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Vitamin A Delays ageing process Forms light sensitive pigment on retina Antioxidant Healthy epithelial tissue Adsorbtion of phosphorus and calcium Promotes bone growth Formation of red blood cell Acts as an antioxidantunsaturated fatty acid by vitamin A and C Maintains structure of plasma membrane Promotes blood clotting Precursor of coenzyme in carbohydrate metabolism Component of metabolism of energy Healthy nervous system Component of coenzyme function in energy metabolism Component of coenzyme A in metabolism of energy Coenzyme in metabolism of amino acid Night blindness Xerophtalmia Scally skin

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Rickets Deformities osteomalacia Anaemia Muscular dystrophy Infertility

Vitamin K Vitamin B1 B2

Prolonged bleeding anaemia Beri-beri(heart disorder,,muscle weakness) Sore eye,swollen tongue Skin lesion





Folic acid

Formation of red blood cell Coenzyme in nucleic acid metabolism Coenzyme in nucleic acid and amino acid metabolism


Synthesise amino acid,glycogen,collagen

Paleggra -mental disorder,gastrointestinal lesion,loss of appettide Muscular cramp Fatigue impaired motor coordination Muscular twitch Irritability Kidney stone Retarded growth Weight loss Neurological disorder Penincious Anaemia Birth defect Anaemia Gastrointestinal disturbance diarreheo Depression Fatigue Nausea Muscular pain

synthesise of collogen maintenance of cartilage,bone,dentin and blood vessel -absorbtion of ion -detoxification -strong antioxidant

SCURVY-bleeding of gums Low formation of cloogen Scaly skin Defective(impaired) immune system Epithelial heamorrhages(bleeding) Degeneration(worsening) of blood vessel, Delayed wound healing