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Comment 8th June 2010 this is how I left LWF Kenya.

. The email below gives the explanation and in the stolen scripts I have updated and improved the quality of this information. Maybe you can find this?

fraStig Dragholm, Pia Slavenburg <>, Tore Samuelsson <> dato19. maj 2009 11.26 emneMy reasons for leaving LWF - and an invitation for future co-operation Dear Pia, Tore and Philip. First of all, I would like to repeat my apologies for not being able to communicate with you earlier. I have really had many more things on my agenda in May than what I have been able to do despite working as hard as I can. I am sorry for this, but hope you will understand. In continuation of my messages on Skype to Pia and Tore earlier in the day, I have decided to give you more information on the reasons why I left LWF, which may seem as an irrational decision, but is based on the following considerations, which I also hope you will understand: As I wrote to Pia and Tore, you will from the Bible know that God was speaking directly to Jesus and through Jesus directly to the world. God has created the universe and mankind and obviously he has the power to speak directly to and with people, when he decides doing this. God has always been in my life without I have been aware of it, and since 2004 he has given me very strong feelings and have showed me pictures/movies like in dreams, but while I have been awake, and since 2006 he has as God and until recently also as the Devil been speaking to and with me directly. In the future, he will only show himself to me as God and only as God to mankind, if mankind decides to follow his plan. I have known since 2006 that someday I would start my travel around the world and spread the word of God, however so far I have not been informed about the plans before actually living the plans. Earlier this year, God asked me to send as many applications as possible to NGOs all over the world, and afterwards to NGOs in Kenya, to show people all over the world that it is impossible or at least almost impossible TO WORK AS A VOLUNTEER ONLY DOING HUMANITARIAN WORK, which is what God believes is the true mission of helping people. When I met you I actually thought that it was Gods decision for me to work for LWF, but God has decided me to follow the roads that he shows me. One road, that could have been opened, was if LWF decided to work as a NGO only employing volunteers therefore my suggestion to you on this and if LWF decided to give all people at the organization the freedom to speech, which was the reason why I showed you the Dadaab memo as an example with the proposal of continue working on this, improve the quality and to publish it in LFWs name, which you decided not to do because of political reasons . God has decided to share his decision with the world for the world to understand that he cannot approve of the way that NGOs are working today, even though without the work of NGOs many poor people would suffer even more. The following is information on LWF and the reasons for me not to start working for LWF, which is included in my scripts and which I will publish as soon as possible, maybe in a weeks time. The information have been edited a little bit compared to what I will publish (and I might edit it even more) the information is included as part of a bigger story of why God has decided to work through me, what the purpose is and why God has decided to use me on his mission on helping people to get a better life: Some days before leaving Denmark I told my family that God had asked me to go wherever the wind will take me instead of working for the Lutheran World Federation. God said to me that the way the Lutheran World Federation and most other NGOs work, is not the way he thinks is the right way, however he does

acknowledge that without the work from these organizations, conditions for millions of vulnerable people would be even worse. The reasons for Gods request to me was that he does not like the fact that LWF and other organizations are based in Geneva and other rich countries, where people do a normal work and career receiving salaries, insurance, pension etc., where the beneficiaries are far away, at the same time suffering and he doesnt like the NGOs spending money on flights, hotels and dinners too. I know that God has a view on NGO's receiving money from Donors and I would like to say that private donors should really donate money directly to the beneficiaries through bank accounts or other CHEAP payment systems and that NGOs really shouldnt receive money but only function as intermediaries. I also believe that governments shouldnt collect taxes for aid work and formulate different policies around the world and use different NGOs around the world all with different policies trying to do the same but instead people all over the world should in the case that a disaster should occur from, God forbid it, natural disasters (which the world will choose themselves ), war or similar situations, where it temporarily may be impossible to house individuals/families and send them money directly in this case only send direct funds to an organization who people will trust . J I know that God feels that the best way to help poor people is to volunteer and to help the poor living the same way as the poor. However the way that most poor people are helped by the present NGOs with the accept from the world society including UN/UNHCR is NOT a way that God approves of. God wants to have all poor people (and volunteers in fact all people in the world J) living a NORMAL life enabling them to get food, drinking, sanitation, healthcare, education/livelihood etc., which gives them the same possibilities as people in rich countries. God doesnt like that NGOs are tempted by money given by donors hereby setting their own salaries and other benefits and creating bureaucratic organisations Right now I feel that God also would like to talk about tax systems in general, however God, this story must wait until another day OK, Stig J I visited LWF April 13th and 14th where I met managers and employees at the same time being in the worst MENTAL pain without sleep practically for several days in a row, which God has ever given me (which I will tell you about another day) and at the same GOD ASKED ME TO BE OUTGOING AND GIVE PEOPLE A GOOD IMPRESSION ON ME WHICH WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK GOD HAS EVER GIVEN A MAN ON EARTH, and I found out one week later, that this worst pain ever was because God did not approve of this or similar organizations. I saw people living a good life in one of the worlds richest cities and I saw a lot of bureaucracy (reportings etc.), which God some days later explained to me that he doesnt approve of. God wants to give FREEDOM to all people in the world and especially the FREEDOM TO SPEECH, which is the main reason for MY REQUEST TO YOU TO LEAVE LWF, BECAUSE THE MANAGEMENT OF LWF, GENEVA, DID NOT ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST OF SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE HUMAN DIASTER AT THE DADAAB REFUGEE CAMP IN KENYA, WHICH I ASK ALL PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENTS IN THE WORLD TO SUPPORT AS A MATTER OF EMERGENCY. Please see my separate memo on this, which gives an overview of the problems, these 275,000 Somalis are facing in this the worst nightmare on Earth today. I ask the international press, The United Nations, Politicians, NGOs and people to react on this as a matter of emergency and I ask the United Nations, country leaders together with President Obama as the leader to prioritize emergency situations around the world and to react NOW. One side of me is very sorry to let LWF down, because we had an agreement verbally. The agreement was to do a combination of humanitarian and office work, which I agreed with Pia Slavenburg on over the telephone, and later I agreed to start in Nairobi the 4th May and after a couple of days to go directly to the Dadaab refugee camps. Later I was told by Philip Wijmanns , the country leader of LWF Kenya, that he wanted me to stay for maybe 14 days in Nairobi and that I could probably borrow a car so I could see Nairobi., and this was also a part of the decision from God not to start working for LWF, because everybody should realize that God does not want to be a tourist while people are suffering .

I sent a memo of my learning experiences from my visit to LWF, Geneva, the 20th April, where people can see what I really think about their work and how they should carry it out. As I have been saying to a few family members and friends after my visit, my suggestion of taking in skilled, international volunteers ACTUALLY APPLIES FOR THESE PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE THEMSELVES and I believe that they did not understand, that this is in fact was my message to both this and similar organisations around the world, and to use the money they save on salaries to improve the conditions for the beneficiaries for example counseling and hygiene promotion or even better work as mediators giving money/resources directly from people to people. I give LWF the power of attorney to publish this memo and if this is not done, I will someday do it myself. Finally I would like to say that God did not approve of the bureaucracy when I was hired as a volunteer, which took far too long (2 months?) and that the contract was never signed by LWF, only by myself. Maybe LWF someday will tell the plans they had for my work in Dadaab or Kenya if they wanted me to do humanitarian work, which was what I applied for, or if they wanted me to do office work? Later in the scripts: LWF could not approve this memo (on Dadaab) because of politics, and I am sorry, my dear friends, this was the ultimate test for you and my final decision not to build on your NGO as my future NGO helping people all over the world therefore I DID NOT GIVE UP BUT CONTINUED ASKING YOU TO PUBLISH THIS MEMO IN YOUR NAME do you remember Tore together with your director?

Instead of working for LWF I have now met the Living Testimony Organization, which God will use as his NGO for the future. The goal is to help people all over the world getting A NORMAL LIFE using modern technology connecting people in the rich countries with people in the poor countries through Skype or similar free technologies where people can speak to and see each other at the same time for free in order for rich people to understand the kind of suffering so many people go through to open up the hearts of rich people hereby helping the poor people getting a better life and at the same time having the JOYFUL and HAPPY people for example here in Kenya to help people in the rich countries to become what God has intended people to be: Open, caring and warm people without reservations or facades, which too many people in the rich countries have today. I have agreed with this organization to continue working and improving the quality on the Dadaab memo, which I know that you dont have in your possession today. The memo will be published together with my scripts and the truth about God and myself with a cry out to the world to help these people who suffer tremendously and this time the world will react because of the content of what I and LTO will publish. I am so sorry to see the world today being afraid to speak because of politics, however I do understand the reasons for your decision based on how the world looks today J I should be very happy hearing from you when you have read my memo on Dadaab and my scripts and as I said to Tore and Pia earlier today, I should be delighted working together with you in the future, where you can show all of your skills and potential, but in a new organization, the organization that God has approved: The Living Testimony Organization. Philip, I could hear on your feedback to my memo from the 20th April that you would really like to help these people even more, if only you could . And I received the same impression from Tore and your director in Geneva the director speaking about Zimbabwe and I could see how sorry he was because of the suffering people in this country, and this is what I believe: You would really like to change the situation, but because of how the world is functioning today, it is very, very difficult for you and all I can say today is: The world is going to change and I invite you to show the world your full potential in the future J. More to come about this later. I wish you the absolutely best and look forward to our future communication. 3

God bless you all. My best and warmest regards to all at LWF Stig NB: I am also thinking about the very nice people working for LWF, Kenya/Dadaab/Kakuma. Please send my best regards, one day they will know and understand . J

fraPhilip Wijmans tilStig Dragholm <>, Tore Samuelsson <> ccPia Slavenburg <>, Alex Malome <>, Esangire Michael <>, "Joy Khangati (Education officer -Kakuma)" <>, Lokiru Matendo <>,, Njeri Makumi <>, Samuel Ouma <>, Sarah Padre <>, Sofia Malmqvist <>, Wangari Anne <>, "William Tembu (PC- Kakuma)" dato4. maj 2009 09.59 emneRE: New information ... Dear Stig, I am really worried about this; you could be in grave danger. You must make voice contact with me as soon as possible. Even if these local friends were genuine, which we strongly doubt (we met with the LWF Kenya Management Team on this), you are under LWF contract now and we are responsible for your wellbeing while in Kenya until you resign! Please respond as soon as possible, it is extremely important!. Kind regards, Philip Wijmans Representative LWF Kenya Gitanga road Nairobi Direct line: +254 20 3875373 Cell phone: +254 73 3515383

fraStig Dragholm tilTore Samuelsson <>, dato3. maj 2009 15.46 emneNew information .. Dear Philip and Tore, This may not come as a complete surprise to you, but after arriving in Nairobi, I have met new, local friends, and I have decided to share everything I have with me with these friends, and they have been so kind to 4

invite me to come to their house and spend the evening with orphans who have lost their parents because of AIDS, and spend the night at the house, and tomorrow we will plan a new day and I will also go to the Karen Blixen House. I am sorry for the inconvenience this means to you but I hope that you will understand this, especially when I give you more information about my personal reasons of doing this as soon as possible. This has to do with the fact that I was not allowed by any NGO to do 100% volunteer and humanitarian work. I will come back later with more information and hope after all to continue our good relations. Kind regards, Stig Dragholm fraStig Dragholm dato3. maj 2009 08.11 emneSee you monday morning ... Dear Philip, I am now at the Methodist Guest House and I am looking forward to seeing you, your office and employees tomorrow morning at 9 am. Please feel free to contact me whenever needed. Kind regards, Stig Dragholm