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1. Introduction: At present business are becoming competitive.

To survive in the market organizations are trying to adopt something new, which make them different from their competitors. Technology is a tool that enhance the competitive more critical. To get an extra competitive advantage organizations are getting automated now-a-days. They are starting to switch from manual to digital. To reduce human access and run the business efficiently organizations are using different types of software system. We are assigning to do a descriptive analysis of a particular system of organization. We choose R.B. Group of company of WALTON. WALTON is using different systems to run their business. We select a system called HRPMS which run the total function of Human Resource Department. 2. Background of the organization: R.B. Group Of Companies is a manufacturer and trading company in Bangladesh. It is a Corporation/Limited Liability Company a pioneer of Refrigerator, Freezer, and Motorcycle manufacturing technology in Bangladesh. R. B. Group (Mother Company) is the country's top business Group in electrical and electronics, Motorcycle, Electricity generating equipments and other household electrical & electronics goods using the brand name WALTON. They would like to introduce themselves as the first Refrigerator and freezer manufacturer Company in Bangladesh named WALTON HI-TECH INDUSTRIES LIMITED (Walton HIL). It is considering first ever complete Refrigerator production unit in Bangladesh. This company desires to provide the latest technology based products with innovative design, excellent quality and different type of models as per expectation of customers. Walton HIL starts its operation from April, 2006. Factory space area is around 600, 000 Sq. ft. where lots of local and foreign expert engineers are working to produce quality products. Refrigerator and Freezer production capacity of this factory is about 0.6 million units per year. 2.1 Company Profile of Walton:Page | 1

Company Name: Business Type: Product/Service (We Sell): Product/Service (We Buy): Address: Brands: Number of Employees: Company Website URL: 2.2 Ownership & Capital

Walton hi-tech industries ltd. Manufacturer, Trading Company

Refrigerator, Freezer, Motorcycle Refrigerator, Freezer, Motorcycle 10, Dilkusha C / A Dhaka 1000 Walton Above 1000 People

Year Established: Registered Capital: Ownership Type: Legal Representative/Business Owner:

2006 US$10 Million - US$50 Million Corporation/Limited Liability Company Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited

2.3 Trade & Market Main Markets: Eastern Europe Africa Oceania Middle East
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Eastern Asia Total Annual Sales Volume: Export Percentage: Total Annual Purchase Volume: 2.4 Factory Information Factory Size: QA/QC: No. of Production Lines: No. of R&D Staff: No. of QC Staff: 50,000-100,000 square meters No Above 10 41 - 50 People 51 - 60 People Western Europe US$5 Million - US$10 Million 91% - 100% US $5 Million US $10 Million

3. About the System

Human Resource Project Management Systems (HRPMS) provide a link between human resource management and technology system. HRPMS allow enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes. The field of human resources is one that is often overlooked in enterprise management. This situation is aided by the fact that an efficient Human Resources department should function without fanfare. For example, when a project team successfully launches a product on time and within budget it is hailed as a great success. When the HR department manages the administration of the enterprise successfully it can go virtually unnoticed after all, the Human Resources department is simply expected to work; only Page | 3

attracting attention when there are problems. Human resources are one of the most important features of many businesses - especially in an economy where there is an increasing shift towards service-based industries. Human resources account for a large proportion of many businesses' costs and it is the people that invariably drive a business. Management of these resources therefore is an integral part of business success. Let's look at the range of factors you will have to consider in the management of human resources .

4. Tasks Performed By HRPMS: HRPMS is performing All the HRM related works for WALTON. Some important Tasks are followed byEvaluation: To achieve the distinction grade in this unit, you must demonstrate the ability to evaluate the role of management in improving business performance. There is a scope of appraisal in the system. Employee Information: Currently almost 4500 employees are working in the organization. The system is maintaining all the necessary information such as name, address of the employees. Payroll: employees.
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The system serves to prepare the salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions of

Job Description-: Which work is assigned to whom that can be clearly defined in the system? Authority and Accountabilities of employees are also clearly defined. Promotion & Transfers: This system also supports promotion, Demotion and transfer of employees. Department & Branches: organized in the software. Loan and Advance: All the loans and Advances taken by employees can be recorded in the system. Reports: Work performance and review reports of employees can be inserted in the system. The report disciplinary procedure of the Absenteeism: The system can keep the record of absent days, medical leave and casual leave including holidays of the employees. It also keeps the records of time in and time out. All the departments Sub departments, Showrooms are well

5. Structural Query Language (SQL): Microsoft SQL -Structural Quarry Language server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft. Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL. The purpose of SQL is to make data management self-tuning, self organizing, and self maintaining with the development of SQL Server Always On technologies, to provide near-zero downtime. SQL Server also includes support for structured and semi-structured data, including digital media formats for pictures, audio, video and other multimedia data. In current versions, such multimedia data can be stored as Blobs (binary large objects). There are some are benefits like Data security is high, easily usable, Maintenance easy, we can use it easily even the configuration of the machine is low.
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Problem Error handling was not always used in SQL Server because the techniques were cumbersome. With SQL Server 2005 the TRY and CATCH syntax is available which simplifies the error handling process in all T-SQL code. 6. Type of Database: R.B. Group using centralizes database system. Because it is providing a complete view of their data and it is easier to manage a centralized database then several distributed database. Centralized In centralized manager have some responsibilities that give extra opportunities than decentralized. Data analysis is responsible for the conceptual and logical gathering and organization of information facts, is a person with broad-based analytical talents, is a good and discerning listener, and has excellent oral and written communications skills. These talents serve the role of data analyst by allowing the analyst to determine the relevant facts (data) in a business user's description of the information needed to perform a function. Frequently, this description flows in a "stream-of-consciousness" manner and the listening and analytical skills help the data analyst focus on the real entities and attributes instead of the inconsequential information. This skill is developed through training and practice and is essential to the proper collection and organization of relevant data. Where application developers are usually trained in the languages and interfaces of their applications, but are not usually concerned with the analysis of that data from a business perspective. Since they work with data after the database has been structured, they frequently do not understand fully the need for normalized logical design. 7. Device s and Hardware used:7.1 Central Processing Unit (CPU) Brand- Dell Vostro 230, Dell Opliplex 300, Cost-32000-37000 BDT The following hardware combines CPU
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Motherboard Processors RAM Hard disk Power Supply LAN Card (build in) 7.2 SWITCH Brand-Lynxes-D-Link (24 points) Cost-14000-39000 BDT Function- Connect the networking segments, its work like bridge between Router and Server

7.3 Router Brand- Mictrotic Cost-36000 Function-By selecting the path to transfer data packet between different networks. It works like a getaway. 7.4 VPN ( Virtual Private Network) Brand- CISCO Cost- 14000-30000 BDT Function-Often used within a company or among different companies to communicate confidentialy over publicly associable network, VPN massage traffic can be carried over a public networking infrastructure on top of standard protocol. It extend geographic connectivity with reducing transit time and cost 7.5 Bandwidth Internet- 2 GB Intranet-10 GB
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7.6 Name of Operating SystemWindows Server, 2003-R-2 7.7 Server Brand-Dell power EDGE 300 Rack mount IU server Function- The Function of a computer server is to store retrieve and send or serve data to other computer on its network. Many businesses of all sizes use a local network or internet in their office facilities.

8. Database Design And System Diagrams: 8.1Database Design

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8.2 Functional Flowchart of HRPMS System:

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8.3 Fictional Flow Chart Of Payroll System:

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8.4 Diagram Network System

Work Page | 11 Station

Central Service Centre







WAN Port Gateway

Work Stati on Switch Switch

LAN Port

Work Stati on

Switc h

Work Work Station Station Work Station

Work Stati on

Head Office


9. Supported by: The organization takes the external support from Flora Telecom Limited.
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Lets get introduced with the Flora Telecom Limited 9.1 Corporate Overview: Within a very short time frame, Flora Telecom Limited has grown to leading ICT Company with many satisfied customers. Through the years, its philosophy has remained unchanged from the beginning - a commitment to provide customers with the most innovative products and highest value use for money. Its goal is to introduce innovative ICT solution, in order to increase efficiency, productivity ultimately to increase profitability for an enterprise. By providing access to timely information across the enterprise its objective is to enable customer to be more productivity and competitive. Its innovative system integration concepts maintain a highly efficient process and a network of highly motivated team. Moreover, the support services provided by Flora have helped to build strong relationship between Flora Telecom and our customers and partners Flora Telecom Limited firmly believes in the continued growth and potential of the dynamic ICT industry and fully committed to working with their customers and partners into the next century.

9.2 BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Sales Marketing Channel Management

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Service and Support of ICT and Office Automation Products Outsourcing Services Help Desk Imaging and Document Management Technology Solution Provider with Systems Integration Enterprise Solution Software Development Networking Telecommunication operations Assembling of Flora PC Call Centre Digital Photo Studio Solution 9.3 After-Sale Service The company gave first priority to excellent service to customers. Flora Limited realizes that through effective service it can increase sustainable growth. As a matter of fact, the reason behind Flora Limiters success to-day is mainly due to its superb after-sales-services. Flora Limited will continue to refine and improve its support facilities, incorporating the latest features and technologies to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In order to attain this goal the company always retains best customer support staff consisting of professionals of high caliber. The Companys support team is equipped with varieties of testing, measuring calibrating instruments and certifying equipment. It provides instant after-sales-services at the customers' premises. Service calls received during the day are invariably attended on the same day, unless a call is received very late. Under normal circumstances no call is left unattended beyond the next working day. If the circumstances are such that the equipment cannot be repaired at the customers premises, Flora Limited humbly requests the customer to send the equipment to the company's service department. In such a case Flora Limited makes it a point to repair the equipment in shortest possible time. If for any reason it is anticipated that the equipment can not be repaired within a reasonable period, Flora Limited try to provide a temporary replacement to the customer in order to minimize the customer's down time.
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]0. Performance review of the system : R.B Group is using the system from beginning of the human resource department activities. There is no doubt that the system gives support departments crucial activities initially. But as the time pass the activities of the department increase and become more critical that can cause the rise of huge responsibilities and the degree of efficiency of the systems performance. When R.B. Group was starts there were very few employees. But as the number of recruit rise it makes the system busier. The system is enabling to handle this upcoming pressure successfully. Every activity done by the department like employee recruitment, promotion, incentives, training plan, payroll activities are strongly performed by the system smoothly. It has some automates activities that helps to reduce human afford and make the process quick. The system is responsible for every important activities of a large company like R.B. Group. It enhances the overall performance, productivity and quality of the service which is related with R.B. Groups Image.

11.Snap shots of the Software Screen: Here some snap shots of the software are given below: First start with the home page-

Page | 15

The above one is the main menu of the system. All functions begin from this Screen.

. By clicking Employee option, we can find the above screen. Here we can find the information about the employees (Id no, name, designation, joining date, salary, posting, etc). At the above of the screen there are options for selecting departments, sub departments of head office, factory and service centre and also all the showrooms. The information of new employees can be added by this screen and also the information of current employees can be update by clicking the ID no. Ids no are hyperlinked to another web page, which called the information page. Different steps of salary update are given below through screen shotsPage | 16

By clicking the Salary Distribution option we can get the view of the above screen.

Next we have to select the department. For example, in the above screen we select the department Walton Plaza.
Page | 17

In this screen we select the sub department of Walton Plaza. In the above screen Plaza & Sales development -2 has selected.

Then the above screen, all the showrooms under the plaza sales & development-2 can be seen in the screen. From the list we select the showroom in which we work.

Page | 18

Then we select the name of the employee of that particular showroom and update his salary information. Almost all the functions are performed in same process. Above all, the system is very user friendly indeed. 12. Balance Sheet of the Company:



2009 9,407,730,00 1 4,899,679,832 4,508,050,169 3,843,512,85 5 2,098,755,231 477,562,002 260,330,162 20,250,000 693,157,720 293,457,740 13,251,242,8 56

2008 8,291,290,98 4 4,088,432,171 591,114,649 3,611,744,164 4,411,836,43 6 2,026,736,322 360,245,646 288,806,440 20,250,000 1,510,502,334 205,295,694 12,703,127,4 20

Non-Current Assets: Property, Plant and Equipment-Carrying Value Capital Work-in-Progress Investment - Long Term (at Cost) Current Assets: Inventories Trade Debtors Advances,Deposits and Prepayments Investment in Marketable Securities (at Cost) Short Term Loan Cash and Cash Equivalents TOTAL ASSETS 10,255,189,084 5,630,791,822 634,347,093 3,990,050,169 4,774,311,194 2,207,078,082 508,249,174 358,250,076 221,269,226 1,220,736,941 258,727,695 15,029,500,278

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Shareholders' Equity: Share Capital Share Premium General Reserve Tax Holiday Reserve Retained Earnings Non-Current Liabilities: Long Term Loans - Secured Deferred Tax Liability Current Liabilities: Short Term Bank Loans Long Term Loans - Current Portion Trade Creditors Liabilities for Expenses Liabilities for Other Finance TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY AND LIABILITIES 11,554,379,825 1,509,030,000 2,035,465,000 105,878,200 1,101,935,237 6,802,071,388 1,258,376,052 1,032,633,110 225,742,942 2,216,744,401 736,443,848 462,090,211 394,715,915 56,463,570 567,030,857 15,029,500,278 9,949,397,63 4 1,207,224,000 2,035,465,000 105,878,200 1,101,935,237 5,498,895,197 660,976,668 449,757,608 211,219,060 2,640,868,55 4 1,534,345,782 295,590,601 124,222,699 69,573,702 617,135,770 13,251,242,8 56 8,417,040,70 5 894,240,000 2,035,465,000 105,878,200 1,101,935,237 4,279,522,268 785,241,612 602,584,615 182,656,997 3,500,845,10 3 2,669,693,184 297,002,646 100,953,258 32,290,235 400,905,780 12,703,127,4 20

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13. Investment type: This is Revenue investment, because the purpose of using the system is make the functions effective, efficient, to reduce human effort and error. They dont use it for their profit or income. It is an essential system for the organization to run the business and sustain in the competitive market. 14. Problems of the Current system: The system R.B. Group is using is a well performed and reliable system. It is running Smoothly. According to them they are facing a little problem with the system. Anyway we tried to go through, whether they are facing any problems or not. 14.1 Operation: The Operating system is very user friendly. The software is very much efficient and feasible for the company. The system has no operational problem indeed. But what the organization facing is lack of skilled users. 14.2 Maintenance: The system is maintained externally by Flora Limited. Their maintenance team is regularly monitoring the performance of the system. If any problem occurs they currently try to solve the problem. Besides this, the organization has its internal maintenance and support team. 14.3 Backup: The organization has both strong logical and physical back up support for the system. 14.3.1 Logical Support: In every one hour there is a system of automatic database backup by SQL in a drive situated in the server. Then if needed it is manually stored in disk. There is a system of overwrite the data. This is both beneficial and harmful for the database. The benefit is the system saves the place in database But it is difficult to collect the over witted data. 14.3.2 Physical Support: For power backup for the server the organization has special power line if that also fail, it has the online UPS system which give backup to the server for 4 hours continuously. 14.4 Security: Till now the system dose not achieve up to mark security. The user does not change their password frequently. But the IT department is concerned about the unauthorized entry into the system. They have the system to trace out unauthorized entry and block it down. 15. Recommendation and suggestion:
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The system does not support the leave report properly. It should be updated. Attendance Report should be categorized into three types. Time in Management level Officer level Normal level 10.00 am 9:45 am 9:30 am

The attendance report can be updated by SMS. It is needed when an official go out for official purpose, but cannot log in. so he/she has to come back sms to the software and he/she will automatically logged in at 9:30 am at the software. To give the salary information to employee by SMS, It is important to know the disbursement date of salary for employee. If the system can be develop in such a way that if can deliver the salary information to employee by SMS, it will be beneficial. Day-end work report submission the system should be developing such field so that employee can report of weak clean at end of the day. A field should be developing to keep the records of training schedules and candidate. 16. Conclusion: During doing the assignment we had faced some limitations, in case of data collection. For security and maintaining confidentiality all data we require cannot be collected properly. In spite of this, what we collected, we worked on those. But one thing is clear that While this system provides benefits to the HR department itself, the applications also aid the enterprise as a whole.

16. Reference:

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Persons We Met: Mr. Asiq Al Mamun- (AGM- HRD) Mr. Tanvir. - S.P.O- IT (Software) Mr. Neuton Das- S.O- IT (Hardware & Networking) 01678028600 01678028903 01678028956

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