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AutoCAD 2012 Professional certification exam guide

Exam description
The questions you answer during the AutoCAD 2012 Professional certification exam assess a working
knowledge of the basic features and functions of the application, as well as specific skills that are appropriate
for ensuring a base level of proficiency in the application. Autodesk Certified Professional status qualifies you
as having demonstrated the skills to accomplish fundamental application tasks.
The AutoCAD 2012 Professional certification exam is performance based. So, rather than answer questions
about how you might accomplish a task, you actually perform the task and then answer a question about the
task in the form of a numeric or text answer.
Course duration: 90 minutes.
Number of items: 20.
Pass mark: Notification of pass mark given in tutorial before the exam starts.
Conditions: To obtain the Professional level certification, candidates must pass the Autodesk
Associate exam (candidates may take the exams in the order they prefer).
Recommended preparation
You need a working knowledge of the performance tasks covered in the exam (see the exam outline at the
end of this document). Autodesk recommends:
Attending a AutoCAD Essentials training course. The drawings made available to you during this
course are used in the exam. See

Gaining 400 hours hands-on experience using AutoCAD 2012.
Taking a practice test. Autodesks practice test helps you to decide if youre ready to take the
Professional level exam, and gives you the opportunity to experience Autodesks performance-
based testing system.
For more information on the preparation resources Armada offers exam candidates, see
Question types
Professional level exam questions are performance-based and require the use of the Autodesk application to
work out the correct answer. Each question requires you to use the Autodesk application to create or
modify a data file, and then to type your answer into an input box on the screen. The answer you enter will
either be a text entry or a numeric value.
If you are entering a word, phrase, or numeric value, enter the answer exactly as it appears in your data file
or in the Autodesk application. If you are entering a numeric value, you may copy and paste from the
For more information, please see the following example question.

Example question
Open the drawing file Copy-Dining-Chair.dwg.
1. Using the insertion point of Dining Chairs A and B, copy the Dining Chairs, 712.8 units along the
edge of the Dining Table as shown. Using the Distance command, what is the distance (to the nearest
integer) from the corner of Dining Chair labeled D to the corner of Dining Chair labeled E as shown?
The answer is: 1081

Exam Outline
The AutoCAD 2012 Professional certification exam consists of 10 sections and 20 questions. Each section
covers high-level objectives and specific performance tasks.
Section Areas covered
Altering objects
Stretch objects.
Offset objects.
Trim and extend objects.
Break and join objects.
Annotations Work with text: text styles, text justification, and multi-line text.
Set the Annotative property for objects.
Create and use Multileaders.
Create template content Hide and isolate objects.
Creating additional
drawing objects
Edit polylines.
Dimensioning Edit dimensions.
Work with dimension styles.
Drawing organisation and
inquiry commands
Calculate the area of objects.
Change object properties.
Use layers.
Hatching objects Use hatching.
Insert and manage
external references
Apply external references.
Isolate or hide displayed
Isolate and hide objects.
Manipulating objects Copy, move, mirror, and rotate objects.
Describe and use arrays.
Layout and visibility Create and use viewports.
Create and manage layers.
Reusable content Create, insert, and edit blocks.
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