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Q.1 (A) Select the correct answer form the possible options given below and rewrite the statements : 5 Marks 1. A Sole proprietorship is the ________form of organization. (Private sector, Public sector, None of these) 2. Overdraft facility is given to _________ (Saving account, Current account, Fixed account) 3. In e-business, payments have to be made __________ (in cash, on credit, online) 4. Business organization is a part of ________ (Industry, Government, society) 5. In the modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as the _________(King, Agency, Superintendent) (B) Match the correct Pairs: 5 Marks Group A 1. Henri Fayol 2. Staffing 3. Partnership 4. Public company 5. ATM

Group B 1. Maximum 20 partners in business 2. Maximum 10 partners in business 3. 12 hours service 4. 24 hours service 5. French mining engineer 6. Right people at right jobs 7. All the people are employed 8. German engineer 9. Minimum 7 members 10. Minimum 5 members

non-banking non-banking

(C) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements: 5 Marks

1. 2. 3. 4.

The right of a consumer which allows him to express his views. The term derived from the terms e-mail and e-commerce. Father of modern management. Indian philosopher who had promoted concept of social responsibility in ancient times. (chanakya, mauriya) 5. A function rightly treated as essence of management. Q.2 Distinguish Between: 15 Marks
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sole Trading Concern V/S Partnership Firm Current Account V/S Saving Account Bonded Warehouse V/S Duty paid Warehouse Life Insurance V/S Fire Insurance District forum V/S State Commission (Any three)

(Any three)

Q.3Write short notes: 15 Marks

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Nature of Management E-business Payment Mechanism Role of Transport Types of Partners

Q.4 State with Reasons whether the following statements are True or False: (Any three) 15 Marks 1. A Joint stock company can make huge capital. 2. Credit cards are used for cash payments 3. Taylor is called the father of scientific management 4. Consumer protection Act is a blessing for the consumers 5. Rail transport provided door to door service. Q.5 Answer the Following: 10 Marks (Any two)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

State the responsibility of commercial organization towards Owner. Elements of Business Ethics Consumer Responsibility Nature of Business Service Competencies of Entrepreneurship.

Q.6 Define Joint Hindu Family firm? Explain its Merits and Demerits? Or Define Directing? Explain its Importance?

1st Preliminary Paper

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