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Hazrat Sohaib Rumi (R.A.

Hazrat Abu Yahya Sohaib bin Sanan (R.A.A) popularly known as Sohaib Rumi was among those companions who had great respect in the eyes of Holy Prophet (S.A.W).

First Fruit of Rome Hazrat Sohaib was a native of a certain village in Iraq. His father was Sanan bin Malik and mother Salma bin Qayeed. This was a very restable family in its area. Sanan or his brother Labeed was the ruler of Ubullah, representing the then King of Iran.Ubulllah was invaded by the Romans when Sohaib was still a child. Sohaib, with others was made captive and taken away by the Romans. Thus he had to pass his life from boyhood to youth as a slave of the Romans. This is why he is known as Rumi. Once some traders of Bani Kalab went to the place where Sohaib was passing his days as a slave. The traders bought him from his Roman master and brought him to Mecca, where Abdullah bin Jadaan purchased him. A section of the historians says that Jadaan had set him free. Another section of the historians, however, writes that Sohaib succeeded in running away from the in captivity of the Romans and came to Mecca where he got the support of Abdullah bin Jadaan. It seems that Hazrat Sohaib was skilled artisan and a laborious person. Coming to Mecca as a penniless person, within a few years he earned so much money that people began to count him as one of the rich men of the city. This was the time when the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) had started to call the people towards the Righteous Faith. Hazrat Sohaib, who had a nature tented to the Righteousness, heard the call of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and one day presented himself to him, in the house of Hazrat Arqam bin Abi Arqam (R.AA), where the Prophet (S.A.W) Used to sit with his companionships. Hazrat Sohaib came to the Prophet (S.A.W) and uttering the Kalema, accepted Islam. The Prophet (S.A.W) was much pleased when Hazrat Sohaib accepted Islam. He said, Sohaib is the first fruit from Rome. No Helper in Mecca As we already stated above, Hazrat Sohaib (R.A.A) Had no supporter or helper in Mecca. So he would be quite justified if he kept secret his acceptance of Islam, but his zeal and live for the Faith did not permit him to keep his acceptance of Islam secret. He declared openly to the poly-theists that he had embraced Islam. This enraged and invoked the infidels up to such a degree that they subjected, him t the atrocities and torture that was not executed on helpless Sohaib (R.A.A). Sometimes they threw him down n burning sand, sometimes would plunge him under water and would beat him mercilessly. But in the face of all these atrocities Hazrat Sohaib (R.A.A) held firm to his creed.

On Way to Medina According to another report, Hazrat Sohaib locked up all his belongings in a house and started t Medina. But the infidels followed and intercepted him on the way. Hazrat Sohaib then offered his all belongings to them to which infidels agreed. He entrusted the keys and his house t them and went away to Medina without any love or care for his belongings and wealth. Till then the Prophet (S.A.W) with Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A.A) had reached Quba. The Prophet (S.A.W) stayed fr a few days in Quba and within this period Hazrat Sohaib also reached there. At the time when Hazrat Sohaib reached, the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), with some of his companions were eating dates. He saluted the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and others who present there and without saying anything else, he also started to eat the dates. The manner, he was eating in, showed that he was very hungry. However swelling of the eye, and if so, it was injurious for him to eat dates. Kindness of the Master The Prophet was much kind to Harat Sohaib (R.A.A) theat he proposed for him the patronymic appellation (name of a son adopted by father) of Abu Yahya, although Hazrat Shaib had no son Yahya by name. Hazrat Umar Farooque (R.A.A) loved Hazrat Sohaib deeply and would receive him respectfully whenever he would go to meet him. Once, during the reign of Hazrat Umar, Abu Sufyan, Suhail bin Amr and some other prominent Arab Chiefs came to the Caliph for an interview, In the meantime Hazrat Sohaib, Hazrat Annaar bin Yasr also came to meet the Caliph. This exhaustive reply of Hazrat Sohaib made the Caliph fully satisfied and he never raised these questins again Hazrat Umar Farooque (R.A.A) had a high opinion of Hazrat Sohaib and he would respect him greatly. The Caliph, at the time of his death, nominated Hazrat Sohaib to leadthe prayers till new Caliph was elected. A long Association Hazrat Sohaib lived with the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) for years, yet he was very careful to relate traditions of the Prophet (S.A.W) and for this reason the traditions of the Prphet (S.A.W) related by him are very few in number. In spite of this Hazrat Sohaib is counted among the great companions of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). It can be said about of him without any trace of doubt that he had attained the highest degree of Faith and no form of torture or threat could deflects his steps from the path of perseverance in Faith. It was due to his inner strength of character that he like same other companions of the Prophet (S.A.W), accepted the call of the Prophet (S.A.W), as soon as it came to him. Hazrat Sohaib Rumi (R.A.A) passed away from this world in the month of Shawal, in the 38th year of Hyra. He was buried in Jannatul-Baqie the graveyard of Madma. He was seventy or seventy two when he expired. May Allah be pleased with him.


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