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VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform

Al Sargent, VMware, Inc. Renganathan Kasthurirengan, CSC



This session may contain product features that are

currently under development.

This session/overview of the new technology represents

no commitment from VMware to deliver these features in any generally available product.

Features are subject to change, and must not be included in

contracts, purchase orders, or sales agreements of any kind.

Technical feasibility and market demand will affect final delivery. Pricing and packaging for any new technologies or features
discussed or presented have not been determined.

Al Sargent @vfabric

Renganathan Kasthurirengan

VMware Inc. All rights reserved

VMwares Three Strategic Focus Areas

Empowered, Secure Mobile Workforce

Faster Time-to-Market for Modern Applications

Flexible, Scalable, Efficient Infrastructure

Cloud Application Platform Initiatives

Modernize Applications

Create Agile Data Fabric

Deploy and Scale with PaaS

Cloud Application Platform Initiatives

Move to modern frameworks Move to cloud-ready runtimes

Modernize Applications

Create Agile Data Fabric

Deploy and Scale with PaaS

Analysts recommend lean application infrastructure

Too many clients spend far too much time and effort trying to find the products with the most features. Lean shops look for just enough, no more.

Tomcat and other servlet containers are well within the "good enough" threshold. Through 2017, at least 70% of new enterprise Java applications will be deployed on an open-source Java application server.

New applications tend to be built on Apache Tomcat

Source: ZeroTurnaround Developer Productivity Report 2012


Application Trends Driving Change in IT

Cloud Delivery
Offered as-a-Service Virtualization

New Application Types

Mobile, SaaS, social Apps released early and often

Developer Productivity
New application frameworks driving increase in application development

Data Changes
Web orientation drives exponential
data volumes

Reduced latency and new types of data

vFabric Suite: The best place for Spring Java apps on vSphere

vFabric: A Modern Approach to Application Infrastructure

Lightweight, simplicity
Commercial Tomcat as core container Optimized for vSphere and Spring

Licensed for virtual and cloud

environments Per VM pricing Average use licensing Fluid licensing

Modernize Todays Applications, Build for Tomorrows

New Era Requires a Shift: Elasticity from Apps to Data

Develop using frameworks agile apps decoupled from middleware

Leverage runtimes optimized for vSphere provision in seconds Store app state in elastic data cache maximize app scalability Use cloud-friendly messaging protocols enable flexible app integration Access data through in-memory data fabric maximize data scalability

vFabric Suite 5.1: Cloud Application Platform

vFabric Suite Advanced vFabric Suite Standard

vFabric tc Server Spring Edition Tomcat Java Application Server
+ Spring Insight Operations

vFabric Application Director Application Deployment Automation SQLFire Professional Edition In-memory distributed SQL database vFabric Postgres vSphere-optimized Relational Database vFabric RabbitMQ Message Broker

vFabric Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) Memory pooling for tc Server & Tomcat vFabric GemFire App Cache Node Session and Hibernate Caching vFabric Web Server Apache HTTP Server vFabric App Performance Manager AppInsight + Hyperic

SnS (Maintenance) on above RabbitMQ (Open Source) Support

SnS (Maintenance) on above Spring Framework Support Apache Tomcat (Open Source) Support Apache HTTP (Open Source) Support

vFabric Suite Standard

vFabric tc Server: Lightweight Java Application Server

Efficient, lean, fit-to-purpose runtime platform Lower cost and complexity Enterprise capabilities on Apache Tomcat-compatible base

vFabric tc Server: Extremely Low Memory Footprint

Memory committed at startup (MB)






tc Server 2.6 Standard Edition

IBM WebSphere 8.0.1

Oracle WebLogic 12c

Redhat Jboss EAP 5.1.2


Imagine a Java app taking customer orders

! ! !

Java App Guest OS

vSphere Host

Spring Insight

Java App Guest OS

vSphere Host


Which parts of code are causing latency?


RabbitMQ: Modern Messaging for the Cloud

RabbitMQ Message Broker Cloud-scale Message Bus

AMQP, HTTP, HTTPS, STOMP, SMTP, XMPP Point -to-point and pub-sub Virtual hosts, dynamic configuration

Cloud Services Applications



RabbitMQ: Run everywhere, connect anything



Operating Systems

Hundreds of other clients


vFabric SQLFire: Scalability at the Data Tier

Speed: In-memory, distributed SQL database. Scale: More scalable design than traditional RDBMS. SQL: Familiar SQL interface, accessible from Java and C#.

vFabric Postgres: Reduce database total cost of ownership

VMware-optimized Enterprise class ANSI SQL relational database

Based on proven PostgreSQL


Lower database TCO

Fully compatible with PostgreSQL & all community tools, comes with VMware support

Out-of-box tuned database for VMware environments

Significantly lower TCO and increased agility leveraging virtualization


vFabric Application Director: Automated Deployment Automation

Application Services Application Blueprint









Out of the box blueprints for vFabric Suite


vFabric Application Director: Automated Deployment Automation

Application Services Application Blueprint









Out of the box blueprints for vFabric Suite


Nanotrader: vFabric Reference Architecture

Mobile alerts on real-time risk vFabric App Management Services
vFabric APM App Director

VMware ESX

vFabric Web Server

NanoTrader Web App <static>

Resilient: all components auto-restart Elastic: all components auto-scale Efficient: EM4J manages Java VM memory
Orders Service Holding Service Cache Integration

VMware ESX

vFabric App Server

Account Service

Quotes Service


VMware ESX



vFabric Platform Services

vFabric vPostgres

In-Memory Database

In-Memory Database

Messaging Services


VMware ESX




The Changing Nature of Applications and vFabric Cloud Application Platform

Renganathan Kasthurirengan Associate Director, Global Applications, CSC

, CSC 2012 - CSC Proprietary

CSCs ACE Suite of Cloud Enablement Services

CSCs Application Cloud Enablement (ACE) TM, powered by FuturEdgeSM: CSCs blueprint for accelerating migration of legacy custom applications to the cloud and developing new cloud-native applications.

Strategy Roadmap

ACE Factory
Refactor Rebuild Convert

IaaS PaaS

Rehost SaaS Validate Data Migration

Architecture Develop P2V/V2V



CSC provides Application Cloud Enablement across all stacks

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)
Goal: Achieve business agility and process innovation CSC Service: BPaaS (e.g : Insurance Optics)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Goal: Improve functionality and ease of use ACE Service: ACE Factory SaaS Enablement

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Goal: Develop and deploy applications faster, Scale applications horizontally ACE Service: ACE Factory Transformation

Increased Business Agility and Cost Savings as applications Move Up the Stack

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Goal: Handle peak loads cost effectively ACE Service: P2V,V2V on Biz Cloud, CloudCompute

CSC ACE Factory: Rapid Automated Transformation of JEE apps to Spring + vFabric
Capable of handling any legacy
JEE application transformation
EJB1.x , 2.x and EJB 3 transformation,
STRUTS, JSF, Hibernate, iBatis, Tiles

Spring IoC, Security, Spring Transactions Categorized into 40+ transformations

Enables optimal deployment of

Spring applications on vFabric platform
tc Server tuning Load balancing --vFabric Web Server Performance management -- Hyperic GemFire session and L2 caching Cloud ready messaging with RabbitMQ Performance, Security Testing

CSC ACE Factory: Rapid Automated Transformation of JEE apps to Spring + vFabric
JAXB (XML Binding) JAXP (XML Processing) SAAJ (SOAP attachments) javax.xml.soap Expression Languages StAX (streaming API for XML) XSLT XPath Log4J JAX-RPC JAX-RS (Restful Services) JAX-WS (Web Services) Servlets JSF JSP JSTL (JSP std tag lib) Java Persistence (JPA) JTA (Transactions) Struts Tapestry WebWorks Tiles Velocity Hibernate iBATIS JDO JNDI JUnit JasperReports Quartz Scheduler Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) JAXR (XML Registries) WS Interoperability JMS (Message Services) JavaMail JMX (mgmt extensions) WebSphere Tomcat WebLogic App Server Oracle App Server Jboss App Server GlassFish servlet Open source edition Security


As Is

Transform J2EE applications to Java / Spring Reconfigure applications to virtualized application platform 40+ transformations, 64+ APIs / Frameworks Target relational system technology retained


ACE Case Study: SaaS Enabling iSoft eHIS: CSCs comprehensive Healthcare solution


Product Overview

CSC iSofts eHIS (Enterprise Health Information System) connects everything

from patient demographics to clinical data and financial reports including Electronic Medical Records, and Enhanced Patient Care Delivery process

Market leader in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa with large multi scale
hospitals as its clients.

Business Requirements

Expand market reach to include Small and Midsize hospitals Accelerate speed to market & reduce deployment time via
single instance, multi-tenant

Improve application agility and ease of deployment. Introduce As a Service business and pricing models Reduce costs - current Oracle stack required a large hardware installation

ACE Case Study: SaaS Enabling iSoft eHIS: CSCs comprehensive Healthcare solution


vFabric Suite -- lower TCO, lowest server footprint, available on Public/Private
Clouds as well as traditional non-cloud deployments, a platform that supports seamless deployment with low vendor lock-in

Automated transformation of EJBs to Spring POJOs and HTTP servlets

transformation for Spring POJO injection through CSCs Quick Transformation Engine

Enabled Multi-tenancy at application and database layers

Business Benefits
New market penetration to small/mid-size hospitals with minimal infrastructure Lower costs of development, deployment and operations More efficient application transformation with CSCs ACE Factory services, Faster time to market with increased developer productivity

eHIS Architecture based on vFabric

Hospital Print Server

eHIS Web, Mobile users

How eHIS securely hosts multiple hospitals on single cluster

Multi-tenant DB. One tenant per hospital, to reduce infrastructure & opex costs.

eHIS Caching Architecture Enables Speed & Scalability which are core requirements for multitenancy
GemFire In-memory Data Management

JDBC Interceptor

Caching as a pluggable component using JDBC interceptors SQL query caching No code changes required for existing code base, integrated with Spring JDBC Template, Hibernate, Native Java JDBC

Converting CSC eHIS from JEE/Oracle to Spring/vFabric a very large task but QTE automatically facilitates accurate estimates of effort Description Total lines of Raw LOC (Lines Of Code). Total lines of Executable LOC (Lines Of Code) Total count of JSPs Total count of Javascript files Total count of CSS files Number of Servlets Total count of Taglib descriptors Total count of XML Schemas / dtd / xsl Average number of methods per class Total count of classes with JDBC Dependency Total LOC of classes with JDBC Dependency Count 12,66,926 8,53,122 12,759 2,421 50 861 29 11 169 1,786 6,49,768

QTE provides auto-transformation of business logic in EJB files

Description Total number of Deployment Descriptor files. Total number of EJB Classes. Business Methods Only Total count of EJB Classes with LOC less than 100. Total count of EJB Classes with LOC b/w 100 - 250. Total count of EJB Classes with LOC b/w 250-500. Total count of EJB Classes with LOC > 500. Total count of methods throw javax.ejb.* exception. Total no of vendor specific deployment descriptors Bean Type Metrics Total Number of Beans. Average Number of EJB 'Plumbing Methods. Total Count of each type of 'Plumbing Methods. Total LOC for try/catch all EJB Plumbing methods Total LOC for try/catch for all EJB Business Total LOC for all EJB Plumbing methods. Total LOC for all EJB Business methods. Total 340 338 47 124 79 90 270 56 Total 376 84 1505 136,940 0 172,823 498,002


QTE helps CSC plan database migrations

say, from Oracle to vPostgres

DB components Tables Oracle Sequence Views PL/SQL Stored Procedures PL/SQL Triggers PL/SQL User Defined Functions PL/SQL Packages

Counts 3400 315 1573 356 1023 257 2200

Oracle-proprietary Difficult to migrate


ACE Case Study: Developing an Enterprise AppStore for a large Technology Company
Client Profile

One of the largest IT infrastructure companies More than 50,000 employees spread across globally

Has an aging suite of custom and enterprise applications outdated Peoplesoft HR and SAP applications that have undergone enormous customization Difficult ERP upgrades due to large customizations Custom applications were not standardized and managed by business units instead of IT operations Data between core ERP and Custom applications were not real time. Batch operations push data from ERP to custom applications end of day

Developing an Enterprise AppStore for a large Technology Company [2]

Business Requirements

Manage enterprise application stack in a better way. Revert all customizations Build an enterprise wide App store for their enterprise custom applications Single entry/exit, rich GUI experience, Anytime/ Anywhere/ Any device Efficient Business processes Easy to do - run and maintain, upgrades, hot deployment, enhancements,
centralized monitoring, Lower TCO

Enterprise Business functions can be leveraged and reused Integrated at back end with ERP, apps at web tier are cloud-aware and scalable Consolidate master data across multiple application databases CSC Solution Introduced a Service Fabric layer to decouple application, database and other
interfaces. Implementation through ACE Factory

Developing an Enterprise App Store ArchitectureTiers

Application Layer

HR Applications

Finance Applications
REST / SOAP / JSON / XML / Synchronous

Supply Chain & Inventory Applications

SQR / FTP / Asynchronous / REST / SOAP


Business Fabric Layer

Service 1

Service 2
tc Server(s)


REST / SOAP / JSON / XML / Synchronous Data Fabric Layer

Service 1
tc Server(s)

Ext. Svc

Data Layer





VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform

Al Sargent, VMware, Inc. Renganathan Kasthurirengan, CSC