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Virtue and vice

Our virtues are most often praised but our vices disguised.
( Franois duc de la Rochefoucauld )

According to Aristotle, people need to become better, to be made good. Unconsciously, they must seek the path to perfection, translating their life and acquiring their predestined happiness. But what is the meaning of perfection? Everyday, a new challenge awaits you, but you see the same mirrors, the same idealism. The feelings for humanity and for predestination appear when you find contradictory ideas, when its possible to make a deep difference between human virtues and vices. This is the tendency to acquire integrity. Presently, virtue means power, that came to signify, as well, moral goodness: the practice of moral duties and the conformity of lie to the moral law, uprightness, rectitude. There is no order without virtue, and there is no humanity without vices. Plato declared that there are four chief virtues of the soul: justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude. Today, there is an extensive significance, therefore, you feel: wisdom, courage, chastity, and justice. Virtues are in general benecial features, and obviously, ones that a human being needs to have, like his continuous thoughts, for his own sake and that of his fellows. Intellectual virtue may be developed and improved through systematic instruction, that implies awareness and patience, through moral virtue, that grows out of custom. You need talent and desire to discover the most impressive power of virtue: maintaining it in a welldefined center, because there is no perfection! Truly virtuous men constitute a minority. Sometimes, our vices surpass us, like a trap in the way to reflection of predestination. Therefore, for every virtue there are innumerable vices. The biggest difference in personalities results from the ability to restrict the distance between virtue and vices, like a way to uprightness. Obviously, intellectual power does not always win the mysteries of our souls. Indeed, you can find a surprising way to convert virtue into a necessity. Don't try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough, said Arthur Freed. This is your mission. Those who embody the gateway to real virtue are the men of the old families, rased in a cruel period, in courage and devotion, in stalemates, when they only could hope for a better time. Their patience defend the integrity and defeat the chaos. Nevertheless, no one can cross the destiny if he lacks confidence, courage and does not have temperament and intellect, while community requires development. People are so different! They still keep equilibrium, because its all about right and wrong. Sometimes, they do unthinkable actions, but this is their origin. There are some people who do possess great virtues and who are loved and admired by all the world. You can find this way! Try to change the world and prove that the light comes from each soul, that people can build the virtue as a rescue from their own fears. Vices like: ignorance, cowardice, concupiscence,

injustice and tyranny are nothing, compared to the biggest power: to be good. This is what perfection means: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. (William Shakespeare).