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Event Schedule

Dates October 10 to 16, 2013 Operating Hours Weekdays : 10am to 9pm Fri to Sun: 10am to 10pm Partners Schedule (ingress/egress) North EDSA Ingress Egress Oct 10, ,7 7-9:30AM Oct 16 , 9PM Venue SM North EDSA Number of Partners 12 partners


EVENT TITLE VENUE DATE RECIPIENT : : : : HP Microsoft Blowout SM City North EDSA (UGF Centermall Event Area) October 10-16,2013 PARTNER EXHIBITORS

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Booth Products/ Selling and Merchandise

Partner exhibitors are given an enough space for their merchandise and selling. Partner exhibitors are solely responsible for the sales transaction cycle that will happen during the exhibit period. Display racks will be provided by HP to participating exhibitors. Only HP PPS products are allowed to be displayed and sold in the booth. Products of HP competitors are not allowed to be displayed and sold. To maintain unified look, bringing of display modules or any marketing peripherals (e.g. pull up banners, tarpaulins, cabinet) are strongly discouraged. However, price tags, table standee, specs cards and the likes are highly recommended for the partner exhibitors to provide. Only HP promotional items and marketing collaterals are allowed. Flyers and other advertising materials should be confined within the booth premises. The partner exhibitors booth must comply with the venue operating hours. Partner exhibitors and their manpower are not allowed to bring in any gadget or IT equipment of HP competitors brand such as laptop, printers etc. Each booth is only allowed to consume a maximum of 500 watts.


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Cleanliness and Orderliness

The partner exhibitor is responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of their booth premises. No food and drinks are allowed inside the booth. Staff members manning the booth are not allowed to eat inside the booth.


Partner Exhibitor shall provide ample manpower to man the booth. These composed of cashier, SRs and one (1) HP Promoter. Shifting among the staffs is allowed. Retailers are required to wear their HP uniform to be provided by HP. HP shall provide promoters to help the partner exhibitors. During the venue hours, the booth must not be left without a manning staff.

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Those who will man the booth are required to wear the uniform provided by HP. In the event that HP cannot provide a uniform, a company uniform may be used, however such clothing bearing logos of competing brands are STRICTLY not allowed. Exhibit ID will be distributed to partner exhibitors. This ID must be worn all the time in the exhibit area by those manning the booth. P250 will be charged on lost IDs. Aside from exhibitors ID, company ID should be worn during the exhibit proper. Wear a smile all the time.

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Attitude and Behavior

The partner exhibitors are discouraged to watch movies, play loud music and computer games to maintain good ambiance in the activity area.

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Avoid idle chit-chat, bad mouthing and other things that may take the attention of partner exhibitors away from having a good selling and customer service. Partner exhibitors are encouraged to put their mobile phones on silent mode to avoid disturbance while attending to customers needs. Partner exhibitors are discouraged to participate in any activity (i.e. Spin a Wheel,Redemption etc.) so as to avoid disorderly in the process. Partner exhibitors should assist the customers and endorse to the organizer that are entitled to play the Spin a Wheel.


During and after the venue hours, partner exhibitor is responsible for the security of their products/merchandise in the booth. Neither HP nor Organizer is liable for any loss or damage of the products during the exhibit period. Roving guards are present in the exhibit premises 24/7. Partner exhibitors will be provided storage (small cabinet) with lock and fishnets for their spaces. Exhibitors are required to cover and uncover their modules / spaces during the opening and closing of the exhibit with the fishnets. Exhibitors are required to bring their own notebook locks.

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Exhibitors must comply with the ingress/egress schedule and policy of the venue. Ingress for Partner-Exhibitors is on October 10, 2013 from 7:00AM to 9:30 AM. Egress is on October 16, 2013 from 9PM to 12MN. The following documents must be submitted to Organizer at least three (2) days before the exhibit: Gate Pass/ Product List (forms to be provided) Staff List (for ingress/egress and during the exhibit proper)

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Partner exhibitors should be at their respective areas at 9:15AM. The partner exhibitors area must be open by 9:50AM or ten (10) minutes from venue opening time. Partner exhibitors are required to submit an inventory of items left in the display area to designated security personnel. And must leave the exhibit premises exactly 9:00 PM on Monday - Thursday and 10:00 PM on Friday- Sunday to enable the mall Security Team conduct the closing procedure.

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General Conditions:
Partner exhibitors are allowed to conduct their promotional gimmicks as long as it complies with the venue and HPs policy. Partners Exhibitors are allowed to create other bundles. Partners Exhibitors are encouraged to maximize the area/ space allotted to them. Escalation path: Organizer: (1) Leslie Santos (Manager, Promotions & Events) 0915-3871801. For stock replenishment, product list must be submitted to the organizer upon entering the exhibition area. Pull out forms should also be accomplished when pulling out a product/merchandise.

Daily sales report should be submitted to the Organizer and this will be treated in high confidentiality. Forms to be provided. 7. All exhibitors shall comply and follow rules and regulation of SM North EDSA. 8. The organizer has the right to change, alter, enhance or remove any element of the exhibit in compliance but not limited to HP policy. 9. HP or Organizer reserves the right to amend this guideline with prior notice as it may deem necessary. 10. Partner exhibitors should sign the acknowledgment section of this Exhibit Rules and Guidelines to signify their interest in joining.


Prepared & Reviewed by:

Valerie Conseja GreatMinds Integrated Consultancy Inc.


I have read and fully understood the Exhibit Rules and Guidelines and do hereby signify my interest in joining the HP Great Sale at SM City North EDSA from October 10-16, 2013.

I have given the full authority to sign this document on behalf of ________________ Company Name

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