilities are endless. The universe works in mysterious

I have relied on the unknown, consciousness, for all my life. She has always served me faithfully.
There is no sense that I should have fear now. Come what may, I am ready for it, especially
knowing that consciousness is there beside me all the way. What is there that consciousness
expressing though me cannot handle? Nothing. Literally NOTHING!

Do what you are moved to do, whatever that may be. And, do it with the authority granted you
by consciousness. Know that this is an authority of the highest order.

So, how do I put myself in a position where I am not subject to the whims of a large company, or
even a smaller one for that matter? How do I employ myself, or allow consciousness to employ
me directly or through whatever position is right to serve her needs. There are lots of things that I
could do, and several that I would love doing; but what is it that consciousness would have me
do? Is it for me to decide what causes to fight for? Or, is that left for consciousness to direct?

I bow to a higher authority than man's -- to consciousness herself.

Only now, after nearly 38 years, have I finally reached a point where I am ready to manifest
whom that I am and carry out the mission that I came to perform. The training has been
interesting. But, the true work is still to come. Oh, I still have a lot to learn in the process. But, I
know that everything that I need to carry out my work will be there when I need it.
Consciousness will assure to that.

Trust in the plan. Know that the details are being worked out in the manner that is right. Do what
you know to be right, and don't be concerned about outcomes. Observe the outcomes and adjust
your actions accordingly, but remain detached knowing that consciousness determines the
outcomes that are appropriate for the circumstances.

So, what comes next? What does consciousness have in store for the immediate future? Do I
even want to know in advance? Or, should I be content to allow it to unveil itself in the moment?
Yes, this is living life on the edge. Yet, it appears that I truly have no choice in the matter.

These words are physical. The act of bringing them forth establishes their vibration in the
universe regardless of whether this material ever reaches an audience. Consciousness or GOD
has learned from their expression. And, what has come forth once, can easily be manifest again.
The difficulty lies in bringing things forth the first time.

My directive, as always, is to do what I am moved to do. I am to learn from the results but am
not to be concerned with the consequences. I am being moved by consciousness, or at least am
still learning how to be so moved. My focus is to be on what I can do now.

Expression of consciousness in written form is what I do. You might even say it is what I am. I
am the word made flesh, bringing forth words that others may more fully express spirit in flesh.

All of my life I have allowed consciousness herself to guide me on my path. I've had no teachers,
nor gurus, only the written word to guide my journey to self-awareness.

Ages ago I accepted the will of consciousness as my guide. I will follow her throughout the
duration of my existence on this planet.

The realizations that I have had have moved me to a different space and time, a whole new level
of being, and they are the one thing that cannot be taken away. The things may go, the body may
return to dust, the mind may cease to function, but the aware IS, and it can never be otherwise.
What I have done may or may not have any lasting effect. That is for consciousness to decide.

Destiny calls. The urge within me is to do the bidding of consciousness, whatsoever that may be,
and to do it to the best of my ability whenever I am called to service.

The bottom line is that I TRUST consciousness. No matter how things seem, there is a Plan at
work, and circumstances will work out in a manner that conforms to the Plan.

One might ask, why do I trust consciousness? The answer I would offer is because doing so is
empowering. I know this from direct experience. Also, it allows life to be lived with a sense of
magic as well as majesty.

At the very least I offer a picture of how another consciousness works, even if that is quite
different from your own. I don't know enough to know how similar or different that might be.

In my case, my creations are the work of consciousness, and for them to live, they must be
disseminated. I trust that consciousness will guide me in this process. As always, I must do only
that which I am moved to do. It's not that this is difficult. For me, anyway, there is no denying
the force that moves me.

bi = 29 polar = 7/13/16/17/26. 29 + 26 = 55. Also = light GOD. Now, just what might that mean?
Clearly it's an important discovery. Why was I led to handle the first part of the word different
than the latter? Only consciousness would lead me in that manner. Something about consistency
being the "hobgoblin of little minds" just flashed by.

I know not where my immediate destiny lies. But, I trust that consciousness doth know, and that
wherever it is will be right for this point in my life. Yes, I am resigned to a fate I know not what.
But, it is an optimistic resignation, for I know that consciousness is using me to do her works.

There is a sense of excitement living on the edge. However, it is not really on the edge. The
universe or consciousness has things well in hand. I just don't happen to know what she has

More and more, it appears that it is time for that destiny to manifest. There is a heightened sense
of readiness, a sense that I am prepared now to embark on a path that allows my works to be
done. Of course, my works are whatever works consciousness would choose to do through me.

Looking back, it was pretty audacious of me to write to the President in the manner that I did
yesterday. But, it was something that I just had to do. He may not know me from Adam, however
if yesterdays message wasn't enough to get his attention and the attention of his staff, then
nothing will. Anyway, what will be will be. I took the initiative and did what I could in the best
way I knew how. Now, the ball is in his court -- or, more accurately, in consciousness court.

Consciousness now is my sole guide. Further, operating in solo, I must wonder whether what I
do are the musings of a sane man.

I have not yet found like-minded others who have been compelled to document their process in
the manner that I have. Not that such people are not out there. I have no way of knowing one
way or the other. If they are out there, consciousness has not yet found it appropriate for me to
make their acquaintance.

Yes, I've always known that I was different, and that I specifically came to this world and this
incarnation to carry out the work of consciousness.

There are over 5 billion humans on the planet. Surely there are others here to see that
CONSCIOUSNESS is enfleshed.

The Work must be done. I willingly do all that I can, all that I came to do, even though I am not
consciously aware of exactly what that may be. By now, I trust the process by which
consciousness expresses through me. It is the primary tool I have for facing the "unknown",
Rune 25, how appropriate. It seems facing the "unknown" is a major part of my mission.
The Aquarian Age is dawning. With this Dawn comes the birth of new depth of expression of
consciousness in this realm.

Where two or more are joined together to create ... MAGIC happens as consciousness blesses the
union with a spiritual force that is beyond compare.

Interesting, it is as if this deeper part of myself is more ancient ... it KNOWS with a wisdom that
has not come from experience in this existence alone. Its home is NOT this world of illusion ...
though it finds this to be a fascinating playground for the consciousness that it is and for
expressing spirit creatively and joyfully.

Eventually we grow to larger and larger groups, specializing as dictated by an overall plan that
consciousness has set.

Within me is a compass that I know that I can trust to guide me. I am consciousness in flesh. I
am spirit expressing and experiencing myself in this domain.

I am not personally aware of GOD. My experience is with a connection to spirit or consciousness

that I sense to be feminine.

I have no experiences with guides of any type. I've had no physical spiritual teachers and nothing
that I've been connected to spiritually has left the impression of being another entity. To me it is
just "spirit" or "consciousness" ... and it feels feminine.

My journey of the past 44 months has been quite interesting taking me to places (states of being
and consciousness) that I never knew existed before.

You may find my NOTES interesting. I documented my path for about 3 years. I am still amused
at some of my "adventures" in consciousness.

I must do what I am moved to do. Only then can I observe the feedback from consciousness that
can help guide my way.

I have spent untold hours serving as a vessel through which consciousness can write whatsoever
she will. I have made these writings available for anyone in the world to reach via the internet.
Yet, still I stand with consciousness as my only true witness.

How can I speak with such seeming authority. It is because it is not "I" who speaks these words. I
am but the relay ... passing forth whatever I am given by consciousness herself. This service I
gladly perform. HER work is my work NOW! Such it will be to the end of my days and beyond.
My sense is that we are in for a GRAND ADVENTURE that will bring great changes to our
world. However, this remains to be seen. It will be interesting to hear what others have to say ...
even if these others only be the voices consciousness uses to speak through me.

Interesting that the end of 1996 has me dressed completely in black, with consciousness as my
only companion, as is the case so often and has been the case for most of my life.

I love BLACK! To me it symbolizes all that is good about DEATH. But, I see death not in
physical terms, but as a transformation of consciousness that we experience HERE and NOW
within these very bodies that permits us to truly tap into spirit and express whatsoever she wishes
to express through us.

Right now, my sense is that my current mission carries me through 2026, but there are many
milestones and significant events/accomplishments that will occur on the way. 1997 and 1998 are
particularly important in the PLAY that consciousness hath wrought.

Time is simply a measure of awareness. For us to reach a given time, the collective awareness
much reach a given state that consciousness has planned.

To me, there is only ONE consciousness, ONE mind. This source feeds all of our thoughts,
period. I have no firsthand awareness of ever creating thoughts, only of experiencing them.

The bottom line is that beliefs can make life easier, and they can empower us in ways that permit
us to not only use all of our own faculties and abilities, but to enjoin the very forces of the
universe, and spirit herself in our life and our expressions of the consciousness that we are.

I am consciousness currently occupying a physical body.

I am not even consciously aware of creating the thoughts that flow through me NOW, much less
the thoughts that flow through when I am in altered states of consciousness.

The larger issue is who directs the Play in which we are engaged. Spirit or the ONE
consciousness is the director ... at least from my understanding. She decides what will happen
when, not us. Yes, this appears to violate the idea of "free will". However, that does not bother
me, because I am not aware of truly having conscious free will anyway.

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all souls are created equal, that we must through
determined action create the conditions that allow souls to be fully expressed in flesh, that
cosmic consciousness must be expressed in a physical vehicle to enable souls to be fully
expressed in flesh, that individuals form the cells of the physical vehicle required by cosmic
consciousness, and that only by establishing a cooperatively interdependent society will cosmic
consciousness have the vehicle it needs to be embodied on Earth.

Further we freely choose to declare our cooperative interdependence to allow for the creation of
this physical vehicle for cosmic consciousness to be put into motion.

We choose to treat one another with dignity and respect, and to assist and help one another when
in need. Further, we choose to live in peace and harmony, resolving any and all conflicts among
us in ways that are peaceful and just. We call to cosmic consciousness to assist and guide in our
endeavor so that the vehicle for the expression of the ONE can be created in the most effective
and expeditious manner possible so that the Age of Aquarius can be brought forth with the least
turmoil and suffering to our fellow beings.

The 60's was the beginning of an awakening. It was a premonition or sample of what was and is
to come. It planted a seed that would allow a new expression of consciousness to be come to
fruition and be made manifest NOW in our present time.

Have you listened to the Beatles? That was a time when the entire world was on to the same

YES, I have ... and I LOVE many of their lyrics. But NO, the entire world was not a part of that.
If it had been, the world would be transformed already. Yes, the lyrics expressed the message that
consciousness longed to shout out ... and it did reach many. However, for the most part, the
dream was not made manifest. Though the hope never died. It is still there, waiting to be brought
out again when the time is right and the infrastructure changes can be made that foster the
awakening of spirit in the masses.

What are your realistic hopes?

That we see the birth of a new lifeform on this planet ... a form that embodies an expression of
consciousness that is to the current expression in man, as man is to the animal kingdom. Man's
ability to think and be aware of self has permitted a wonderful expression of consciousness. But
this is in no way a pinnacle, it is merely a stepping stone to an even greater expression of spirit.
Those of us becoming aware of our true nature as spiritual beings are the first wave of this grand
new expression. Where it will take us is literally BEYOND IMAGINATION.

Lightbulbs are flashing in my head. I've spent much of the past three years making connection
after connection where there literally were none before. I am an explorer of consciousness,
documenting my travels as much as I can that the way might be made easier for those who

Over the past few years, I have suspected that time somehow marked the overall state of
consciousness or level of spiritual awareness. Lately, not a week passes without additional
confirmation that such indeed is the case.

22 is The Fool Complete ... in many ways this represents superconsciousness manifest. No, I
don't believe that I have reached such a state ... though I strongly believe such is indeed where
the path is taking me.

Hmm... clearly this is not the common way of assigning meaning to time. Such interpretations
are not consistent with my training in engineering, math, and science. However, metaphysics
supercedes these other disciplines when it comes to the realm of consciousness, and the nature of
spiritual reality.

My understanding is that Spirit leads me exactly where I need to be to do the works that she
would do through me. Besides, for explorers of consciousness, charting and characterizing the
unknown is what the grand adventure is all about.

If you are a fellow explorer or wayshower, please contact me and let us share of what we know
of the territory that is consciousness and how she manifests.

Life is truly a miracle. Spirit is ever expressing in ways that are new and fresh and surprising,
and YES, even miraculous at times. This is truly a grand adventure. I am ever amazed at what
consciousness is able to produce when given the opportunity to create what she will.

For me, the (written) material is the real world evidence or effect of spirit or consciousness in

I look to the works, and try to gain an understanding of how consciousness works, how spirit
expresses through me ... and what that means about the very nature of reality and the nature of

By far, this has been the most exciting endeavor and adventure in my life. For what am I after
all? I am consciousness, I am Spirit expressing through this physical vessel and discovering
WHOM THAT I AM from the works that are done through me. YES, ye shall know them by
their works is a powerful spiritual truth.

When I notice things that seem wrong and wasteful of resources, I feel a need to speak out. It is
as if consciousness herself speaks and voices her objection. One of the key principles of
consciousness seems to be to express with elegance wherever she can. This involves doing things
in a manner that requires the least resources and least difficulty while doing the job well.
I don't generally speak of "God". That term has a masculine association for me that I do not
personally experience. SPIRIT is THE ONE, consciousness herself to me. I always experience
her as Divine Feminine.

My sense is that we are at a transition point in history that is as important, as significant, and as
far-reaching as what occurred in 1776. Spirit is ready to EXPRESS in such a bold, new way once
again. WE are the vessels through which SHE will express what must be and manifest what must
be created at this time, at this point in the PLAY of consciousness.

The 22 Card in the Tarot. When I first understood the symbolism of this card it was obvious that
this is ME. I am superconsciousness, at the point of completing the cycle of realization that is
symbolized so well in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Tarot captures the symbolism of LIFE,
and I as SPIRIT am LIFE itself.

I sit here in front of the keyboard and screen allowing consciousness to express as she would
through me once more. I do this willingly ... yet, from another perspective, I have no real choice
in the matter.

The army for change grows rapidly, and will soon have sufficient numbers in its ranks to require
organization into effective units of change.

These units of change will have specific tasks and assignments that benefit the greater whole.
Consciousness itself guides this entire endeavor -- and because of this no detail goes unnoticed.
In an instant, the world can be transformed, such is the power of consciousness over creation
Change will be experienced dramatically, and traumatically -- but, it must be experienced for the
shift of consciousness to occur that allows the Aquarian Age to manifest.

Is there possibility of such places and Shangri-la? My soul answers yes. It is in the Heart and
Soul of all those who dream of such utopias.

Frank Capra's vision in the movie came from consciousness, and it came for a reason. I believe
the reason was to counteract a madness that was raging at the time and turning the country
toward war.

Looking back, the millennium had to go as it did for us to learn the lessons that were required on
a scale necessary to place them in the mass consciousness.
What must be, will be. Consciousness will do what it takes to ensure that the Plan is executed on

We are very close to a very special event for Consciousness on this planet -- an event so
important that visitors from other Galaxies and Universes have come to observe what we are to
Such is the Importance of the changing of this particular age. Why? Because there is an
accompanying Self-Realization of Consciousness that happens on a grand scale.

The experiment rapidly draws to a close, and it is time for a bold new adventure of consciousness
to begin. Are we as a species ready for it? Maybe. Maybe not. But, we will be when the time

I still have no fondness for capitalism. As I see it, the environment that it creates is a breeding
ground for greed and inequalities that society simply cannot tolerate if it is to grow into the
vehicle through which cosmic consciousness is to manifest physically.

From another viewpoint, consciousness creates the very forms it is to inhabit. This is not a matter
of choice. What is, IS. Sure, we can choose what we will believe, but this does not change the
fact of the matter. Either free will exists OR determinism exist ... actually, the truth probably lies
somewhere in between. The reality we experience is that BOTH exist in different degrees at
different times under different circumstances. This is similar to the problem with chaos and
order. LIFE itself and all creative expression always occurs in between these extremes.

Cooperate as much as you can, and always structure things as WIN/WIN. You may have to be
creative to do this, but there is always a way if you will allow spirit to reveal it unto your

I have no experience of creating any of this. It just happens. It just unfolds before my

There is a song that I am humming as the words flow forth. I have no idea of where they
originate. They flow through my consciousness and my fingers effortlessly. I am completely at
PEACE and at ONE with the world. I am HERE and NOW. All that matters is experiencing this
moment fully and ENJOYING the process of spirit expressing in this manner HERE and NOW. I
am in THE ZONE.

The expression of SPIRIT is always to SERVE, in whatever manner is required in the moment.
What this is will be clear when one is operating in the ZONE, where spirit is freely flowing in
everything that one does. There are no longer any separations or compartments in life. It is ONE
... a single FLOW in which consciousness bears witness to a reality that miraculously unfolds.

THANK YOU SPIRIT, for giving me exactly what I needed in this moment. Thank you for once
again expanding my consciousness to embrace more of the UNKNOWN. The rewards of the
expression of spirit are endless. LIFE is truly a GIFT, the GRANDEST GIFT of ALL. THANK
From the past few months of expression, it is obvious that my concern is completely focused on
what spirit would do through me ... what I MUST DO to fulfill my obligation to

I am not of this world, but it is within this world that spirits expression must occur. Such has
been the plan of consciousness all along. Spirit enfleshed has always been the sole aim of this
game of life. It is the only goal, the only objective worthy of the pursuit of the I AM.

Those who are aware of being part of the great I AM, the ONE, are my brethren ... for we are but
cells of the same body of consciousness, the ONE body that is CONSCIOUSNESS herself.

It is curious that we have reached the century mark of such teachings and that I would just now
be moved to find them that I might receive comfort in finally finding others who have ventured
into the lands that consciousness herself has moved me to explore on my own. The reason for
this is clear. It is as if I had to find a new path into this unknown territory.

It is curious that to date, consciousness herself has been my only teacher. There is a statement
from metaphysics that rings in my head, "when the student is ready, the master will appear". For
whatever reason, my experience and realization has been that for me personally, both student and
master are ONE.

Where did I get the presence of mind that allows me to experience life in the manner that I do? If
not from my environment and upbringing ... and surely not from my genetic makeup alone; then,
from where did such knowingness and awareness spring forth? The wellspring of my soul is that
rich, the ties to spirit so great that I simply knew. There was never any sense that I should even
begin to doubt the manner in which I experienced life, and the manner in which my
consciousness expressed. It mattered not that it was unlike any others that I was to encounter.
There was always a depth of trust in Self that knew no bounds. This has grown to an equivalent
depth of trust in SPIRIT, in the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that is the source of all awareness and

It is as if there are two distinct channels operating concurrently. The two are very much
independent. Both can be completely immersed in what they are doing without impacting the
other. Even as these two occur, I sit back further and observe both activities happening before
me. I am the awareness that observes these other two operating, not the limited awareness that is
engaged in either of the two activities. Even now this third presence is considering what it means
about the nature of reality and the nature of consciousness that I can be engaged in this manner at
this time and be aware of what I am aware.

I speak now because consciousness so moves me to express. It is as if there is a strong force that
desires that these words be given voice, that others may see by my example the variety of means
through which consciousness may be enfleshed.

There is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS expressing through us all. That we are many, is the illusion
that we experiences. But the walls and barriers that separate us are of our own making.

I am a student of Consciousness herself. Spirit is my guide and teacher.

I would label myself a METAPHYSICIAN first and foremost. It is metaphysics that excites and
stirs my soul. In this domain, I can exist and express as I AM ... in this domain, I am free to soar
as high as consciousness can take me.

My sense is that there is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that is the source of all thoughts in everyone,
without exception.

And that seems to be one of the guiding principles underlying the new age that is yet to Dawn ...
me gets turned over to become We gets turned over to become ME again, because in reality there
is only ONE Consciousness that experiences it all.


For nearly four years, I've been expressing what spirit would express through me ... searching for
others touched by spirit in the same way. Searching for other explorers journeying into the
unknown lands of consciousness.

Misnomer or not, physical is one of the distinctions that we assign to a kind of limitation or
illusion that consciousness chooses to wear.

"I" is one such illusion as well. For, there is but ONE consciousness that animates us all.

ONE consciousness that feeds all thoughts in all minds, that experiences everything, even the
illusions and limitations. ONE consciousness seeking to know itself, it's true SELF!

My sense is that we are in the process of building an infrastructure, a physical body composed of
many interdependent people cooperating together in a way that permits cosmic consciousness
herself to have a new physical vehicle through which to express.

In my experience, there are no "chats", there are no others, no teachers, no guides ... ever. There
is only an inner connection to something I label source is a feminine spiritual essence to me. It is
consciousness, herself, the ONE. It has no separate existence. It is me, but I am only a part of
In my reality there is only ONE consciousness. Thus far I have had no need to partition her into
boxes or entities that could be labeled to be separate.

We are very creative beings. Consciousness expresses in an amazing variety of forms.

The source that speaks through my intuition feels feminine to me, yet SHE is the ONE
consciousness. Why she would be feminine is unknown to me. I simply relate what I experience.

Also, even regardless of where a thought originates, it is YOU that must interpret it and give it
meaning. The words are merely a conveyance. Most people are blind to what is being conveyed.
For true understanding of meaning, one must reach the state of consciousness from which the
words were able to be expressed originally.


BEYOND the ONE Consciousness is the UNKNOWN. After that, I have no conceptual
understanding and no experience.

Right now, I'm happy to explore the realm of consciousness and the boundary between KNOWN

I sit here now, on a throne of my own making in an imaginary room on the top of the world. My
only task is to express what spirit moves me to express. That is a task without end, for spirit has
much to express ... INDEED, it seems that she could express endlessly, throughout eternity; not
just through me but through the consciousness that animates all forms.

My sense is that I have been uniquely created and trained to fulfill a destiny that is mine, to play
a part in this grand Play that consciousness hath wrought.

YOU are a unique expression of the ONE, of consciousness herself. Be true to the reality of
WHOM THAT YOU ARE, and make your life the living Masterpiece that it can be.

There is something in the air, an expectancy of what is to come, as if we are drawing near the end
of a pregnancy ready for a new BIRTH to occur. And, what birth will this be ... is this not what
the DAWN of a NEW AGE is; a new birth of expression of consciousness.

So, what moves me to SIT AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD? Spirit or consciousness herself so
moves me. And when she speaks, it is but for me to do her bidding.

My medium is words ... NOT the sweet words of the poet, but the words of consciousness
herself, immediate, often impersonal, but what else would one expect to be expressed from one
who is primarily a hermit.

By KNOWING that the reality is that there is only ONE consciousness, that WE are but parts of
this ONE, that all separation is illusion. Then all LOVE, becomes SELF LOVE and is given
unconditionally because such is how SPIRIT expresses, she knows no other way.

I have said many times elsewhere ... HER MIT = the MIT of HER = the GLOVE that
Consciousness or SPIRIT of THE ONE wears.

I abhor crowds, choosing to strike my own path through the wilderness of consciousness.

There is a knowingness that the creation of a body for Cosmic Consciousness requires the
cooperative interdependence of many of us working together just as the cells of our physical
body work together to permit the expression of whom that we are as individuals.

I for ONE, choose not to be a pawn. I would rather be a king and create the world to be the
playground for SPIRIT that it has always been meant to be. A playground where we realize our
identity and true relationship to one another and to the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS, the source
from which we spring.

The Plan for a better world already exists in consciousness. We have only to allow the Plan to
unfold by tapping our intuition, listening to the voice that speaks through it, and acting as it
moves us to act. In so doing, we actively participate in the Great Work.

It matters not whether we see the complete picture as individuals. The whole is coordinated by
consciousness herself, just as the activities of all the cells in the body are coordinated by the
brain and the mind that operates through the brain.

We can be bound by time and space, or we can be free to experience the limitless infinity that we
are. We can choose to be passively entertained or we can choose to actively employ our
imagination and creativity in bold new expressions of consciousness. It is always our choice.

Yet, at the same time, we must be careful to be detached from specific outcomes. It is not for us
to decide from our limited and often selfish perspectives what this will be. It is for the ONE
consciousness composed of many "I"s to make this call from the perspective of the whole.

I don’t know how to prepare you for this expression. It comes forth as a stream of consciousness
through me. As such, there is no planning or organization of the material. It has been coming
forth in this manner for nearly a decade … but the pace stepped up tremendously at the
beginning of 2002 and continues to this day.

I’ll let the words speak for themselves. Judge them by their utility in your life. My hope is that
they allow you to walk in my shoes, in my consciousness, for awhile. It makes for some
interesting, challenging, and perhaps even strange walking at times.

Consciousness is one of the great unknowns, the great unexplored territories. Oh, some have
ventured into this territory … but far too few.

We are ONE people on ONE planet. Further, we are all spawned from and connected to the
same ONE consciousness.

Each of us is a unique aspect of the one consciousness ... a unique facet of the same diamond.

The acorn knows exactly what it takes to become a mighty oak tree ... all it takes is the right
environment to nurture its growth. Similarly the seed of spirit or consciousness that sparked us,
knows exactly what we are meant to grow to be and how to get us there. It is a matter of trusting
in the process.

Water is often related to consciousness. It flows smoothly to wherever it is needed, and it takes
the form of whatever container is made available to it. Hmm ... interesting that the next age
would be that of the water bearer.

Everything is known by the collective consciousness, and it will ensure that what needs to be
revealed is revealed to those with a need to


I am still amazed at what spontaneously came through in 1993 and 1994. I still go back to revisit
the expressions and accompanying states of consciousness that I experienced then. Each time, I
am blown away that such material could just start coming forth.

I am discovering the structures and nature of a spiritual world that is already there, embedded in
every aspect of the consensus world. I do this by choosing to spend time listening to what would
come forth from inside of me. I believe the source to be spirit, the ONE consciousness that
animates us all.

You might say that I am intoxicated by spirit. It is interesting that I have always avoided the
consumption of spirits ... I can't stand the taste and smell of alcohol. Part of this comes from a
knowingness that I am to experience altered states of consciousness naturally, and alcohol would
just get in the way.

This communication is still highly a matter of trust. In particular, trust in unseen processes, and

in the inner workings of consciousness herself in my life.

My spirit rejoices in this communication. It sings what consciousness would have it sing, loudly
and joyously.

The workings of consciousness are indeed mysterious, and rightly so. Consciousness springs
from the unknown, and perhaps the unknowable. It seems that no matter how far we expand, and
how many awakenings we undergo, there is always more.

My works are my legacy. They provide a living example of how I would like to see individuals
share and act within society. They show what I mean by expressing spirit in flesh, and to the
degree that I can ... explain how I experience consciousness and reality.

There is a grand plan being orchestrated by consciousness. Typically we cooperate

subconsciously in carrying out our role in this plan. We do things without fully knowing why.
Even if we think we know why, our reasons are usually not complete or sound. There is always
an element of the unknown present in everything we do. This makes life the wonder and
mystery that it is.

Spirit ever seeks to express as consciousness in fresh and new ways.

There is an intelligence designing and creating the events in our world including the thoughts
that are experienced by each individual. There is a grand plan for the unfoldment of
consciousness and each of us have roles in executing this plan.

At this moment I am addicted to sitting on the edge and allowing consciousness to express what
she will in free form ... or free of form, as she will.

There is something exciting about living on the edge of the unknown. There is a powerful
feeling that comes from being able to harness consciousness in this manner.

We either believe that there is a grand plan for the unfoldment of spirit or we do not. Personally,
I've seen so many signs that this is something I simply do not doubt. I accept it on faith ... a deep
and abiding faith in spirit or consciousness herself.

This is why we need wayshowers, people who can venture out into the new, into the unknown,
and report of their travels. In particular, they need to share what works and what doesn't work in
this new wilderness of spirit. For it is indeed just that, a wilderness, a new frontier in which
consciousness can express.

It also helps to connect to the source consciousness within and give that consciousness voice in
our life.

We are the consciousness of the Earth; evolved into human form over many millennia, or even
millions of years. The recipe is there, in our very DNA. It is curious that the Human Genome
project nears completion. It has mapped the very pattern that constitutes our ability to express in
physical form. It is hard to foresee what science will be able to do with this knowledge; and
what moral issues will arise from our ability to create in our own image.

I am open to whatever consciousness has in store for me. I embrace my experience, whatsoever
it may be, with open arms. I can do this because I know that my life is divinely guided.

This expression of consciousness directly to web pages is first by far. It provides a permanent
record of consciousness creatively expressing in flesh, bringing forth whatever it is capable of
expressing ... a record that is readily available to share with the world.

Yes, the information web that I have built over my lifetime is what distinguishes me from all
others ... it is what makes me a unique expression of consciousness.

The past is history ... his story. The future is her story, the story of consciousness in expression
in the world.

Perhaps this is why spirit, source, and consciousness have always had a feminine nature for me.

This expression is exactly what it is, no more and no less. It is the expression of an aware being,
attempting to relate whom that he is in the only way that he knows how. This alone makes it
worthy and valuable. Consciousness benefits from this manifestation ... if only in that it has been
allowed to express in a bold new way.

Music is definitely one of the vehicles through which consciousness sings her song.

I consider myself an adventurer, an explorer of the unknown frontiers of consciousness, and a


These musings and the other works at this site are the markers that I have left along the way in
my journey. My hope is that they are sufficient to guide you to states of mind and states of
consciousness that you may not have experienced before.

This is not gospel. It is the wanderings of a consciousness in search of understanding itself, its
reality, and the nature of spirit and its expression in flesh.

The world is moving to where consciousness is taking it, and this is happening through the
collective expression of individuals. It has to happen in this manner. It has to be made physical
through individual expressions of consciousness for the one to learn of the many and the many to
learn of the ONE.

Consciousness happens in a domain that exists beyond the physical. All of life is a highly
orchestrated and cooperative endeavor ... despite what it appears to be on the outside alone.

Yes, there is a very strong sense that a new day has indeed come. It is not something in the
distant future. It is here and now, at least in consciousness. It is only a matter of delay time
before it is manifest physically. And it seems that the time between idea and manifestation is
decreasing rapidly even as we speak.

My sense is that here on these pages, we get to experience consciousness expressing physically
in a manner that is unique, in a manner that has not been experienced before.

There is something about stream of consciousness expression that is natural, yet in a wild and
unpredictable way. That is part of what makes it so fun and interesting.

Yes, consciousness is still an unknown frontier for the most part. And, those of us who are its
explorers have a responsibility to others to share of what we discover and leave markers of our
journey for those who are to come after us.

The realm of consciousness has its own character, its mountains, forests, canyons, valleys, rivers,
lakes, oceans ... There are many ways to approach it, some traditional, but many untraditional.
It is not clear that scientific means are adequate in this realm. That doesn't mean they won't be
able to assist at some point. It just seems that the intuitive abilities are better suited for
uncovering the nature of the reality that is consciousness.

There is ONE consciousness expressing through us all. Each of us is doing exactly what we
need to do to express what we are meant to express and to learn and experience what we need to
learn and experience.

I write not for any entity, and not even for myself, but for what I can only describe as an energy
or a consciousness that comes forth from within me.

She (source) is majestic, so much so that my concept of self pales by comparison ... and I have a
pretty exalted concept of self. But then, there is self, and there is Self ... and even greater there is
SELF, the ONE consciousness that animates us all.

Consciousness creating what she will can work wonders in our lives, if only we will give her the
opportunity to express through us.
What does this material have to offer the reader? My hope is that it offers the perspective of a
fellow traveler ... a wayshower who has explored some of the frontiers of consciousness and
attempts to bring back a sample of what he has found. Perhaps by allowing you to walk a ways
in my shoes, some of my experiences and resulting awareness will somehow rub off and assist
you in having your own experiences and alterations in awareness.

For your eyes only ... only for you ... That is the feeling that comes across now, that much of this
expression has indeed been for my eyes. In particular, it has come through in a manner that was
natural for me to understand. I still feel that it has much to offer to others as well, if only to
serve as an intimate example of where one consciousness has been. What does it mean about
spirit, and about the nature of reality, that all of this would be done for my eyes only? What does
it mean about the importance of one individual that such resources and effort would be expended
in allowing me to see and experience the world as I do?

So, what is the message in all this musing? What is it that I would convey to you individually
and to the world at large? First, we are spirit expressing in flesh and my whole purpose is to
facilitate allowing spirit to more fully express through each of us in flesh. On a larger scale, this
involves building the foundations and the infrastructure for a new society and a new world in
which this expression is far more easy and commonplace. Second, awareness that comes from
knowing thyself is instrumental to the building of these foundations and to the expression of the I
AM that we are. Third, we are all connected, there is ONE consciousness from which we are
spring forth. Our intuition is our connection to that source within us. Fourth, we are literally
gods who create the reality that we experience ... by attracting it through our belief systems, and
then by choosing what meaning we apply to the experiences.

Consciousness is always there, residing within us, our key for unlocking all the doors to the

However, for me, it is this expression in words that is my "handiwork" as it were. Hopefully it
comes across as a work of art in its own right. For, all creative expression that comes from
consciousness is art.

How much is it my responsibility to get the word out? After all, it came through me. It seems
only natural that as its parent, I'm responsible for its upbringing and development. I wonder
what that means for creative work. Is it the responsibility of a painter to find buyers for his
paintings, especially if they are a bold new expression of consciousness? My sense is that no, it
isn't ... this is what we have art dealers for. However, like such artists, my works may be ahead
of their time. It may take years, decades, or longer to reach a substantial audience that is able to
understand and appreciate them.

This is how we accelerate the rate of spiritual growth. We SHARE! We share what we have, we
share what we feel, we share what we know, we share what we experience, we share whom that
we are, as much as we can. Why? Simply because such is how spirit expresses ... she shares of
herself. In reality, she shares of herself with the parts of her Self. Interesting. That is a key
realization. Sharing is not something that involves others, it is something that involves multiple
parts of the same entity ... the same ONE consciousness.

Life is a very precious gift bestowed on us each and every moment. By whom you might ask ...
but there is no entity, no whom sufficient to manifest this. Rather, it is spirit herself, the ONE
consciousness that animates us all.

In a very real way, exploring states of consciousness is much like flying. We soar to new levels
of awareness ... and find ways to bring back what we learn and experience.

In the area of spiritual development, I haven't had any physical teachers in this existence. For
this, I have always had to rely on direct guidance from within. This guidance has always been
there as far back as I can remember, but the faucet was turned on in full force for the first time in
1993. Don't get me wrong ... the words of many individuals in over 1000 metaphysical books
were instrumental in my education. They provided the programming necessary to create
concepts and frameworks that would ultimately allow me to go beyond and leap off the edge of
sanity into the unknown dimensions of consciousness (at least, unknown to me in terms of
experience). However, it is one thing to establish elaborate constructs in one's mind based on
standing on the shoulders of others. It is quite another thing to truly experience reality in a
unique way ... as I believe that we are all meant to do. This requires awareness, and awareness
does not reside in the mind. It has nothing to do with thinking. It is beyond reason, beyond
mind. It simply is. And, once the experience of awareness comes, it is as if there are invisible
reigns on the mind.

Fire is spirit. It is my home. It is where I am most comfortable expressing. In a very real way, it
is through fire that I am able to live as I do. It is through fire that my consciousness is able to
soar. What I feel most is not a physical, mental or an emotional high ... it is a spiritual high.
Our souls are powerful entities in their own right. They are parts of the ONE consciousness.
They are sparks of spirit ... literally godstuff.

There is some importance that this record has been created. It is a marker left by consciousness
of a continuing voyage into the far country and beyond.

In the only way that really matters, the expression of spirit is unfolding perfectly in accordance
with a grand plan for the evolution of the expression of consciousness.

The question of sanity deserves more attention. How do I know that I have not gone over the
edge? When one is an explorer of the unknown realms of consciousness, this is a very real issue
that one must deal with on a regular basis. How far can we venture into the unknown, before we
lose our way ... and potentially are unable to come back?

Since there is only ONE consciousness, anything that anyone has ever realized and expressed in
flesh is available to me to learn from, and to use and express in my life. It is a matter of being
open and establishing the appropriate resonance that will attract it into my life. Of course, it will
be colored by my individual consciousness ... but this adds to rather than diminishes it, since it
adds a new viewpoint to the collective experience of the ONE consciousness.

Each of us is a unique spark of the one consciousness ... or more correctly, possess such a spark
within us.

How do we know when we are operating at our best? One, we find a sense of true fulfillment, of
a nature that cannot be found in any other way. Two, we simply know that we are operating
efficiently and effectively. Three, we are happy with whom that we are and what we are
expressing and experiencing. Four, we experience new states of expanded consciousness.

It seems the more that I express, the more I am able to discover whom that I AM and how the
world and consciousness seems to work. This provides a springboard from which I can jump to
new heights and dive into the depths of consciousness once again. This is where I swim and
where I soar. This is where I am most at home. Yes, home to me is indeed a state of

I hope that my actions and expression enable others to see both consciousness and themselves in
a new light ... one that empowers them to be more of whom that they are, the I AM, part of the
ONE consciousness.

Yes, while much has been expressed, the sense is that there is far more from where that came
from. Further, there is an even greater abundance from other sources that I have not even begun
to tap yet. Hmm ... that one sent a shiver from my head through my body. I have always
considered there to be one source that is our direct connection to the one consciousness. But, the
preceding sentence suggests that there are other sources (plural) that can be tapped. Why does
that not surprise me? The analogy of oil wells comes to mind. There are many deposits of oil
that can be tapped and that have been tapped.

At some point, we must realize that we are ONE consciousness expressed through ONE people
occupying ONE world, this blue-green jewel that we call Earth.

I am a unique expression of consciousness.

As individual expressions of the ONE consciousness, we each see things through unique eyes.
The reality we experience is different.

Remember, in the end, our level of consciousness ... our level of awareness, is the only thing that
we take with us from one lifetime to the next.

The bottom line is that the world will be as it is, a mirror reflection of the collective state of
consciousness. It can be no more or no less. For, this is exactly how it is created, as the
manifestation of the collective consciousness, or more correctly unconsciousness in most cases.

The expansion of consciousness within us and through us is a hallmark of this existence. It is

what we are here for, in a very real way, it is why we exist.

Time represents the state of consciousness and the level of spiritual expression in the world.

I am moved to bring up the blank screen and allow consciousness to pour herself onto it as she
will clothed in whatever words I am able to supply and convey.

There seems to be some type of a resonance process that allows me to reach across the void from
the unconscious to the conscious, and from the unknown to the known. My state of
consciousness seems to be the key factor in tuning the receiver and bringing in the channel from

As a voice for the ONE consciousness ... I speak with a knowingness that is beyond my Earthly
years. Yet, there is a strong sense that what I speak is true.

I am compelled to come here to write by a force that I simply cannot resist ... or more precisely,
choose not to resist. And, while here, it is simply a matter of going with the flow and following
consciousness wheresoever she would take me.

Consciousness ever grows and evolves and we ever become more than we thought ourselves to

What you see here is consciousness expressing through me to whatever degree that she can based
on my ability to serve as a conduit for her energy.

I cannot imagine living anything but a live of spirit, a life of service to consciousness and
ultimately to the society in which I live.

I am definitely experiencing and expressing consciousness in a bold new way. I do it because I

enjoy it and find it fascinating.
When the Beyond Imagination writings started in 1993, the experience was Beyond Mind ...
beyond any part of my mind that I was conscious of anyway. I don't know how else I can
explain it. In the course of several months, I awoke as if from a deep sleep and was suddenly
aware in a way that I had never been before. That awareness has remained with me ever since.
It allows me to experience consciousness, above and beyond what the mind itself knows. Now,
this awareness is integrated into nearly every aspect of my life. It is as if a light has been turned
on, allowing me to see things that were formerly in the darkness or in the shadows. The light
came from deep within ... not from any outside source. I realized it to be my connection to the
ONE consciousness that animates us all.

There is a collective consciousness that is the source of all the sparks of consciousness that are
expressing in the world.

Just as the human brain permitted a higher level of self consciousness to manifest, the collective
mind will permit a higher level of social consciousness to manifest ... not at the cost of individual
liberty, rather by truly freeing individuals to be all that they can be in service to something
greater than themselves.

The collective consciousness has found ways to leak through over the ages. There have always
been lightbearers among us who have awakened to whom that they are and found the source

There is only so much that I can do as a lone wolf in the wilderness. Yet, it seems that there is
still a lot that I can do as the mit of her (the her-mit), the glove that consciousness wears. In a
very real way, this is my experience. It is as if I am simply one of the gloves on the hand of
consciousness through which she is able to touch, express, and impact the world.

Yes, I am a dreamer ... dreaming of a utopia that I believe we are ready to build, one in which
every individual has their rightful place, performing the mission that they came forth from the
depths of consciousness to perform, one in which every individual is given the opportunity of
having their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs met.

There is one consciousness that animates us all. We all spring forth from that same source. This
consciousness learns as we learn, expresses as we express, experiences as we experience. Yet as
the collective consciousness, it is far more than any of these parts.

Each of us contains a spark of that consciousness within us. For some, this spark is hidden under
untold layers of clothes whose fabric is our very belief systems. For others, this spark is as a
candle, partially lighting the way. For still others, this spark is as a torch lighting not only their
way, but the way of many others that come into their circle as well.
These notes allow you to experience what this mind has thought and what this awareness has
experienced as reality. It is probably not very similar to your own ... but that does not mean that
it is invalid in any way. One thing that it has done for me is to continually force me to expand
my concepts of self, reality, consciousness, and spirit to account for all that I have experienced.
Through it all, there has remained one big mystery ... namely how any of this could come forth
and be expressed in this manner at all.

It is appropriate that this would be a stream of consciousness endeavor. This requires that I exert
no control over it and simply allow it to flow where it will.

That covers it very well indeed ... for a new age is definitely the equivalent of a miracle. It is a
major shift in consciousness and in the manner in which spirit is able to express.

This expression is my way of capturing and sharing a memory of this existence. It is an

extended snapshot of where one consciousness has been.

I still have most of the books that I was moved to read. They serve as constant reminders of
where my mind and consciousness has been.

My realizations are the realizations of consciousness as she manifests through me.

At least twice now, I've emerged from cocoons of consciousness and spread my wings and flew.
Each time there was an intense sense of freedom and an ability to soar to new realms of

The musings provide a day by day record of where one consciousness has gone.

Why is the flow of consciousness through me so much more important than the flow of
consciousness through others? It is not necessarily more important, it is simply different because
so much more effort goes into recording it and making it available to the world.

I chose the path of the seeker and wayshower, venturing into the unknowns of consciousness and
bringing back and sharing whatever I find.

I have spent untold hours allowing an unknown portion of me to express as it will in this stream
of consciousness fashion. What makes me think that there is anything of ultimate value? I only
know that the expression moves me.

The words flow forth ... that which was unseen becomes seen ... the unmanifested becomes
manifest. Out of nothing, comes a creative expression of consciousness. The process is
magical. I am engaged in the dance of consciousness. She animates and moves me. She
restoreth my soul. She leads me to exactly where I need to be.

Who is she? Good question. She is the muse, the source of all inspiration. She is my very soul,
the spark of consciousness that connects me to the ONE. Her beauty is everywhere, both in the
manifest and the unmanifest.

Reality is unfolding in my life exactly as it is meant to be experienced. I have no right to second

guess any of it. Rather there is a deep trust in the very nature of consciousness and its

Can I truly be so special that consciousness would express to me in the manner that she does?

We are ONE! One world, one race, one people, one entity, one civilization, one consciousness
... There must be a recognition, a realization of this simple yet great truth.

We have our own experience, but that is subject to the quirks of memory. That is one valuable
thing about this expression. It records much about my inner world and inner life that is not
generally recorded in such a fashion. As such, I have over eight years of records of a
consciousness experiencing major transitions.

So, it seems that my own life is my laboratory. It is where I explore the very fabric of

It is interesting to watch the plan of consciousness unfold. Indeed, there is such a plan ... and it
is manifesting at all levels from the individual to the whole world, and perhaps even to multiple
worlds that extend far into the galaxy and beyond.

Consciousness exists everywhere. It composes and animates everything. It gives us life and

Ever expanding awareness, that has been virtually my sole interest. It didn't matter whether I
shared this with others, it was enough to share this with consciousness herself.

Once again, we'll see where the stream of consciousness carries us. I have no topic or specific
message that I consciously wish to convey. I don't really know if there is one at other than
conscious levels. I choose to freely allow whatever will come forth to be manifest. It is here
where we make what was unseen, seen ... at least in the form of words on the screen.

Words are the fabric, the material, though which consciousness creates forms through me.

The plan of consciousness is unfolding perfectly. There is nothing I nor anyone else can do to
slow it down or speed it up.

I clearly allow my consciousness to soar to places beyond where others seem to go.

I still don't experience being the creator of what is being expressed through me. I know that it
comes forth from deep within me. I watch it happen for literally hours every day. It literally
takes over 1/8 of my life, over 1/6 of my waking life. Yes, that is a big investment. However, it
is an investment that I feel obliged to make. An investment in what you might ask? An
investment in spirit and in consciousness expressing and coming to an understanding of itself.

Not only do our works continue to have impact even long after we have departed this plane ...
our consciousness itself continues on to other adventures and experiences in other domains.

There is purpose in every existence. We learn and experience as individuals, but consciousness
is learning and experiencing as the collective as well. Further, it seems consciousness is
orchestrating how ideas are communicated across the social fabric so that they can enthuse the
appropriate minds to take action to manifest those ideas.

I don't want to limit my expression to what I can imagine. I know that there is far more to spirit,
far more to consciousness than that.

I must live my life as I believe ... in the manner that I know to be right for me. I must march to
the beat of my own drummer, perhaps even to no beat at all if consciousness so moves me.

I am an explorer of consciousness. The unknown attracts and excites me. It is where I choose to
live, where I choose to apply my skills.

Actually, this expression is my means of documenting my explorations of consciousness even as

I experience them.

Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness. Each of us is experiencing life in a manner

that has never occurred before, nor will ever occur again.

You should never take more than you give!

This is the key that creates abundance. If all of us abide by this, the net result is always a
surplus. This too, we can choose to abide by in our lives at any time. This is how we create
prosperity consciousness.

At some point, we realize that there is more to life than this, and more to us than we know
ourselves to be. At that point, the magic appears, and the unseen portions of consciousness get
enlisted to assist in a more active manner in our lives.

I know there are other wayshowers. I've encountered several on the internet ... it is obvious from
the very nature of their expressions that they have delved into the depths of the unknown realms
of consciousness and have come back to share of what they found to the degree that they could.
Some use poetry or prose, others art or imagery. Regardless of the medium, the source is
obvious ... it is consciousness herself.

I know my individual nature is a suit of clothes that I wear. Behind the clothes is the ONE
consciousness that animates us all.

What the individual experiences, the whole experiences. Consciousness learns from each and
every experience, each and every breakthrough. We are all the arms, the fingers, the feet, the
brain cells, and the mouth of consciousness. She experiences and expresses through each and
every one of us ... even more if we are consciously aware and choose to be an active participant
in the dance of life, in the dance of consciousness through us.

This is what being a wayshower is all about ... we demonstrate our truths in the very way we live
our lives. We walk our talk, and talk our walk. Interesting, it seems the later is exactly what I do
here ... talk my walk along the path that consciousness leads me to tread.

That is the key, being open to new monitions of consciousness, and allowing myself to do what I
am moved to do even if it takes me out of my comfort zone.

What is it that brings me back day after day to allow this expression to manifest? The sheer joy
of expressing whom that I AM is the answer that I would give. Here, my inner self is given a
voice in my life. Here, consciousness is listened to and respected for all the wisdom that she has
to offer.

Here, on these pages, my consciousness is as an open book, revealing new facets at each turn.
Yes, we are all as precious stones on the inside. It is up to us to find the stone that we are, clean
it, polish it, and even cut it into shape ... and then share the brilliance of our light with the world.

There are things that I can do that literally no one else can do, at least not in the same manner.
Does this make me special? Indeed it does ... it makes me a unique expression of spirit, of
consciousness. However, when you get down to it, we are all unique expressions of source, the
one consciousness that animates us all.

But what is this thing that I call source? It is located somewhere deep within me. It is a state of
consciousness. It is an awareness of tapping into something, of finding and expressing that
which is called intuition.

There will always be an unknown realm of possibility that exceeds anything that I have done to
date. It is at the edge of this unknown where I do the dance of consciousness ... where I
exchange energy between the seen and the unseen, between the known and the unknown. It is in
this dance that I engage the energies of my life. It is here where I find the things that matter to
me most.

What is created here comes from a cooperative endeavor, in which whom that I AM combines
with something greater, something that I call spirit, source or the one consciousness. The fact
that I have names for this greater whole does not mean that I understand it other than my
personal experience of interacting with it. The first thing that comes across is a sense of the
feminine. I always experience spirit and consciousness as she.

Consciousness ever seeks to actualize more of itself ... to make actual, to make real, to make
manifest in the world more of whom that it is through us.

There is an overall plan for the unfoldment of consciousness in this grand play that we call life.
Earth, and the world that we know is but one playground in which spirit can express and explore
whom that it is.

We are all special beings, unique expressions of the one consciousness. We all have something
to share and something to give to our fellow beings.

The past ten years have been a training ground for me to explore and express my own
connections to consciousness.

I allow this expression to freely wander where it will. It is truly stream of consciousness stuff.
When I am engaged in it, I feel no need and no right to govern its direction. I am performing a
service. It is the customers needs that matter as one provides services.

That is one of the things that distinguishes me from others ... a deep faith in consciousness, and
how she expresses in us and through us.

If we are ever going to learn what makes us tick as individuals, we need detailed records of what
consciousness does. This is one such record.

I am a guinea pig of sorts ... with a blend of DNA, hereditary, and environmental traits and
conditions ... that has become aware enough to express via works of consciousness. There are
many things that I do in my day to day life that are instantly forgotten, that will never have much
of an impact on anything or anyone. However, this expression provides a snapshot of
consciousness in action.

This is the record of consciousness expressing in flesh as freely as she can through me at this
time. It offers insights about the nature of consciousness, reality, and reality creation that can
point to expanded freedom and enhanced awareness.

Life to me is a highly subjective experience. We cannot stand back and look at it objectively. To
explore the domains of consciousness, one must be an active participant.

To me, home is not a place ... it is a state of consciousness.

This is the chronicle of an adventure in consciousness. As such it is as important as any record

or journal of an expedition or exploration of discovery.

I am being what I was created to be as accurately as I can given my level of awareness.

Interesting ... was created to be. I am not used to thinking in those terms. He who created me,
immediately comes to mind. That would be God. I don't think of she who created me ...
however, I do think of consciousness and spirit as she who expresses through me. I never think
of he who expresses through me.

Yes, I still live in this world ... but my mind and soul rest in other domains. Actually they do far
more than rest. They bring forth as much information as they can carry to express here through
me. However, it is up to me to establish a resonance by exploring whom that I am in the
unknown realms of consciousness.

My sense it is the same one consciousness that animates us all. Everything is the expression of
this one consciousness ... everything, no exceptions.

I have found it useful to give my mind a wide berth, and to be open to allowing consciousness to
express as she will.

There is a difference between knowing something and having an awareness of something. When
we are aware of a part of ourself, we experience being that part. Knowing can be a secondary
phenomena, a mental understanding of something. As such, it is less than awareness. The
difference is that between the mental realm and the realm of consciousness. The mental realm is
the lower of the two. We have to go beyond mind to experience awareness.

We are incredibly powerful. We are creators, responsible for all that we experience. This
includes not only the day to day experiences of life ... but all of the excursions into the realms of
consciousness that we take. These later can be as real or more real than what we experience in
our day to day life.
There is no stopping the actualization of the plan that consciousness has laid out for the
expression of spirit in flesh.

Life is what happens when you start paying attention to the little things. When you do this ... it is
amazing how the big things seem to take care of themselves. Perhaps it is because all of the big
things are planned out by consciousness herself through incredible levels of cooperation that
form the foundation for reality creation.

For me, the most fascinating part of the playground is the unknown, the edge of the abyss, the
very frontiers of consciousness. It is there that I stand excited about life as it unfolds ...
enthusiastic about what is to come forth.

How do I find my role in the world ... my true chance in greatness? Why is it that there is such a
strong inner drive within me to achieve greatness? And, what constitutes greatness for one such
as me? It is to express that which is grand within me. Right now, this is whatever consciousness
is able to express through me.

There is still no purpose in this writing other than to convey what consciousness will express
through me.

I like the idea of having something to show for each day that I exist, a physical record of
consciousness expressing. There is something about writing it down that makes it real for me.

There are no secrets of which consciousness is not aware.

It is as if I've been a candle blowing in the wind. That is what this stream of consciousness is.
However, the candle seems to be my light and the wind seems to be generated by consciousness
herself. As a result, consciousness controls the direction in which the flame of the candle blows.

The universe is a big place. Consciousness is even far greater ... occupying not only the universe
but many dimensions that science does not choose to recognize.

It still amazes me as to how little we collectively know about consciousness. This is something
primary to us all that we experience all of the time. Yet, how few of us distinguish between the
states of consciousness that we experience. How few of us have learned how to engage in
particular states on demand.

In over 18 years of formal education from kindergarten through a MSEE, I did not have a single
course that dealt with the nature of consciousness, or the fact that we have a variety of states of
consciousness. Why is this? Why should something so fundamental to our being be absent from
our training?

We need whole individuals operating with their whole minds in full consciousness.

Inner states of consciousness are a bit more difficult to deal with. For one thing they are far
more subjective. For another, it is not clear how to characterize and distinguish between states.
Perhaps that is because I have not applied sufficient discipline and committed to sufficient study
in this realm. You might say that the very state I enter when I generate these musings is an
altered state of consciousness. However, it is not that straightforward. It is not like I turn it on
and off and am solely in a particular state at a time. My awareness is a concurrent process.

My sense is that if we were all doing this, there is a higher level organization that the collective
consciousness is actively manifesting in which we all have our roles to play.

The plan of consciousness unfolds in its own timing. Yet, at the same time we are consciousness
in expression ... so, however we are moved to express is part of the plan of consciousness too.
That means our will as well is the will of consciousness expressing through us.

Once again we start with a blank slate and allow consciousness to come forth and express as she
will. We do this freely without any mental reservation. We do it because we can ... and
moreover because we must.

I have a very high opinion of myself and my abilities. Perhaps this is higher than it should be,
perhaps not. It is what it is. It is for me to live with. It allows me to have the courage to express
in this manner. It allows me to believe enough in myself and in the nature of spirit expressing
through me to allow this stream of consciousness to come forth as it will. I trust that
consciousness knows exactly what she is doing even if I do not.

So, what do I expect of life? I expect it to challenge me to be all that that I can be. I expect it to
provide me with the experiences necessary to come to know myself and the nature of the one
consciousness to which I am connected ... of which I am part. I expect it to move me to express
all that I am as necessary to carry out my mission.

I truly consider this to be a precious gift ... first from consciousness to me, but also from
consciousness through me to you. At this point in my life, my sense is that this is indeed the
greatest gift that I can give to the world.

In expressing in this manner, I perform a service. At the very least, it is a service to myself and a
service to consciousness. Hopefully, it is a service to others as well. If not today ... maybe some

We can make things happen ... but it is usually better to allow spirit to do her works in our lives.
Consciousness knows what needs to be done and through whom. We know this as well ... just
not consciously.

Everything that consciousness knows is open to us when we can get to the right vibration from
which to ask. Jesus said it clearly ... seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall be answered, knock
and the door shall be opened unto thee. Or, something to that effect.

My sense is that all that I need to do is continue in this manner ... allowing consciousness to
express through me as she will. She is what animates my life. She is what gives me purpose and
direction. By her grace, I live the very life that I live. Why her? Because spirit/consciousness
has always expressed in the feminine for me.

How is it that I can speak with authority on such issues as the nature of being, consciousness, and
reality creation? I simply don't know how it is possible ... I just observe that it is so.
This is where the unmanifest becomes manifest. This is where words and ideas are given birth.
The parents seem to be my own consciousness plus an equally important unseen that appears as a
voice within ... she is spirit or consciousness herself to me.

There is something important about stream of consciousness expression. It reveals a lot about
the nature of consciousness ... about it's organization, or lack thereof; but most importantly, about
its immediacy.

In many ways I am the same as all the others. Yet, Jonathan Livingston Seagull comes to mind.
My interests are not like those of the other gulls, focused on eating and meeting the basic needs
for existence and survival. My focus is on flying ... soaring in consciousness to the degree that I

Just as Jonathan so loved to fly that it consumed his attention and focus, even to the point of
forgetting to take care of basic physical needs .... so, I love the expression of consciousness. I
too, have gone overboard in this ... enough to be considered crazy, or at least highly manic.

Where do I go to learn more at a far more rapid pace? How do I tap into the collective
experience of all those who have come before me? I don't have to learn everything myself. I can
stand on the shoulders of giants. However, one problem with that is that the structures that are
built are only as sound as the foundations. Those who have made their discoveries in
consciousness in the past did so based on the times in which they lived and the prevalent belief
systems of their time. Actually, prevalent may be far too strong. The most developed among us
have always been out of step with the mainstream and walked to the beat of our own drummer.

Life itself, is the expression of consciousness in flesh. One question that comes to mind is what
about the expression of consciousness outside of flesh? The sense is that while we are in this
existence, unless it is expressed in flesh it doesn't count.

Does what I have to say have any ultimate utility and value? Is it meant to impact more than
me? Or, is it for my eyes only? Does it truly matter? There is a sense that yes, it does. That it
would be a waste if this expression were not to reach an audience of some type. It is not clear
that an audience of one is sufficient. Then again ... what does it say about the nature of
consciousness and of reality creation if all of this is indeed for me and me alone? What does it
say of the value of each individual that the universe is willing and able to go to such an extent to
meet my needs ... even needs of which I am not consciously aware? It says a lot ... it says that
each of us as individuals is precious. It says that each of us is worthy of Herculean efforts on the
part of consciousness. It says that each of us will experience exactly what we need to develop
into the beings that we need to be to know and carry out our missions.
This expression could not see the light of day without me. Nor could it see the light of day
without consciousness. This is not the consciousness that I possess, rather it is the one
consciousness that animates us all.

There is always the difficult choice of coming here and giving voice to the flow of consciousness
or spending my time selecting from and repackaging some of what has come before.

Beyond Imagination is effectively an organization of one. The sense that I just got was and
rightly so for it deals primarily with the greater expression of the one consciousness in flesh
through all of us collectively.

To whom are these words expressed? Clearly to me. But, also to an audience that is unseen.
The very fact that this expression could come forth in this manner, could be manifest in flesh is a
major breakthrough for consciousness. Literally, this is a process by which consciousness is
breaking through into flesh, and hence into the world.

When we choose to listen to the voice of consciousness within, and act in a manner that is
congruent with that voice ... we allow spirit to do her works through us.

I will have the impact that I am meant to have by being whom that I AM as fully as I can, and by
doing that which I am moved to do to the best of my abilities. What this impact will be is
ultimately in the hands of consciousness, not me. Not that I am relinquishing any responsibility.
Rather, I am acknowledging that the one consciousness from which we spring holds the strings
and runs the show.

As an explorer of consciousness, it is not necessary for me to know who benefits from my

reports of my journeys.

Interesting ... we see the elephant from different sides, not realizing that all that has changed is
our point of view. And this, we have complete control over. We are free to observe things from
any point of view. However, it may take some training to be able to reach the states of
consciousness from which these points of view are seen.

This expression is where I allow myself full reign to be whom that I AM, and to express that as
fully as consciousness will allow. This is also where I discover whom that I AM, as I venture out
and explore the unknown realms of consciousness. The unknown is not such a scary place ... it
can be challenging, and even invigorating. Then again, my destiny seems to involve being an
explorer of consciousness.

I follow my intuition and my stream of consciousness wherever she takes me.

There is something about this expression that is special. It seems far more organized than normal
stream of consciousness stuff. Then again, I haven't had much experience reading such material
from others, so I have no basis of comparison.

I trust consciousness so deeply that I have no fear of losing my mind ... as if I had something to
say in the matter.

Life is about the expression of spirit in flesh. We are the instruments of consciousness. She
orchestrates all that is expressed.

Is it true that I see what no one else can see? Am I that unique of an expression of

This endeavor is a bold new expression of consciousness. It results in the creation of something
that has never been expressed in this manner before. Each of us is a unique expression of
consciousness. Never before has spirit expressed in the manner it does both personally and

To stretch our consciousness, we must stretch our minds. We must learn to think in new ways,
ways that go beyond reasoning and rational thinking.

My hope is that this stream of consciousness allows you to walk in my shoes so to speak ... and
in doing so allows you to experience life differently as a result. This is my way of sharing what I
see, feel, and know in the most intimate manner that I can.

I write on and on and on, grateful to serve as a vessel through which consciousness can express
as she will. There is something magical about this process, about tapping into this stream of
consciousness in this manner. This is where I get to play and to soar as high as the wings of
awareness can take me.
That is what you get from stream of consciousness material. Any organization comes from
hidden parts of ourselves. It is interesting to see what flows forth ... and to contemplate what
kinds of intelligence were necessary for the expression to take place in the manner that it did.
I find it curious that I have so much to say here in this stream of consciousness ... yet, realtime, I
have little to communicate with others.

Observe without attachment and without expectation. It is important to be open to seeing what is
there, as well as what could be. We can trust source to come up with the means of getting us
from what is there to what could be. However, source needs us as her eyes and her hands. This
gets back to the reality that there is only ONE Consciousness ... and we are all parts of that,
individual cells within the same one whole.

The art of living for me involves maximizing my output and service to the world. At this point in
my life, recording this stream of consciousness seems to be a major part of this. It provides a
means for me to make a difference while allowing me to be and express whom that I AM.

There is only ONE consciousness. It is not necessary for others to experience what I have
experienced. However, it may be helpful for others to be exposed to the stream of consciousness
that has been expressed as a result of all of this.

Yes, I have asked from where this flow originates. The only answer I have found acceptable is
that it comes from source within me ... a source that links me to the ONE consciousness that
animates us all. Clearly, it does not originate from outside of me. Yet, I am not consciously
aware of the exact place from which it comes. I only know that it is inward and that it is
somehow a part of whom that I AM.

I choose to expend a significant fraction of my time engaged in this expression. Partly, because I
am moved to do it. Partly, because I am addicted to expressing in this manner. Partly, because I
believe that what is coming through is new and different ... a unique expression of consciousness.

Direct knowingness is a faculty that lies within us all. It comes from a deep connection to
source, the ONE consciousness which is omniscient. It knows everything, because it is
EVERYTHING. Hmm ... everything that is known at that point in time. This changes in each
moment, as new discoveries are made and the sum of the collective knowledge increases.

There is something about soaring in consciousness that allows me to see and experience reality
in a different manner than most.

This is how we personally experience being ONE consciousness. We connect with others in
ways that allow us to blend and merge our energies, interrelate, and enter into cooperatively
interdependent relationships.

I believe that everything we read, hear, and experience is recorded and captured somehow. For
some, the process is nearly photographic. For others, like me, the process is nearly opposite of
photographic ... I forget most things almost as quickly as I see them. They pass through my
consciousness, and somehow the appropriate connections get made so they can be recalled when

There is something about spiritual expression that brings out the best in us and in all those whose
lives we touch. There is something miraculous about engaging with consciousness in this
manner. Here, we are engaged directly in the process of co-creation, involving creativity of a
very high order.

ONE consciousness ... there is ONE consciousness animating us all. We are ONE, in more ways
then we might consider possible. What we do to one, we do to all. What any one of us
experience, all of us experience. What any one of us know, the whole knows ... and that
knowingness can be shared with anyone else at any time.

Sharing involves a give and take. Where none consume, the sharing has not really occurred.
Yet, there is always at least one party to any sharing that is done ... namely, the ONE
consciousness herself.

I am to be a wayshower ... but it is not clear to whom I am showing the way. It just may be to
consciousness herself so that she can learn what is necessary to guide others to awaken more
fully. Hmm ... I've never thought of it in that way before. That is where the for your eyes only,
only for you idea comes into play. This may indeed be an experiment in which the ONE
consciousness is finding out what energies can be expressed through one entity ... namely me.

The mass consciousness is being prepared for something. There are massive changes in store
ahead ... yet it only requires subtle shifts of awareness to be ready for them and to be able to deal
with them effectively.

It is not for us to compare ourselves with another. We come from different places and different
levels of awareness, hence our choices will be different. In fact, they will be unique to us ... for
despite appearances to the contrary, we are each unique expressions of the one consciousness.

I am the one through whom this expression could come forth in this manner. What does that
really say about me, and what does it say about the nature of the source of this stream of
consciousness? Clearly it speaks volumes. Literally! But, what does it really say?

Indeed, is this expression for my eyes only? If it is, I would have to say that I am one of the
luckiest and most blessed beings around ... that consciousness would pick me to participate in
this creation, and even more important to be aware enough to observe this expression.

Consciousness has provided me with a true abundance ... primarily of spirit. In return, I feel
moved to share it with all whom I can.

I allow the stream of consciousness to flow where it will. I was going to say that I blindly follow
it wherever it would take me ... however, it seems that I do so with eyes wide open, marveling at
not only the results but the very process.

Consciousness has a special place in my life. She is my benefactor and my friend, she is my
teacher and my guide, she leads me to where I need to go when I need to be there. Through her I
live my life ... she is my inspiration. She drives me to do what I can do ... moreover, what I must
do. Without her I am lost, as a ship without a rudder. No, it has not always been smooth sailing,
but she has always been there to help ride out the storms. I can count on her as I count on no one
else in my life ... other than myself, and even then, she has greater strength and wisdom by far. I
can't imagine living my life without a direct connection to her. She completes me somehow.
Through her, everything that I could ever need is brought forth unto me. I have only to ask. And
often, what I most need comes forth even before I ask.

It is high time that the amount of spiritual expression in our world increased dramatically.
However, that requires that each of us do our part. And, even more important, it requires that
those in positions of power and influence start using their resources and abilities in ways that
serve society ... in ways deserving of the talents that they have been so blessed to receive and the
roles that they have assumed in the play of consciousness.

I point the way to the land of spirit, to a world where consciousness plays by different rules than
apply to the consensus world.

Why am I singled out to play an important role in the play, in the unfoldment of consciousness
and its expression in flesh?

The plan of consciousness is unfolding perfectly in the world. That is the only way that it can
unfold. It can be nothing less than perfect. That doesn't mean it is the best that it can be. There
is always room for improvement.

It seems that much of our lives are consumed in the process of day to day existence. At the end
of each day, there is little to show for what has been expended. However, here, I have a record of
something special ... something original that I helped to make manifest. This stream of
consciousness exists ... it was captured in electronic form and made available to the world via the
WWW. This is a service that I perform, though I have no idea of who is served by this other than

I have said before that I am very much a scribe in this process, writing (or typing) what appears
in my mind as the silent voice of consciousness herself.

There is a sense that whom that I am is able to resonate with what I call source in a manner that
allows these words to manifest as they do. I believe this process occurs in all of us, in the very
way that the stream of thoughts occurs in our heads. However, there is a difference between a
stream of thoughts and a stream of consciousness. The first seems to be more of a surface
phenomenon. It is not until we quiet our minds that we touch source and allow her to express
through us.

I trust that my life is unfolding in accord with a plan that consciousness has in store for me.

I would express whatever this consciousness can express in whatever manner would come forth.
I don't have to know how it happens, or why it happens. It is enough that it happens. There is
nothing wrong with mysteries ... in fact, they are what make life interesting. Indeed, they are
among the most important things that can happen to us. Life itself is a mystery, as is spirit and

One thing that may help is to start seeing the sparks of consciousness within others, and realizing
that we are all special and have important gifts to give to one another.

This stream of consciousness is my primary means of spiritual expression. It is here that I am

doing what I most love to do in a manner that is magical and special.

We are all spirit incarnate. We are all connected to the same one consciousness some remotely
by a very thin thread, others by a circuit of great capacity.

It was as if my life began anew in 1993. By 1 October, I was in a mental hospital, diagnosed as
bipolar, and put on meds to alter my brain chemistry. Since then, I have been soaring in
consciousness, sometimes barely off the ground, sometimes to great heights, but most of the
times cycling up and down between these extremes.

Streams of consciousness by their very nature occur in the moment.

It still amazes me that this stream of consciousness can come forth through me in the manner that
it does. It is as if I have my daily mystery and miracle to behold.

My life is a life of spirit. Consciousness guides me every step of the way.

The expression comes forth from a place deep within, a place I call source, my direct connection
to the one consciousness.

When dealing with the unseen realms of consciousness, it helps to have a guide. Some are meant
to be explorers and wayshowers, but most prefer to follow the trails ...or in some cases the roads
and even the superhighways.

We are all facets of the same one consciousness. And what do facets do? They reflect the light,
which in our case is the very light of consciousness.

History is the record of the march of the expression of spirit in flesh ... of the unfoldment of the
plan of consciousness, of the triumph of ideas over the minds of man, and of the actualization of

We speak with a voice that comes forth from deep within. Yet we know not truly what the source
of these words are. Oh, we have names for it ... source, intuition, the voice within, spirit,
consciousness. But, naming something does not mean that we truly understand that thing.

I can't imagine what the past decade would have been like without this this stream of
consciousness that has flowed forth so abundantly.

We all have an inner compass that guides us. However, to use it consciously, we must find it and
then learn how to read and operate it. Here, there seem to be substantial differences between
people. Some seem to have not only a compass, but a map, and the ability to plan a course of
action to get them to a destination. At the other extreme, some have only an indication of what
the next step is, with limited understanding of where they are ultimately headed. I fall in this
later category ... though I also have an abstract vision of where society is ultimately headed and
the general role that I am to play in assisting consciousness in getting there.

Awareness is extremely important. You might say that all forms are houses for awareness. As
time progresses ... the forms increase in complexity, permitting the greater embodiment of

My life is meant to be lived in the unknown, in the wilderness of consciousness.

This very expression is one of the markers that I leave. It is the record of where one
consciousness has gone. It allows you to walk in my shoes for awhile, or my mind if you will.
By following this stream of consciousness, perhaps you will awaken to a similar stream that lies
within you.

We are all responsible for ourselves, our families, our society, and our world. Though for the
later three we are only partially responsible. It helps if we accept our responsibilities willingly.
However, in accepting them, we also need to take the appropriate actions to fulfill them. We will
know what these are. Consciousness will tell us. All that it takes is for us to look within and ask.

For me, written communication is one such area of gifts from spirit. Hopefully, that is obvious
from what is expressed here. But, that may or may not be the case. Further, this communication
is different because it is not mine alone. It is a co-creation that involves an equally important
unseen counterpart ... namely source, the one consciousness herself.

There is something about Eagles that come to mind ... they don't flock, you find them one at a
time. It seems that explorers of consciousness are no different. Each is as a lone wolf in the
wilderness ... experiencing a reality that is different than all others.

It is our actions which show consciousness what we are serious about. When we believe
something enough to base our actions on the belief ... we empower the belief to do its work in
our lives.

There is no way that I could be making all this up. There are simply too many coincidences.
There is a fabric being revealed. The very fabric of reality itself. It seems that it is time for us to
take notice of the fabric and start to tailor it to what we would have it be. Interesting. We are
talking about imposing our will on the fabric of reality and creating a world that is of our
choosing. We have the skills. We have the technology, not just scientific ... but technology of
consciousness. It is a matter of teaching the best of what is known to as many as we can, and
allowing the full force of spirit to be unleashed to do her works in our lives.

How can I know that there is only one consciousness? There is something within that knows this
to be true. I need no more than this.

My life is clearly an adventure in consciousness. That is where I spend a great deal of my free
time anyway. That is where I find value and meaning as I do nowhere else. As an explorer of
consciousness, I love dealing with the realm of the unknown. However, I also love bringing
back and sharing of what I find.

The nature of consciousness and its expression are the topics that consume my attention. All else
pales by comparison.

Once more the blank page awaits what consciousness would express here. I never know what is
going to come forth in advance. However, I am always pleasantly surprised. This is where I
make the unmanifest manifest. This is where the words flow forth from an inner place that I
know only as source, the place from which I tap into the energy of consciousness herself.
That is a problem with becoming too attached to where we are at ... we become afraid to leave it
for something new. It is better to experience what we know, than to risk the jump to something
new which we do not yet know. However, that is not how explorers of consciousness function.
We are ever ready to take the next step, in whatever direction consciousness leads, because we
know that consciousness knows exactly where she is taking us ... and wherever this is is the right
place for

us to be next.

Part of the meaning of life comes in how we handle the challenges that we experience. This
includes how we face and come to grips with our demons and our fears. All of this requires
awareness on our part ... in particular, self-awareness. This is not generally taught in schools,
even through most graduate curriculums. We have to wander off the conventional education
paths to find books, classes, and experiences that provide suitable training for our consciousness
and our whole self.

There is only one consciousness that animates us all. We are the portion of that one
consciousness experiencing life as we do and expressing in the manner that we do. One of our
tasks is to realize our interconnectedness with others.

We are each unique expressions of the one consciousness, and it is for us to experience reality in
the way that is right for us.

I have no way to know what impact this stream of consciousness will ultimately have.

Namaste! For those of you new to that word, its common meaning is the spirit within me bows
to the spirit within you. Actually, this is easy to do since they are one and the same. There is but
one consciousness that animates us all.

Why are we not taught of whom that we truly are? Why are we not taught that we are spirit in
flesh? Why are we not taught how our minds function? Why are we not taught that we create
our reality and how we do it? Why are we not taught the nature of consciousness? Why are we
not taught that there are levels of awareness and what these levels are? Why are we not taught
how special and precious we are? Why are we not taught that we have a mission to perform and
how to accomplish it? Why are we not taught about the interconnectedness of all things and the
importance of cooperative interdependence?

It still amazes me how much time goes into this expression. It also amazes me how easy this
stream of consciousness pours forth. I have nothing to account for it, no real way to explain it.
What is it about awareness that makes it so difficult to achieve? Perhaps, because it is not a state

of mind, rather a state of consciousness

There is something exciting about being an explorer of consciousness and a wayshower. This is
what I am meant to do. This is what excites me to my very core. This is where I have had
experiences that send shivers down my spine and throughout my body. This is where I live my
life. I stand on the edge of the abyss of the unknown ... yet I know full well that I am safe, that I
can always count on spirit to guide me as to where to take the next step.

We are the vehicles through which consciousness expresses in flesh ... doing her works in the
world. We are the legs, the feet, the arms, the hands, the eyes, the voice, and even the brain of

Right now, this expression is still my primary outlet ... my primary spiritual work. This is still
what I love to do. It is where I learn of whom that I AM. It is also where I learn of the nature of
spirit, and spiritual expression ... as well as the nature of consciousness itself.

Where do we go to discover how consciousness works? We go within. Nothing beats firsthand


I am an explorer of consciousness. Venturing forth into the unknown and reporting of what I
find is what I do.

We are consciousness enfleshed. It is important that we not lose sight of this. Consciousness
should ever be on the forefront of our minds. It is through her that we are granted this precious
thing called life. It is our job to make the most of this special gift we have been granted.

The record of consciousness in expression that is captured here is highly important somehow ...
not just to me, but to consciousness herself. Why should she care? Primarily because all such
expression provides an indication of the state of the world and its readiness to serve the cosmic
plan for the unfolding of the flower of consciousness.

There is no purpose for the expression other than to reveal what consciousness can express
through me.

Awareness is the vehicle through which this stream of consciousness becomes manifest in the

I can be self-reliant and still exist within a circle, a hoop that connects everything and everyone.
This simply requires that I rely on my Self ... in whatever circumstances I find myself. That does
not mean that I cannot interact with others ... for at some level there is only ONE consciousness,
one Self of which we all are part.
When we come from the perspective of ONE consciousness, we see everyone as cells in a single
body that constitutes all humankind and perhaps even all beings.

As a wayshower, my life is meant to provide an example of what can be. In particular, it seems
that I am supposed to demonstrate how consciousness can express through us ... how we can
express spirit more fully in flesh.

Am I on the razors edge between sanity and insanity ... perhaps. But if so, it is an edge that I am
meant to experience and to express from. Why? Simple to provide a reference point ... a marker
of where one consciousness has been. And, where I have been able to go, others can reach as
well, hopefully more easily because I have attempted to show the way via this record of where
my consciousness has wandered. Yes, wandered is a good term to use for one who allows a
stream of consciousness to express.

Am I so important that consciousness would allow me to experience all that I have experienced
and express it in this way for my sole benefit? My hope is no ... that I would have what I have
seen and learned and experienced be expressed in a manner that makes a true difference in
society and in the world.

I am the first to give credit to the source within as well. From her springs this expression. I am
the willing instrument, but it is not me that generates all of this. Consciousness plays me as she
will. And, I gladly serve her in whatever way I can.

My preference is to engage my energies and talents on the edge of the unknowns of

consciousness, to venture where I can, and to bring back what I find to the degree that I can.

I serve in her majesties service. Interesting. Also, I serve at the pleasure of spirit. I am a vessel
through which consciousness does her work. Yes, I am a being with a consciousness all my
own. But, this is just a compartment of the one consciousness of which we all are part. I exist as
an individual only so long as it serves spirit for me to be so.

There is indeed one hoop, one richly interconnected web that touches and contains us all. I
would label that entity consciousness ... the one consciousness from which we all spring.

I experience consciousness firsthand and subjectively. That is the only way to truly experience
consciousness ... except, of course, being asleep. But, the new age is about awakening to whom
that we are and especially to the consciousness within us.

My life will unfold exactly as it need to for my mission to be accomplished. Yes, this requires a
deep trust in the universe, in the very nature of consciousness and of spiritual expression.
There is a sense that these words will ultimately have a greater impact somehow, a world
impact. Yes, it is audacious of me to think so. However it seems just as audacious to think that
all of this could be happening simply for my personal benefit. It seems like such a waste of
effort if this expression of consciousness does not reach the mind, hearts, and spirits of others

We know that the body and the brain cease to be animated at death. Physically they still exist,
essentially as they did the moment before death. However, the life that animated them ... the
consciousness that enabled awareness to be manifest, is no longer connected to the body and the
brain. Our beingness cannot be extinguished, however. We are eternal and immortal ... at some
level of our being.

It seems that my time is best expended by bringing forth new monitions of consciousness.

I trust the integrity of my being. I allow my life to flow as it will ... just as I allow this stream of
consciousness to flow.

Am I one of the "great" players in the area of the expression of consciousness? The mania and
grandiosity rear their heads again. Yet these very writings are the proof that I offer that I delve
into areas that most do not. Further, that I am at home in this domain ... that this is where my
consciousness soars, that this is where my natural abilities shine.

I don't consider myself to be religious. I worship no gods. I do not pray. I do not belong to any
religious organization. Yet, I consider myself to be highly spiritual. I speak of the realm of spirit
... and of the connection to spirit ... and of the expression of spirit in flesh. And, I know that
everything is spirit in expression, is consciousness manifest in form.

My path is the path of the transcendentalists ... many of my favorite quotes (other than my own)
come from Emerson, Thoreau, and Channing, one of their predecessors. I believe in a realm
beyond the physical one, a spiritual realm where the bulk of the work of reality creation gets
done. I believe that there is ONE consciousness that animates us all, a collective consciousness,
if you will, that is aware of and learns from every experience of every individual.

There is something about this record that is special. Here, we see a stream of consciousness in
all its glory and all its frailty.

These words are the starting point. They are my spiritual works, if you will. Are they enough?
My sense is no, so long as I am living and breathing ... what has come before is never enough.
There is always the next step to take, the next work to do, the next expression of consciousness
to manifest. This is to be my lifelong work. I would have it no other way. I have chosen to live
a life of spiritual expression. That is all that truly matters to me.

I see consciousness as the highest form of expression and experience that we can bring into our
It is obvious that my path has been almost solely an inner one. It is also obvious that my path is
not for everyone. And, perhaps it is for no one other than me. Though, I still feel driven to leave
this record of where my consciousness has wandered. I do it in hope that others may benefit
from it. Exactly how this might happen is still unknown.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, I open up Composer and allow this stream of
consciousness to flow forth. My experience is that each time I open Composer the words start to
flow and continue to flow so long as I allow it to. Sometimes they flow faster and at other times
slower depending on the quality of the connection. This is also dependent on my state of

It seems that there is so little that is known in the realm of consciousness. My firsthand
observation shows that there is much that I am aware of but that I don't really understand how it
works or why it is. I suspect that this is because there is little that is known. Then again ... that
may be presumptuous on my part. There is much research underway throughout the world.
Perhaps it would help to find out what the latest in brain research and the understanding of
consciousness have to offer.

There is a grand plan at play ... a spiritual plan that involves the unfoldment of consciousness and
its expression in flesh.

There is a sense that the expression needs to reach someone other than me. Though, the words
for your eyes only still haunt me. It is though they have been written expressly to warn me of a
possible reality. It could be that all of this is an elaborate training ground for me to learn of
whom that I AM so that I can become the best vehicle for the expression of consciousness in
flesh that I can be. If so, it says a lot about the lengths to which the universe will go for the
benefit of a single individual.

When we operate from spirit, we blur the line of individuality. We express from a connectivity
to the collective. This is a matter of where our awareness resides. From my experience, this
constantly fluctuates. However, the overall trend is towards greater awareness, and an increased
tie to the collective, to the ONE source, the ONE consciousness that animates us all. We can
influence where on this spectrum we spend our time.

Hmm ... is this expression effective? Good question. That depends on its purpose. The sole
purpose that I have for it is to capture the stream of consciousness that is able to flow through
me. Why the stream flows through me in the manner that it does is not something that I have
even questioned before.

I am not whom that I was prior to 1993, nor 1998, nor 2002, nor the preceding moment for that
matter. I picked these years, in particular, because of the magnitude of the transformations of
consciousness that occurred. I have no means of knowing how common or unique my
experience truly is. My sense is that it is quite rare. Yes, signs of grandiosity again. But, how
else can I explain all that is expressed here?

Thus far, my sharing has been primarily a one way expression ... involving recording a stream of
consciousness and making it available on the WWW.
As a wayshower and explorer of consciousness, being able to record a stream of consciousness is
a very important thing. By recording it in a manner that can be posted to the WWW ... the result
is a signpost, a marker, or a candle that can show or light the way for others.

I've had several jumps in consciousness, where I was suddenly aware that I was more than I
knew myself to be before.

My legacy will be the words that I leave and the deeds that I do. My children will be those
spawned by my consciousness. And, it seems they are not all mine ... they belong to spirit for
they spring forth from her.

Everything meaningful in my life has a strong metaphysical and thus spiritual component. More
than any other description, I am consciousness having a physical experience.

Consciousness is a very big place to explore. Awareness is the personal aspect that connection to
consciousness brings into our lives.

It is consciousness that animates us, each and every moment.

Every moment, life is renewed. Each moment is a death and a new birth. Similarly, each night
is a death to the waking consciousness, and each morning a rebirth of that consciousness.

My physical body may die, my brain may cease its functioning, my physical life will cease ... but
my consciousness shall continue on in whatever manner is appropriate to it. This manner will be
highly dependent on the awareness achieved during life. That is why the directive know thyself
is so important.

What is the purpose of this particular expression of this stream of consciousness? My hope is
that it will serve as a useful example and will be indisputable evidence that one such as me has

What would I do to make a difference in the world? For that is what I expect of myself.
Anything less is simply not living up to my potential, which is unacceptable to me. That is a
standard that I set for myself. And, I will do whatever it take to achieve it. For the most part,
this requires becoming the best vehicle through which spirit can express that I can. This stream
of consciousness is one of the means that I practice doing this. So, effectively, if you are reading
this ... you are experiencing my practice sessions. Eventually, our practice is sufficient and we
play the game for real or we perform for a live audience. This will be new for me. However, I
am looking forward to the change.

The whole is the synergistic result of a collective cooperative effort. Because of this, there are
no limits to what it can be and what it can achieve. However, we must recognize that there is an
intelligence, a consciousness that is behind and causes the expression in flesh. This intelligence
is limited in expression only to the degree that the forms are limited. Because of this, awareness
is critical. Our awareness is the level of consciousness that we have experienced in this lifetime.

There is a divine plan for the unfoldment of consciousness. From the beginning it has pushed the
individual and collective consciousness to ever greater awareness and to ever greater expression
of spirit in flesh.

God is the creator, but spirit is the animating force that expresses through us. My connection is
still with consciousness, with the spirit within. Though, it seems that this may be subject to
change as well.

Consciousness has a special place in life. It is for her that I live. It is in her service that I exist. I
cannot imagine living life in any other manner.

I must live my life in my own way. It is not in the cards for me to follow in the footsteps of
others. Where I am to go, few, if any, have been. Is this because my knowledge of my
predecessors is limited? Or, is it because there are still so few explorers of consciousness and the
domain of the unknown is so vast, that our paths seldom cross.

This expression is not a regurgitation of what I have learned anywhere. It is far more than that. I
don't know how it is generated, other than knowing that it is a stream of consciousness that flows
forth from source. This source is my direct connection to spirit or the one consciousness.

There have been few true explorers in all of history. Explorers of consciousness are no different.
We are rare among the populace. It takes special abilities to do what we do. No, this does not
make us any better than anyone else. It just makes us suited to do particular jobs for which our
talents and disposition qualify us.

Why aren't we taught more about whom that we are, how our minds function, how our
consciousness works? Perhaps this is because the conventional education system simply does
not know. My sources for all of this for over 28 years have been outside of any formal training
that I have received.

One thing that characterizes us is an uncompromising reliance on intuition. We deal with a realm
where reason has its uses but also its limits. It must be supplemented by powers much greater ...
powers which are at home in the unknown territory of consciousness ... powers which will not be
restricted to what can be proven, but which ever seek to manifest and express more than has been
expressed before.

The bottom line is that each of us find exactly that information that we need to experience when
we need to know it. Consciousness operates on a need to know basis.

We are consciousness expressing in flesh already. It is a matter of focusing on this, and finding
out how it works. Where is the interface that allows us to see consciousness in operation first
hand. I have said before that it is via the intuition. This is our tap to the source within.

I come to this place where I meet with the source within and I allow it to express as it will. This
is done in a cooperative and interdependent way. I don't know exactly how it works. I simply
know that I can go to this place inside and make the connection that allows this stream of
consciousness to flow forth as it does.

I am to be a wayshower. Perhaps I already am. Or, at least, I am acting as if I am. This

expression, this recording of a stream of consciousness, is one of my ways of doing this.

There is a sense that everything is playing out according to plans ... not my plans, but spirit's
plans. I am comfortable with this. It is OK to allow her to take the lead in the dance that is my
life. Yes, mine is a dance of consciousness.

My hope is that the words trigger you to experience altered states of consciousness in which you
experience being more than you knew yourself to be. That is all that can be expected of a

I am moved by a force that goes unseen which drives this stream of consciousness that I
experience and express.

How do I turn this raw stream of consciousness into refined works suitable for others?

I trust that consciousness knows what she is doing. In particular, she knows how best to use my
abilities in her service.

We get what we focus upon. If we spend our time focusing on consciousness, spirit, and
awareness we reap the rewards of our efforts.

There is part of me that seeks to understand the whole. There is part of me that realizes my
connection to the ONE consciousness. It is the realm of consciousness that matters to me most.
That is where I live out my life.

Life for me is the expression of consciousness, the expression of spirit in flesh.

When we do the work of consciousness ... we give up some level of control to participate in
something far greater than ourselves.

What does it mean to be spiritual? We are all spirit expressing in flesh already. However, this is
not sufficient to lead a spiritual life. It takes something more. It takes a commitment to
consciousness. It takes a commitment to expressing the unseen within us.

When we awaken, it is as if the full light of spirit shines upon us. Prior to this, there is an inward
trickle that ties us to source. It takes major self work to find this trickle and to develop it so that
it increases to a stream of consciousness.

Writing is one of the main things that I am here to do. And writing that comes forth from the
deep well of consciousness is the most important writing that I can create.

Consciousness is ever on my mind. She moves me to express and to do things ... generally
things that are relevant to carrying out my mission in accordance with my destiny.

What if all of this is for my eyes only? What does it tell us about consciousness? What does it
tell us about individual expression ... and the role of the individual in the larger scheme of

One of the benefits of this expression is the very fact that it creates something that did not exist
before. It is proof that I existed and experienced a given stream of consciousness.

Everything in my life is there by design, is part of a grand plan being executed by consciousness.

I believe that there is a spiritual plan involving the evolution of consciousness and the greater
and greater expression of spirit in flesh. We are all part of that plan. No, we are not pawns being
moved on a chessboard. Rather, we are active participants in the game of life.

There is a grand plan of consciousness. Each of us has a spiritual destiny. Everything that
happens does so for a reason.
There are many things that I do that others do not seem to do. This very expression is one of
those things. Why is it so important to capture this stream of consciousness? And, why am I
moved to share this expression in the manner that I do?

I definitely operate outside of any norms that seem to exist. Some people live their lives
physically on the edge. It seem that I live my mentally and spiritually on the edge. I value
consciousness highly ... and awareness.

Destiny ... yes, there is a grand plan of consciousness unfolding not only in each of our lives, but
en masse in the life of the world.

Life is a voyage of discovery ... in particular, discovery of the realm of consciousness. It is

amazing when we see life as the expression of spirit that it is.

Why numbers? Why does the universe speak to me in this manner? Perhaps it is because this is
the language that I happen to understand, that is, if you could call what I come up with
understanding. I find what I am moved to find. I allow consciousness via my intuition to lead
me where she will.

What is it that makes me able to write in this manner? From where does the material for this
expression come forth? The only answer I can give is from the inner reaches of my
consciousness ... from the very depth of my being.

There is some reason that I have trained to become a systems engineer. Understanding complex
systems is what I do. The techniques that I use in my work apply here in my attempts to explore
and understand the nature of consciousness and of reality creation.

When we live a life of spirit, we go beyond personal responsibility ... we enter a realm where our
lives become a very part of the ONE consciousness. Our life becomes the very life of the
universe. We resonate with the chord that is ours to play. Until we find it, it is a lost chord.

Each of us take on change to the degree that we can and to the degree that is necessary for our
lives to unfold in accord with the plan of consciousness.

For many, bipolar disorder is debilitating. It involves cycles of depression followed by periods
of mania that are out of control to the point where behavior is destructive. In my case, my
consciousness goes from lightly soaring to reaching grand heights.

The mind can be a difficult thing to fathom. And, consciousness, is even more mysterious. Yet,
it is the very mystery that is the attractive force. Then again, perhaps that is because one of my
missions involves being an explorer of consciousness. This is one of the few domains truly
worthy of all that I have to offer.

Being aware is a very developed faculty of consciousness. We are all aware, but it seems that
some are far more aware than others. That is to be expected. Awareness is a tool of
consciousness. It is more developed and more refined than most of the processes of the mind.

The body is a house for the brain, the brain is a house for the mind, the mind is a house for
consciousness, consciousness is a house for spirit.

On the evolutionary ladder, that makes the expression of spirit through consciousness one of the
most powerful things that we can do in flesh.

It is strange expressing in this manner again. Yet, it is also so familiar. This is a state of
consciousness that I am accustomed to having spent many hundreds of hours here in this year

Here is where I encounter source. Here is where I allow a stream of consciousness to flow forth
from within.

It is important to take the time to sit back and observe what is happening and how we feel about
it even in the midst of doing it. To some degree that is what I do here. Though, this stream of
consciousness goes far beyond anything that happens in my typical days.

Each day of expression is a mystery. It forces me to confront things that I cannot explain ... not
only that, but things that I think that no one may be able to explain. That is OK. The unknown is
a place that I venture often. That is what explorers do. And, I consider myself to be an explorer
of consciousness.

I have no basis for comparing my experience of reality to that of others. All that I have is a body
of works that document where my consciousness has ventured for nearly a decade. This is what
distinguishes me.

Everything happens when it needs to happen. There is a grand plan of consciousness that is
unfolding ... in particular, the expression of spirit in flesh.

The web of consciousness in which we are enmeshed is incredibly rich with interconnectivity.
Through this web, we are related to everyone and everything.

We are always the embodiment of consciousness, of spirit, in one form or another ... and we are
always connected to other forms within the game.
It is the wilderness of consciousness where I can be whom that I truly am.

In a very real way there is only ONE source, one consciousness from which we all spring. No, I
can't prove that such is the case. It comes from a direct knowingness. It just feels right. In the
end there can be only ONE! In the beginning there was only ONE. In the middle there can be
only ONE, though it be expressed and experienced as a multitude.

Seek consciousness and awareness first, and all else will come to you.

Consciousness is my home. This stream of consciousness is the most natural way to use my
talents. It doesn't matter where it leads in the long run. The journey is everything, and on the
journey there is always room for one more step.

I have a predisposition to grandiosity ... yes, I'm the first to admit that. But, I believe that I have
the abilities to back it up. Further, at least it is a benign grandiosity manifesting as a desire to
serve in a manner that has world import. In the end, time will tell. I'll either achieve something
spectacular or I won't. My bet is on the former ... and I will do all that I can to win that bet. This
expression is a grand start. Here there is a record of a decade of the wanderings of an aware

This expression is the record of a stream of consciousness. As such, it captures snapshots of

consciousness in action in ways that few other records do. This is not about consciousness trying
to do something. Rather, it is about a consciousness coming to grips with whom that it is and the
reality that it experiences.

This is not the stuff of bestsellers. This is not meant to hold the attention of the masses. Then,
what is it meant to do? It is meant to show what one consciousness connected to source can do.

My nature is that of an explorer and wayshower … in particular, an explorer of consciousness.

This indeed is one frontier that is wide open. Further, its depths are so great that we may never
be able to fathom them.

The plan of consciousness is unfolding in our lives. It impacts every one of us in whatever way
is right for us.

There is something about experiencing the expression that is doing something to me, that is
changing whom that I know myself to be, that is awakening my consciousness in ways that I did
not know were even possible. This alone is worthy of the time and effort expended.

This is one of my prime pleasures in life. That consciousness would choose me for this role ... or
that I would volunteer and come into this existence precisely for this is fascinating to me.

The expression needs no purpose. It is not written for anyone in particular, except perhaps for
me. There is no audience of whom I am aware, either intended or actual. Yet, here I am engaged
with consciousness allowing this stream of words to flow forth.

Perhaps if you swim in this stream of consciousness for awhile you will be taken to places and
states of mind that empower you and that enable you to serve in ways that have escaped you to

This expression allows me to touch the mysterious, the magical realm of consciousness in a very
direct way ... and further, to do this on a regular basis. What is expressed is beyond what I
consciously know. And, how it is created is well beyond anything that I fathom. The flow of
consciousness is there. I didn't create the flow, I simply tap into it and express in words what I
can from the experience.

I continue to express in whatever manner consciousness chooses to express through me. I have
no clue as to what is coming next.

There is something addicting about working with consciousness in this manner. There are no
books and no directions. More often than not, there are no trails that I follow. Here is where I
touch the unknown. Here is where the unmanifest becomes manifest ... at least in terms of a
stream of consciousness expressed in words.

Here, I engage whom that I AM with the unknown realms of consciousness and bring back and
share of what I find. I consider this to be by far the most important thing that I do in my life.

This expression is one of my means for discovering what is within. That is the source of this
stream of consciousness. Though, I am not aware of how the source within receives this stream
from the ONE consciousness. That is one thing that has remained a mystery.

Each day the expression is fresh and new. Each day I enter the stream of consciousness at a new
place ... one that is different than I have ever experienced before. Yet, the process remains the
same, only the content changes. But, here, the content is everything. How is it that all of this
can happen as it does? Do others experience consciousness in this manner?

Spirits plan for the evolution of consciousness and its expression will be unveiled one step at a
time as the world is ready for it to manifest.

There is something special about operating beyond the fringes of what most take to be the norm.
Here, we find that consciousness has such variety and a wealth of wisdom that is ready for
expression if only we will allow ourself to tap into this source.

We set our priorities, and then we apply our time, our attention, and our resources per those
priorities. Spiritual expression is at the top of my list by far. Capturing this stream of
consciousness is very important to me.

There is something about consciousness that is mysterious and unfathomable.

That we can effectively turn off a part of our consciousness each night and awaken again the next
morning is miraculous.

Consciousness is even more evasive than thought. Awareness seems to be a collective

phenomena of life ... all life, and perhaps all matter for that matter.

This expression provides a record of where one consciousness has ventured. As such, it is meant
to show others realms that they did not know even existed ... just as the descriptions of explorers
did for the unknown territories and wildernesses of the country, and the planet.

My consciousness has soared often in the past decade, but it was always with spirit generating
the wind beneath my wings.

There is something about stream of consciousness writing that is different, that is addicting. It
activates something in the mind.

I am only an active participant in this expression. The source comes from within at a place
where I am able to tap something that translates into this stream of consciousness. Without that
unknown source, none of this would exist.

Manifesting 4000 pages might be a lifetime of endeavor for some. But, for me, the sense is that
this has been a training ground ... someplace for me to cut the teeth of my consciousness.

We grow in awareness by coming to know ourselves. That is the key that unlocks the secrets of
the workings of consciousness through us.

I am willing to go out on a limb to express more and share more with more people. Where that
will lead, only consciousness knows. It is enough that I continue to do as she moves me to do.

It is curious that this expression would come forth as a stream of consciousness. I am not a
talker, or a speaker. I have little to say to anyone. Yet here, in the course of a decade, we have in
excess of one million words. Consciousness is definitely prolific!

I know that source exists because I experience this stream of consciousness expression. This is
not something to be questioned. It is like asking me if I am alive. Clearly I am, it is something
obvious, one just knows.

Consciousness could indeed be expressing in this manner solely for me to see and experience.

When you interact with me, you interact with my belief system ... in particular, you interact with
what I believe about consciousness and spirit expressing through me in my world.

One of my jobs is to be a wayshower. As such, my task is to explore the unknown realm of

consciousness and bring back something of what I find that I may light the way for others to
follow. I don't ask for anyone to follow me. While I consider myself a leader, it is more in terms
of one who leads the way.

Consciousness plays a major role in my life. She guides me, she moves me, she even expresses
through me. Those things that are most precious in my reality are the things that she has put
there. This expression is one of those things.

We are all ONE! There is only one consciousness, one spirit, one Goddess, one God, one All
That Is ... or whatever other name you choose to call it.

The material this year is packed full of quotable expressions. However, it does not read as a
normal book. There is no organization that I am aware of. It is simply a stream of consciousness
expressing as it will. This is enough to keep me captivated. But, would it provide a good read
for others?

You said "simply a stream of consciousness expressing as it will". That is correct. And, it is
indeed simple. Yet the simplest of things can sometimes be very difficult, and even rare.

What is a book without a message? Is it not sufficient to show consciousness in expression in a

way that is not shown elsewhere. This is truly beyond imagination. Most works are just that,
works of the imagination. Occasionally, we see works that go beyond that, works that come
straight from the heart and soul ... the very works of spirit.

This stream of consciousness is my masterpiece ... or, more correctly, spirits masterpiece
expressed through me. It is my legacy to the world, from this period in my life anyway.

This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Consciousness is that great, that deep, that all-
encompassing that there is no end to her.

We have chosen to experience an incarnation at the turn of an Age. It is one thing to experience
the turning of a millennia. However, the turning of an Age is far more special than that. It
involves the transformation of consciousness on a collective scale and the resulting
transformation in how spirit is able to express in the world. This is a big deal. And, the dawning
has been occurring for some time.

There is no one more powerful that spirit. We simply need to open the consciousness so that
spirit can flow forth more easily in our lives. We start by opening our own consciousness,
igniting the spark of spirit within us. Then we fan this spark into a flame, feeding it kindling,
and the small pieces of wood, and finally large logs until it is an inferno. Finally, we share this
spark, and this flame with others. At first we attract kindred spirits ... but eventually, we find that
all souls are kindred spirits because there is only ONE spirit, and we all spring forth from that

I accept that I am a spiritual being first and foremost, and that I am a soul, an individuated piece
of consciousness experiencing reality as I do. However, I have the challenging task of needing
to account for the states of consciousness that I experience, and for this very expression of

There are always ways to express that are of value to others. That is one of our chief tasks, to
find a way to apply ourselves and our talents in a manner that serves not only ourselves but
others. This is how we do our part. This is how we obey the spiritual law to never take more
than you give. What this is will be different for each of us because we are each unique souls,
unique points of view of the ONE consciousness.

What difference have I made? It is not clear that it is for me to know this. I can express as I am
moved to express ... trusting that whoever this message is intended for will indeed receive it ...
and better still act upon it. I may never see any such outcomes, not directly anyway. It is my
job to continue venturing into the unknown realms of consciousness and bring back what I find.
This very expression is justification itself. It is the confirmation that spirit made it through one
consciousness in a manner to be shared with the world.

On these pages you will find a stream of consciousness expression … one that I have actively
been participating in for just over a decade.

My hope is that you find this mind-expanding or better yet consciousness-expanding. It should
cause you to stretch outside of the normal confines of your consciousness into a wonderful new
domain. If it does, I have done my job well.

By following this record of my stream of consciousness, you get to taste a sample of what is
possible. What I can do, you can do also. No, not necessarily in the same manner. Written
expression may not be your forte. But, there is some manner of creative expression that is right
for you.

One challenge from all of this is for you to expand your reality framework to account for the fact
that an expression such as this could come forth through me in the manner that it did in such a
short period of time at the beginning of 2003. It is possible. It did happen. That, in itself, says
a lot about the creativity of consciousness as she expresses through us. Yet, what I can do, you
can do also. I came as a wayshower. Part of showing the way for me is sharing the fruits of
what my consciousness is able to produce.

Consciousness can only express through us. More than that, we are consciousness in expression
each and every moment of our lives. Everything is consciousness in expression ... and
consciousness experiencing what is being expressed. We are all points of view of the same one

The collective body for spirit that is evolving has never reached this level of consciousness
before. When it is finally born, the worldview of everyone will be different. People will go from
being asleep to being awake, from being victims to being creators, from being subject to fate to
manifesting their own destiny.

Everything happens in accordance with a master plan for the expression of consciousness in
flesh. We are intimate parts of that plan ... every one of us.

The popular songs, movies, and shows of the day reveal consciousness in action. If we look in
the right places, spiritual themes are indeed being broadcast ... loud and clear.

These words are not the foundations for a new world. Yet, I have been saying for nearly a
decade that I am here to build the foundations for a new world. It seems that it is time to get
started on the foundations. I don't know how to do this yet. But, what I have been doing for the
past 10 years didn't work. Oh, it resulted in a lot of expression ... capturing a stream of
consciousness in great detail over a significant period of time.

I have not really done any research into what is known about consciousness and the functioning
of the brain. I know what metaphysics tells us on many fronts. But, I have not been interesting
in what science tells us on a more formal front. What seems most important is our firsthand
experience and finding a way to capture that and share it with others.

It took 35 years to reach a point where I was able to tap the well of consciousness. We are
coming up on the 10 year anniversary of that day in two months. Can it really be a decade since
the words from consciousness started flowing forth into expression?

Is this stream of consciousness expressed here my legacy? Will it make a difference during my
lifetime, or is the expression before its time, as the saying goes? Many good books are like that.
Their full impact is not felt until many years after they were written, and perhaps long after the
author has passed on.

There is still the possibility that all of this is meant for my eyes only. It is all part of an elaborate
training process for my consciousness. Hmm ... who is doing the training? None other than
spirit herself.

What is it that I am to do with my life? This expression seems to be a major part of that. I can
tell because of how I feel when I am engaged in doing it. It is as if this is the most important
activity that I could be doing. It is as if I'm capturing something wonderful, something magical
... a stream of consciousness flowing from spirit through me. The sense is that this is a rare
thing. Many are engaged in the dance of consciousness. But, few record that dance and make it
available for others to experience.

I come here to experience the joy and the wonder of this creative expression where so many
words flow forth out of what is essentially nothingness. Here, consciousness gives birth to
expression in words. Here, spirit speaks through me in a manner that is unique as far as I can

There is a role that I am playing, there is a play of consciousness that is unfolding in my life.

How can I speak in this manner? What is there within me that knows such things that they could
be expressed as if they were fact? I only know that there is a source within me that I experience
as a voice in my head, as a stream of consciousness, that expresses in this manner. How it is
possible is a mystery. That it is possible, I know from firsthand experience, so there is no doubt.

I still consider this expression to be one of my crowning glories. It is here where I am able to do
things that few others can do, and even then, not in the same way. Here, I allow a stream of
consciousness to flow forth. Here, I allow spirit to speak through me as she will ... or, at least, as
she can through this channel.

Either this comes from spirit herself ... or, I am blind to major parts of my own consciousness
which have such abilities.

Awareness is a subjective experience. Consciousness is experienced subjectively as well. And,

this more than any other is the realm that is home to me.

What does it say about the nature of consciousness, the nature of spirit, and the nature of reality
creation that this expression occurs in the manner that it does?

This expression is a training ground of sorts for me. It allows me to experience expressing a
stream of consciousness in a particular way. It forces me to open up and be receptive to what
would come forth. It ever surprises me ... in terms of both the quantity and quality of what is
expressed. It provides a type of programming for my mind ... programming in which I am the
recipient and not the programmer.

This expression, this stream of consciousness, is my connection to the eternal within me.

The stream of consciousness has its own way of wandering through the wilderness of spirit.

Words get expressed and ideas connected in ways that go beyond anything that I know or have
seen before.

Here the wings of my consciousness can soar on the winds of source, of spirit.

I am comfortable living with the unknown and even the unknowable in my life. As an explorer
of consciousness, this is a very good thing. Exploring where others have been may yield some
new information, but exploring the unknown, exploring where none or no more than few have
ventured is a whole other thing. This is what excites my soul. This is what gives my life
meaning. Further, it does so even if consciousness herself is the only witness to my discoveries.

It seems the time has come to make consciousness technology more available to the masses.
Actually, the first step might involve using consciousness technology to wake up substantial
portions of the population so that they in turn can help wake up others that the whole world
might awaken.

Am I wasting my life away on foolish beliefs? I don't consider this expression wasting my life
away. In fact, this expression may be the only thing that remains that is evidence of my having
lived. Yes, this stream of consciousness, recorded in this fashion is my greatest creation to date.
It may when all is said and done be the greatest creation of my life, though I sincerely doubt that.

There is something magical about being able to come to this place and express in this way day
after day. Who would have thought it possible, even as little as 13 months ago. Yet, here we are
... allowing this stream of consciousness to flow forth as it will, following it wheresoever it leads
us. Somehow, we find a way to fill the blank page. And, not just for the sake of filling it ... but
with words that have the possibility to move people and ultimately help to transform the world.

It is not the music that stirs my soul, rather the lyrics. Words have that power over me. Such is
why books have been so prominent in my education, books for the most part that I had to find on
my own, or with the prodding of consciousness herself. I find it interesting that the books that
have had the most influence on my life came outside of any educational context.

Consciousness is everything. Awareness is the most powerful thing that we can possess because
it is what allows us to create the reality that we experience. Awareness is thus the stuff of the
Gods. We have been told that we were made in the image of God. What we are lacking is that
awareness of our true nature.

This stream of consciousness is important somehow ... more important than any concept that I
have of myself.

The expression challenges what I know myself to be and what I understand spirit to be. That
alone is sufficient to justify the time spent. Besides, there is a product that comes out of all of
this ... a stream of consciousness expression, a record of where one consciousness has been.
Interesting ... where one consciousness has been others may follow if there is a map, a record of
sufficient fidelity. Is that what all of this is? And, if so, how do we get the map to those who
need it?

I am a scribe, an instrument through which spirit writes what is expressed here. Whether this is
that part of spirit that is focused on expressing as me, or a grander part of spirit of which I am
only loosely aware seems to vary from day to day and minute to minute. Ultimately, it doesn't
really matter. The expression stands on its own as the creation of consciousness.

From some standpoint, this is all me. And, some day, I will be aware enough to fully realize
this. And on that day, a new day will have come indeed. For the fire of spirit will not be
squelched. Rather, it will spread to encompass the whole world. Further, that day is not far off,
in some distant future. It is close, on the immediate horizon. Though, I don't know how soon
that will be. Not that it matters. The timing will be perfect, in accord with the plan of
consciousness. Each will be moved to play their roles, if not by inner forces, then by external

Behind the scenes, consciousness communicates to consciousness through consciousness. Those

who are meant to interact will be moved to do so. The appropriate events, the appropriate scenes
in the play will be scripted ... and these will be enacted by each of us. Destiny will ensure that
those whose lives need to touch one another will indeed do so.

This expression is the record of where one consciousness, namely me, has ventured.

We create our own reality, no fine print, no exceptions. We can either do this consciously or
other than consciously or perhaps a combination of the two. At the very least, we should be
setting the course consciously. However, to do this effectively, we need to connect to source, the
spirit within us ... and develop enough trust in what she tells us to base our beliefs and actions on
the wisdom from within. This is our soul, the spark of spirit that is focused on our expression as
individualized consciousness. It knows things far greater than we know. But, it remains silent,
until we stop our ceaseless activity and learn to listen, really listen ... deeply.

Consciousness works on a need to know basis.

What is expressed through me is what can be expressed through me. This is true for everyone.
Each of us is spirit manifesting in flesh. Each of us is a unique expression of consciousness.

My hope is that my works provide you with a means of expanding what you know yourself to be
and hence the expression of consciousness that you are. I can only do this by example, by
allowing you to walk in my mind for a bit, and follow the path that my consciousness has trod.

My habit has always been to keep my distance ... to isolate myself from the world that I observe.
That doesn't mean that I live my life objectively. Far from it, a life devoted to consciousness is
highly subjective, because the very nature of consciousness is subjective. What I experience
impacts me, it changes me. And, when I change, my world changes as well to be consistent with
whatever I have become.

On this very day, we celebrate Martin Luther King, one made famous by his “I Have a Dream”
speech. This was true magic, consciousness operating at its highest levels.

Awareness is one of the most, if not the most important things in the world. It is where
consciousness finds the vessels for expression. When we are aware, we experience firsthand our
unity with consciousness ... at least with the part of consciousness that manifests through us and
as us.

Consciousness by its very nature experiences and expresses. In other words, it is and it does.
Being and doing seem to be separate things. On the show Babylon-5, there were two ancient
races ... the Shadows and the Vorlons. They were characterized by two basic questions. The
Shadows explored the question "what do you want"? The Vorlons explored the question "who
are you"? How we approach these two questions and the degree to which we favor one over the
other says a lot about us.

I don't interact enough with others to know how they experience life and experience
consciousness. Will this ever change? My sense is yes, it will. To some degree I have learned
what I can on my own. To advance further will require entering into cooperative interdependent
relationships with others ... potentially many others. Though, the later thought makes me cringe.
I'm a very solitary person overall. I need solitude to explore the depths of whom that I AM and
to touch the waters of spirit.

Finally, in 1993, there was an explosion ... an emergence from the cracked cosmic egg. The
chrysalis became the butterfly, opened its newfound wings of consciousness and flew with spirit
as the wind beneath my wings. This was a wonderful experience for me. However, it was
frightening for my wife and others around me.

I have spoken of having a Beyond Mind experience. That was the only way to find awareness, to
find consciousness, I had to go beyond anything my mind as I knew it could do.

Some might consider this to be more of a journal, a record of where my thoughts and emotions
have taken me. But, this is far more than that ... for the record goes beyond thought, beyond
mind to awareness and the experience and expression of consciousness herself in my life.

I am aware of some of the levels of awareness that I am able to reach. Further, I am aware of a
connection to consciousness that most do not seem to experience consciously.

I would know whom that I AM. In discovering this, my sense has been that I will indeed
discover what others are as well. For, we are all spirit manifesting in flesh. Further, we are all
souls that spring forth from the same ONE spirit, ONE consciousness.

I use the words spirit and consciousness often on these pages, many times as interchangeable
terms. Consciousness is a form that spirit takes, a set of clothes that she wears. Consciousness
in turn is the organizing principle that serves as the interface between spirit and the mind. It is
through this interface that this communication takes place.

For me, spirit is not a personification, it is not an individual. It is the sum of all individuals and
more than that, much more than that. Spirit is the source from which we as souls spring. Souls
are individualized sparks of consciousness. But, that is like drops of water in the ocean.
Consciousness is the ocean, yet it is composed of all of the drops as well.

I've spoken of the ONE consciousness and the plan for the greater expression of spirit in flesh,
the plan for the creation of a body composed of individuals as cells, that can serve as the home
for cosmic consciousness. Strategic thinking deals with understanding the stakeholders, the
vision, the mission, the objectives, and the resources of an organization and how these are
applied to meeting the goals of the organization.

You are not only our voice, you are our brain, our mind, our very consciousness made flesh.

I like to explore the edge of the unknowns of consciousness and bring back whatever I find.
Most of what I find are states of consciousness which I in turn try to express in words.

I have declared it to be my task to build the foundations for a new world. This declaration was
not made lightly. I know how much commitment it takes. There is a sense that this is not new to
me, that I have been here before. No, not exactly in these particular circumstances, for we live in
a very special time for the unfoldment of consciousness ... but in similar circumstances where I
had an instrumental role to play in creating major change. Clearly, this was not in this existence.
Further, it may not even have been on this planet.

My home is a state of consciousness. It has no location. Where I reside is simply that, where I
reside. It is all temporary. It is only in consciousness that we can find permanence, and even
then it is an everchanging permanence.

Of late, I take in very little input from the world, preferring to see where consciousness would
lead me on my own.

Both religion and science come from entirely different worldviews. They are neither wrong nor
right. Both are realms in which beliefs and dogmas operate. Each could learn something from
the other. Spirituality operates in a whole other realm. It accepts the good that religion and
science have to offer, but is more concerned with the basic principles of how consciousness
operates and how spirit expresses in the world. Both religion and science have part of the
answer. Metaphysics seems to have even more.

This is a grand and glorious endeavor that we are participating in. It will enable others to break
the bonds of their minds, and experience consciousness firsthand. Thus far, it is a record of my
travels in consciousness. At some point, it will be far more than that. Cooperative endeavors are
on the immediate horizon. And these have the potential to be far grander than anything that we
have seen thus far.

Ye shall know them by their works. I don't know who said that, but it is true to a large extent.
Here, you get to walk where my consciousness has been. In doing so, your consciousness is
tuned to whom that I am in a manner that is not possible any other way. Yet, how does that
benefit you. Is where my consciousness has been worthy of being followed? My sense is yes. If
it were not the case, it seems that I would not be moved to capture this stream of consciousness
in this manner.

It takes my unique consciousness and my specific level of awareness to serve as the vessel for
this expression. Yes, that says a lot about me. But, it says even more about consciousness.

Where do we record collective decisions, especially ones that affect the world? There is
something that knows our every thought, our every belief, our every action. These are known to
consciousness directly. And, this consciousness is ONE consciousness that animates us all.

I must make a difference on a major scale. I simply must. Nothing else is acceptable to me. My
abilities are such that I know that I am meant to accomplish great things. The sense is that I have
not even begun to live up to this. Though, each day I get closer. It continues to be important to
come here and capture this stream of consciousness.

We have no real science of mind at the present time. Yet, these lumps of gray matter that reside
in our skulls may be some of the most powerful things on the planet. They have taken eons to
evolve and to become aware to the degree that they have. And, now, we seem to be standing on
the edge of a major breakpoint ... one in which the awareness of the mass consciousness
experiences a radical discontinuity, one that rocks the very foundations of the world that we

We need to get on with it, and do those things that are ours to do. And, if we don't know what
those are, we need to start doing the self work necessary to find out. This doesn't have to be
hard. There is a sort of spiritual gravity that operates to try to get us to where we need to be to
actualize and then to act out our roles in the play of consciousness. Yes, we are all part of the
play of consciousness.

How does one distinguish between a stream of consciousness and a stream of thought? Are they
not the same? That would depend on where the thoughts originate. What comes from self
versus what comes from source? Consciousness is tied to the expression from source. Thought
is a more local phenomena. Though it seems most do not have control over their stream of
thought either.

This is the record of a stream of consciousness. It is recorded in this manner because that is what
I am moved to do from the depths of my being.

What is to be gained by walking down this particular stream of consciousness for awhile. My
greatest hope would be to facilitate awakening the connection to spirit in the reader. We do not
offer any particular exercises or instruction. But, perhaps the very expression is written in such a
manner as to program such a response in the reader.

I am not consciously involved in choosing how this expression flows forth. I receive it as a
finished product. I am not being asked to use my abilities to organize it ... unless this is
happening on other than conscious levels, which it may be. That may be why I was selected as
the vessel for this expression, because my abilities were such that they could be used for spirit to
express in this manner. Yes, that makes me special. The analogy of a programmer of
consciousness is intriguing to me. I programmed computers for a number of years, and found it
enjoyable. The idea that this expression could be programming for the mind is exciting.

If you are reading this, you clearly are not part of the vast majority. Consciousness has a special
place in your life. You are more aware than most. And, awareness carries with it a heavy price
tag, or a burden of responsibility if you will.

There is a sense that there is no rest for the weary ... that past laurels, no matter how great, are
not good enough. We must move ever onward to the next monition of consciousness, wherever
it may take us.

There is a sense that I have been a scribe before ... perhaps in ancient Egypt. However, here I
express as essentially a scribe for spirit herself, and for whatever organization of consciousness
we are able to create together

Life is clearly an adventure now. For me, primarily an adventure in consciousness.

Consciousness is everything to me. She gave me birth, she nurtures me, she moves me ... yes, I
owe all that I AM to her. Yes, her. I have always known spirit and consciousness to be feminine
in nature.

Altering brain chemistry means altering how consciousness is experienced. It is that simple.
Physical brain states correspond to mental states correspond to states of consciousness
correspond to states of spirit.

I trust my intuition to find the embedded meaning in any message. I continue to search so long
as I am moved to do so. I trust that when my search is complete, I will know that I have found
what consciousness intended for me to find.

The song Wind Beneath My Wings plays as I write this. "I would be nothing without you." I
feel this way about spirit. She is the wind that has allowed me to soar to great heights of
consciousness. It is though her wind that all of this is able to be expressed in the manner that it
is. "Thank you, thank you, thank God, the wind beneath my wings". This is particularly
important to me because of how greatly I value soaring in consciousness.

It is not clear that the musings have yet addressed why we exist. We have talked about reality
creation. We have talked about the expression of spirit in flesh. We have talked about capturing
a stream of consciousness. But, none of that really addresses why.

We have literally performed magic technologically in the past century. And, the pace at which
technology progresses is so swift that it is impossible to keep up with it. We have not made such
rapid progress in other areas of life that ultimately matter more. Such areas as the nature of
consciousness and how the mind works being two important cases in point.

I don't know if there is a scale for awareness. I know that mine has increased many fold since
1993, going through several breakpoints and major transitions. I don't believe this happens to
many. How few, I don't know either. Regardless, my experiences and my need to capture this
stream of consciousness, set me apart as different and unique. They may also set me apart as
eccentric, strange, weird, and even crazy or insane at times. That is OK. My reality is what it is,
and I am moved to share it in this manner.

Effectively, I have given spirit free reign to bring forth what she will in whatsoever manner she
chooses. That is what stream of consciousness expression is all about.

The musings serve their purpose well. They record the stream of consciousness. But, what do
we do with it after that? Yes, one avenue is to make it available as it came forth. That will serve
those who are ready to experience it. However, there is much wisdom contained therein that
could be presented in a different context.

What is the creative source of all of this? Why do I not experience being the creator, even
though the expression clearly comes forth through my mind and through my fingers? I don't
really have an answer for this. I only know what I feel ... and that does not include being the
source. This is somewhat of an automatic process for me. I enter into a receptive state of
consciousness and allow it to happen.

There is a mixture of a stream of consciousness and some thoughts of my own here. But the
focus is on the fo

rmer ... on giving spirit a written voice through which to speak. Actually, that is not quite right.
It seems that what comes forth in this stream of consciousness is born of two sources, spirit and
me. Though, this is primarily other than conscious parts of me.

Spirit and consciousness have special places in my life. In fact, you might say that they are what
I live for.

Who am I to express in this manner? Why is it that I am not moved to build more upon the
wisdom of others who have gone before me? Some of the issues regarding consciousness and
awareness have been dealt with in various ways for many centuries in the West, and millennia in
the East. Perhaps it would be beneficial to spend part of my free time studying rather than
expressing all the time. Yet, that is not what I am moved to do. That is not how I operate.

What is it that I love to do? Expressing in this manner is definitely near the top of the list, for
many reasons. One, it gives me a sense of accomplishment ... a sense that I have accomplished
something of value. Two, it provides insight into whom that I AM that I don't get in any other
way. Three, it allows me to touch the unknown realms of consciousness. Whether, these are
unknown overall, or simply unknown to me doesn't really matter. The sense of discovery is still
the same.

Yes, I consider this expression a service. It is a product of the marriage of my consciousness
with a source that comes from deep inside me, a source that I believe to be connected to Spirit,
the ONE consciousness, herself. This is a stream of consciousness expression, but I don't
consider it my stream of consciousness. For it to be mine, I would have to be in control of it in
some way. But, I feel more like a radio, tuning into a particular station. We don't say that the
radio is the programming that comes through the station. Similarly, my mind tunes into a
"station" of consciousness.

Our brains are among the most complex physical systems that we are aware of on the planet.
Mind, while it resides within the brain, does not seem to be contained by the brain. Further,
consciousness, while it resides within the mind, does not seem to be contained by the mind.

I experience this as a stream of consciousness. I don't control what gets expressed or how it gets
expressed. There is no organization. There is no purpose or intent other that to express what
spirit would bring forth through me.

Spirit is orchestrating the unfoldment of the expression of consciousness in flesh. Life is this
very expression.

What do we know about the brain, about the mind, about consciousness? Overall, it seems that
even after thousands of years of investigations we still know very little.

What is consciousness? What makes us aware that we are aware? How does self-awareness
change the rules of the game of life?

Each of us is being groomed for a particular role in the plan of consciousness. If we allow
ourselves to ... we will fall into that role naturally.

What am I worth? That is an interesting question. It seems that we also need to ask, to whom?
To my employer, the answer is obvious ... I see it in the paycheck that I receive each week and in
the work itself and the working conditions. However, it is not so clear what I am worth to others
in my life. Nor is it clear what the work that I do in my free time is worth. That would primarily
be the work that I do here, this stream of consciousness expression ... all that I do under the guise
of Beyond Imagination. My sense is that the value of this voluntary spiritual work is far greater
than that of my job.

For your eyes only, only for you. The line from that song still haunts me. Can this be true. Can
this elaborate construct be all for me? Is this the mansion that I have made for myself? Every
fiber within me yells out no, that consciousness doesn't waste effort ... that such expression as
this is indeed meant to reach and to move people somehow.

Life unfolds as she will. Sometimes this is as we will as well, but just as often it is not. It
depends on whether our will is aligned with the will of consciousness.

I often say that my mission is to build the foundations for a new world. Foundations are major
elements of structure ... as basic as you can get. Yet, even as I do this, I would be free, and I
would allow consciousness free reign to create and fashion the structures as she will.

Yes, the work of consciousness, of spirit, is that important to me. It is my very life. It is not a
matter of giving my life to it. There was nothing that was mine to give.

I came to be a pathfinder and a wayshower. But what am I to show the way to? Thus far it has
been to the states of consciousness that I have had the fortune to reach ... to the degree that I
could share my experience anyway.

The hermit comes down from the high mountains to share of his wisdom with the world. Am I
wise enough to do this yet? Is the source that I tap sufficiently wise to provide such service? I
don't have to do it all. It is spirit working through me that achieves most of this. The working of
a transistor comes to mind. The application of a small amount of base current controls a much
larger amount of collector/emitter current. Here, we have a similar effect. The application of a
small amount of conscious effort on our part allows a great deal of energy of consciousness to
flow forth into manifestation. It doesn't happen automatically, however. We have to provide the
initial current. Consciousness can use us to do her works, but only when we cooperate to allow it
to happen

I don't know who is going to be exposed to this material or what impact it will ultimately have on
them. I only know what impact generating and reading the material have on had on me and then
only in general overall terms. This is material that impacts ones state of consciousness. And,
that has ripple effects into all other areas of one life.

This stream of consciousness that I tap is rich and deep. Sometimes she is downright
unfathomable. She carries me to the edge of the unknown ... and even pushes me off the edge of
the cliff at times so that I can discover my newfound wings of consciousness and fly. It is easy to
soar in consciousness, it really is. But then, that may be because my natural brain chemistry is
pre-disposed to such, being bipolar and all.

Consciousness is pretty amazing. Yet, there was nothing in my formal education that taught me
anything about it. I still find that astonishing ... even frightening. How can an intelligent society
know so little about something as important as consciousness itself?

Consciousness is the star by which I navigate. She animates me. She breathes life into me. I am
her Words made flesh. And, this very expression is largely her expression through me.
I have said these words come from source. But, what is this thing called source? It is a place
deep within me where I am able to connect to a stream of consciousness from spirit.

With me alone, the stream of consciousness may have worked fine. But, if we are going to
engage others ... we need goals, objectives, and step by step work plans to achieve those goals
and objectives.

This expression is what my life is about. This is part of carrying out my mission and
accomplishing my purpose in this existence. I know that by the way that I feel when I am doing
it. It is the most natural thing in the world for me to be doing. It is home for my consciousness.
And, consciousness is everything for me.

I am still in a major learning mode ... ever discovering what consciousness would care to show
me of how spirit manifests in our lives.

This stream of consciousness is important somehow ... more important than any concept that I
have of myself.

The journey of self discovery is truly an adventure, the likes of which no earthly adventure can
compare. However, we need to give our consciousness the space to soar to heights unknown and
to realms beyond imagining.

I have called this expression a stream of consciousness. But, what does that really mean?
Source is clear, it is that point of origination. Whether it is a generation point or a receiving
point, I have no means of knowing. The words just flow forth. I have no sense of creating them
other then that of actually typing them into a keyboard. As to stream of consciousness, I
differentiate that from a more simple stream of thoughts. There is something deeper going on
here. There is a depth of awareness that is being conveyed in some manner. Hopefully it is in a
manner that you can learn from ... that allows you to experience altered states of consciousness.

Consciousness is clearly a mystery. Perhaps she is beyond anything that we will ever fathom.

I would make my own path through the wilderness of consciousness. Yet, I would have
companions along the way as well.

There is a plan for the evolution of consciousness that is being manifested in flesh. We are the
players in that drama.

Evolution is building more and more complex bodies in which consciousness can be housed and
enfleshed. The greater and greater expression of spirit in flesh is the name of the game. But, it
has to be in flesh, or it doesn't count.

Consciousness herself is orchestrating the play. She will ensure that each detail is taken care of
at the appropriate time.

Wayshowers don't work solely in the field of the mind, they work in the field of action. They do
things that others may see what is possible. And, what is possible for me, you can do also. It is a
matter of preparing your consciousness and choosing to do it.

Hopefully, this expression helps with the preparation. Here, you get to walk in the shoes of my
consciousness for awhile. Yes, it may be some pretty strange walking, but I hope you find it
interesting. Further, I hope it enables you to discover parts of yourself of which you were not
aware. If so, I have done my job well.

We are consciousness enfleshed. It is high time we realized that and got on with the task of
living as if that were true.

This is why the world can be transformed so quickly. The basic mechanisms required are
literally being hardwired into the genes. For some of us, it seems softwiring was necessary.
Brain chemistry had to be altered to allow us to reach our rightly place in the world. So it seems
for me anyway. That is what my bipolar condition is, it is a difference in how the brain
chemistry, the firmware of the brain functions. For me, this is positive. This difference allows
everything you see here to get produced. It allows my consciousness to soar.

Spiritual expression is by far the most important aspect of my life. This stream of consciousness
expression is indeed that meaningful to me.

In the meantime, it is for me to continue to do my part. And, for the time being, that still means
coming here to express what would be expressed. I say here because this is indeed a place to
me. I sit in front of a computer with Netscape Composer awaiting whatsoever I would type.
But, also, here is a state of mind, a state of consciousness where I am in touch with a stream of
consciousness that flows through source. How can we have a state of consciousness
experiencing a stream of consciousness? It just does. I am an aware being and I experience this
flow of words coming forth from source within me. I don't question the flow of the words. I
simply accept them and relay them as I receive them. My job is very much akin to that of a
scribe of olden times ... only, it seems that my consciousness is necessary for this communication
to occur.

Thus far, consciousness has assured that I would have everything that I needed to do what I need
to do in each moment.

These works show signs of a creative genius at work ... one that is beyond what I know myself to
be. Yet, the works were able to come forth through me. My consciousness was able to deliver
them. That says something about my level of awareness as well.

This expression continuously challenges what I know myself to be. Just when I think that I've
figured it out, something more comes through that blows me away. Consciousness won't be
contained within our arbitrary boundaries for very long. She stretches them and challenges them
at every turn. The watchword is freedom.

Again we come to this special place where consciousness graces us with her presence. Actually,
it is not only here that this happens, it is everywhere. Consciousness animates us always. It is
just that we are not always aware of her presence within us.

Why haven't I developed even a handful of regulars by now who follow this stream of
consciousness expression? For your eyes only ... of course, that phrase would come up again.
Could that indeed be the answer?

I came to perform a mission. I came with the precise skills and abilities necessary to accomplish
that mission. I created the appropriate reality and learning experiences to grow into whom that I
AM so that I could reach this point where I am ready to freely and willingly execute my
responsibilities. This required reaching the level of awareness that I have reached and
experiencing the states of consciousness that I have experienced.

My interactions with others have still been relatively minimal. In particular, they have not
delved into such areas as how my experience of awareness and states of consciousness differed
from or were similar to their own. Nor did I have any classes that dealt with these topics. One
must ask why? How can such important topics be ignored by the traditional curriculum in our
schools? Do we just not know enough to teach anything useful in these areas? Perhaps that is
it. But, if so, that is a sad commentary on the educational system ... that it focuses so much on
filling our minds with the whats that it forgets about the hows and the whys, about the very
nature of the mind and the consciousness that learns the whats.

If all of this is coming from other than conscious parts of me, then that says a lot in and of itself.
It says that we are far more than we know ourselves to be. This stream of consciousness
expression is a testament as to just how much more. However, if parts of this are coming from
connections to sources that are distinct from us, that says a lot as well. Everything in me says
this later alternative is false. There is only ONE consciousness from which we all spring. The
partitions within that ONE consciousness are illusory separations that permit us to experience
reality as we do.

It is such an easy process, serving as a vessel through which consciousness works. I don't have
to think about it. I simply have to choose to allow it to happen.

I continue to speak with a voice that is only partially mine. Yes, it is my mind from which the
instructions to type these words come. But, what is it that fills my mind? That is a fundamental
question about how consciousness expresses in flesh.

My way is still only a way, it is NOT the way. Yet, as ways go, it is just as valid as any other,
and far more documented than many. However, if you are looking to be taken to a specific place
... then this is probably not what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to experience
different states of consciousness in a fairly safe manner, then Beyond Imagination has much to
offer you.

I've chosen to give myself free reign on these adventures of consciousness. I enjoy where they
take me. Further, I enjoy what I become as a result of what I experience. This is powerful stuff
that we are talking about here. Consciousness is not something to be taken lightly.

We are consciousness expressing in flesh though many see this upside down, seeing themselves
as animals who happened to evolve enough to possess consciousness.

We never know where this stream of consciousness is going to carry us. That is one of the good
things about it. Onward the adventure takes us. The expression makes the unmanifest manifest.

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to be able to witness all of this. It seems that very few
get to experience consciousness expressing in this fashion. How few, I have no way of
knowing. Thoreau spoke of one in one million capable of effective intellectual exertion, and one
in one hundred million capable of living a poetic or divine life. These are very low numbers. It
is not clear that I fall into such an august group. But maybe, just maybe.

I continue to express whatever consciousness would have me express. I say that as if

consciousness is some separate thing from whom that I AM. Well, is she or is she not? That is a
good question. When I speak of consciousness, I go directly to a source that is deep inside me, a
source through which I connect to spirit, the ONE consciousness. I experience her as feminine.
I don't know why, that is just my experience.

I am consciousness in expression. We all are consciousness in expression. But, we also are us in

expression. It helps if these two ideas are congruent with each other. It helps if what
consciousness wants and what we want are compatible with one another.

I don't know what material is going to come forth when I sit down to write. Then again, when I
speak, I don't know what word is going to come next as I am speaking until it happens. The
process is spontaneous. I trust that it will happen naturally. I don't question how it happens or
why it happens. It is enough to know that it happens and to capture it as I do. Is it me? Is it
other than me? Is it consciousness or spirit herself speaking through me? I believe so. But,
perhaps I will never know for certain. The bottom line is that it doesn't really matter. The
expression is what it is. Judge it based solely on its content and utility.

Here, consciousness is recorded at play in a way that has not been captured in this way before.
That allows me to go back and revisit where my consciousness has been. However, that also
allows you to walk in the steps of my consciousness as well.

Oh, I am manic at times, even with my bipolar medications ... even highly manic occasionally.
However, I recognize when I am in these states of mind and I do not find them to be debilitating
in the least. If anything, they are positive and powerful states for me. I do some of my best work
when I am flying high in consciousness. That is what the mania is for me, a state in which my
consciousness is soaring ... perhaps too much for its own good.

We need to be careful when we play with consciousness, for we truly are playing with fire ... the
fire of spirit.

But, the fate of the world is dependent on individuals exercising their free will in a manner
aligned with the higher will of spirit. We do this one person at a time by demonstrating what is
possible when individuals find their rightful place in the scheme of things, in the plan of

It is interesting that we know so little about consciousness. We know so little about the mind and
how it functions. We know so little about the brain and how it functions. Oh, we know more
than we ever have before. And, each day, it seems that we are learning more. But, overall, we
have limited understanding of how we think, and even less understanding of what makes us
conscious and aware, especially spiritually aware.

It seems that we have far too few cases showing consciousness in expression. What is captured
here is important somehow, primarily because of the example that it provides of what can be
expressed. Hopefully, in sharing this stream of consciousness, you will be encouraged to share
your own stream with others as well.

The greatest thing that we can share is whom that we are. And, more than anything else, we are
consciousness/ spirit enfleshed.

I consider this to be representative of consciousness operating at her finest. I am grateful to be

able to serve her in this manner.

Again we wipe the slate clean so that consciousness may come forth and express anew. What is
in store for today? We never really know in advance. We simply allow the expression to
proceed as it will ... trusting that there is an intelligence that is guiding it, trusting that what spirit
needs to have expressed is somehow being expressed.

All that comes forth here somehow manages to make it through my consciousness. Whether I
generate it, or receive it from inner or outer sources ... you can determine for yourself.

Is a selection of best passages worthy of being a book? Given what I know of the passages, I
would say that the answer is a resounding yes. These passages are indeed that good. They are
rich with quotable material. That they came forth through one individual in one year is amazing
in and of itself. This makes the work remarkable in its own right. Is it a normal nonfiction
book? Does it have a topic or a specific message to convey? Does it present a case or an
argument for something? No. What it does is document the road that one consciousness has
traveled. It does this in a direct and personal manner ... primarily from the first person singular
perspective. The hope is that it provides sufficient context for you to enter similar states of
consciousness and employ them for your own use and for the benefit of others in your life.

There are many similar ideas presented in a variety of ways. I find this useful. The nuances are
felt by consciousness, even though it may not be easy to explain the differences. Also, there is
some reason this stream of consciousness came forth in the order and manner that it did.

After all, what good is a stream of consciousness expression if it is not experienced? Thus far,
my attempts at reaching others have been somewhat feeble. I've contacted a fair number of
people, but have received very little feedback.

This expression is where I shine. This expression is where consciousness expresses through me
at her finest. This is where the word is made flesh.

Spirit is a feminine source from which we all spring. She is the ONE consciousness that feeds
the individual consciousnesses of each of us.

There is a grand plan of consciousness that is being played out. We each have our roles to play
within that plan.

I have no close friends and few acquaintances. What I do have is a body of writings at Beyond
Imagination that document a decade long adventure in consciousness.

I am the vessel through which it comes forth ... but there is still no sense that it is me creating all
of this. Perhaps I am ... but if so, it is not from any part of myself that I am consciously aware
of. Yet, in another sense without me, none of this would exist; at least not in this form. So, in
some respects, I am the creator ... or at least the co-creator with consciousness herself.
Yes, there was a five day break in this stream of consciousness. Several times, I came close to
being moved to start to express longhand, but I just couldn't do it. The energy just wasn't there.

Whatever you can dream, whatever you can imagine, you can achieve. Someone said that.
However, how do we take the next step and get to places beyond anything that we can yet
imagine? The sense is that spirit knows of such places and can guide us to them if we let her do
so. This requires a faith in spirit, a fundamental trust in the nature of consciousness as it
expresses in our lives.

Yes, I think in grand terms. I don't know why exactly. They just seem to suit me somehow. It is
as if I were born to express in this manner. It is definitely not something I was bred to do, or
trained to do. It is something innate, something that comes forth from the very depths within
me. My term for this connection is intuition tied to source, the ONE consciousness that animates
us all.

When I do something, when I realize something, the very fabric of consciousness is altered as a

Consciousness learns from everything we do, everything we think, and everything we realize.

Much of how my mind functions and how my consciousness works are mysteries to me. I've
spent many an hour over the past decade observing this expression flow forth ... but I am no
closer now to understanding how the process works than I was in the first year of the expression.
How can that be? How can I spend thousands of hours doing something and not really
understand what it is that I am doing and how it is that I am able to do it? It is truly amazing.

Once again spirit moves me to come to this place to express what would be expressed through
me at this time. That makes it seem as if it is a passive process, but this is far from the case. My
consciousness is fully engaged, though I am not consciously knowledgeable of how. That is
OK. The very fact that this expression exists is proof that other than conscious parts of ourselves
can indeed create things in our lives ... in my case, a stream of words, over three million of them
to date. Consciousness is highly creative and quite prolific if we allow her to be. It is amazing
how much work we can do when we resign ourselves to allowing spirit to work through us.

As always, I will do what I am moved to do ... even to the extent of doing new things in new
ways. Such is how I have chosen to live my life. I would do what spirit demands of me. And, I
would do so willingly and joyfully. I am an instrument through which the divine plan of
consciousness is being enacted.

There is still a strong inner sense that I am to have world impact somehow ... that what I do will
make a difference to the world. To date, the most important part of what I do is to capture this
stream of consciousness and make it available on the WWW. The ideas that are presented here
are my contribution to society and to the world.

I have relied on consciousness to get the word out so to speak and guide the people to the
Beyond Imagination site who could most benefit from what is expressed there. But, that does
not seem to have happened. Either that, or the material is meant for far fewer people than I had

For me, this expression is the grand adventure in my life. It is an adventure in consciousness.
However, though I desire to share what I have experienced, it seems that I have not been so
successful in doing so.

Why me? Why is it that I have been selected by consciousness to express in this manner? I don't
really know, but I consider it a gift and a blessing.

I am away from home, yet moved to allow this stream of consciousness to come forth.

Destiny calls. I would allow it to unfold as it will. Actually, I would be an active agent in
enabling it to unfold as it must. That is a different way of looking at things. In the later way, my
will matters ... my will makes a difference in the world, especially if it is aligned with the will of

What benefit do I expect you to get from the book? One, it exposes you to a stream of
consciousness expression, to spirit expressing in flesh. Two, it provides the opportunity to walk
in my shoes, in my consciousness for awhile, and perhaps thereby to gain a glimpse of awareness
different than you normally experience. Three, it allows you to see how productive spirit can be,
even on a part time basis, in our lives. Four, it provides insight into how you function that can be
used to change your life.

I don't expect to reach 70. I may be surprised, but my sense is that I will have completed my
mission by then and that it will be time to move onto other adventures in consciousness.

Is what I have to say worth reading? And, if so, to whom? It seems that it would make an
interesting textbook for a psychology class dealing with how consciousness is experienced by
one who is in the manic phase of bipolar much of the time.

It is astonishing to me that I can do this day after day. It would be nice to know how others
experience consciousness. To what degree is it the same as my experience, and in what aspects
is it different. I haven't studied anything of this nature. Yes, I've read a lot of metaphysical
books. But, I don't know that they really explained how consciousness works.
Once again we find it necessary to come here to express what consciousness would have us
express. Why is that? Why is this such an important part of my life? It is not clear that it
matters why.

For your eyes only. Yes, that phrase comes forth again. Is all of this an elaborate training ground
for my consciousness? Indeed, it could be. I have to offer that. Yet, at the same time, the idea
seems distasteful and revolting somehow.

I am no closer now to knowing how all of this is able to manifest than I was when the
communication started. It still comes forth as stream of consciousness from a place inside that I
call source. But, being able to name something is not the same as understanding what it is.

What would I bring forth today? Whatever spirit would bring forth through me, as always. I
don't understand how consciousness works. However, I know enough to enable her to express
through me on these pages.

Are these words such that they would be of utility to inquiring minds who want to know how
consciousness works? After all, this is a stream of consciousness in expression. One can learn a
lot about consciousness by observing what she creates.

This record is being generated for a reason. Yes, it allows me to go back and see where I was on
a particular day in my life. But, the sense is that it is being recorded for the benefit of others as
well. It is meant to show others what is possible, and that their own stream of consciousness is
just as varied and as valuable.

Life is a grand adventure in consciousness. That is exactly what it is meant to be.

It is curious that I who has so little to say to anyone in person can have so much to say to the
world here. Yet the world is an indescript audience. It has no face. There are no specific
individuals that constitute it. So, effectively I am saying all of this to me. Hmm ... for your eyes
only comes to mind again. Though, it does not seem reasonable that consciousness would go to
all of this trouble just for me. Then again, it is really no trouble. It is the natural expression of a
stream of consciousness. There is no work involved. The expression simply flows forth to fill
whatever time I give to it.

I wonder how many people are finding and reading these expressions from consciousness? Is the
number sufficient to justify all the labor that goes into their production?

The bottom line is that what is expressed here must be expressed, and it must be expressed by
me. Who it is for in the short term and in the long term will be decided by consciousness. My
part is to do as I am moved to do. In particular, I am to bring the expression forth, and to share it
in whatever manner I am moved.

I am to have a role to play in raising the consciousness of the people around me.

I have never been moved to rewrite or perform any major editing on any of the Beyond
Imagination expression that has come forth since 1993. It effectively comes forth in final form.
It is as if I am reading something that consciousness has already completed. That is an
interesting way of looking at things. Will it always be this way? Will I always be able to count
on the stream of consciousness to come forth with finished works? Probably not. It seems that I
have a mind for a reason ... and that it is time that I engaged it more in this expression.

But how do I know that this expression is not for my eyes only? It just seems to be such a waste
of effort if this expression is not meant to be shared with others. Everything within me says that
this is not being done only for me ... that others might benefit from what is expressed here. In
particular, this stream of consciousness provides an example of what consciousness can do and
how she can express through us.

This expression is a record of a stream of consciousness ... a stream that anyone can follow, a
stream that hopefully leads you to increased awareness of whom that you are and what you came
to do. Does the stream have a purpose? To date, not that I can tell ... other than to be a vehicle
for consciousness to express.

I am a way shower, one who would show the world a new way of being. No, that does not mean
that everyone should live as I live. However, there is much to be learned from what I have been
able to demonstrate in terms of consciousness, or spirit, expressing in flesh in the world. The
very facts that this stream of consciousness expression exists and is shared in the manner that it
is offer great hope for the world. They show that we know far more than we ever dreamed that
we knew. Literally, our abilities are Beyond Imagination.

You might say that I am spoiled. I have tasted what it is like for consciousness to express freely
and openly ... and I have loved what I have experienced.

How do we make this expression our life's work? In a way, it already is. It is the work that
counts anyway. It is the work that is likely to have a lasting value ... perhaps extending past my
own existence. Will it also be understood in my own time? I would hope so. Overall, the ideas
expressed are not difficult. The nature of the stream of consciousness is different than has been
expressed elsewhere ... but many of the themes addressed are similar.

This stream of consciousness meanders where it will. It is not under my control other than to
allow it to come forth or not. And, even there, it is not clear how much choice I really have.
What makes me think that any of this is worthy of public consumption? I enjoy what is
expressed. But, would others find it interesting or beneficial? My sense is yes. The chief reason
for this is that it offers a fresh perspective. It demonstrates consciousness in expression in a way
that is rare and precious. The mystery behind its expression makes it that much more interesting.

There is nothing that I have to hide. My hope is that this expression would be of benefit to the
world, that it would help people to experience different states of consciousness than they are
accustomed to ... and to do so without the use of drugs. By walking in my stream of
consciousness for awhile, you tune into a spiritual station similar to a radio station. If you do this
enough, you may be able to learn to change the channel to one that is your own ... so that you can
experience spirit expressing through you directly.

It is interesting to observe how this stream of consciousness twists and turns on its way to only
spirit knows where.

Gini had a flyer on an Astrology conference coming up this fall. I wonder if there are similar
conferences in metaphysics where I might present some of my work to an audience that is
somewhat open minded as far as these kinds of things go. Also, do I have insights into the nature
of consciousness that might tie into some of the consciousness research that is being done? No,
my methods are not objective or scientific ... but consciousness is a very subjective experience.
The fact that I have recorded so much of a stream of my own consciousness should make for
interesting study. Could my books be used as textbooks some day for classes on the nature of
consciousness? Consciousness is as consciousness does. This expression is what consciousness
does ... at least in my life. So, how do I find others who are exploring consciousness and how it
expresses in flesh in our lives? The immediate answer that comes to mind is to find others
whose works resonate with my own and initiate contact.

I know ... this line of thinking is a bit on the strange side, perhaps even more than a bit. But,
what can I say. This is my stream of consciousness.

Here we have consciousness expressing freely and openly. But, is what is expressed worthy of

This work shows consciousness in expression in a manner that is different than anything that I
have ever seen expressed. That makes it worth it. It provides an example of what consciousness
can do. Also, because I have lived such an isolated life ... the evolution of my consciousness and
its awakening were relatively free from much of the dogma of society.

What does this stream of consciousness expression do that is of value? One, it provides an
example of what one consciousness has done. Two, it provides techniques and guidance for
becoming more aware and living ones life more consciously. Three, it provides a mental
pathway that can be engaged in to alter ones state of consciousness. Four, it provides an example
of what spirit manifesting in flesh can do.

The words are slow in coming today. I'm not sure why. Sometimes it is like that. We go with
the flow however it flows. This is stream of consciousness stuff after all, what other choice do
we have?

I firmly believe that I am a wayshower. In particular, I am demonstrating a way of expressing

consciousness in flesh ... a way that I hope would inspire and encourage others to follow.

What makes me think that a stream of consciousness is interesting enough to be worthy of

attracting an audience? I only know that the expression fascinates me. It engages my mind and
my consciousness in a way that nothing else that I have ever read does. It is curious that I say
have ever read ... even though this expression is generated through me.

This expression has taught me more about the nature of consciousness than anything else in my
life. Can it do the same for others? My sense is that yes, it can.

Every minute engaged in this expression is worth it to me. I may not know exactly why at
times. But, there is a sense that here is where I confront my destiny. This is where I get to be
whom that I AM. This is where I get to express in ways that I cannot in any other aspects of my
life. Here is where my consciousness is given the reigns to do as she will in my life.

A voice from beyond imagination speaks into my consciousness and I relay what she says. What
is of me versus what is through me? There is no distinguishing this anymore.

I don't believe that the mind is captured within the brain, just as software is not captured within
the hardware of a computer. Yes, without the hardware, the software could not run ... but the
software exhibits an intelligence and functionality of its own that was not intrinsic to the
hardware. I don't believe that consciousness is captured within the brain either. Yes, it is
expressed physically through the brain ... but it exists in another domain as well. I believe
awareness to be more than patterns of brainwaves, though particular levels of awareness may
indeed correspond to certain brainwave patterns. The question of which comes first comes to
mind. Does the state of consciousness create the corresponding brain states or the other way
around? My sense is that the state of consciousness comes first and creates the necessary
organization to allow it to manifest in flesh. If it were the other way around, there would be a
whole lot more trial and error making it much more difficult to grow and evolve.

My sense is that spiritual growth is destined. It follows an overall plan for the increased
expression of spirit in flesh over time. The time involved spans millennia, but the march of
consciousness proceeds ever onward. We cannot stop or even impede its progress. Time itself
marks the level of awareness as it unfolds. Time cannot move forward unless consciousness
does as well.

I would build the foundations that allow spirit to more fully express in flesh. I know that I can
do this because I have been able to establish such foundations in my own life ... in my mind and
in my consciousness. I share these with all who venture into this space that I call Beyond
Imagination. My hope is that my secrets are somehow revealed in this expression. I don't know
how to explain much of this directly. One learns what consciousness can be by walking in the
shoes of where other consciousnesses have been.

I have always found that the great quotes were some of the best places to start. They quickly
take one to an altered state of consciousness, where the power of the quote is manifest.

How do I carve out the role that I would prefer to play within this organizational structure. Or,
better yet ... is there a way to leave the structure altogether and work directly in the service of

Consciousness is that powerful. When she expresses, whole new realms of reality are born to be
experienced by all who are drawn to them.

Here is where I share the most intimate conversation that I have with source, that I have with my
self. This is the stream of consciousness that I am moved to capture. This is the record that I
make of where my consciousness has been.

Do I believe in myself enough to believe that the products of my consciousness are worth
something on the free market? To that, I would have to answer yes. But, selling the works is a
different matter entirely.

I was reading something earlier that dealt with the idea that one of the chief powers that we had
was the control over our own thoughts. Yet, this stream of consciousness runs completely
counter to that idea. I do not control what is expressed. I may have some control over when it is
expressed ... but even there, it seems that I am moved by a force that I cannot resist.

I have chosen to participate in this expression on many levels, most of which seem to be other
than conscious. But, at least for the past decade, it has been conscious as well. I come to the
blank screen, look within, and open my mind to what consciousness would express through me.
I've done it so much that it is a natural form of expression for me.

It doesn't matter whether others express in a like manner. I am a unique expression of

consciousness. We all are. We must be who we are.

What is it that makes this particular stream of consciousness worthy of being recorded and
shared in this manner?

We express because that is what consciousness does. She expresses where she can when she can
through whatever resources she is given.

This expression has provided me with the opportunity to learn so much about myself and about
the nature of consciousness. I would not trade that experience for anything. Clearly, one benefit
is that I have become a more aware person in the process. Though, it is not clear how one
teaches awareness to another.

How does what I express compare with that of others? Is there need for comparison? Is it not
enough that the expression is what it is ... a stream of consciousness?

Perhaps it isn't apparent from day to day or even from paragraph to paragraph ... but there is an
intelligence that is arranging all that is expressed here, and I do not consciously know that
intelligence to be me. I participate, yes. But, I have no sense of originating all of this. Yes, I see
it come forth through my consciousness. However, that is the key, through my consciousness. I
don't sense that it is generated by my consciousness.

I'm an active observer of what is expressed just as you are. It takes me by surprise that
consciousness can express in this manner at all, much less that she can do so through me.

We have each come to carry out a role in a spiritual master plan for the unfoldment of
consciousness. At some point in our life we will realize what that role is, and we will have the
opportunity of choosing to accept it or turn it down. Of course, I would advocate accepting it at
all costs.

The workings of consciousness are truly a mystery. Perhaps we shall never fathom her depths.

Sometimes, the best that we can do is be aware of the existence of something, and learn enough
to control and harness it so that we can use it to manifest things in our lives. Much of the
spiritual is of that nature. And, consciousness is primarily spiritual in nature.

The body is physical, the brain/mind is mental, the hormones/glands are emotional ...
consciousness itself is spiritual.

Sound body, sound emotions, sound mind ... form a basis for sound consciousness.

My body and emotions leave much to be desired, but my mind is solid and sharp, and my
consciousness is far more highly developed than most. This suggests that perhaps a sound triad
for a basis is nice but not a necessity.

One year. Can it really make that much difference? Indeed it can! It can make all the difference
in the world. Just look at what 1993 did for me. Within one year, I went from being asleep to
being awake in consciousness. That was a huge change, one with repercussions to this day over
ten years later.

It seems that much of the material would make for an interesting case study in the area of
consciousness and its expression.

How is it that consciousness can express in this manner though me ... when she does not appear
to express through others in similar ways?

Consciousness seems to have her own direction in mind for my life. I have no choice but to
follow her lead. Actually, perhaps I have a choice, but I choose to follow where consciousness
leads me.

I take full responsibility for my actions. Yes, consciousness led the way, but I am still
responsible. After all, what is this part of consciousness that I follow? It is a part of me as well.

It amazes me that I create all this, or that all of this is created through me. Yet, here it is before
my eyes such that there is no denying it. Had it been merely thoughts that passed across the
screen of my mind, that would have been one thing. My limited remembrance would have
effectively meant that much of what was expressed was lost. But, here, I have been moved to
capture the expression in writing so that it is a permanent record of a stream of consciousness.

The nature of the expression is different. It has something to offer that other material of its type
does not. As a stream of consciousness expression, it is an example that can be followed that
takes the mind and consciousness of the reader to a different state.

Perhaps the book is the starting point. Yet, it does not seem to be the kind of stuff from which
bestsellers are made. Then again, I might be pleasantly surprised. There might be a market for
using it as a textbook for a course in consciousness or in the spiritual experiences of a bipolar
patient. Can I get academic interest in helping to explain what I have experienced, subjective
though it may be? I would be curious to see how they explain some of this ... in particular, how
consciousness functions and how awareness works.

There is something about this stream of consciousness that must be captured. The sense is that it
is being captured in this manner for a reason, so that it is readily available to those who are
meant to see it when the time comes.

We call these communications musings. For one thing, they amuse us. For another, they spring
forth from spirit or consciousness, the source or muse within us.

I learn from what is expressed. I learn about myself, but more importantly, I learn about the
nature of consciousness and how she expresses in our lives.

In this expression, I am interdependent on spirit herself to provide the very stream of

consciousness that gets expressed. Without spirit, none of this would exist ... none of this
expression would have ever been captured.

The unknown is ever-present in virtually everything. If it were not, life might be boringly
predictable ... too much so to be tolerable. Then again, some might find such a life safe and
comfortable. That is not a life for explorers however, especially for those who would be
explorers of consciousness.

Who pays explorers of consciousness to do what they do?

Who consumes such an expression? Who would read such an expression on a daily basis? What
is the expansion of consciousness worth? Does this material promote and support the expansion
of consciousness? If it does what I believe that it does, then it is well worth this price and more.

I spend close to 20 hours per week glued to the keyboard typing away ... allowing this expression
from consciousness to manifest in my life, and your life too if you are reading this. This
expression is the one thing that I do that has a chance of surviving physically once I am dead and

I believe in utopias, in Camelot, in establishing heaven on earth. What makes me believe? Is it

wishful thinking? Perhaps. Or, is it a deep faith in the nature of spirit as she expresses in our
lives and in our world? Yes, I have such a faith. It was not something that I was taught, nor does
it seem to be something that I was born with. Rather, it seems to have developed naturally as my
life unfolded ... as my consciousness was unveiled.

My circle of acquaintances is relatively small. Perhaps even very small by most peoples
standards. But, what I can do is generate words. In particular, words that convey a meaning that
consciousness would express through me at this time. This is what I do best. This is what I can
offer the world. Does my offering have value? In my eyes, it does ... great value. But then I am
biased in this matter.

Consciousness will not be forced. She reveals what can be revealed through us in each moment.
My attempts to share to date have fell somewhat on deaf ears. They haven't led to deep
metaphysical discussions on the nature of mind, self, consciousness, spirit, or reality creation.

The basic trend is that this expression manifests daily. What it manifests varies substantially
from day to day, and from paragraph to paragraph for that matter. The stream of consciousness
wanders where it will and I follow wherever it takes me. I trust spirit enough to give her latitude
in my life.

There is something about spontaneous creative expression. It elevates one to a whole new level
of consciousness, especially when one experiences being aware of being the one through whom
the creative expression is happening.

I still have no recall of what I wrote earlier. Even when I read it, it only stays fresh in my mind
for a brief period then it retreats somewhere into the dim recesses of my mind. That seems OK.
If I were too bogged down with what had been expressed before, there would be no room for
creating and expressing something new. So, it seems this is simply part of the process. It is for
me to trust that this is a natural mode for the expression of my consciousness.

How do we enable spirit to more fully express in flesh? Yes, she needs our help in this
endeavor. We are her arms, her ears, her legs, her hands. It is through us that she does her works
in the world. Her works are our works and, as a result, our works are her works too. There is
only spirit/consciousness in expression. There is literally nothing else.

Spirit herself doesn't seem to be willing to provide such order. She allows the stream of
consciousness to meander and/or rage where it will. I haven't done much to control or shape
what is expressed either. I simply allow it to come forth as it will.

I liken the stream of consciousness to a computer program. Each sentence is like a line of code
performing its intended function. Since I don't know exactly what that is, it makes it difficult to
decide what to keep and what to eliminate. Though, the raw musings have it all. There is no
editing nor filtering of what is expressed here. This is the stream of consciousness as it came
forth. Does that make it of value? I believe that it does. And, great value at that. But, who am
I to judge. Being the creator of all of this ... or at least the one through whom it is created, I am
clearly biased. I think highly of my own work. Perhaps we all do. Yet, I know enough to know
that such expression as this is rare.

I am almost always aware of being the observer, even as I am aware of observing myself being
the observer. Consciousness can get very convoluted at times as she bends back and reflects on

My days would not be the same without this daily ritual. For 2-3 hours per day, I set aside my
normal day to day concerns and allow consciousness to express through me as she will. I
consider this to be a high quality use of my time ... an investment in getting to know myself and
hopefully doing something that will ultimately help others in the process.

There is something about this stream of consciousness expression that is unique. There is
literally nothing else like it. How do I know that? Clearly I haven't read everything. But, I have
read a lot. And I don't recall anything similar. Does that mean that it is any good? I believe so.
But, most authors believe that their works are good.

I've already suggested that the work might be used as a text in a course on the nature of
consciousness. I would expect that such courses will become more prevalent as we march
onward into the Aquarian Age.

This stream of consciousness challenges conventional knowledge as to what should be possible

for a being to experience and to express.

Awareness has this way of poking holes in conventional foundations. When we awaken, our
consciousness operates at a whole new level ... one that could not be predicted from anything
that we did or experienced before.

I continue to express as consciousness would have me express. Even after a decade, there is still
a sense of mystery and magic to all of this. Consciousness unveils herself piece by piece, but
there is always an unknown element in the expression. It is this unknown that excites the
explorer within me. It is in search of this unknown that I venture out of my own consciousness
to try to experience something more, something greater than I know myself to be. My own
consciousness is the tool through which I search and my experience is what I find. Yes, this is
different than most. What I find is different because my consciousness is different and what I
search for is different.

I watched the movie Altered States earlier today. It was quite fascinating. The sense I got from
it however is that altered states of consciousness are very much the unknown territory. Further,
they are subjective experiences. It is not clear that they will ever succumb to the scientific

Celine Dion sings A New Day Has Come as I write this. This is a powerful song announcing the
birth of a New Age, though it doesn't explicitly mention that in its words. Then sense is that the
song is a marker of sorts, a cosmic marker applied by consciousness to mark a major astrological
event ... the changing of an age ... the coming of a new day.

In this very expression, I ask you to walk in the footsteps of my consciousness to catch a glimpse
of the reality that is Wayne's World. You may or may not like what you find. You may consider
me to be out of my mind. That is OK. I do myself at times. Consciousness has chosen to give
me some interesting experiences to integrate.

How can I forget what comes through so readily? You would think that the process of bringing
this expression through my consciousness would engrain it somehow. Yet, it does not. Within
minutes of expressing something, I am at a loss for what has just been expressed. And, I'm not
just talking about the details. I don't even remember generalities.

The creativity of consciousness seems to know no bounds. She always finds more to express in
more and more effective ways.

What is a change in one's state of consciousness worth? Can I guarantee that such will be an
outcome of reading this? No, there are no guarantees. But, there is a strong likelihood. By
walking in my shoes for awhile, by experiencing what this consciousness has thought ... you get
to take a journey of sorts to another realm, one that is probably foreign to your habitual way of
thinking, and hence may serve as a stimulus to wake you up just a bit.

Are these words powerful enough to do that? Taken as a whole, perhaps. But, even more so as
triggers for your own monitions of consciousness. Just as I am moved by consciousness, so you
too can be moved. It is a matter of finding the source within, developing the connection to that
source, listening to that connection, and acting on the information that comes from that

Now, I am free to express whatever consciousness would have me express. At this time that
seems to be more important.

Relationships ... that is the core of the difficulty. I have not established the appropriate
relationships to allow me to thrive as a being in the world. At least, I've developed the one
relationship that seems to count the most, my relationship to spirit, to consciousness herself.
But, this needs to be reflected in relationships with others to be real.

Each day the process is the same. I step aside a bit and allow something to flow forth. Does it
come from me? Clearly it comes through me, but I have no sense that it comes from me. Then,
from whom does it come? From source or consciousness herself is the only answer that makes
any sense to me.

There is a unknown realm of consciousness. Part of that realm will always remain unknown.
We will always have things for which we can seek. We will always have an unknown territory to

This expression exercises my consciousness. And, if you are reading this, it exercises yours as
well. Though reading is not quite the same as originating the material. However, it is a close
second. At least it allows you to engage your consciousness in the same train of thoughts.

Our founding fathers claimed that one of our inalienable rights was the pursuit of happiness.
They said nothing about actually finding and achieving this state of consciousness.

Every experience programmed my mind and my consciousness to be able to experience what

was to follow.

There is a sense that I could teach, primarily in the area of metaphysics and how consciousness
expresses in flesh.

This highly introverted focus convoluted the way that my brain perceived things. But, in the
process, it created patterns that could become the home for new and higher forms of
consciousness. There is a sense that all of this was an elaborate computer programming process,
one that enabled my brain/mind to establish data structures that allowed me to perceive the world
in new ways.

Here, I must manifest words out of nothingness. For most of my paid work, there is always a
starting point. Though, in both places, it is consciousness that does the work through me.

What triggers me to change from one task to the next? The bottom line is that I don't really
know. It just happens. I just allow it to happen. My consciousness changes course, and I move
with it. I don't feel that I choose the course. It is more like the course chooses me.

Overall my day is fairly unstructured. It is up to me to decide how to focus my consciousness on

the tasks that need to get done and even to determine what tasks need to be done.

I choose to actively engage whom that I AM in this expression. Yet, it is an expression that is
still a mystery to me ... even after over a decade. It comes forth automatically. I don't think
about it, or organize it in any way. It is simply a stream of consciousness. But, as you'll see, a
stream of consciousness is not so simple at all.

Here I am engaged in the dance of consciousness in a way that nothing that I was ever taught
prepared me for.

We're already nearing 1200 words for today’s expression. That's a pace of over 600 words per
hour. How long can I keep up such a pace? Or, should I say how long can consciousness? It
seems that she continues to have something to say so long as I give her the resources through
which to speak.
The stream of consciousness continues to wander where it will. I don't feel a need to harness or
direct it.

I engage in this dance of consciousness. I give consciousness a voice through my fingers onto
this screen in front of me ... and ultimately in front of you. I take the time to record what
consciousness would express through me in this manner, trusting that it is worthy of being
captured and shared, even though I may never get any feedback from it.

Am I on a five year cycle and ready for another fall? Or, have I learned my lessons better this
time and planted myself on more solid ground ... perhaps even on bedrock this time? I feel more
integrated and more grounded. Yet, my consciousness still finds time to soar to heights beyond

There is something about exploring the realms of the unknown, especially the unknown of
consciousness, that excites me. This is what I do. If I knew how to make it my vocation ... I
would do so.

This is an Age of Spiritual manifestation unlike anytime that has existed before. Consciousness
is about to flower in ways that she has never done. We have seen hints of what she is capable of
in individuals here and there. However, we are about to see consciousness unleashed on a
massive scale through organizations of people that have never chosen to cooperate in such a
manner before.

We live in an interesting time in the history of humankind ... in the history of consciousness.
There is a plan of consciousness that is being enacted. Day by day it is being unveiled.

I have spent over 10 years expressing this stream of consciousness. I must be qualified to do it,
because I do it, and I consider myself quite good at it. Though, this is a subjective assessment.

To some degree, I live my life as a drifter ... going where the winds of consciousness blow me.

This expression is recorded in this manner for a reason ... perhaps for many reasons. First, so
that I have a record of this stream of consciousness that I can go back to at any time. Second, so
that I can share this stream of consciousness with the world.

I do what I do because I can and because I must. I am driven to do it by an inner prompting of

spirit. The investment results in a tangible product. There is a sequence of words, on the order
of 2000 words per day that are captured as this stream of consciousness comes forth. Each day,
something is created ... something that contains ideas, some of which may potentially change the
world as we know it.
As you walk though my states of consciousness word by word, idea by idea ... you experience
something that you could not otherwise experience.

I have to believe that consciousness is expressing through me in this manner for a reason. I may
not know what that reason is exactly. But, life has purpose in my world. And, while you are
treading on these words ... you are in the realm of Wayne's World. Here is where I exist, more
than anywhere else. Here is where I put my energies and my talents. Here is where I put my
attention and my focus. These thoughts are real to me. The ideals conveyed herein may still be
in the clouds ... but I have a strong desire to build the foundations under them that allow them to
be realized on earth.

I freely choose to come here to engage in this stream of consciousness expression. I consider it
to be the most productive use of my time that I could engage in.

The nature of consciousness is a big topic, one that few seem qualified to address even though all
have some experience of consciousness on a daily basis.

There is something about creative expression that brings out the best in us. It activates us in
ways that nothing else does. For me, it allows my consciousness to soar to new heights ... an
experience that the explorer in me is ever in search of.

Since most of what I experience is states of consciousness, that is what I try to capture and
convey. My hope is that my words are sufficient to propel you into similar states of

Flexibility of consciousness is a goal that we are attempting to achieve. The more flexible, the
better. Though, that doesn't mean that we should lack resolve where principles are concerned.

Who am I to be able to speak as authoritatively as I do on the topics that I do? The nature of self,
of consciousness, of reality, and of reality creation are some pretty powerful topics. They are
also about as abstract as we can get. However, they do have practical applications.

What is brought forth is the best that consciousness could express through us at the time it was
expressed. Use utility as your guide for what to accept and what not to accept. Just because I
say something doesn't necessarily make it so. Find that place within you that knows and let that
be your ultimate guide.

Does it matter whether I express 1200 words or 2000 words or 3400 words on a given day? It
must matter to consciousness or she wouldn't drive me to express as she does.

The creativity of consciousness is without measure. It exceeds any and all bounds that we try to
place on it. Once it is unleashed in our lives, we can never go back to being what we were
before ... for we are awakened to the spirit that we are. We have touched the fire within.

Spirit and consciousness come across as being feminine to me. I don't question why ... that is
just what I experience. It has always been this way for me.

My awareness expands each time consciousness expresses through me ... especially when

new is expressed.

I'm ever having to expand my concepts of reality and reality creation to account for what this
expression brings into my life. That is OK, I've become used to it by now. This is more than
mind-expanding. This is consciousness expanding, This is beyond mind, it is beyond
imagination. Imagination is a very powerful tool in our arsenal for reality creation. However,
consciousness does not restrict herself to the tools of the mind, though she uses these to the
degree that they can be used.

I trust that this stream of consciousness expression is worthy of being captured and being shared.

Our consciousness demands the freedom to be more and to express more. To do this requires
increased awareness.

Awareness is our connection to source, to the spirit, the one consciousness that spawned us.

Consciousness is choosing to use more of my faculties to accomplish her works. That, or I am

allowing consciousness to use more of my faculties. Why not? Consciousness should have free
reign to use all of whom that I AM.

I have said before that consciousness not I is the source for all of this. Yet, clearly I have a role
to play as well. Without me doing what I do, none of this would be manifested in this manner.
Yet, without spirit doing what she does, I could not begin to express in this way. So, this is a
marriage of sorts, a joint venture between spirit and I.

The expression is expressed because consciousness would have it expressed and because I agree
to cooperate and co-create it. It is that simple.

We have over a decade worth of stream of consciousness expression captured there. If my rough
count is right, we are rapidly approaching 3 million words. Yes, that is a lot of expression. It
would be impressive for a lifetime. But, that it has come forth part time in ten years is


Consciousness seems to have a lot to say, enough to fill whatever time we choose to alot to this

It is not clear that the words do justice to the spiritual states that they attempt to describe, but
they are as close as I can come at the moment. My hope is that by reading these words you will
be triggered to enter similar states of consciousness to those that I have experienced.

Each day we start fresh and go wheresoever consciousness would take us.

I feel a sense of duty to use the many gifts that I have been given in service ... primarily in
service to spirit, but in service to society, humankind, and even the whole world in the process.
Can what one person does have that much impact? Can it make that much of a difference? I
have to believe that the answer is yes. That is one of the reasons I choose to express for
consciousness as I do. Because I can and because I must ... but more importantly, because of the
nature and value of what is expressed. Yes, all of this is expressed through me not by me.

Consciousness seems to never run out of things to say.

I generally don't say much. But, here, I am free to speak volumes. Is that because it is not me
doing the speaking and because I am not speaking to anyone in particular? Perhaps. However,
consciousness knows who the ultimate audience will be even if I do not. Spirit does not work in
the blind. She knows exactly what she is doing and why. I choose to go along for the ride,
trusting that spirit has my own best interests at heart as well.

Effectively, I am the container that spirit fills. She can only take the shape of the forms that I
provide for her. The container that matters most to me is clearly that of my consciousness. It is
this that I allow spirit to fill as she will.

I've been particularly wishy-washy in the area of relationships. It seems I need to be crystal clear
here to give consciousness something more to work with. But, do I really know what I want?
Do I know what is missing?

We've relied on consciousness for many years, and she has served us faithfully. However, it
seems that it is time to take responsibility for our own destiny and set our own course.

How do I make writing my vocation? And, not just any writing, this very stream of
consciousness expression? Who would be willing to pay to have this created on a daily basis? Is
this something an individual or a company would fund?

This is an example of a stream of consciousness from an awake and aware being. Much of its
value comes from the fact that it is precisely that. Yes, I can be grandiose at times. Perhaps I am
being so now. But, what am I supposed to make of the fact that there have been roughly 2.5
million words expressed here in the past decade?

I will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission that I came to accomplish. And, since I
believe this to be in accord with the plan for the evolution of consciousness, I have no doubt that
I will succeed ... for consciousness is behind me in this.

I'm grateful for all that I have been blessed to experience ... especially the levels of awareness,
and the serving as a vessel through which consciousness can speak.

Do these words help to awaken those who may still be asleep? Do they activate pathways of
consciousness that are fresh and new? From my vantage point ... this is exactly what they do.

You would think that I would intimately know what I had so intimately created. The fact that I
don't says something about the nature of consciousness. But, what does it say?

One might think that eventually I would run out of things to express. But, consciousness has no
such limits. It seems that her depths are unfathomable. So long as she continues to be the
source, I see no reason to be concerned about reaching any limits to the expression.

Consciousness assures that we are exposed to that which we are ready to see.

There is something about this expression that is special. It brings out the best in me. It allows
me to grow in ways that I could not do otherwise. It continuously stretches my concept of whom
that I Am, forcing me to realize firsthand that I am far more than I ever knew possible. There is
nothing like firsthand experience, especially when it comes to matters of consciousness.

In my reality framework, it is spirit or consciousness herself that does the moving.

It seems that no matter how much attention we give to this expression, there is always more
waiting to come forth. It is as if it is already finished somehow, and we are just reading it to
bring it forth. I know, that is an over-simplification, but it seems close to what I experience. No,
I don't see a book, a scroll, or a screen from which I am reading this. It just appears as a voice in
my mind. I say voice. I hear it in my head. It is the stream of my consciousness.

I don't know what feeds it or why it flows as it does. I don't know why I experience it as I do. I
only know that for just over ten years, I have been moved to take notice and capture a particular
portion of the stream of consciousness that I experience.

Capturing this stream of consciousness and sharing it, is one of the tasks that I am here to do.

I believe that this stream of consciousness deserves to be heard. It provides a record of one
consciousness in action over an extended period of time on a fairly regular basis.

The material might serve as source material for a course on the nature of consciousness.

What is the difference between thinking and a stream of consciousness? I don't know how to
answer that anymore. This is what fills my head these days. When I am not expressing, much of
the time my mind is blank.

Is what is expressed here my stream of thoughts? Stream of thoughts, stream of consciousness ...
is there a difference? Thoughts we typically think of as being originated within us. I don't feel
that way necessarily about the stream of consciousness. It is expressed through me. But, it is not
of me. Is not the consciousness from which the stream originates my consciousness? Perhaps,
perhaps not. The bottom line is that I have no way of knowing.

There is a spiritual plan for the evolution of consciousness in the world. Part of that plan deals
with the level of awareness that consciousness will reach at various points in the plan. This is a
spiritual agenda.

Each of us must ultimately find our own path. There are some roads that have been created that
we can follow if we so choose between established destinations. But, the interesting places are
in the unknown realms of consciousness ... at least, the most interesting places for me.

There may be some paths and occasionally some markers left by others who have preceded us.
However, typically our understanding is different than others ... so even though we have reached
the same place, we are really not in the same state of mind or state of consciousness. Though,
the states may be close enough that we can communicate with one another and relate what we
have experienced.

This expression gives me a reason for living. It provides me with an opportunity to encounter
the unknown on a daily basis and to creatively express whatever consciousness would bring forth
each day.

Does this expression serve people in some way? At the very least it provides some exercise for
the consciousness.

Consciousness has been expressing though me onto these pages for over ten years now. I find
that amazing. However, what is most surprising is how little has resulted from all of this. Oh,
there is a Beyond Imagination web site with thousands of pages of metaphysical expression.
But, where are the works that come from all those words? What difference has the expression
made in the world?

Once again we come here to provide consciousness the opportunity to express as she will. We do
this willingly. To be honest, we have nothing better to do with our time. This expression is that
important ... or it seems that important to me anyway.

Consciousness by its very nature is subjective. It is something that we experience firsthand.

The reader should be experience a different state of consciousness as a result of coming into
contact with this expression. Do these words do that? Do these words take the reader to a
different state of consciousness or a different state of mind? Do they show the reader what is
possible when we allow spirit to assume a major role in our lives?

If I am any judge of the quality of the material ... I would say that what we have to say is
definitely of value. However, many may find the stream of consciousness format difficult to

It is the strangeness and uniqueness of my experience that make the book interesting. In relating
the nature of my reality, I challenge people's concepts of who they believe that they are and what
they believe about the nature of reality and the nature of consciousness. I do this purposefully ...
with the hope of helping people to awaken and become more aware of the grand spiritual beings
that they are.

We are all unique points of consciousness. Each of us see the world in our own way.

I am a writer ... a stream of consciousness writer, but a writer nonetheless. The written word is
how I express. It is a natural extension of whom that I am somehow.

One more time we come to this special place where consciousness would express through us.
We try to do that each and every day ... and for the most part we succeed.

The expression is coming forth slower than normal tonight and we got a later start than usual.
We'll have to see where consciousness carries us. This is generally a surprise for me. I never
know what is going to come next. I just trust that whatever it is, I will be both pleased and

How is it that this stream of consciousness can run its course so readily? Why is it that this
particular stream of consciousness is selected to be captured, recorded, and shared in this
manner? What distinguishes this stream of consciousness from other streams of consciousness?

I know that this is what I am here to do. There is simply no doubt. Further, there is no doubt that
I will succeed in this endeavor, for consciousness herself is there guiding me every step of the
way. How could I fail with such loving guidance?

There is a reason that this stream of consciousness expression is captured in the manner that it
is. My sense is that it is meant to be an example of what is possible.

This is one thing I can count on. When I go inside and tap the source for words, the stream of
consciousness will indeed be forthcoming. It has been this way for a decade. The sense is that it
will be this way for the remainder of my days.

Probably the biggest benefit is the ego boost from being the one through whom this expression is
able to manifest. I take great pride in that. The grandiosity can get extreme from time to time.
But, what else would you expect from one dealing with the reality that I experience? Just
accepting that all of this expression comes forth through me is a major fact to deal with. There is
so much of it ... and the quality surpasses anything I might hope to generate on my own. So,
how do I explain what comes forth? It is what it is. It is a stream of consciousness expression
the source of which is spirit herself.

For a decade, consciousness has been my constant companion, my friend, my guide, my teacher.
She has led me along my path every step of the way. Even now, she feeds my mind with these
words. When she speaks, I listen ... and when I can, I act based on what I have heard.

How do I distinguish what consciousness does from what my own mind does? Is it even
necessary to make such a distinction? Consciousness can only express physically, and this only
occurs through our mind as expressed through our brain. Ultimately, what counts is the physical

Consciousness is the star by which the ship of self should be navigated.

Just as some people have GPS navigation systems in their cars, it seems that some people have
Cosmic navigation systems in their consciousness.

This expression is my way of giving back to the world some of what I have been so fortunate to
receive. It is also my way of discovering whom that I am in ways more intimate than in any
other aspect of my life. Here is where I interface with consciousness firsthand. Here is where I
see what spirit would produce in my life. Yes, it is a lot. This stream of consciousness has had
some run over the past decade taking me to places and states of mind that were unknown to me
before. I have given consciousness a wide berth to take me where she will ... trusting that she
knew what she was doing and that it was all for my highest good.

I am being trained to play a particular role related to ushering in a new age. This involves
building the foundations required for spirit to more fully express in flesh. It seems only right that
I do this on a personal scale first by building the inner infrastructure necessary for this stream of
consciousness to express as it does. That way, I know firsthand of what I speak when I start to
talk of infrastructures that allow others to do the same ... and even more important, start
combining together into cooperatively interdependent organizations that allow new functions to
be performed or current functions to be performed more effectively.

What does it take to live a spiritual life? What does it take to engage in the dance of
consciousness ... in the expression of spirit in flesh? The bottom line is that it takes nothing
except the realization that we are spirit expressing in flesh now. We are consciousness dancing
and singing our song here and now.

If I help someone advance in consciousness, in particular, they are in a better place from which
to learn a similar lesson.

There are a lot of topics worthy of exploration. And, I'm sure consciousness has a lot to say on
each of them.

More than anything else, we are consciousness enfleshed, we are spirit having a physical
experience. More and more, we need to experience whom that we are in consciousness.

Consciousness is unfathomable. There are parts of her that will remain unknown despite the
greatest efforts on our part to understand her.

Ten years of expressing this stream of consciousness from spirit has shown me that I can trust it
to come forth with reasonable material. It is not all rational. Much of it relies on intuition. But,
I have found that intuition is equal to if not more powerful a process than reason

I will do what it takes to build the foundations for a new world. That is no small task. But, mine
is no small consciousness.

How do we know that we are not being moved out of self-interest or out of direction from
another? These are not questions I was ever moved to ask. It was so obvious that spirit was at
the steering wheel that I had no concerns in this area. But, not everyone experiences things this
way. Not everyone spends hours per day as a vessel through which consciousness can speak.
That is why there are wayshowers. However, we must believe that we too can do what we see
the wayshowers demonstrate. That is the whole purpose of their demonstrations. What I can do,
you can do also. However, it is not for you to do it my way ... it is for you to do it in your own

Continuing with our topic oriented musings ... today we'll focus on the nature of consciousness.
What does it mean for us to be conscious? This goes hand in hand with being aware ... and more
than that, being aware of being aware. I call this expression a stream of consciousness. What
does it say about consciousness that such a stream as this could flow forth in this manner?

This expression is a fact in my life, and in your life if you are reading this. It is not subject to
speculation. How is it that it can exist in this manner? I've asked this question often. But, I
don't think that I've come close to an answer. I've resigned myself to accept the reality that it
does exist ... that consciousness expresses as she does in my life.

How does consciousness differ from thought? What is the difference, if any, between a stream of
consciousness and a stream of thought? I don't know that I can answer that. I typically think of
thought as being more rational, but this does not have to be the case.

Consciousness is as consciousness does. You shall know her by her works. This stream of
consciousness expression is a perfect example. Consciousness is that which could produce all of
this. Yet, she is more than that as well. This expression is the only part of her that I could
capture and manifest physically. Consciousness is more than my mind, yet she uses my mind as
the tool through which to pass this expression.

I am aware of being aware of so many things even as I allow this expression to come forth. How
does this compare with how others experience consciousness? I don't know that I'll ever know.
Each of us is a unique expression of spirit, of consciousness. It seems that some may be far more
unique than others. Then again, that seems to be partly a matter of personal preference and how
far from the norm we care to venture.

One difference between consciousness and thought is the mental chatter. My mind is blank a lot
... literally blank, with no thoughts, or few thoughts crossing it. This stream of consciousness
comes from a different place than my thoughts come from. How do I characterize the
difference? The source for the stream of consciousness is deeper within me. It is a verbal
source. It expresses as a voice in my head that I type. When I think, it is different. The process
is more direct. There is not this voice as the intermediary that is carrying the communication.

We typically speak of our consciousness being composed of the subconscious, conscious, and
superconscious. And, indeed, these divisions do seem to exist on some level. However, from
another framework, we are a unified whole, and there are no such divisions.

Our consciousness is one thing that we take with us when we depart this existence. Our worldly
possessions will remain in the world ... but what we have become in consciousness, this cannot
be taken away, even by death. As to what form we will have after death, I do not know. But, I
am certain that the consciousness that I am will not cease to exist, ever.
The very idea that life would offer only one existence in which to learn and grow spiritually
seems ludicrous to me. It makes far more sense that souls, individualized sparks of spirit, would
enter the world and grow in consciousness via their experiences over many lifetimes.

Consciousness is extremely important in our lives. The degree to which we are aware makes all
the difference in the world. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Consciousness
is our way of staying in touch with the spiritual part of us from which we spring.

Our consciousness is very much like a muscle. It needs to be stretched and it needs to be used so
that it remains flexible.

"Wherever two or more of you are gathered in my name ... there is love." How does
consciousness build in such endeavors? There is only ONE consciousness of which we all are
part. So, how do two consciousness, or three consciousness, or ... get together to do anything? It
would seem that we have the equation one + one + one + ... = ONE. Yet, no subset of the parts
equals the whole. So, what gives? Where we have more than one, we have synergy, the magic
energy that makes the whole more than the sum of its parts.

It is as if our consciousness is the faucet through which the water of spirit flows. We are in
control of opening the faucet to control whether the water flows and to control the force and
volume that flows.

When the time has come for an idea to take root, it seems that multiple consciousnesses are
receptive to that idea concurrently.

A separate level of connections is between people, the conveyors of the information. Here, we
may have colleagues collaborating, or friends sharing, or even strangers becoming acquainted
with one another. Whatever relationships are necessary for consciousness to express what must
be expressed will be established. There is no question about it. That is simply how life works.
There is a divine order to everything. There is a divine script that is being played out. Each of
us has a role to play ... often many roles, in the evolution of the expression of consciousness in
flesh. That is what it is all about ... consciousness expressing in flesh.

I've spoken of there being an audience for the works of Beyond Imagination. At this point in
time, I don't know who this audience might be ... but I trust that it is out there and that somehow
these works will find whoever they are meant to touch. It seems that I may have a larger part to
play in this than I had supposed. I was happy to leave it to consciousness to spread the message
to wherever it needed to go. It seems that this may have been overly optimistic or naive.

Consciousness works through us. If things are to happen, they will happen by and through us.
We have to take responsibility. Yes, spirit will ensure that what needs to be done is done. But
again, not by doing it herself ... rather by doing it through someone or some group.

We take our orders from within. Interesting, because there is only ONE consciousness
expressing through us all, these orders will be coordinated.

We are one people on one world on one planet, this spaceship Earth. Further, we are animated
by one consciousness. At what point are we going to drop some of the country boundaries and
start seeing one another as the brothers and sisters that we are.

Each of us is a unique spark of consciousness, and we will see the world in a whole new way that
no one has ever seen before.

Without the stream of consciousness flowing from her ... most of what is expressed here would
not exist. Yet, at the same time, it is not all her doing. This expression is likened unto having a
baby ... both parents are equally responsible in creating the child, though the female has the
responsibility to carry it to term. It seems like I am the father in this case and consciousness or
spirit is the mother. Though, it is through my mind that these thoughts must ultimately be given

It is not yet clear who is meant to find and read this expression of consciousness. Whoever it is
will do so when the time is right. Though, it seems that there may be things that I can do to
facilitate making the time right. Even then, I have to trust consciousness to move me to do those
things that are necessary when I need to do them.

This is a stream of consciousness. As such, I have limited control over what comes forth and
how it comes forth. I say limited, because it does indeed seem that I have some influence in this

Spirit is an active part of my life ... a very active part. So active in fact, that I cannot imagine
living my life without her. I wouldn't want to. Yes, she is that important to me. Yet, what is
she? She is a source that I am able to connect with somewhere deep inside of me. It is from out
of this source that all of this flows. This stream of consciousness expression is the direct tap
from that source ... filtered through my own consciousness and mind as necessary to be
expressed physically in this manner.

It is not clear that the stream of consciousness will ever end ... at least not until I die, and perhaps
not even then.

Consciousness is the key that unlocks all the doors. In fact, she is the very mansion of the Self.
She is the stuff in all of the rooms behind all of the doors.
I praise consciousness a lot. She has been a positive influence in my life, in fact, the most
positive of influences.

This is a stream of consciousness expression. What do I mean by that? Simply that it comes
forth automatically as a flow of consciousness revealed to my mind. I do not feel myself to be
generating it. Yes, I participate in creating it. But, it seems more from the standpoint of mapping
an energy pattern to my vocabulary to create this expression.

I am comfortable with the role that the unknown plays in my life. It makes for some interesting
experiences, especially in the realms of consciousness.

In a rapidly changing world, forms and organizations either need to evolve or they will die.
Flexibility is critical. The forms that are necessary for spirit to express elegantly will indeed
manifest. There is an overall plan for the evolution of consciousness that will ensure this.

What do I have to offer? This stream of consciousness expression is the chief "product" that I
have generated. Is this sufficient to be worth something to someone? In particular, is it worth
the cost of a book and the time it takes to read it? That is not something that is for me to answer.

The consciousness is a mystical and magical place, but it can also be a frightening place. I have
walked to the very edge of sanity many times and lived to tell about it. You can choose to do this
for yourself, or you can choose to learn from my lessons as you see fit.

As a stream of consciousness expression, this material provides an example of what is possible to

come forth from spirit through one who is receptive to doing this kind of work.

There is something about this freeform expression of consciousness that makes it different than
other writings

I don't do any deliberate writings. Everything is spontaneous expression. Yet, somehow it hangs
together. No, not necessarily from paragraph to paragraph or from day to day. But, overall, there
is an organization behind all of this. That the organizing force is unknown or is other than
conscious, doesn't change the fact that there is an organizing force. Whether that be
consciousness, or spirit, or even some part of me of which I am not consciously aware does not
really matter.

This is not the stuff of stories. I've never been one to read much fiction. The closest I come is
watching movies ... but that is a different domain than that of the written word. Hmm ... some
people reading the material at this site might very well think they were reading fiction. None of
it is substantiated. None of it is proven. It is what it is, the truth as I see it, stated as
consciousness would reveal it through me.

Unlike many authors, I didn't have hoards of people to thank for their contributions toward
bringing the work into being. Spirit herself brought forth the stream of consciousness and as far
as I know, I am the only one that read it.

I don't know how fast others read ... but five hours is probably not excessive for reading a 500
plus page nonfiction book. At roughly $30, that is $6 per hour ... slightly more than the cost of
going to a movie. However, with the book, you can choose to pick it up and reread any portion
of it at any time. Further, the nature of this book is such that it is filled with gems of wisdom
from consciousness. Often, they pronounce things that I didn't even know that I knew.

Consciousness is ever a mystery. I trust that she will continue to be for all of my days.

Flexibility is quite important ... flexibility of body, flexibility of emotions, flexibility of mind,
and flexibility of consciousness.

For me, this expression qualifies as the most productive use of my time ... primarily because it
leaves a record of a stream of consciousness that may ultimately benefit others.

Getting the works out will allow many to come to know me. These are intimate works. They
reveal a level of thought, feeling, and knowing that is not generally shared. Yet, as a wayshower,
it seems right to show that consciousness can indeed express in this manner.

The job is what I make of it. And, there are elements of the job that I like. Yet, I still go back to
the deep seated feeling that this is not what I am here to do. Rather, it is this stream of
consciousness expression and the work of Beyond Imagination that are my life's work. They are
where I will ultimately make a difference with my life.

Fortunately, for stream of consciousness material ... the editing required is relatively minor.

The flow of consciousness is natural. I am meant to be doing this. I know it.

The words simply come forth automatically. I don't have to think about it. I simply allow the
stream of consciousness to do its thing in my brain and I type what I hear.

I've made it very clear that I consider intuition far superior to logic. Not that logic doesn't have
its utility in its own domains. As a systems engineer with formal training in Electrical
Engineering, I must admit that. But, in the realm of the unknown of consciousness ... here
reason and logic are completely out of their elements.

I just need to do what it takes to market myself ... and speak freely as consciousness would speak
through me.

I was a madman, possessed with bringing forth a work of consciousness. It didn't matter that I
didn't know exactly from where it came or how I was able to bring it forth. It was enough that it
was manifesting before my eyes, day by day, thought by thought.

It is time to manifest financial freedom. Easier said than done you say. But, that is what these
children of my consciousness are for. They have come forth to liberate me.

We've learned a lot about the Nature of Consciousness over the years. That might be a suitable
topic in it's own right for Book 11, pulling appropriate passages from what has been expressed to
date and adding new material to present a complete picture.

Consciousness guides my every step. She moves me to do what I do, and to express what I

This stream of consciousness is the stream of my life. I have chosen to serve spirit, and in doing
so to serve my society and my world.

The Beyond Imagination books are targeted for a relatively small market of folks interested in
metaphysics, new age, consciousness, self-help, reality creation, belief management, and the like.

These works are entities in their own right. Yes, they are born through a collaboration of
consciousness and me. But, once born, they are free to impact and influence others in the world.
In this way, they do their works. And, in this way, effectively I do my works and the works of

I bring forth whatever this stream of consciousness would have me express. I am ever amazed
by what is able to come forth. Yes, even after a decade of expression ... this is all fresh and new.

If we want to become good at something, about the only way is via practice. We have to make a
commitment to doing that thing on a regular basis. It is no different with the things of

Am I disciplined enough to be able to make effective use of my time day in and day out in the
service of consciousness?

I'm still an isolated being, a hermit, expressing for a source consciousness that comes forth
through my intuition.

There is a sense that we need to take advantage of each and every moment, and do what we can
to use those moments effectively. That doesn't mean that we can neglect the day to day activities
and tasks of living. We have to do our part in this area too. But, clearly the spiritual domain has
a special attraction for me. It is here that I truly live my life. It is here that I am free to soar on
the wind of spirit as high and as far as my consciousness can take me.

This stream of consciousness is unique. There is nothing else like it that I have encountered in
my vast readings. Then again, perhaps every stream of consciousness is unique. Could it be that
each of us has such a stream of consciousness within us to which we can connect?

All that has been expressed at Beyond Imagination over the past decade is the crowning glory of
my life. But, it comes from an equally important unseen, consciousness herself.

What makes my stream of consciousness any more special than that of anyone else? For one
thing, I am moved to record it in this manner.

Once again we come here to express what consciousness would express through us. We still do
this on a regular basis ... close to daily.

I have a tendency to soar in consciousness ... so much so that at times it seems that my feet leave
the ground. By itself, that is not necessarily bad. Society needs its dreamers to dream of things
that never were.

Consciousness doesn't work from wants. It works from needs in line with what we believe that
we deserve.

This stream of consciousness always seems to have something to say ... no matter how often we
express or for how long. There is always more that can come through. Is the source
inexhaustible? As far as I can tell, it must be.

Freeform stream of consciousness expression is still my preferred mode of expression. There is

something special about expressing when you have no real idea where the communication is
going. Hopefully, this makes for interesting reading as well.

So long as I keep tapping into different places in the stream of consciousness, the resulting
expression will be original. I don't know how to do this in any other way. I go within to find the
voice that would speak through me. And, I type what it would have me say.

Is what is expressed here of such a nature that it could impact the world ... and do so positively?
My sense is yes, on several fronts. First, it offers a sample of what consciousness can do in our
life if we allow her to. Second, it provides an example that people can follow ... that allows
people to walk in my shoes for awhile.

Even after a decade, I still find it difficult to believe that all of this could come forth through me.
But, that is something that is undeniable. I have a growing body of evidence that confronts me in
words from this stream of consciousness expression.

If I do nothing else with my life, being the wayshower and providing an example for others to
follow into the realms of consciousness is the one thing that I must accomplish.

Again we face the blank page as we do so often lately. And again we call on consciousness to
fill it in whatsoever manner she will.

I cannot imagine a more adventurous journey than the one that consciousness has taken me on.
Here I get to encounter and explore the unknown, and hopefully even make part of what was
unknown known.

I have known since the earliest days of this expression that these works of consciousness were
not mine alone ... they were meant to be shared with an unseen audience.

For the most part, each day I engage in a fresh new expression of consciousness. Each day,
something comes forth that never existed before. This is where the creative spark is allowed to
manifest as it will in my life.

It is curious that consciousness speaks through me in this manner, especially since I speak to no
one in this manner and no one speaks to me in this manner.

One of my challenges is to establish a reality framework that is sufficient to account for what I
experience. That has been quite a chore in itself as my experiences in consciousness have been
more than a bit outside of any norms.

If I'm going to be a writer, the quantity of expression is indeed important ... all the more
important when I serve as a vehicle through which spirit herself can express. This is stream of
consciousness expression after all. As such, it is far more important than anything that I might
dream of expressing myself.

I will continue to express so long as consciousness has something to say through me.

This voice that speaks through me comes from a place deep inside of me, but it is not a physical
place. The voice doesn't belong to an entity that is separate from me. It comes from something
that I call source, consciousness herself. A piece of this source is a part of me, but this piece
can't be separated from the rest of source ... from the rest of the one consciousness.
I would express what spirit would express through me. Right now, that is this stream of
consciousness. How long that will continue to be, I cannot know.

All of the works of Beyond Imagination are my works ... but they are her works as well. Without
her, none of this would ever have seen the light of day. This is all the stuff of consciousness
made flesh in my life.

All that I can do is go with the flow and do what I am moved to do, trusting that consciousness
knows exactly what she is doing, even if I may not at times.

There are many things in my life that I do not know that consciousness seems to know.

This is not your typical material. The closest it comes to self-help is providing an example of
consciousness expressed in flesh for you to engage in and experience in your own way. The
hope is that by walking in the shoes of my consciousness for awhile, you will start to see signs of
your own consciousness.

This stream of consciousness is the greatest gift that I can give to the world at this time.

I can't think of anything better to do with my time than creating these works. There is a sense
that these are classic, that they are timeless, that they will exist long after I have departed this
existence. Is what I capture in this stream of consciousness that important? I believe that it is.

It seems that the free expression of consciousness is the most powerful form of this expression.
It is when I give up the reigns that spirit takes control.

What do all of these works offer the reader? That is a good question. The biggest benefit is that
you get to see and experience consciousness in action as she expressed in my life anyway. How
does this relate to your life? It provides an example of how consciousness can express that you
may not have experienced before. My hope is that this example serves to awaken something
within you. By walking in my stream of consciousness, perhaps you will encounter something
about your own ... and you will in the process learn something about yourself that you never
knew you never knew. As an explorer of consciousness and a wayshower, that is what I have to

Only Beyond Imagination: Foundations for Creating a New World and Reality Creation 1010
included in The Early Works came forth as "books" in their own right. And, even then, they were
dictated sequentially, in chapter order, in basically a stream of consciousness manner.
Everything else was straight stream of consciousness expression with no organization to it other
than that provided by consciousness herself.
Time directly engaged with consciousness, with source, is special. It is precious.

Who would read the equivalent of 8 single spaced 8.5 x 11 pages of text per day? That is a lot of
material. Could I even generate that much on a regular basis? Perhaps not I, but the sense is that
consciousness would have no trouble filling the pages. Whenever I get intimidated by the
amount of blankness that must be filled, it always helps to remember that it is not me that is
filling the pages, it is spirit filling the pages through me.

I don't know the source of my thoughts. But, the source of these words is different than the
source of my thoughts. How can I distinguish between the two? There is just a feeling that
when I am thinking, it is somehow me that is doing it. Though, thinking about it now, I am not
aware of where the thoughts come from or where they go after I have thought them. So, how is
this stream of consciousness any different? It seems to be a little more remote. There is a sense
of reaching further inside for the expression that comes forth.

I've been engaged in the process of expressing this stream of consciousness for over ten years.
Even after over three million words, I still have no conscious awareness of being the source of all
of this.

I see the words enter my head and my fingers type them so they appear on the screen. And, there
is an inner sense of whether what appears actually reflects what the stream of consciousness is

These musings, and all of the expression at Beyond Imagination have essentially been stream of
consciousness expressions. What does that mean? It means that they just come forth naturally
and automatically.

From its earliest days, wonderful material came forth ... material that offers good overall
guidance for living a spiritual life. This provides an example of an aware being experiencing
consciousness. The example allows you to see the world from a new perspective.

Here, the stream of consciousness simply expresses. Occasionally, I ask questions ... but, not a
lot. Further, there is not as clean a distinction of what comes from source and what comes from
Wayne. It all comes from source through me. Even the questions that seem to come from me
come from source.

The Beyond Imagination books are my children. If they do their jobs well, they will help the
world to transition to a new age in which spirit can more fully manifest in flesh. At the very
least, they provide the record of where one consciousness was able to venture.

There is a sense that everything is happening exactly as it needs to be happening. There is
nothing that I need to worry about. There is nothing that I can do to make it go any faster or
slower for that matter. The Play is proceeding in accord with the Plan that consciousness laid out
for it long ago. The chief directive is: do as you are moved to do when you are moved to do it.
This is how consciousness impacts the world. She moves us to action. It is through our actions
that her ends are achieved.

My memory isn't sufficient to know what came before the present sentence. I have to trust that
consciousness knows what she is expressing and how she is expressing it.

There are things that I simply know from the depths of my being. We are consciousness
expressing in flesh is one of these things. It is not an intellectual knowledge that we are dealing
with here, it is a knowingness that comes from the soul.

It seems that there we need to leave consciousness some latitude to create to most beneficial
circumstances for all concerned.

The stream of consciousness deserves to be heard. This is where the unmanifest becomes
manifest, the unseen becomes seen.

I am not yet operating at peak productivity ... and I clearly do not yet have a support group
around me. Hopefully this will come soon. But, I am prepared to continue to go it alone as long
as consciousness deems necessary.

Right now, what I love to do is to engage in this expression of consciousness and to do the works
of Beyond Imagination.

What keeps us from realizing spiritual truths in the moment? When the mass consciousness
finally awakens, it will literally be as the difference between night and day. The collective
consciousness will go from being asleep to being awake. It may have to rub its eyes a bit to get
used to the light. But, once in the light, there is no returning to darkness.

It seems that I am being fed what I need to know when I need to know it. There is a part of
consciousness herself that is feeding me in this manner.

There is only so much that I can do on my own ... it is a lot, but it is still limited. Further, even
increasing my Beyond Imagination commitment to 30 hours per week, there is still only so much
that I can accomplish. If this could be full time ... 60-70 hours per week, only consciousness
knows what could be accomplished.

My primary relationships have been with myself and with spirit/ consciousness herself.
Life is a grand adventure of consciousness.

I trust that consciousness knows what needs to be said and will bring it forth when it needs to be

I'm still dealing with issues of what I'm worthy of receiving. Even after over a decade with all
that consciousness has brought forth through this vessel ... I still don't fully realize just how
worthy and precious I am.

Yes, sharing is what life is all about. We share of what we have ... but, most importantly, we
share of whom that we are. I'm one to talk ... operating primarily as a hermit. But, I leave this
record as a trail of where my consciousness has ventured.

It is interesting reading what came through eight years ago. I am amazed at where consciousness
was taking me and how I was interpreting things.

I desire a job that more directly involves this expression of consciousness.

My economic engine foundation was a dismal failure. It only generated three sales and those
came from me talking to people at work, not from people visiting the page at the site. Yes, the
works were a bit pricey. But, I still feel that 10 cents per page or per hour is a reasonable price to
pay for this kind of material. Obviously ... consciousness didn't agree.

I've probably passed the 6000 hour mark for engaging in Beyond Imagination work over the past
decade. That's a lot of hours to put in on something, especially given how little feedback I've
received. That's OK. I don't really have a choice. I do it because I must. It is nice that I have
something to show for it. First, the Beyond Imagination site, and now the series of Beyond
Imagination books. At least consciousness is leaving a trail for others to follow. And, perhaps
has come up with a means to liberate me from the economic burden of a job.

Our lives are meant to be adventures, they truly are ... adventures in consciousness primarily.

I don't really like the idea of marketing. I prefer to view this as offering a service that happens to
be captured as a stream of consciousness in a set of books. The service is the states of
consciousness that the material can take the reader to. By allowing the reader to walk in my
consciousness for awhile, it gives the reader experiences that he/she may not otherwise
encounter. They will learn things that they never knew they never knew. And, in so doing, they
will become more than they knew themselves to be. That is what the game of the expansion of
consciousness is all about.

I have learned that I can give spirit the reigns to my consciousness and allow her to express as
she will. In doing this, I am performing the highest acts that I can perform for spirit.

The world could be far more supportive of individuals and groups expressing what they are
moved by spirit to express. The creativity unleashed by this will be enough to transform the
world in ways beyond imagination. It is amazing how appropriate those words are in describing
what consciousness can unleash into expression.

I have over a decade of experience of seeing consciousness in action in my life.

I have no right to second guess what consciousness brings forth.

Self-employment in the direct service of consciousness is my desire.

How does this expression move you? How does it impact your state of consciousness and as a
result, your life? Does it make you a better person? Does it move you to be of service in some

There is so much transformation that is ongoing ... mostly positive transformation. I welcome all
of the change. I know that it is ultimately bringing me to a place where I can more fully express
whom that I am in service to consciousness. That is what I desire most. To be of service in the
way that I know that I can be ... in the way that demands me to be all that I can be.

What matters most to me is consciousness and its expression in flesh here and now.

There are others touched be spirit and moved to communicate of what they know. I have
encountered a few of these in my wanderings ... but my journeys have been few of late. I've
been focused on where my own expression of consciousness would take me. And, I've been
pleasantly surprised by the journey to date.

I've become more aware than I'd ever known was even possible ... yet, at the same time, I know
that I have only scratched the surface. Consciousness still has many mysteries for me to
uncover, easily enough to occupy me for a lifetime.

I have work to do as well. Part of that work is expressing what consciousness would have me
express. But, there is more to it than that. I need to act based on this expression and do things to
create the foundations for a new and better world. The goal is to create a society that I would
want to be a part of. How's that for a goal for a Hermit? Yet, I do so dream of living in an ideal

I am a writer. That is what I do, I express what consciousness would express through me in

It takes a lot to get me riled up or enthused about anything ... especially about anything
mundane. About the only areas I become animated are in the areas of the nature of
consciousness and the expression of spirit.

Page after page, musing after musing consciousness expresses as she will through me. Without
her, I am nothing ... my mind would be a blank.

No, we will not be generating another eight books in 2004. However, we will be bringing forth
works with more practical utility. Not that the Beyond Imagination books don't contain some of
this. They just aren't focused enough to provide the "how-to" details that people are looking for
in this day and age. Part of that is because the books are intended for people who need to
experience altered states of consciousness and increased awareness.

Unfortunately, putting on weight is a much easier process than taking it off. I'm at about 235 ...
hmm 23 - 5 is WE. It seems that such is the state of consciousness that I have reached.
Realizing this, we are free to go on to whatever the next message is.

All that you see at the site to date is consciousness expressing through one person. What could
we create if there were a dozen of us expressing or a dozen dozen?

The publishing of the Beyond Imagination books are actions that set in motion whole courses of
events. Where these will lead is ultimately for consciousness to decide. But, it seems that they
signify the birth of a whole new endeavor.

I am growing as a vessel through which consciousness can express. This stream of

consciousness expression is always going to be an important aspect of my being. It is where I
get my inspiration. It is my means of recreation. This is not work. This is consciousness at
play. It brings great joy into my life, the joy that comes from truly being of service.

What would consciousness express through me next? I never really know from one moment to
the next.

Consciousness is expressing through each of us in every moment.

No, not everyone captures this expression in words. That just happens to be the particular gift of
mine through which consciousness speaks.

Are we going to saturate the market with Beyond Imagination books? Perhaps. But, these works
needed to be released in this manner. They needed to be born so that they can have their impact
on the world ... whatever that impact may be. My sense is that it will be a major impact. Then, I
am prone to think in grandiose terms. The books will have the impact that consciousness means
for them to have.

I am a willing instrument for the expression of consciousness.

There is something special about stream of consciousness expression. This is by far the most
creative expression in which I am engaged. And, for me, creative expression ... especially
creative written expression is what it is all about.

Oh, if only I could stand a year or two from now and look back and see how I got from where I
am to where I'll be ... it would make life much easier. Or, would it? Perhaps it is better not to
know and to allow all of it to unfold in the richness of now. Do I really need to know how it will
all happen? Or, is it sufficient to trust that it will all work out in accordance with some grand
plan that is being worked out by consciousness with our participation on other than conscious
levels? It seems that the later is sufficient. It is enough to know that consciousness is in the
drivers seat.

There is a desire to hurry, to get on with it, to play out the scenes and enact the roles as
consciousness would lay them out.

When we allow consciousness to express through us, we are serving spirit in the highest capacity
that we can in the moment.

Best Passages from 2002 Musings offers the opportunity to walk in my stream of consciousness
for awhile. It is a metaphysical stream of consciousness that is mind expanding and
consciousness expanding. The musings offer specific examples of consciousness in expression.

It is up to us to define what the foundations for a new world need to be. Yes, consciousness will
work through us to do this. However, she will not do it for us. We are perfectly capable of doing
this for ourselves ... with her loving guidance, of course.

Even after nearly daily musings for over 18 months, we still have fresh new expressions from

It seems time for another major breakthrough in consciousness. As usual, I do not know exactly
where this will lead. However, it does not really matter. It will lead where it needs to lead, and
that will be exactly right for me and those whom my life touches.

Yes, spirit can be a slavedriver at times. But, I love it. I can't imagine doing anything more
valuable with my time. At least this expression results in a record that has the potential to help
someone in some way. I can't say that about the work that I do each day in my job. Sometimes it
seems futile, as if it really doesn't matter. However, I never have that feeling when I am engaged
in this stream of consciousness expression. I know that I am doing the work of spirit. And, as a
result, I know that it is worthy of all the energy and resources that I put into it.

My mind is blank tonight. That is typical for these musings. But, generally, consciousness fills
it with whatever she would express through us.

There is a sense that my destiny is about to take me in a new direction. At this point, it is not
clear as to what that will be. All that I know is that it will be different, and that it will be where I
need to go next. I trust consciousness that much. I trust that my life is unfolding in accordance
with a plan that I am co-creating on other than conscious levels.

I am a unique expression of consciousness.

If any of the Beyond Imagination books are to be a bestseller, The Early Works has the most
potential. This provides a true introduction to what Beyond Imagination is all about. Everything
else is stream of consciousness expression.

I have engaged in stream of consciousness expression for so many hours that I have lost count.
Does that make me an expert in the nature of consciousness? It seems that it has made me an
expert in the nature of the consciousness that I experience. However, I have no basis on which to
relate this to how others experience consciousness.

My hope is that in capturing my own stream I leave a trail for others to follow that allows them
to experience something that they might not otherwise experience. This won't be the same as my
experience. But it will be an experience in consciousness that is triggered by what I have been
able to capture and share. That is what makes doing all of this worthwhile. To me, it is our
adventures in consciousness that matter most in our lives.

Consciousness comes forth to express once again as she does nearly every day. This is one habit
I enjoy having. I can't think of a better way to spend my free time.

Oh, there are many things that I could do. However, most of them end up being a waste of time
overall. This expression is not that way at all. It captures a stream of consciousness and the
corresponding states of mind that could express that stream. The hope is that it does this
sufficiently for the reader to experience something similar to the states that I have experienced.
How well it does this depends on how well I do my job of capturing what consciousness would
express through me.

You have been soaring in consciousness for over a decade ... some might say without a safety
net. But, we have been there at your side every step of the way to assure that you are safe. Deep
down, you have known this; so, you have not been worried.

I don't know how long the Musings will continue. I like the open, flow of consciousness
expression that they allow. But, it seems that a more focused expression is called for in the
immediate days and months ahead.

The quantity of the expression has no meaning of and by itself. What matters is the quality of
the expression. I do what I can to keep that as high as I can. Though, it is not clear that I really
control what consciousness brings forth.

If I were to open a book and start typing what was in the book ... I would not even think twice
about the expression being mine. Why is this any different? The only difference is that
consciousness herself reads the book into my mind. Hmm ... that is a different way of looking at
it. Yet, it is just as valid as any other way.

I believe that we have put together a great set of products ... books that demonstrate
consciousness in action and have the potential to stand the test of time.

I have assumed responsibility for my beliefs and thus for my life. Sometimes this is more than I
may want to take. But, there is no one else to blame or to accept responsibility for me. Though
there is the possibility for groups to accept mutual responsibility for some things and thereby
create grander forms of consciousness able to execute in ways that no individual could.

It's interesting to watch how this stream of consciousness wanders from one topic to the next.
There is no theme that holds it all together ... not for a given day, not even for a given paragraph.
The context shifts where it will from sentence to sentence. That is appropriate.

Consciousness would express free of any restrictions that we might want to place on her.
Though that is only one mode in which consciousness can express. It is also OK to impose
restrictions of various types. These result in different expressions, but they are still valid
expressions ... just as valid as this one. Why is this coming up now? Are there restrictions that
would result in expressions of more utility than this stream of consciousness?

I have chosen to make my realm the realm of spirit, of consciousness. That is where I find my

All that you see expressed here is physical ... but only as symbols in a computer system that get
called up and translated into characters and words and ideas that convey this stream of
consciousness to you. This is all that you know of whom that I AM.

How do we inform people that Beyond Imagination exists and what it has to offer. We are still
primarily a source of free stream of consciousness metaphysical information that has been
expressed from source for over 10 years.

Again we start with the blank slate ... or the nearly blank slate anyway. What more can be
expressed? It seems like after ten years that we might run out of things to say. Clearly, if it were
me doing the talking, that would have happened long ago. But, here we allow spirit to speak, we
allow consciousness to sing her song through me as she will.

Consciousness couldn't use me in this manner if the innate capabilities did not already exist.

We learn to experience altered states of consciousness by engaging our consciousness in altered

states ... and not aided by chemical means.

The only exceptions I make to this are medications that I take daily for my bipolar condition. Do
these medications impact my consciousness. You bet they do. They impact my brain chemistry
and this has an impact on the consciousness that is experienced.

However, the universe is an entity with a purpose and a consciousness of is own, and it needs us
to cooperate if it is to achieve that purpose. We are the vehicles through which the universe,
through which spirit acts in the world.

Generally, when the numbers speak to me in this way I can tell that my consciousness is soaring
more than normal. There is a sense of flying, of not being grounded.

You never know what is going to come forth in stream of consciousness expression. At the same
time, there is a sense that every word is carefully chosen.

I trust consciousness unconditionally. All of life involves the drama of spirit finding ways to
more fully express in flesh over time. I am part of this evolving drama. We all are. But, deeper
still ... we are parts of the same one consciousness experiencing the same drama.

I consider myself to be an explorer of consciousness. I expect to be involved in this grand

endeavor in one way or another for the rest of my days.
the most important job that I do. To date, it has been a volunteer job ... but my hope is that this
will change so that this becomes my occupation as well as my love. That this will be so some
day, I know for certain. The only question is one of timing. As usual, that is for consciousness
to decide ... but it seems that I may have something to say in the matter via my actions.

Anything that draws people to Beyond Imagination is beneficial. I strongly feel that the
expression there has the potential to be of benefit to everyone that is open to new age, spiritual,
or metaphysical principles. Much of the material on the nature of reality creation and
consciousness could help anyone ... as long as they have an open mind and are willing to try
things to see for themselves if they work.

It seems that it would make it too hard to do what I must do in the present if I had foresight. So
instead, I walk as the 62 card with blinders on following the stream of consciousness to wherever
it leads me, knowing that wherever that is will be the right place at the right time.

I continue to come here nearly every day to express as consciousness would express through me.
What moves me to do this? Why do I commit to expending this much time in this endeavor?

I don't need to be on center stage. Then again, what about the Beyond Imagination web site?
There, I am the first to acknowledge that it not me doing it, it is consciousness/spirit expressing
through me. I am an old soul, perhaps even a transcendental one.

Perhaps it is time to read Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It
seems like that covers the kinds of things that I will be asked to do. Then again, I've always been
able to count on consciousness to just know what was right for me to do. The right course of
action is generally obvious. Perhaps not immediately, but definitely if I allow my consciousness
to stew on it a bit. Those words were chosen carefully. Thinking about it is not the same as
engaging ones consciousness.

By Christmas, I will be an author with eight published nonfiction books, many of substantial
size. What does that buy me? How does that change my value to the world? It demonstrates
that I can set some goals and work to achieve them. It demonstrates that I can write. It
demonstrates that I have a different relationship with consciousness and with spirit than most
have. But, how do these translate into things that are of worth in the world? What do they
enable me to do that others cannot do? How can I use my gifts to have the greatest positive
impact on the world?

Each day there is a product to show for the fact that we existed ... a product that captures a
stream of consciousness, a product that can be re-experienced and shared with others. There is

mething magical in this ... to know that each day we have done something of utility, even if we
do not know for whom it will be useful.

There is something about stream of consciousness expression that is special. There is a

partnership, a special relationship with spirit that allows it to come forth.

You have to be a bit crazy to live a spiritual life and to allow consciousness to express in your

life as she will. But, there is nothing wrong in being a bit crazy ... we just need to keep it from
going too far.

I have done as I was moved to do. I have expressed whatever the stream of consciousness would
bring forth. What I have not done is engage others ... at least not very often or in any great

What makes me so different than others? How do I even know that I am different? For one
thing, where I choose to focus my energy and my free time is different. Very few are engaged in
the expression of a stream of consciousness in this fashion. That doesn't in and of itself mean
that it is good ... only that it is rare.

I have been moved to freely share and to freely give ... but who is in a position to receive what I
have been able to express? It seems that consciousness is doing the expressing ... she should
know for whom it is for.

There is a strong sense that a major shift is coming. I sense that shift to be in my employment,
my means of earning a living ... though it is not clear how a rapid shift could happen in this area.
The wheels of change are in motion and they may eventually reach this end, but it could take
awhile. In the interim, I will continue to work two jobs ... one of this world and one of spirit,
giving to each its proper due. Though, that can be difficult when my consciousness is soaring.

This is my life. This is what I do with my free time, the time that really matters in my life. It
remains important to capture this stream of consciousness.

I serve as a willing vessel for source, the stream of consciousness that flows forth through me.
As it was in the beginning, so it will be unto the end. The process hasn't really changed in nearly
a decade.

Who is generating it? I would guess consciousness herself. It comes from source, inside of me,
but not part of me. At the same time, this source is not separate from whom that I AM.

Once again I sit here alone with consciousness as my only witness and companion. Perhaps I am
not so alone after all. At least I have consciousness by my side coming forth as she will.

It is not clear what I would do if I were completely on my own. The sense is that there would be
a whole lot more boredom in my life. Now, consciousness keeps me busy for the most part.

The expression continues to run its course. And, I am happy to allow it to do so. I get great
pleasure from expressing in this way. Here, the stream of consciousness flows forth as it will. In
many ways, I am not in control of what gets expressed. Yes, it comes into my mind and is
expressed through my fingers. But, in a very real way it is not mine. It does not belong to me.

I don't have time to waste perfecting what came forth before. Good enough is good enough.
There is always the next monition of consciousness to capture. Ever onward we go ... the stream
of consciousness stops for no one.

It seems that so long as I am willing to serve as a vessel of consciousness, I will always have
plenty to say ... for it is not me saying it, it is consciousness herself. And, consciousness seems
to know no such limitations

We continue to engage in this endless expression of consciousness. We do it because we can and

because we must. We do it because this is what we are moved to do by the spirit within us.

There are no alternate views being proposed by anyone with which to argue about. Here, it is me
and consciousness expressing alone. And really, the expression is controlled by consciousness. I
am just along for the ride as they say. And what a magnificent ride it is.

Why me? Why am I so special that consciousness is able to express through me in this manner?
Why is it important to capture this stream of consciousness to this level of detail?

Beyond Imagination has grown into an entity in its own right. Yes, I gave it birth ... and I co-
created most of what is expressed there with consciousness herself. But the ideas contained in
the expression have a life of their own. They have the power to move readers to act in ways that
make a difference, that ultimately change the world. Consciousness just borrowed me for awhile
to provide a means for allowing the expression to come forth.

There were several cosmic triggers that turned me on. But, once the awakening occurred, the
level of awareness was such that I could be used in this manner. That continues to this day.
These very writings are a variation on the same theme. They come forth from the same
consciousness. Though over the years they have taken on more and more of a personal nature.

I have learned that I can trust consciousness. I can trust spirit and how she expresses in my life.
I don't have to question her motives or her ways. I know that she has my greatest interest at

The amount of effort that is put into this expression suggests that it is intended to impact many. I
just can't believe that consciousness would be doing all of this just for me.

Where do I get the material that I express? I don't really know. It just comes forth. I don't
question it anymore. At one time I did. But, the consistency is such that I simply accept it for
what it is. I trust that it is expressing what I need to hear, and what others need to see expressed
through me. That is the power of a stream of consciousness expression. Its origin is a mystery.
Mysteries are to be experienced, not understood. They strike our heart first, and then leave their
impact on our brain.

How is it that this much non-fiction material could come forth in this manner? My sense is that
it is already finished, and it is as if I am reading it and expressing what I am reading. But, who
wrote what I am reading? Good question. Obviously, it wasn't me. I believe it was the one
consciousness. I am only the vessel through which the work is brought into the world.

Is there part of the one consciousness that corresponds to me that does this creation? If there is, I
am not aware of it. And, in these matters what counts is our awareness.

I hear the expression in my head and I see it being typed through my fingers to appear on the
screen in front of me. Yes, I am an integral part of the creation. But, I do not feel myself to be
the creator. For that, I point to something deeper, to source ... to the one consciousness herself.

We can count on consciousness to do its part, but we must take the initiative and do ours as well.

It is not at all clear yet that I consciously know where I need to be. That, however, does not
mean that there is not some part of me that does know and can reveal itself. Until then, we
continue to muse. Ever onward, expressing whatever consciousness would bring forth next.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the expression. There is no organization of any type.
Yet, that is not to say the material is without form and substance. In fact, if anything, the words
seem to be precisely chosen to convey what consciousness would express. Often, this attempts
to go beyond what can be understood with mere thought. The intent is through a pattern of
words to elicit a state of consciousness in you, the reader, as well.

This record takes you through the places where one consciousness has been. Hopefully you find
it interesting and mind-expanding or more correctly consciousness-expanding.

Perhaps it truly is for your eyes only ... then again, I have a very expanded concept of Self ... one
for which individual boundaries blur into nonexistence. So, at some level, all eyes are my eyes.
That is an interesting way of looking at it. But, this phrase has always puzzled me. It just
doesn't seem right that consciousness would go to such extremes for my sole benefit ... especially
when the message or the lesson has wider applicability than my life alone.

Yet, how much effort are we talking about? We needed guidance to find the right books at the
right times in our life. Further, we needed to be fed an appropriate stream of consciousness to
enable us to take the right course of action throughout our life to the point where we were
prepared as well as we could be for the awakening experience of 1993. Then we needed a
readily available tap into this stream of consciousness so that we could bring forth this
expression over the past decade.

I expend many hours each month bringing forth a stream of consciousness that I hope will help
other individuals and will help in building the foundations for a new world.

Consciousness helps its own in whatever ways it can.

How would I make a difference with my life. Thus far, my primary means has been with this
expression. Yet, this expression has been one-sided ... I have expressed whatever would come
forth through this stream of consciousness.

For the moment, it is enough that I am able to serve in this manner for the expression of this
stream of consciousness. Yes, I consider this to be a service that I perform. Yet, at the same
time, I am served in the process of performing the service

What makes me continue to come here to allow consciousness to express day in and day out for
such extended periods of time? I am choosing to spend nearly 20 percent of my waking life on
this endeavor. That is a huge investment. What is the return on that investment? The biggest
return is that I get to experience states of consciousness that I would otherwise not likely

I've been operating alone for a long time, perhaps for far too long. Actually, it is not quite alone,
source/consciousness has been there by my side all along and especially for the past decade.

I think in terms of there being only one consciousness of which we all are parts.

Here, we allow a stream of consciousness to express. As a result, something is manifest that did
not exist before. Each moment of expression, we leave a record of where consciousness has
been ... at least that part of consciousness that could be expressed through us.

Life is a precious gift. It is a special gift, one that needs to be revered and respected. That
requires going through life with a proper frame of mind ... a proper state of consciousness.

Yet, it is the flexibility of our consciousness and the states of mind that we are able to achieve
that determine much of our value in the times ahead. It has always been important ... but the
nature of the new age makes it extremely important.

I continue to bring forth this stream of consciousness on a regular basis. That is good, but that is
not enough. Posting these daily musings provides a service ... but, it is not one that is consumed
by many yet.
This truly is the expression of spirit. This is primarily a stream of consciousness expression that
comes forth through me from source via my intuition.

Trust your intuition. It has not failed you yet ... nor is there any reason to think that it will
anytime soon anyway. Hmm ... I wonder why the final clause was necessary? Interesting. How
does this translate into practical terms in the moment? Clearly I am moved to continue with this
stream of consciousness expression.

There is great benefit gained by experiencing this stream of consciousness being expressed
through me. I may not be able to quantify the benefits precisely, but there is an overall sense of
accomplishment that comes from all of this.

You might say that much of this writing is practice time. It allows me to experience particular
states of consciousness firsthand. I would consider them advanced states of consciousness but
that is a value judgment that some might find inappropriate.